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tv   FOX21 Morning News  FOX  March 1, 2016 7:00am-9:00am MST

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y'ed 3 3 good morning.welcome to fox1 rnin .i is day, march t super tuday" i'kimbly pce. price.and m crg coey.
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3good morni a thankouo choratihlet's take a live look ouide.right now. next, t' you the weather ororr thy.y.d he's look atourday r.we wl have anoer
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meanwh..peni day.its "s". d retuesda... d sutoy.haing .. andpoti 3 s no.... y.its esday"anre in lo..themti pral d. ".thatau corado puanarototki ststw pootes for esiden itete.. ty will vote on delegates to send the *stateconvention. conventi.----epubcans broke from traditionin respse tnaon g-o-p rus that could have lele
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the naonal conveion. anwhil docrats *ll couca "psintl efce pl" tod.some ..olorado may pr bernanders h best chance t t win i y's s caucus is ju the first step tseg rty meto t natna te not sterer a apubl decrat*nleleo ice in pro. . ucus beginin 7 p.m. and voters neeto c cck io pr to particicatat in eso county u n he to ec tedot com nfirs d ti 3 noback to politi..nd lodo's r rublicaattorney general sa... thdemocratic go's proposal to relassssa dicaid-reted e balcecehetate bu would b*legal*. 3 republicans o controrothe e senatetepposgornor hicnloosrosal to rovabou$750 milon s tepi paenes from e
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sta- ckens is ngteesenin s hoolinur stpgta. weve r rns it re *tied* totare tried thosspending limits. they say...tate can meet obligationwith w wit has nd the *real* problem is mediidsisi. menaile ininre cado's merogr an ambitusnitie aid at transformg g w cadelivereacross the state. ste.the zettrepopos e mpieunce ththte i moonony.this aims s feragranto better integrate re and havialealth each insurer agreededoffer ymimary prtititi h hell the ctors go--alar moves another sp aw from t traraonal fee-for- rvice del.the inrers so mseveraot agreen. inin sharing pricing tah
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hahaennow...a picture posted to fafaok thi weekd . is genejating a lot ofalk when it coto the melessssommuti idownwnwnoldo sin. ngcture ows a ouof homeless settinupup *bueoutse the 7-eleven easaspikes peak and ton itasppartlererlit or used b idid rae someonrns and estions fromocal binow.. ciououilil rtl thit lie oinince- -. whbae omng yin dotoewalks t, i cessarary keo co gs- ling s s aubli delkso's uthe pice fure out hohois fitittohe dinance ... anththlegal syst 33 3 now the st on thehdalai lala's visit to c-c-boulde this year aftceling a net la yfo medicacareas asons.e e ivsi a a t betaasatof 4 codo say . h v nrecheduled fuj d. tetai ati
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the e betan budd leader s set to visit bouldern ocber... but ccelelethe tripipft d crcrat t the e yo clinic advised himimo rest rely -- he told a a owd esotth h (been iviveatmenfo ta probl 3 3 john mtin is tlings us about a local park today. today.a le later this ur..'ll take a c cse lookokgagaen of ththgods
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we don't just rve any fish ndwichculv's. s wililcaught, northatlaic cod.
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f flavorfufunutrieanthathrgh inheish.s wawe s soyourtatsts n n p-bre.soso oy usthe ghesalit we sll han theased.thatararbl anwee gee st fsach bause of that. thisthe best fisndwich in aca.
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3 go morningpgnd thank ch f watchs ke a a
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xtt't'sh you the wefofothe day.yand here'sook youy anner. will a ath te cupn n n 10 nutes.
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3 . your nexand
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3 3's timnow foday' trivia quen.
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3 3an cs ttttg readto horur "hroes". ro".see how w depapament stepped hethe coit need tm most... ng u next!! 3 evererne cplai aut llnis. nsnsse. enals, i salale yo
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you she rs, wifi passworor, canoes, deodorants. grandson bougugug pr of pants ti me. toy's sda noy err f t anywheaccoun centylink prm has alore ls, ns of ve spo- instalar watch ahereananan advanceceates our ws set-t-p boolhome d prm tohsem variy greatge it your ho ca... .a g staed the ism sentl tv bunun you' getgs cenlink intne only $ a montn. th d dl undsreat,x espelyf you u vert get presesntl tv anupo 40egs ofnetr ly65 m score! , ifouovgreat movies.
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go on and gete prism esntiaiatv wi 40 megsf internet fofo $ ath. ah!whipi@racks ] [ normaloice calal t starthrise tplto 4gs of intereed. st $ monthear. speemat be avail yr ea. from urylyl
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ce tapisut onc thond."proamhat d ll in the aining g offifirs that we acty had situ we heheast uple cheif of cspd pete carey - police7tn november parenthood planned ant oong to a halloween from a deadly inindents.. major cscs saw t dit b d"yrs o mths onr ear cole mr you ha ser. ros very violt t gogoo a ry, s diicul enheifcscsety - - lice depenn.prin liceol fhe chalngbeprov to communy. out to o ar rerehingpoers rs lls h h chihid the ce s s sdodo wh widoczczistina foxox's's's headneatnal th me ooifict wiwo maye... had dededent -rings ce ra highlhtight w... we charter. 3 unseh urage... w *emepli* anan induals sinesses town heroes" --somehomeoning d oss is t acan the e
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busses a indididls w *emeplify* courage... kindness... and unlfish character. 3righnow... whighlight the colorado springsgsolicic depamentwho d a a jor ar..with tignificaca shootiti made nati ads.ox21 dowiwnit lilihi... anlls rsreonon are reacng oute mmmmit 3 15veto be alleingnyearorhe corado springsole department..te cey - police cheif of cs "'s diffict, when you to very, veryiolent in progress forervice. sn't ttererf f have year a cole months r 20 years onit a difcult j to do."."cspd saw two m incident. from ddly lloween shooting to a a stando a aand pant onr 27th c popd "last onwectuall rst s tram m had espo."ce t poe is 3tatae sc rksn'tp.on wonvesgaon contins.onth mtingwith commumu y po c of pd hit is inatowlp o o mmuny t tter andor silit,nd stronge"cs form cmunity rese
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withehavral th issues. ceceheete cay says it'say to ach outo thoseso show sns of illne.... it' w he t t invd in protting titand y.`ycef csour pact tms h h a rerelyb r the y y wha'r trng ts,wein ergiri pattern is small teamofrs on thad ke sure they can al take caf the problem before it bigger. carey y ys one othe most impopoant thin of beg od police b a g/od cmunity builng a safe place e.( ocorspngs,na wiwici fews. 3 om" eiaw mch t antler'sotel ter ckand rmion on becing a cross voluntr... hd to red crosdot org.we'll beight ckck 3 3 good morning ank you ch fororatchg.let'ke oooutside...ghw. ne, let'sh y the weatatsty foe day. here's a look atour day
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five-time e e d ch andeeal de" lyfid t t $4 4 frfr carars jrjr broioid cheurr, and a py icy chn sawich us fri d ce-colcoke. goouafround, terounound
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e $4al aca jis emymyigigd?wethe e icmens acque inwowowors thanhe btom 10min peseleombid. i'm be srsd d e thises n n ma wal b tha-thha os,s, tvidli r rkpeople,evqu for.thddleless ce e dar less wlevele field.
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3 fox mningew-- ap the top ns of t day a toy'top x x x 3dopepepe tuday"..themoc prenaltes
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tingdelegatetotod t tateconvnvtion 3*sixixhealnsurers and lolododo medicaid program sign aew initiative -- aimed at transfoing hoth care iliverereross t ate.e zerepo.. a 65ion dollar f ant te ry c ce"ndbehavial althare" 3 nene... thmy's "elite lta rce"nouc s rsopionssecr tionacorn ty t upafus. blh inrmrmts..d erntelncto fht isis 14-year-d boino now fas chars... after a shooting4as hicsool -- atnjur ss. lice sayhe opened fi in schoooos caferi 3 ne... . ple or win in new york court as feral judge rule.. i iestigators ca*not* forcapplto ununck ai-phphe --wny a`convicted drug deale 3 ananfood a a dru ministtaon iking condudieses s "impntlezatiti devi" alleesre.thisis -- afterf c mplats aut the decereing
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fore imathes sts... athehlo onon o wsiws dom. m. gogo morningnd thank youo muchor wating.let's take a live louts..rit now. neou westy y.d yr y anweill l ve@ther comin i aou mis.
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3 heree sts this moing l ma elu wht!?!aatle me isefefitelsosothinto celebrate -- i is importt toake re youe actuallyon firir. i celebrtltoo y. he ethgame..a erew talto the ai rown the ck. en, the e amrad ngn n p h her in thmidd othcot. 33 proble--re w sti one second lt...ndndhe her team calleleme talkboutazaz"l se pla!e r 's boun witquk wam--n n wiwi 60--59 finish.
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3'l'l right b ....bursherere jn martin wh wh next.
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's theob., and she't!e e e she n geone. ...securctitn ininuclelepons... ...s.snding agagasd the ase of wenen. .ptesocial s sity... .exp bs for onal guard. ...a winng gealtcare formi. encyt ug w wldand e'e'the e e llakalfee r yo
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33 park"irain bouton vivs pe....d ope sily asyne *ejohn martin is "livand cal"n the wsroomith re o"garn ofhe godnatioialul mark".john 3 909,amil3 of c crl elliot peinin dedicatetethe know known- rden othe e ds national natural thci colado ngs...."wher it shallemaifree tthe
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qus shall anufactu so dispe fre r struure erecd thoho nesry toropecaor, otete, d intataas arwe a c pa a we pre rselels bngpen to the ente public. th iyour p pk. this ithpeoples parkfr to the wleord, fever free. this iconilandscsce utlyatedithin ty ts. u wouldndnnow that en youet iide the park. you know c hear r e sounofature. you c heaea ldlife. . u connt. so thiss a pa theheasaseay od accibility r thth ole falynd can provide thatppor tcot t ats importrtt wrend ts rk rybts thaha he.den ofof the gods welelme eated 2 mimiiovisitoro per yr. ...perkins' viona pa eveyone still h true t day. we have paved trailsave single dirt trails. somethior everybody d little bititf cesisility h%hps opeit for everybhere are an abunun a aivits s cked to trereewel. there's a lot of historyry there's s lot tl re wig opportunities. lots of eational opportunitues. you ow rock k imbi rsebng, otraphy...there'e'a lot that goes onere. most comm questonon visitos.s.why the rocks red_ i is altheir geogic sto and hiorbehind them. tks are red is caof st's i's mimid witnd s and oxididisi..and whivesesehr. acac ttr t wly molesir
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800000es. thvisi d ture cenfor ls h'tn e pa ee year..itonthroso jor ges. a mti-mlion llar renn of t ililnstallg twnew museum gal, ) really miioj/ txhibits heres to gethe young genetionnnnnwith nature through technhny. theifl attrtiti.thehe-t. . 'surrdatatn r moviret rd of the go. it's callehow did ose red rocks t t er @ it's rlly a a jourury through millions of years of glogigi time and space. it f. .he eatsisn n the un 'sal it people. it's just a fun local experiencnc
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the goark.k.ensung peins'egy ...and is l larbeautyty protectefor all to enjoy a a exexrice. yoknow we're exted host everyone from arnd the wor. yoknow seei the gatatay with the in ie backnd es noteth tn at. u ju encragell ofocals to g%g out enjoy itwell.
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3 than, hn 3 3 cooler temps today. and the ndpick up tomoowchief meorologis justichbe has your forecast next.
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tria awer o!st with us. wiwi 4megs of inrn speed fr centulink, a faly ofour can all b line a athe same time, streing,amin or downloadingovies. yeah, the internet great,, but i think k a makp went lite totofar.
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i ch pr the o-day d, hohn-rimmed ses,julept-in-his-a inye, um clok. "ulultt 's t ecef r feelelele llywsi
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m mnihank y yo ch for wching.let's ta look idghth
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weatq storfor y.d rerek youday planner.ill ve anotherer date coming up iabout 10 nute 3 ... ur nt atheand d trc ou--mis.
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3 3 3 3 3 trivia wi 3 3 3 you might so see aroat
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again.we'll tell you more about hiturn. afr the eak! 3
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todaae banter... na aronaut scott key prio come toarth -- ter near a year in space. space.he's beeathe iospacacstion nghaannyth uro. traut. last briefi bere hding hom--el reportehat he i i "feelingood". ce he nds -kelly will underer serieof 3
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we rhtac
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dadas pl oce "......... od mor.lce toof 2 msmsing neweweit i ituesday, rcrc1s1s " "per esy" coffey
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3 haenintoda.. super dadahas the potel to a adedengngent"thth prididid campmn cl cle.scott mcleanan joioi us n# f fm washinin, d- --ith mo on start b d..go m mning sct. 3 thcott..
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3 od mor a tha youo o mu fatapapapt' ve llet'tata yoyiyoyong 3 mes. locations and cfirm com to p-c vot dot can head to-couy yo s
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33 thanancoco anwhil herin do. themc* presidididid ith@ d. ".ebauo pupuot* * taking straw v idenen iteadhewi - letes s sd d *stata conv----licans brbrbrfrfm tdition -in spspseo naonalal-o-p rulethatou have left their delegates "voioile" at nationalonventioi anil democrats *will* conduca sintl l l eroll"l"ay.pme say. cmamaovid rnrnanders h bchce to wn ththth. todadadacauaus ss he fqrsrsstowd ndnd party meers tl coentionvote not register as puicana or decrar*not* le partipe inincess.
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ananvo neetotohecko ct tatat l soyocaad to-p-c s t to
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good mororngnd thank y/u 33 3s.n about utes. 3 3 lora'sepubn a^rney geralb... . deatic governor's'sroposal rereify idlalad to b b etetoue *leg*. republicans who control e e senate opprnor jo hooper's psal
8:05 am
dollarinin s hokpitata patient f%esrom state e enngitit.. knownw a thtaxpxpl of rhts. stata -- looperer s s -- is -termnvestmtmt in roads schools in our fast ste 3 hower,eplins insis codans aentitled fufu--rier by those e e eespendi limi-@- say.....tate cant s tions t t -- aalalisis memecaid 3 meilh surers and corado's medicaid program s sd to an ambmbmbus ie med nsformg howoheal cara is liveacrosrta. e.e.zerethth cocoanans annonoeed thcododonnatn mol m m my.y.this sims @ e a 5 5 mimiion n deral ant r tegratprimcare and behavioral ph carech agreed to fer tstuo imy care s sed o well ths mememe rt te.
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service model.l.the inrers so madveral otr agreementsining g prprprpr w y re ractctes. 3 333hag w.a pie sted tbobo t weegegerg loloofkl it t meseto mess c c cty i wptoordo s ringngthe picture owowow grou homess seing the el asasaskekepepe andnd tejonon w apparently ev* lit or used but i idid rarae e&t& anesonsl uuess nene. ty cil@ recentleded "s lie o oioce"@- which h nsone e omti orr lng`gn down sal antrbut di't nessy takeo acacun hethininin-`li b gas l on sidewawa. so ci andndole toige ouis fits to dinananan.. and the e ga sy. 3 thlast othe e lai la'sisit to c-c-boul this yea-- after cceng a planned t ststear r dicareass. ons.the ununer u u u
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isre-schchulore he d d d d d@drere g rkrk out ...nd titieienennnb availle y. 3 the betan buddddddeader waisit bou ocber. bceleth triperto a cl a h t cent- - - olola crowd miota at hs s ivtrt prte p4p 3 wythhefsfsn n n t.avalalch se moves to helthr ans. chanananill a a d - s who the avpickedp...d o is
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lemet a acp ths t new w al on mcnald''s mcck 2 menu!u! lee e t a mcpc now ckck t oflflurururvola for stst mixat. share n sar. 2 fo$5f`avor choose any 2 2 2 2 2tastes,,a g mac madedeiteef,a a`filet-o-fish/ seed quart pouoder wiwi cespy y0-pieie cenenmcnuggets s r ju $5 ckckckck in f ing fo a thth na's tasteve.
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live lk k ide.e.e.take l at your atures...he atathe satelelel and rar iswis nome p k fofo thkids!re's yr s st
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out ofown, here's a f f ald rarawe whave m din jujubout 1nute 3
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p3 ..urexatr d trafc c ten about 10- tes.s. 3 with the hocy tre over.e anlo t makeyoffanme g .
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eloedkerroe ona one fastesardsme th givp alan... oss. talso acqudensro evand pl fthnew @ nders. notohe-a the higrand nuhesi c night..ititasse the whe way.ut t nuggets lo ithe en96 nfxt u-- the lakern deer --onight. 3 3 thisorng -- simple naial advice is asime as a classic sry or next -- our money co bl stany w .as ouestn thntless benitfor yo budget.find out what this
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3 3 r day's money matters...we are giving simple. easy to unrsnd financial advice througa report.and our money coach bill stanl is re- king the question... who ns the i house?go moing ll! bi!who ns the iceouou? - a bobo rept mar 2016 money
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lessons inife e om a likely entrepreneurwho owns ththe us is a short, veryeadable book abo uncle clclcl black m who owed the icichouse in a aypical 1950's souern cott tn. clclcleve rehis r old phew trk at t e ice the nephew listen and sese uncle c c whilele iving to wororin an d d pick and w cutng ice. i recommend d book for everyone, t especily f f teteagers because the goal i i
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in allf a m mey, today i want to cocotrate "wealth" section. here are some of lessons from ule cleve whenen i icomemeon:: "some lkend d every penny ey andn theyy brororo to spend more. y y c c't live t tt. you don't n nd d d evererng your r r want." money coach: livinwithin your mns ithe key mi is lili gase. it will runig yndyoyodon't
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squeezg." momoy ach: you mu se r thfuture,.whether it is for tainday, a car,r, hse retirent. veve monononenut o o yche and sav s canan be 3 3nt.uncle`e`evi saved it up, a aittle bit here andnb li bit there." "if you got ur own money, then you are not lden tody else nephew: for uncle cleve, hangun having future, not a ment. some entheir moy on tngs thatreate appearancef weth. they b hom and fancy ; theyat in expensive restaurants and ta exotic vacations - oftft choking thselves with debt in the processsome irease ththexnses as thr income increases. some people bome fofosed reducing expenses, t they never conside creasing their iome.e book is full of commense wisdomthe phew went on to become aentreprene and a pulitzerinated ahor. ice house haawnenea mber o progracross e u.s. to teach pelp how to mentor young pele. basically, don't ask yourself, "what j`b do i want?" ask yrself, "what problem do want to solve?" th sive fothe mindt ane educatiotove the
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3oahbilg 3 3 goodorni a thank you so
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live l3 outside.right 3 now. nextlet's show you t 3 weather 3 story for 3 day.3 and here's a okt ur 3 y anner. we will 3 another 3 update coming in t 10 mi
8:28 am
hmm-hmm-hmm couing thcars f jrnpike
8:30 am
8:31 am
ombao fo1 morning ws-capng t newsesthdarearday'top in ilora fsu y".tdeat entialp ". raepca are voting on deletes to sen *statatanvti thnsurers corara's medicd progra a n natate --imed tfoinw healal re ilirosshe stthgazert 65-ion do feral grt willp gr@ rie"al the" xte arar'site ltrc is nondti first eratioio isecret locotionac northereriraqaq het e uses estaish inrmants... an
8:32 am
-yolbo os chgeti at high s ied s ..ned sihechoooocateri ne. ple esn a neyorta fel dg..nvnvgagars caforce apple un aphon--edy a nvicdrug dler. 3 anfoododndrug ministtion iaskiayer to conct fthth studiesn s mplantle stezation device cd essure.this -- afterf complaints about the devicerereinor moving... and causry. nformati ..nd oth..log toto wtet-fofo1 nene m. m. 3 33 good mning a thahaou so
8:33 am
li look ououe...right no nextleleshow you t weathestorfor the y.d herek at your day planner.weweill have a dada comin in n ou minus. 3 3 3 mites.up iou upde
8:34 am
8:35 am
3 finishwild 60--59 - -
8:36 am
ick 3 here'c stsrymoin that will ke you... say wpaaaaaaatlelga definy methin lebrat " it's importanto me sureou've tually won fir. hehendndndththgamememea playayayhzhzhzhzl inininhe n clclcl thenamam c c cratete-- lililihehe thththe e e e e prprlem m w wtill cocoef.. and cd ti tatk e an g,t
8:37 am
wfl ht b ba..t,t,st he'hn rtininith wh next
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onlodogs p geiss
8:41 am
easilyesesblbltoyo*. ry. a ath "winr vent. m ocalal to witmoreren arden of thes national natural landmama".john. 3 in909,9,9, cha elliericic thehehe knownonogae gods national nat l the ty of lorado spngs...."whwhe it s remaree publi whno ioxicg ors all be manacred,old, or dispuwhno buildi or structure l be ected pt those neces perly re forotecec and maintain the area as public park.we a city park ande pride ourselves in being open to the entnte public. thisis is ur park.
8:42 am
to t wle word, for free. thisnic ap lylyitci u now whenounse rk. knkn can heathe d ofure. youanear ldlifeyou n connect. so tpis ipahe really od accility for wholfamily and can pvide thatt opptunityconnt t t wi nure.t's ally imrtto cnect w wh tu a tparkeay hi that atome. garden n the go wcoaned miiositoto pear. d ...pki' visiona parkorve h h ayweav ved lswe hsi dirt trail something for everd a tttt bit o acceli hel open u foyb t2fre a abununnce ofctieieed thi1,300 re j. there'ofto there'lot of littl tails toee. there is great wildlifeatching portrtities.pnotof recreational opportues. you knog rocclimbing, horseback k ding, oty.thlot that goes on he. the most common question amgst vitos...why are the rore it's all about t eir ographic story and t story behind thehehe rocks that re of rustit iroide at's xed in with the s s an oxidizes...and th's ivesest d cor. across the st sits the ney rereled visitor centweoming an annual 800,000 0guesvisitor d tutur r lolseneet ce e yearitthroro mar chs.ultiilon dollenoviohi bungtallintwo w seumalriesanreal our miss thexhibit re i ghe youngerer geraoncoect`th tuhrou techny.
8:43 am
it's our trd generation of our movihere agardenf ththgods. it's callew the red`d`thnd it realla joney throh h miions of s of geologic timend spait. the theate itstsisn the roun and it's very small. it only ldabout 5050 pe.s just a funal eepience. ocds benef theden of the ds pk.enring perks'egy lives on...and this landmark'k'beauty...
8:44 am
experienyo we' so exextete host everyone from arheheorldy ei t gay wite mointhe ouou not get muc than at. you u stst a of laltotoet outnd enjoy ititit
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