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tv   FOX21 News 630PM  FOX  March 1, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm MST

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ug on camera 3 and... cnabis isriin reen tpulohy alstatis lhting up in uthern cado.o. 3 od evening andhanks fo joing .i'm lauren feara. it'super tueay -- e . bit dadaso ftimarcandar -heters initr stlloraucusi. the pollnow edn ndndl ofofte leins lom washingt.. ryano wenow so f esntl he caid -- botdes -- ha`e`eo stn the race regardless31at happpns nighg(. but thfield ha gotta naraow someme..any scenarios where that could happen?one state we'r watching very oselis texas.a lotta legas at stake. ryan, thiis a must-w for tedruz, rht??
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i degatest an, what do wenow so f? far? 3 esseially all ofhe candides -on both sides have ved tstay in e ra rdlef whatpens night.. but the field has tta narrow some..any scenars ere that could happen?where tt scenarios time..any nanaow h got buthe eld t.. whatat
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3 nr sometime. scenariosos whe that cld hapn? 3 backe inoloro...he *democtic* presintial contt ishe "p draw". that's because the g-o-p executive mmite deded to canc the str poll. stead.. ey'll vote o degates to sentohe *statecoenon. o e not bound a scificandide. caidate.reblans broke omrati -- in response toatiol o-ruth uld lt th lete"vcelessat t tional cntiomeane, deats *will* cduct a "pdentiaprefer pl" toy.meang tonight's ucus just first stepowards sending party members to the national conveions.the cauc begin just under 30 nutes. ht thods o le a gheringt cauc loloons throhoutl paso coty..osy at hig schos anmi schools.
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from corado hichl wherth ptiill caucusing tot...he joins usht witmore. dy 3 < - livalcus tions (o10-peopl continue to arrivi repuican up . dems nstas.-eent-rep te mes telle.ore to ce atsent fm my iphon 3 3 3
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from mipho3 3 3 nny agn toy.. and plenty of sunshe to comthiseek! rolost jefwomack tel us morinight's fox fast cast. 3 yes a nice evening...enjoy the calm winds becasue they willlle back twa red falglg warng in fe tomorrow morwiustss stros s mphand ry d d grgrnce agai40s and 30 nit...after et r o the nd a pleast t colelele
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few mitetete a a ebeighbostd burg fm breakinto o man's homeast montntndndnd was c cght cera. mera.policeowopin thillavideo fromy holly ues s entify spectsthe neighborayhe wahed rst suect knknhe door for sel l minus..before t tecononma t bac a a tri bre in.the neneor - - who knew pple weren'n' ho - went upupo o e ts and scarethem off 33 commerci reae e in n n
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weed is gettttttalalthcredit. acrdg to dcollected by theblo regiol ililngngng departntcannabis releled ectsts brought inearly 1 1 miion dollllllcoun we. fox2taylor bp teus wh this means fofoth ecy. ficials say pupupu c cy habebe s suggling econical forececes the mariananinduryigig st bit'savinac in0-15earl40cece l coerci buiing s he canco pblo wereatededo e cannisndustry.y(ut t impact has beeeven m ififinrad d paee cy th opop 65 5 pepet pts inin big mijua sine. w buililrs contractorsaif iwen't r mmercral potot pductn theisinees sll beinehct the cessn 3"theseuyuyaronons. esguys sre busus peoplee investst miio upon mi of ararin t t canty of pulo s 's arere greatalndtr for 33 th motorium kps n spspsa froopenint
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cucuivaln eratio png nd fue the ecomy. . 3in tonight hot shots.. 3we're once tou the drone shahan rado. ght at 9nd.. w show youest advent around corring nd.built in 19- glgl eyr ctltlliesesthe e north h f gardrd oe dw.. wbeie o exple.beur ne itotoght toe @ gl i il or ming up.ple sti t refung to lp the f-b-i unck aerrosts one. phon.anantoy.. e bale isis wagn pitol .. n the urts.wh thi ture c plus a aigetm has a dramic atatn on court... there's one l prmn.. 3 but firs.. lots sunshine t th wind will connue.. what ts for rire
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3 3 next concern.. next 3 3 tempes are in the 40s mostationswinds are ly ght pick up a weesdayhere's theest tite as n staid windsngg fr 20 to 3mpnoths bn inudinthoccation gts of 45 fromimto timre ag warning torw for alst all of stncolodo for extremfire condionok
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fa at of sshinearl nuers near0 above normal highs contiunerisell across the area..looking noa ches less tomth ovrmalighs... tonit...partouthe eveng anovnighen mingostly ou. lows in the lower 30s. southeas ndupmpbeming northwt aftemiht.wneostly susu highs o . rthwt wind15o25 m with gusts toun45 mph.ednesd gh..rtly cloudy. l thlor to mid 30s.northwt wis arh th gus tophph
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hihi5858636363sosoh windvdvd mph.t.t.tday y y ghy.y.y.s s e e e e upppppp0s..noeseses winds arououou0 mpmp .f.f.fy.y.y.y.y.ny. s s s to 69.f.f.fy ght.....rtlylyloudy.y.owowowin the lower to m 30s.aturday anturday......tly y y y clcl. . t t6666 i i thmipper 30s.suny ansu nhtary clou. highs s 63o 70. .& in the mid topper 3 .monda..mosty suy. highs o 6464.mda nini.....t l js the r s.ay....... 10@rct
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3 here wt's on t web night.t. 3 a gh soobasketballeam rhode islsld clebres at theththght waa e o proem- they ha wwi sonds ftheurlvle bnc the ballntthai n t e ..but there s stl e condeft. d the chargers calald a time- out.wi q layup -th chararrs took thgame in
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p, mi uu may wa t try em out b bowafe e el wn n one is behi e whl?w w ics re fe aoos erssrsrs 3 pl... war low inme famieso beefthr tax is helpi to ma i
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3 's monters3 cabusinehe w inmeveor t t teshis .... ininmeowcoeysa. heon tills uthe rnnce taedit whs it?e r res t tt feco tax a f owwhen aunof credit e edsdsmot ed, nd dendonomd mie, sgle med pele w wd ti o rt-te pot 2015 clify tit e mam inme f famio fothe nder $00ngles?homuchs it wth ertc rd
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reo veowom5faes. whato faesse fus onmostil y ey mey ivrothtc primilayil neits such autie od, g,raraport atn th car cause evevne igible- o isnt mingt?la yea5400 coraax $7 mlionn refds n tima coies s s n#t plyingor t use eyoney arigle. t isr!w it undati tit reerg freeeparn lit eeax ses loca p councoe an mmy te of ax prprer divis o mathan 3,00caof help coladfrfrax filing ses a ling tke sureylahe ateitc. fraxr coity ?our free tax site at pikes ak communi coege is open sda om0-4:30ough march 19e sitepu mmunitcoege ispen th saturdrd f9-
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onight'susins .. 33a trtrvey findnd.. 75-pcent of drery ey ul't feel n a self ing hove.. pepeent y they wououike to get some kinof self-driring g feure,uch omic br sf-rking. drivg gue theyould be safer r an cars driven n humans... becausus cetdistcted or r drive whene or impaired. 3 the legatug--warween apple ananmos fr the cocose to judiciary committetehog a hearing on encryptioioindcy..a day r a federal l dge in apple's a sepatat busilase. fox's krkrtin fisher has morom washinon. 3 as theheal btle twtwn apple e d thf-b-i continue..thch giand
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today...aski f fongress - - not thcour - to cide whetr it sululbe ford to lp the f-ireserve data from ai-e ed by one ththsabernardino terrosts.s. wewe s ss:e decision shld bmadey you d your colleagues as reprprtative ofhe peopl ratr th roh a warrrrt ques bad 220--o ute."incocoday y apple's got a boost t federaludge ling fs cacat foe applpltovidiess to a cked ione ak ca invfa drug dealer. coy with feral priricy laws in *bh* cases...and there's legal bisisor apple's fusal l com says: "we only use theheools ven unr w. 's our job to simply tell pereproblem." ber of lawmers theyeye epat uld compel companie apple to a aist t e f-b-i needed....but moststegal perts s y thth's unlikely happpp - while t t cas still being litititid. gott"a"a new communiciotechologies sentendi harm to the american pple pacing laenfnrcent's nogical l capability." napono says: "the e re has no business truding in the of a case i federal court.he c crt i ononanch of govent, the congng is another r anch let the e urt decidendnthen congress canake ititquqry." (on-cam tag)attorney general loretta lynch also wghing on tueay...caldldl f f an "opedialogue" between e government aech companieie..tovoid dispu like t ts theuturn
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333 will thataeadend sta dcw lolo iatire tch in place?jeff tells us after eak.
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3 ank k u so rerta rerd h ht ve mtingos aeles, sparking chaosn stores across the southland. ri police have been suonedtototoeral lations... oh, damn thth ht is uenable.. 's like jewfro alal in re i like a '7 vorce attorney.
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you gugu a a g to lthth. i inventomething en betteteit's callethe ranch system thh system for cling.this is one of my st inventions. reagan's going to frea out wh she sees it chk it`tut. we've got a combmbatioioofool winds,s, a-a coolchilly pond, u ar w wte j jns 'cauau they don't absorb heat- that's actually sciee, i did research. you know, science e e e, m m,you woe jes. oh, thanks fthat, man. was insecure about the way they looked. you killllg it, ma hey, guys. how you dog?well, evevything helooks norm. welcomom the r. t t that meaea haeat. aganan whuli dodohat? ck: : 'll cool yrioff. you'll lolo it. h. i ithat cir supposed to wet? it is. okay. anawayf.....oo aughgh: check it out! feels likeomebody is leaing to whistsf very clo to facacthat's right, it doeoe e sas lili someone's s tltlg closostoerace! i r thought ofha it's ather ps. no. no, it's n nbut t hava a ar idea.


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