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tv   FOX21 News 10PM  FOX  February 29, 2016 10:00pm-10:30pm MST

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north ofoloradspris..... springs.when 27-arold naun went ovov the centnte...itti two motorcylyl in the nortboun nes.ear-olbriaiaer of parkehi passenr.... oljauiere e d died at then 2828eaeaead setolei of corrings wa t but only sinininies. juri.munoz.z. wad rious riri -ititit mokikikiki d o o,asofofbefore t crh.shnow fafa of chgeinclg...wowo cocots of cur hocide d i. 3 reorlelerere being entert creating ge dsf th vapap.... pene...t t t not ful.he batry cou plpdpdausinge seous ge tyourkin. 1's kodydy fishejous li in e newswsom w moro..odod 3 s...e do twas s get ss wa ape explod in et..cairdedeee burns.s. we do want w you --- e imagag yououe
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s like thehe are hapaenininmorereququtly bebeuse people aren't operly g their garetteses and pensn+.they say thihahaenmost oen with unregulatex mods..h n't relate the sofofheh t youltakepeople tend d puputhe tteries in ici#maem 3 "i'vepseen some that are etty badwod ably s e tablwe're at o ofi. of thbatteries can explode wi enougprsure to b b to arour fleses pe whore creatg owunrelateds can p h h hthis hapapto them why use a ilha cat the voltage @ut outut by batry...the mple soononis is a gugutebomod.which s vevel fety ftutus toto stststs kind of thing fr eneng... 3 a picture posted to facebook wver t t teeeend has raised
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cometo using grion blic prope prop.p ofagrants set up allutside t 11 tejejej and epikes peak. and d d it has p pple ndnding whher r non it t was lega 3 new 10 21's's kalymcmamainin givess ann answer 3the popupicture distir tha meto the homessss affecti dotown...but t nce this was the first cidentf s nd.the l l asass e ear. citi council r%renssed the silie ornae e which nyone om sting2o on dntown @lks anantrails...but t idn' necessasy y into acunt her bringnga a s grill to a pubc sidewalk. so now..'s up to city and tice part out h it fits into the o oinin a a e lel system. 33 "we doeehing simaro is when ceso fourth jy wn in mori p that's one ofhose thgs..e ha to weigh and balala s ir not. 3 eadai was ldha the ill s neveactutuly usus or turn w w mpr lesst used as
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beauful weather day... a oks li the sun will stay out weektelogist j jf mack tells us more in n fox fasdst t camn trl .n ary cln isiding a ve, hopini her s carona landsde..omes ann biggper esdada
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didnugarco his 48-point owout-- saying the race is p justttng start. arted.a nec-n-n o-o-poll toshowg a majotytyf democrs across thef cououry favor clinton 555555 perernt over sande.buthe pollso had rning sikn pernt y eris mome honest and usory -- cpared to 36 percent o y ton is. 3onheepubcan nenen o-o-c lohowshe spakg down tru. trumom the fiele natide, , ti 49-9-percent supphe leadsdsis clost mpitornar mao rubio,@,y 33 points. 3 but not l go newfothe reblicntunnea timeagazine phototrat nald tmp rallyly saya secretttervice a cked m and slammed him to t ground todth presters interruptedy ginia.chrimo says he @ stepepd ju 18 inches outsididthe dia areahen the t s hands ar his nese statatdnsa iha red t sret .d t atri
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the argugu here's b years sceolorado ha w dr's len design. t startiti tomorroe atrolls a new i-d wi improved securitfees. it a potgramig n but evtuallz, , evevyone w es wl cacay ththne@lie. licensnsre'sampl wh they'oolike..big chch: phot wilw in acand whitwiwi ler grav..prevevting thievevefrfruplicating tff e.onhehete alsoed thoto alo wialc c " from the dota flathstat coagepe etet aew licee ly whenei currt one pires. govern johhickenlooper formly endses a superfd cleanup for ining sis.. inudinthat st wastaternto rivers three ates lassusu. summmm.thehwrn apoval wqll nowe te envirol proton ag....who will oversrs the project.juan county y y e townerern ed the cleanula week.onon augustth......he epa acdently tried a 3 million n llonwater spilllfr inacte ld king mrivevecolorado,
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3 it's tay t tt le t calendar cch up with solasyem at onlylyly arouvery four ars. yeyeiteap day.. and we memeks wlso call tir biry. f f21 taylorp joininus now t t shshs how ey celebrated. it wasirstroduceby julius ceain aatatmpt to simpli the calen calearere's a one 1 huansiy ah bebo oapay a i yoar..oue feed aseaororr. ers about fo mlion o emn the rlanan astromy 'r sa to we m m a lococ leapling who sharedititus whahaitike e being bornn su an usive day. 3 "ire we e ve t tctual rth nouncem the gagae frfr 198ich has my name in theranansothe her lelingthatatrn ilodoprings."." 3 from all ous at fox21... we nt to wish all of leapers and aps a very hay rthdhd. meane...... f f rnristian pagano born aecamamthe firsrsap
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ar. lilile g was due on tacac 2h...his mother brooke.. wascdule toto b bduced d tomorr.... but chstian d other r plan iss thpagano fily's first il.two ototbabies werelso rn astancicicici y. &stl ahead..... an amican doctorescued in ghanta isis now thaing e men o saved him. him.thstorbehi t t ny als s o ried hees hieem. 3 us..noth wone day ane ek ilog ev tt!jeellss ..ut first... fifi 3 d i safor r sends and i w keh myodnd i jusus t t wnnd i ii i to calyou backnd i clel%t% enen.(crng) parents.(cryine's suii her and a hotel 75 her frnd triing others fron sg the otos.. 3
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lme get acpick 2 thers honew dealn mcdold's pi 2 menu! lemmt a ck 2. nopi anywo of f ur favoritetelassic for r st 5 bks. mix n match. n savor.r.2 fo$5. yr flavor choose any 2 iconitastes a bimac c de wit0% beef,a flaky fio-fish seared quart pou th cheese or c cspsp10-p-pce c cnuggetr r $5 bucks.inor an amazing 2 for r deal on the mcdonana'sasyolove..
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i'm lly clton and i ove thisissasa.her life's work has about brngarriers. and soould dersisinc whis, every amico's t beg paidid whwhhere wth.... who's ldldack s sdent debt or a systetitied a ain them- anthere e far too many of yo she understandshaour country n'reh teia.. unle we all do gegeer.
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3 i ipittsbghasasunlockdooday- after go a a t.the scol@istrtrys trawl s s e e sultf a neorhoho ralasass sumed once thosenvve lehechool.ongirlas spitized wh a mir ry.chargegee pected t f 3 teimimntinuein t in andrews cil tal i naville.the sportscaster a a tv ht sng slk aeaebaett and
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miion 200. eted p p pole e e( om tre ews ililshe d r clothehetodada andrews t stadd.yinghen sh fofot she couldn't bieve her es.. 3 ey had pututars @over mbody papas.y rliend was llg tel msh rug arndewk city throwing c c thehe pars because sheelt so bad.." andrs' motheheso tang the stand today -- he father gavotl stimony lasteek. back h%he at he,e are lookg toarup a wee lo...ffas mabt just h h we'll. ghghw. tes atathis ur i i303030 4winds have bn goin t arti taks
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sialtionshowinc early...nnhehehefternono ne cololfron slalas rpwedensday...its a drone by it wiwihip uphe wso weill agn ve se fire atcoerhe's a at what we et t t restf e we...r o
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percent chance ofain shshin the m t t r 20thwe win 1 1 to m..tuesdostly nny. highs8 to 53. southh wis ound10 mph.tueueay night...paud l l ne 30.orthwewedsdsptoto m.wedosy sunny. hhs 69.est windnd10 to20 mph witgust toto around 45..wednesday papaly cloudy. lows in e lower 30s.nonohwest winds
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arnd 40 mph..trsdadad ursday night...partl cloudy. his 58 t63.wswsn thwer to mid 30s.riday d d frfraypht...mosos clou. highs o 69. lo i i ththlower mid.aturda through nightht cloudyghs 59 to 69wswsn e d to opperer. .monday...rtlly nny.ighs 5757o 64. 3 mingngp next... na seaea rereives our natn's eses honor...ho ked ve an ericanoctor ured by liban plushe ex girlnd of the man who o stormedea rkrke d starteoooong . ars inou..w shmay y
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3 an amerin college udent detain in makes a tearful,
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fae agn... thecomyigged?, the 1515ststmecans acquiredore weweth in t y thtn the b/btoto 10llion ople combined. i'i'beie sandersrsd i approve this mesge. my plan -- make walstreetanksand the tra-riri their fair s sre o oxes, prove vingagfor workg people ensure equalalayor womom middddddsssstotoisisar
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3a university of virgin student t tained irth a fofoo nthsreak s silce. 3 otto freriarieie esesd to ahostact"
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coerceelseby ongywarm ised d of tg toal a polic banr from hotel january.y.the ear-d ied at a ns confence t tay asking to l go.o.o. 33. ea, ve made thworst ste ofy life, but ease acave mepleathin y fami familynorth gornment bels rmrmerer s encourageda secre unersity s siendhe c-i-a. 3 a formrm driveaccud of muing two virginia col entsl likeeek d dl. al.jee hewsws junioiois accused of abdti and kiin18-year old haah gramamn 2014 and 20-year oldld mong hringn inin0000 osuts sathey wer planng to seek theeath penaltif casaswe to trial.matthews is already rvg three fetences aepate cavehe was convd ofexuall asultiti6-year-o wan
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3thkansas wan aed of givivieapons to the exce industes shootereris outn bond. bobo.sarara h hkins peinbefore f judadshs cused d of vi herx-yfriend cedric rd two gunhe used a shshngpeeeet ft three ad and 1 1., nvicfen, wasand ed bpoliurururcords say s gaveve ford th apafter hehrned is expectedk ininrt mar nint 3 a a s nananaeal who helped ue an american in afghtan -- is s latete recipien theilitary' hight hononokeken corkhaha thehsty from capapolill. pp3obamsays"en he never r ormed thacon r r which hes ing recogngned he e da e byereruld lg rememeer hihicompsi, hi e d his enduranc a aing navyl. seor cef scial warfare opator edwarbyere dadaof hon tod, president obgavehe
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citao man o's mmitment to serve knowno bods..oba says: : "eleve se dloymentsnine co t. rpipiof the purple hrt - -twice.e.he ze star w)thalor -ve titis.s. it waa daring rescue oanmerin doctor helby the ban h afghanisisn 201hat ought a man edo working inhe sdowowinto spotlight.t.erys: "jumped off the guy i was on, and onto the doctor, whwhwawaout 3 or may 5t t me on mright...and the rereon i did that i'mring boby armor, so i nt to him from other potential threat the rooooananne who's been icombat khows at in thosmomemes, y y eitheact, ou g kied."in, byick ac sav ther.ho in statent rsrsnd s am are8ample urag bverynd heroism. i so gratef forhe dedition for resing mes well ang security to the afan peopl.." thouou ers is she s s navy seal to receid the l of honor... he crited a veveh... 28 old petet r@1sclasspnioolas chquwi's sueseschekque wawafirst intohe firefight...and died atightht witvalor d` distinctn.eryse eve rembereded
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for the sacricese de a lemn reminr the pce of fedednd aoment t thanksn behalff a grareful tion.orkeken-n-m tag)byer who ys he'd like to go back t doing what he's always done in t servi- .... is 78 living meda honor recipien.. eighof them from the u-savyand d d ou probablso ve, there have beeee14 of honocitationawd for acacon iafghghistan. whihi ( to tvery day ithe ngest ongoing war in ameran historye ngeses r. iamerican the white e use,evev corke x ws. 3 ststl ahea..'s wall otbaans s are lkininabout.t. return foror anoer eason ininin the nfnfthers en aot of spececltion gog g ts weekend.d.alison inext in
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-did finininerytng l riday?-i d, thank yowhen youethe new &rds m m lliscohow ththrerds
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e youse yr m go arard, m me you ge in to getr caor downld art rewardin ore todam & . wreor time nowhe rococ mountain hondaealer r sports port 3there habeen a lot of talk isis weekend......out peyton mannnnnnmamang his rirement decision by the d ofhis wewe. t night the nf network rorting tno sions pepeed tekek fromom manning.infact..his cisisi couldo right up march h h...e start of the new leagand en nng isuarantd s $1$1 miiosala f 2016. manng is scheduled to o with both e,way d coach gary kubiak simtheethe e is that manning ll mfinade ne thenlon ththeaowal cisipeyt mning ..anjujue connue toansee. 3 no basketb..e nuggggs g inenve t aigrizie but the nuets ort.. the grizzlies atathe nuggede 103 to6. ere is new po oe skiindnowbrding in lolo cle skmama and the besesrt is 's cometely door 3 ts-click"we argointo
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t to be in tt pizzaz ay"awe!wiwier sport "sot hneesent ge i athti posisisi, d s gng ankeeps r insi edge re toake r turn,andne is realal doi a goooob. uniq locion..."thecall then e spes - because ju revng carpettskeeparmsrt "indoors and bng warm and not eezing the time." this slopepes for alages, skill levels, d can n for r snngtoo.elps some peoplhow toto onff ahair lift while e helplpg he work onheir turng techniququmomo hour of ng on this is lele to o ll o : one gre thgs a ts enesski sle is y can wk y ur fo andyour strength d condititningnow i've onl owbobod d bere, , ,f nev trtfd d iinglets checkck tnat wililstt in three o on now pusfofo
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the miorto make corrtions "so wheno omnoto ice you a stingk, wherare e gonnnnu ing fal sif cacat op u u uo ttin the ski, thtz won't ll h hf asasuch on the mo."na aorden ha oneeeeskiingr s mache tu skiingkills.improving r coen on the mountain "it helped m more grgrefef ananwo alolomorekiin en f f, than pizz whole ti."and whilitjt seemary.. annaays st's no iimatatatasas iokss fit goon i was a lile abo but it oy tas a bout 30 sends and 's just ke sese 3 3 3 anhing ee."
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finin 10 p-m pfore.. lemem g mcpick * there'a hot new on mcna's mcpick 2 menu!
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r st 5 6ucks. mix. share safor . naouflor ooseny icotata, a g mamamamait1010 bf,f, a flaky filet-o-ci seareder pounder wi cheese
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(sighs) (panting) wow. tt was great.t. od, i'm ad. wawa, it, wait. you' g ah.


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