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tv   FOX21 Morning News 6  FOX  March 1, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MST

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3od m 3 ananu 3 much f/r 33 watchi.t'ta a3 lootse...ght now. next, let's showou
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here's look at yououda planil anoer date cominup in abt 10 mites.
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33 3 to picnow... and happening todait a " "g day"the race forsident as 12 states ll be e lding a primary caucus. caucusghw our nation corresponden.. ale human. is wnkton,-- c .. bakdown wt toy mes the candid. ex? 3 3 a lot skeoday on b/th sis. businesan dd trp los kee cod have bibivictie 3 polls sh him ldi st ery state. texas senator ted cruz and florida senar rcrubiare competg to be thparty's trp alative - sie many tablishmreans ar still nocithat he could become the party's minee. f f democrats - tay augday for senato
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has growwith winin nevada and south calina. sands hagot win in east a few states to st in is race 33 inton xpecteto dwell southn statesbut sanders h he one easy win today. hisome state of veont is eto come out in big nbers t tsuort theitor. 3 al, tes -- theta wh the st degatesp r srs is also voting day. are tasenor ted 'shaesf winning his meta? atth wl be onef the ste'toat. setocr usedo have aomfoab adbut trump stard lding rallies in texasas rning, pollsredict cru
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main.3 n wawhon, d-c... our nationon corredent... ale schuman...hank you.. 33 meanwhile... here in cora... the emti prestiontest is th "traw". drdr".th's bauseolorado publicar*n* ki strapollotesor presidt. iad ty wi vote on delegate sth *sta* coenon nventi.--epublicans bre omradition -- in reseo naon g-o-p rus thatould he le their deletes "vceleat the natialonntion.-- anwhe, d *will* t a "preside prefefencel" todayme say... colado maprovide beieanders hisest chchce yeyeto win in ththst. s ca is just fistep towsending rty to the national convtions.votersrsot gistered as republicans s s are *not* ab to icipin the process. thcaucus anvoters need tohe into r precinct to partipe. inso county you n head to ep-c vos docom to
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3 now backcko poliand colora's republiey l says... the decric govern's pposal to relassify a medica-lated fee to balce the ste budget would be *legal*. republicanano corol the statatsenate opposveor hickenloor's proposal reme about li doars in s hospil patit fees from state spending l lit..nown as e taxpayer's bilofights. at stake -- looper ss -- i ilongterm iestmt in ros and schoolin our fa-growi state. 3 hor, republica insist coloradans a *entitled* to x refunds -- trigger b osspdingims.y .. s cant its s lions th wt it nd the *al* obm is mediid expxpxh..( il--ealt surendolads diid program signed onto an ambitionitiativaimed nsformhow he care is delivered acsshetate. stthe gagapws th
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thcotate in model ony. aim use 5 miiodoar deral grt toetter integrate primar and beoral health .ch insureedo offe paymentsy care pracs se hl cts met goals -- pertaing to ality of c this moves another step aw traditial fee-f- service del.the surers also made seral other agreemencluding sharg pring data with pry careraices 3 3 happeninnow...a pie st to faboweekend ... is geng lot ofwhen it comes thless cmunity in wntown colordoprings. springs.thpictows a homeless up a *bue* tside thelev t pis pe and tejon. as aartly *never* lit or used -- bt did raise some concerns and questis om loc binesne ci counc rentlpaed the "sie oinan" -- h ba anye from sit yi on to sidewalks and ls.but, it di't
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other gs- liringing a s grill a pub sidewalk. so n's up to ciice to figure ouw hotohe ordinance ... and the gal system. in more news around colodo... poce continue searching for a man they say kidnapp his estranged th assaulte.. and his motr. ther.officiy.. -y-yr-d richard munn be sep ffe font..ut ask to meet heat a king sooperrking lohe tn got her into his truck by putting her in a headlo -- th slamming heheeforspeeding away. after driving his mothes hoho ahe e... munn ft e arthgh hisis fe -- poce are s ied hehe do thing wod for her inued safety, , havavr in ae spotut until he's apprend e's nogoing to safe. femunnas h seral run-ins wi law -incling dostic violee d escharges.poce say
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king news across ameca... spcaer eriandrewve tionaltimony" in crt yesteay. y.she the stalker -- who took nude vid erack 008. suinthe hotethat agr with his reque tstay in the room nexto hers.michael vibarrett cordednd through "peeholes" at the nashvirriott.he then posted theideo online -- ter tryingo unsuccessfuly sellnow, andrews wants 75- llion llars from both rretand the hotel chain -- for causing her "distress an humiatn". 3i come ure and start talking about how mu i le mynd sports anth ispens every day of life. er i get a t somebo makes a commen e paper ne sends me a of the veo to my twitter or som screams i at me t standand ghbackthis
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ck in 2010andrew boyfriend -- nh-ayer jaet stoll -willesfyinlatest cand ot announcers ris wler a jesmer are alsoxpected to take the st 3 3 now e last on the dalai ma's viso c-u boulde thisr ftanceling a anned visit lastear for dicareason reasons.the universi andhe titan sociion coloradoay ... his vit isow-sched fune d. the dails aretill being worked o ... and tis aren't aille yet. 3 tibetan buddstder was t visit bou october.ut canceled e trip aer doctors at th in advim to rest recely -he td a crowin minnesotth he's be ceivg trtmenfo tate problems. 33 mingp... you may have ne sing fore -but r li this! iswe'lsh y a ail at'sakina nt sport *i*irs*.that's next in our "winteventures" sees. 3
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3welcococback.timimri .owere swing you a a k ououide$take aook atour teerurre's tatelndad wi u uw. lan ououomouits s r thkidshere'sr buop foyou e in ououn, he'e'sh of thnaonon@n tememtured rallveor uren@d a 15 nus. 3 3yoywwer trafdate10- te
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skiing and snowboardinin coloraings. springit's called skmaxx ... and thbeart -- it's complete indoors.fox21' alison masgeloas t details in thimorning's "winter venture" 3 li"we e going to t the maine on theount hree, ontwo three.ou jut to b that pi aywesome!atesp he's ger kneesent so gets in thleti on, aneps it and s her de edge re me her rn,3ane ealldog a innilotion hecallheeness opesecause jususus reing rptske you arpartdos being
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agskved cabe use lpmee arn hoto t onnd off a chair lift t while heing hersork their turning teniqualmo one urf sk on th is vant ta full df skiing: e of t bout this eness ski slopis yan wk on you rm a on your strength d condioningnoi've only snowbobeforei've n trieiio letu che it outnatill start in thr two on now push forwdr mberand i able to use the`rrors make rrectis "so when go 3 om snoto icef are sitt, whe aryou goa goyou are going to fallso iu caget pe to gting over eir i, th won fall halfmuch on the moun."anna boen whhas ly been skng f a ye us is mhi to fine neer sinskls improvinhecoidce on thmountaint lp mbe raan at moinen f thiz t wime."and whit smsca a sa it's as intimg
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on ias ltle rvou t buitnltaa ut0 cos and i 's just ke sing just like `3 anhi els" th was alin mararaelo o repoinshe ys thehave all e eqpmt the you try out the srtt, you an* inyou'wn boots tore tm in - before you hit the spe slopes.theyo recommd calling a for lessons - because on fr people can be on ththslope at a maxx will also be ving a grand opening th
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wi ty-fs ight. thale ke some s hthchces. anstl ah s sho the avs pied up.anwh r th t tm. exex 3 hmm hmm hmmmm-hmmmm inthe ca on the new jery rnke hevellomeoofoamic [ cheers alae ] all come to look f/r america a cometo lk r eric m beie sandersrs ani approvthis mesge. wa uppyh yr first me. wake up a home y#u've eade a bit bi wakep aom with new address. wake up i&ome th d dsn'teven have an address. y yr li evoes, yourreamome oltoo,
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atmerily`yuran we s spo yr r ng veorb amf.c/rinds andog jimmy john o, jmy john's! jimijohn's!3 jijmy jo's'sfrfrfresh,aky fast. idoud everytytng l ghtoy?-iid, thanyoenououet the &wassrdrokum g/g/y#u'cor w ste waadd . 'shewatopo t thingu y so y c gete t veveve re fe fo, momo f f f ks f%fl diount
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i itoetour owthe pd arrerdurlfth me today.y.m gogo w & m me.e.with the hockey ade dealale over...the avche look t makehe plaffs...d so ades. 3 3 rs-- theheooup - mikkel boe fm the oncotes of f stesarthe . th give vevep ex tay. a somospects.s.ushey soew jers devs densem ec l-in . alor beck fromhe new yisndnds. now to the n-a. 3 the memphigrizied ggs theep cenr
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ehehwhwa..ut nuggs s thenenennextp akdedeer onht 3 h he yoare enng y morning...let's take a l)\e look at t w thinininh a spipi up for t's
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torrowsunrise sunset ts, k out a week weather...s recast to get u t up
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3 3 a decisionas finally been d in apple courttle. battleming up --ind out atat judays out the companunckincephones witmore newki li n
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3 time nowtake a l 's making adlines th ing.
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to f anf-b-i urt order inalifora.a feral judge rud... iestigators can *not* rce ple ock i-phone own ba nvicted drug deathe vernnt had reqstedpple breathe phe'seri de -- wiping o the data. 3 nene... . former cab-- accused of murdering two virginiaollege student-- will now likely seek a ple al.osecutors werelanning to seek thdeatpelty if the caent to t tal.ththth suspect aea sving hr* fe s snces ia separa case. p3 na is noinve t l of superonoj jet tre e enas gra milliollar conto lockhe marti---- a a paser thatat "st than eed d naays s . e i iinnd s..eener. a qu an indiahool athlele tete s record ly fpfpdecades-old.beonarbor senior kysre gondrezick oke
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points scored during a game -- a total of 7potsthth veooni guard her team 80- dble overtime victory in the first rnd gf thate name 3
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go mngndnk much fs ub a ooididw.( xtt's t weatororr e daand our da plannm^.ilve anotherer
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nutes. 30& 's te nofor day'
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rivia clk k throug
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3l l rhtacac but, fir hs jo rtin watex sandn- koureq0toto big oile he won'take eir money. why sders sd thehestone pipeli
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lst e ordidate tototototoacking ngnc endndndrdrdrdrat ur sas ha thst far-reainplan figtetetee d buila cln nnnngy fure.beie sande peop beferpoulers.
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3 3 3 welce ri w...we arengouou lili lk k k e.k ak
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he s sli isisis swing us ghghtide to plaoue ous@s@s@ e !re's's'ss recaca. y are heading
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the nanaonal tperatures and ra willlhave me onon youren forecast in@n st abobo 1 1@nus. 33 3 3 andnthththns it's memeo o at wititr mornind- friendndat9999 99.9th's right -- 's y y chn
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oopi rgrgays rah w
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dateith many affck & nniferarunititat
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:/y99999dicocolhlhlh 3 one e e coco sprinin ge abobo 2-misits s pepear..and on and essie *ever*. vye*.john mti e e d loca in the neneneomomith o"gardede tods naonalal natur
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3 pheily ofes elliot perededed t knrden o ods alatural thcity ocolora s.whe rema free to t tub wper i iicicing liqus all beanananan s orispencedwher bustctururshall ecd expthose nececec to p prly y , ecec anan@ninin areas puarwe a c cy rkourselveon @ eing opetoe e s urururkr ehehle. frfrfr
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fpfpconic scscis oc wty yow#dn't k kw hat youidth. you eaea sosoatute.ouan wilife.`.`u n nlnlec s ih ia parkrkhehe hasasllll- accesibity the olfamily and prorororo atornitynnec th nur it're imrtanneneh a a ark`seay hat atatom gdeththllanimat ilsitoea d ...p.pki' ' so of a a a paoryo stitiol true t tis d d. . . have pavetraiwe havavsi didiilomethihihior erybodanan of sity hehps opepeit fof#f#everyby. there an abnce ivitits s ck inhi300 el v e'a t histoto, there'lot lite tata see. the is gatlife watchininin oprtunolof recreationalorortutu yoyoknow rocclim, , horsack k di, ppography.y.ers a lot that goe here. the mosos
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history hi them. the roc thatat red is beus rust. 's i ioxid mixein wititthe anit odizeand th wh g ges it ththd`co4 acac the nedeledjdjweg 0,. thv)sito d natutuenter for r e the stoue years.s.'s gh soso mamar chges. a-million doll rovation n t ts buil itatane seum griesand real our ssion the exhibit re i get the yngerr nerationo cowiwi katurerereghecyn tpeir agag on..he` geoeokk. . ord generation of ouvie hereg! o e gods. it's called did e d rocks gethere.e. a ititeally a journey rough millio of ars ofeoloc c timemend spa. it's f f. e theatetself is in e rorod and it's vsmalt only
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juju a funocal eerience. ocef gdedeof e dsk.ensusung s' legacy ves on...a thisanark'be. . prottealto e and experience. yoknow wre so excito heveryonerom` ar the woro yoowow theheateway with e e tainn grouou mtt t yoyostou a 3 oulocals tget
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, thanks, john! 3 we'll righthtk to
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3 3 3 3 3
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(ad-b ) your ((ononloava bihdayay comg u weanan knowowowt...usaituhdays 2121s dot dod't rg to cludthe namend any specl message yod like . 3 3 'll be rig bac
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y'ed 3 3 good morning.welcome to fox1 rnin .i is day, march t super tuday" i'kimbly pce. price.and m crg coey.


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