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tv   FOX 21 Morning News 5  FOX  March 1, 2016 5:00am-6:00am MST

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prici'm craig coffey. 3 3 ppintotoy... s ser esy has the potentiaiato be a " "fining moment" in this idential campaigcle asbo ds head the polls. pollllscototmclean joi u now ve fm shingt, d-c -- with ren the arof is b d.go morng, ott.
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3 meanwhile. he in corathth*d*docrac* pridential contests th "t"t drara.. aw".th's becauauolorado republans e ot* taking strapoot f presid inste.. tll teten delegas to senth *state* coon. nvention.-- repeplicans brfrom traditionon- in sp tnaonal-p rus that could have left ththr degates oicess" the nation convention.-- mee, d docratswill* conduca "psidential preference poll"odaysome say... coloradprovove bernie sandede hist chanan yeyeto winthe west.
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first step towarsending party members the national convenons.vors not regierer arepuicans or mocrcrs ar*notabab to participatatinhe pce. the caucus bins 7 p.m. and voteeed to check pro paicat l sonty you n n to-p-c tes docom to confirlocations anantimes.s.p( 3 3 3go morning 3 and anyou so mh for watching.let's take li ok oside...right let's show y teather sty r's a look a day planner.we will have another date comingbout 101nutes.
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3 now ckpolitics...d colorado's replicaattorn general says... the democric governor proposato -classify a medicaid-reted fee to balance the state budget w be *legal*. 3 republicans whntthe
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hn hickenlooper's proposal to r rove about $750lion dollars state hospital patient es frostate endi lits... known as thxpayer'sill ofigs. attake -- hickenloer says -- ilong-tenvestmenin roads s d schools ininur fast-growing state. hower, replicans inst coloradans a *entitl* to tarefunds -- triered by those spendi limits.p ty say... the state can meet it obligationwith whait hasas -- and t *re* oblem dica expansion 3 menaile sealth insure and colorads medicaid program signed onto ambitus itiative aime traforming how heth cares delivered across the state. ate.e zette reports e companannound jog the colorado state innatn deon mdathis as to usa $65 milln doll fedel grant to bter integrate primy care and behaal health care.each insureagreed tfer yments tprimarcare acacces baseow well
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th m anoer sp from the ttional for- ice model.the insurs made e e ral ototr agemen..ininudg sharg icindatait prary reices. 3 ening now.w.w.a picture posted to faok this weweend isering lot of talk when icomes thholessommuni in wntown colordo springs spngs.the picturowa grmemess settingp p *barbqueoutse the e elelen easaspikes peak and tejon aeneny *ner* lit d -- b b it d rais so ccerns and estions fromocal busowners. city council recenpassed it lrdinan" -- which bans anyone fr sitti or lyi on downtown sidewks and trails.but,t didn nessily take into account otthings -- liing ontoublic sidewalk. so n... . 's u uto ththty ande to figure out w this fs into t t gigince ... and legal system. 3 in more around colorado... liceontinue searching for a man they say kidnappededis estranged fe- then assaulteher... and h mototr. momoofficis sasa.
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en separated fs fe fomomo...buaskek%to mee her at king ers parking lot.he then n t her his trucby putting h h i qa headlo -- thenlamming r head befe speedingwawa afr iving g is mot house. a assaultltg he and s ex-wi. mumu lefef eaough hisisife is safe -- a s sll wod ould dmeg astic.c. 3 she wascared to death. w wre worrd r her coinue safefe, wewewewer in a se sp b bntnte's apprehendeshe's t gog to be saf" safe."munn has sevalalun- mumu has be e e ."." safefeshe's not going totototo 3 afe." fe."."munnas had several run- ins with the law - -cluding domeststiolence and chargegegdpolice s s he should be considered med d d dang 3 3 maki news ross arica... sportscaster eridrgave tional ttimony" cou yesterday. yestday.shis s t t - - alrl--ho toooonude video her back in 2008.e's suininththhotel thdtgreed
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vid barrrrt recorded andrews thugh "pholes" ae nashville marrtt.hehehen n posted the vidinin-- after tryi tunsuccessfully sell it.w, andrews wants 7 million doars from bot barrett and e tel chain -- r causing he"distrs and humiliatn". 3 me uhere and sta talkinabout how mu i love my jobnd sportand then thisappens everyay of my life. eith i g aweetr somebody makes comnt i the per someone sends m a stilof video t tmy twitte somemne screams it atate in the statas d i'm right back t rrett waalreadadsentenced to 2-a-a-half years s pron -- fofostalking andndws ba in 2010.andrew's boyfriend -h-l-lyer jarret sto -- will tes this s st casa.and football announcs ris also eected ake the stand. 3 3 now whlala on thdalai
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boulr this yea-- aer cancelina planned visit lastyear for mic reasons.. reasons.the univsitynd the tibetan assoion of cora n n say ... hisisit is n nrecheduled for june 23-rd. the details are still being woed o ... a ckets ar't avaable yet 3 tiben ddhist lelder octor... butled the triperoctors at thyo clic advised him trest rently -- heold a crd in minnesota that he'been 3 3 3 the americaned cross is honor our hoto hoes.
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you are cars, wifi passwords, canoesodorants my grasobought aaiof pas with m day's hipantday. no baber ever sh ir of pants with me.
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the eric redrosss hohoriri se "home to roro" --businessesnd individualwho *emeplify* courage...indness... a unselfh characacr. 3 right now... we're highgh the col spngs popo dar who had a year... with o significant shootings that made natiol headlis. fox21'christina dadocz sits down with the pole chf... a tel us w first responders are ring out he comnity. 3 2015 pved be a challenging yeye forhe coloraings police depament..peteey - poli cheif of cspd " "'s fficul when you go ta very, very vnt in progog ll f service. desn ma if yoveear a upleonthon o o20 yea it a difficult j t do."cspdaw two maj incints.. fr a dea halleen shtingo a andofft plned pahood n n nbe27th. pete car - policeheif of cspd "the last up situationonwect
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in theraininograra had topondnd ce tape isakenenri scsces..heork n' op. 3 nths o o a stigioiocoues.. alg with meetiti with counity needs... pete carere lice che of cs thk k inew w y of loowowe help out o commmmity get bettor t,trger."cspd rmrmrmmuponse teteo reh out to thosese with bral health iss police cif pete carey y ys it'srereh h h to e o o ow sigf mentllness....t'just of the teams invololol protototngngngity y d commmmity.. . te4carar - poli cheif ocsr pactctctmsave a reallyreally good jofor the last year. what we'r trying to dos, as we f ererngngriririrns,s s s pupua a all tete ooffice t tt anmake sure ey really take careref th obobm m fot getstsigge cacays one of f e st imimrtrtthgsg g good police b bng go cmuber.. . d bubudingng safe e ace to live. ininoloro spri c ctina widowicz fox21 n ns. "hometfos get thr dsc]c]hehe antlerotetet tetetefod fo b@ca a ra
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crosdot org. leomom..i-i-((rit wn.n.n.nre shoho`o w tuididoo attempares..'s t`e a aar u urighnototon n t t t s fo!reoustpppp ref arheinin of town, here'a shot o the nation temperares d rar.we whaveveore
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3 jojojofloooong i -coueu%tocp straion si@awes ththgont gogome..anin d thrlrlrlis inin sciststs fofof y y avcaus re flog g muc t uny. i i i isp t
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ey wl ndm*lili helresoiere araexpected to beeployed to help cle-up p p p build damamato ne.t. grou survivors@s ay priests sta a a ardfdfom yey f the tesny ing of carnql ge pe.the comssn is inating how pell -- the vaticaprefect he seseetaria@r r e ecomy y dedet withthbuse aegations ininustralia. . nadaasiciallllll ettledyriqn gees.ternment its d@d@toto bri thou r r rbe new immigiaon - -john llysit w w a "nessasa delay".cacagovememelanso mil sam re p ply- onsored refugege t ts ypyp.p cicir @enthusya@cked to naesesayayfofofofo th a al lateteroduct om the tacco rich growing botts cth
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3 lce ba.tgh w.wehowing y a k k ts a l atour atutesre what t satli a rad ho urit time plat t e its r thdshere'sr stop caf of town,er o
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your st just abonute 3 3 ininododmi new. e army's e dta rcisrepe nso rg, ptur ill p isrsp q. comomthse itate respbili for suidbogst ugbaerhe ekend.ararres. 3in secl lationrossss nort i iq, thermy' eldelta force isow
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operations, n-n has learned. today at thetagon, defense etary aserning what d andhe extiy rget t- hasn or d d toefen secrctarareilaced pepeeeinndnd prs of iananmakingng such that isitotoea ate,tit ma betruc a oy i saythf i posibut ming and locations all orations rema assified.the ar abou200 troopsn nortrn iraq.they haveeen setting up safe hous, establishinand paying off informant networks angatherinintelligenen.the plan -- attack compounun, t justpto caure or kilisis, but to gb lapts, cell ones, , ything that can provididrentelligee an le to moreai.(col. dr l ln analys"special operati rcesave vastxperiencin iraq and afgnising ese t tcs and teni."echnueueas wellwi s opensssssscrcry fee detailed goift ibe..(ato rt/defen srere)"t terrup mmanan t themo one thorto orl networkso can't fution."e spis ohedaebt u-nnot totoef seetomes w w dro r ut it cboayom thota2e uso eno.d ve ud eqncesol. dr lehton/cny t) goi td sica n knowi w ey a doithth evrom ur to criereon r thdo forhe of car
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atioto retaksu ir secd-rgci. (ashtoefenensecrary)be of sttegy a oetnati
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not si" 3 ennofaci ces --ool ooting oostilea-- we' te yhaose e ges e...omomg n fir..ririme li-up p ox21ig 3
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escreamery shakeare rh and eamy. i know. finally a ake foanfionado like myself. . yo a shake aficionado? t shaknano th shshshicionado-who -(chkl) ye well, aps o tad. mm. there's a ness. cold, it's c ok. e cream isold? sthe prees, gugu. am is coldld ys p printt.
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3 welcome back.time rit now...were showi a your's what theelli and r to plaout the tfits fo e kids!hers yourus sto fost.if yoare headin ouof town, here's a shot of the tional temres and dar.r. will have me your s day forect 3 3 time now to ke a look at what making henes this morning. 14-yeaold in ohio -- cused of carrying shooting at his high schl facing ges... includ"attempted murde d "makg terrorist threat. police say.. the te pleoua ndgun d started ring ithe cafeteria --njin4 studts 3 ne... a man anted on several felony warrants -- is arreedn lodo springs. mon mcduie was taken in to custordy - -when pole apprcheded whathey calle "suscious vehicle" near academy and austin bluff lice say..mcie was nted f a sleof crimes -- including rglary.. assat... macg. chi use... hassment an reckle endgermt. a lice staoff inlving a idnapping suspect" eed in california.the suspect is eved to have kidnapped his
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childr -then led police on an hours-long chasar orange county.ce began negotiating th him wn he stped in newrt beach. next... the defee ga presentingt's case yesteay -- ithe triaof an io man accuof kilng his wif alander fao o charged fir-degree murder i the death of emily fazzino.... who s found dead in a babatuin juary o20- fazzino aims h wife owne"aidentally" -- but prosecutorsay e wa strangd anpossibly drown. 3 sane out of hollywood.... oscar-winning acr george kennedy has edhe won a "bessupporngctorosca for his ro as e convict -- "draine" -- inin9-67 " haha luke". is also know for his work in the movi "earthquake" ...airpor.... and "t naked gun" trilogy. keedy was 91-years-old. 3 yestery. psident oma awarded the "medal of nor" to ny seal edwarbyers juniorhe haseen a al nc03... d served most- recelyghanistan.he was ard r hiparticipation n aight-time ra in 20-12
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doctorm thliban. 3 3 'll beight bk. 3
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3 his morning's "csumer
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adadstration askbayea- to condu furth studies on its "implantab s slization device" --led recommendsdthe oduct lalalaain the "m"mt restrictive type of warning" 3 the rulingwsdsds of caints about the dece brking or movi... d cajuju. essure has bebebon thma s s s 20020202and consns o small nick-tititm coils sert into faopiabebe scarthenormsund the ce to help prentregngncy. prnancy.y.thf-f-a instrued bayetoondu a "clinical udy" to deteine the s. the compy saysit w ntue tclosely y y with the f-d-a addre its teecommendation tonsure the fe and effee use e the product. . 3 bayer estimates ththe e out threqutete oa miiowomen g re worldw 70-peent t them aren the s.
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3welcome backckime rpght 3 a owg u a a a a a a 3& ,& outsid3 ke a looaturur tempmpmpurur3 . hehehe w w3 sateteitit3 r is shshin 33 t now.3 meo plpl out th3outfitr theh!rs3 bustop fore..3 you a a 33 adadg ou tore's a3 shot of e on temperateses 33d rada3 will haha3 moro on ur sen 33fofoststn 3 st about 10 3 minute 3 e rk i i icoloradodo sprinin tsbobo-milllll vitots per year..d ppn an easilyccesesblblblevyone vee*aris "landnca in the newsroomith moren "garden of the gods naonalatural landrk.john. 3
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elot perncedidadedhe `ow`kw.-`t e al natutul lk... tpe f lo spris.3.."wheritit 3hall remainree to the public, ere nonontoxatatg quors shl manufac 3oldl orisnsed, ee n/ budingr structure all be ected excehoseeces to pperlcace forl"prt,t and mainin thereasas public park. a c papa !nde pride rselves on b bnb opeto t ee s your pk. th ipark. free helord, forev eeth iconic lascapis acucal located withity limits. u wouldnnonc ou get inside the park u ow you c hearara sounof nature. you hear wildlife. conn so this ia rk the has reall good accesibility for the whole family andan provide atpportunity to coect# with nature. it's ly`y imrtan connect wit te ana this parkeay hits thax om garden o the gods welcomes stat and ...pki' sa of a rk f eveyone stillolds uethaywe he pad trlsweave ngle ` diras. something for 0 everybodd a little b a accesilityeln itp for everybod t !re a ubdance ctivitieck there's a lot`of histo, eaonal opportunitues you knowk`imbing, horsack di, phography...ther0s a lot that goeon herer the most mmon qstion amgmt
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story hend them. thethre is becaus rust. 's iroroide that mid initthnd stone d oxixize..and th what ges it thehred color. acss tts the neremoded vitor center. welcinannnual 800,000 guests. the visito d nature centethe locals haven't been the past couple of years...itthrough s me major changes. mti-million
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builng instalaing o ne seum galalries,pand really r missysn with thexhibits here is to get t(e younger guneraon to coect with npturehrough technology. their flagship attraction...the%grekker. it's our third generatn of movie here at garden of e gods. it's called w did those red s get there.nd it's really a jonethh llars of geologi me and space. it's fun. the theate itself n e round and it's very small. i holds about 50 peo it's just a fun local experience. proceeds benefit thearden of thgodsark...suring peins' lacy lis ..nd this lanark'auty... otected for all enjoynd expeence. you ow we're so cited to host everyonerom arndhe wldyou know seeingheateway with the mountain in the background does not get mucbetter than that. you justncourage all our locals get out and
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thks, ! 3 olem td t brti meogist justmbs moreren n for r br k.- tront t kelly s s trk eart me oday's returnfter one year in space
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3 3 welcome ck..ime righ
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at whathe satelte and iswing us righnow.ti to pn out e ouits for the !here yr stop forest are heading t of t tn,n,e's a shot of the naonalalempepetures d rawe wilhave me
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just aut 10 minutes.
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3 for todas breakfkf banterna astronaut sco lly reparing to come backown to earth- afafr nely year in spa spac's been t ternatiol spstation long than n an anyer u-s a aronaut astronkelly's current ssion has lasted 340 briefing fore adho td rethat he isgood". once he lands -- kelly uer a series of acic this is his fourth in
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3 right back!
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i'llary clton and prove this m msage. her li's wk k s bebouteakingngarers. and d wouououou p p pdency.y.whwhh h h hy, r evevamericic who's s t being pawhathehere w w w w wwho'heldbybytudeebt a stem m lted ainstststm- erfatoo o ny offffhe u uerstanan thahaour untrtrcan'n'reach it potentia
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strororo c c c c..3 ornitcto rng .tuyaya h fr y" i'mimi pci 3 3 3


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