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tv   FOX21 News 9PM  FOX  February 29, 2016 9:00pm-10:00pm MST

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itd again...nuire up in n gh sool caferia. 3 pl. this phoho started sociadia...after trtrsients o o the gri a.but are they b baking the w? and...appensveryry year..presidential els.. and d leap day...
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special birthdays to lebrate.. 3 right now... te--oldlds acud of carrying gvt a ti insideis schl cacatea. the violt scenkice inetown, oo b ben yton a ci. 3 rst on fox21 tig..fos he horrifying cf events. elevefteemoayay momning !erroinside t utesesohool.... some ththty mil n n of f f cinana.dwyeyesaysn% individudu e io th scho a a ban fira apont heudentsnj e luh ompolicece idtifi thoer as urteyeld stude o thdison juniorior r r gh school in n er c ohio. thth the tn pulled o had ststted in thcafeteria...shooting o students.d injuring two others.shsays: "they we injured`d`d shrapnel from thndgun or iuries geawaym the tive shooter."irland sa: "for thee ca
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scary g."scolese po offic qui ond to t dch sherifjojos says: eahe shshs turno e cateathat t ine ooteerf jos sa: an out of thildi." lice say theeen sped up hinnt of e school, dihethe gun, and n into fld whe poli k-nine caugim.ono& student t ims fteen.he hersre fourteen. alle said tbeospilijein stsdleleontionpatr ys: "thelocked ido. i mehey y pt vebody calm." callah says: "just - i couldn'tunio a i was crying, i was s wlg. w callg operiff jos ysreas aive.e., ,( hehe notaying at imight bethe spect n n facg chargrs inudg atteted murder a making terrort threats. s uriri says it's any udents weweted or if fired at random.steve raopox news. 3 in other newou . a memoal i ) dufoe shers dety who w w shot d lled st wee ek.35-year-olcorp nate
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itble apel on march 14th iarlast wednesda. a hohoownenear baeyo haharantntnt ainspolicerurulity - opened fire epies wh ey w we yingo evt hi iganille. antw hee pauty koy ma is l t hpipi. bu habeovededut ive carethe other ofcer --aptain mark nck is ckt me ce shing for man ey say knappis ged wifethenss her.. his n th. 49-year-old d richard munn has been separed fros wife fonthsbut aske meet he ainers parkg police s h hput t t in a ad.. s her head... forceder ithcaand then t say hwe to his mhouse...nd assaulthernd histhen he got away. ise e safaf cerell wororede uld somhtng dic.. 3 she s ar to death. we're worried r r continued
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prended sht t g to saf ."nn h heveret run- withhe l including domemeicioled passges.lice s s suld be consided@amed@ d dangous. haeng now... a piure shshedn facebook erheeend. generating a lot olk aboul ththmeless communityn down colorado springs. springx 2121yn mcmackin joins us now th a at t y soso people e are t. k kyn. 3 afing with c-p-d.... they s mr of hav ill the sewk in wntoto is fit for th... soow irais t qstio whaare e lawsnd h h do ty h th pedestriccs ac 3"tre w w gututhere wi a lot otrash d it's ju rlllldsappointing to ou."."is preas postst to facebookaturday evening...gas ill, shng cart transi sitting outseth7-11n eastikes eak k d teten. "they mmandear it because it waserneath e brid ov a ambp for r e loest t hewere jususing it as a n ndngool."the recent approved pepestrian
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iophasmeaning the galitytt uncl "this is part of that ucation phas to eak k thth e torney's and s s does this fall unrneathhi that ordinan, or i ithis complelely s satatthough e ilwasn't auauay it still hadocal bunesswnwnpr uet. wouldldw e line w thringngopping s wnwn, wh they arstctg r siwas where people can't t thugh, wn eyri gas il dn toock inhe ddle odowntownean n ey hevererright to beb upset. it's wnwn, centrarara wnwn a ty don't rely theomelesesle ay" 3 the grill was enenly removed by theititnd morning.g.c-s-s-d is askg for en as ey wk throh the lel l ct ofothis unual circrcstce a as s wa...coure anyoyo to repo these k of thin poli. p3 weava safety alert t. 3 vapor pens cti grow in large part
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her alternativ smoking rettes.buthe's matyssueueha pev@le u v vorizezs need w abouou..grin numbmb of ususs e havi eir r vape ps explode.e. inseriouinjuries 3 here are the fts of this point by pnt. 3 onpe shotell this prprlem pppps a lot momo wften n people in the inst want to a ait...e main dangeisith thth batterieot u uproply theyan explodedeh ou forcto brere b b...and cause e severeurns 3 1'1'1' fisher nt t ta vapehop totoy to see jt how d thisrobl is.he ins lininhe nsroom th mor........ 3 seem cool soso.a x. t t ttes a g r rado teen doesnsn thiso cool amoisapap n pled ihipo.. me o othe imesou're about tore g2gphic. cls waenng forarcus ani i thihihappen@d t hileg...soso-l"bell . up t get mjajaet at w ae otside
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flng o o omyt.ooks ki somom witer ldg iny cketthes typeaccints e happening requently.t>- for fefenteasons. anythingrom er e eoroto maerec"mostf the timeuser eor witit pelesi u ueg mods.which is vape that doest regulate t sizof e t u ta..-t>"if you put in yr ers the wronway a m*or reguted mod mentou firent you hit yr buon tgo goingngo go off."the battery can also explode your vapepes accidental going oy itse.-- suggest
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ve safy featesuilt i them.hehere almost du" his story will ba leonono le ping-
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rnn50s dle .. we at ll weeworth inew mes. 3 today is t day thahalo
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the lar em.. andt only mes around eouyes. it's lp y d we se people who alsls it eir biay. fos taylor bi j jns us w to tell w thth celelelel there's a one @in4 hundd and sixty chce oing born on leap y andf y are. u're referred tos a lfaplwlw or a aper. today we t two local lingan taedo them abo what it like crating a a days sosive.. 3 ->-rian"tods my eighthctual biay." -elelsa"today be seven.t how tse whether toelrate earlyn e th or o omarcfirst?ot-brianan"i u usall celeatatmydaon the thsometimee rst, the closesesweekend have wowos.s.
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20 and0 0 e lele yea but 2100 is nobut all of th spping anleapin e... aronomersay lelis e saido usuatalesot>-an "o"oumuman't say tt i do--mismmm, i woululsay prprably instincve mave, follows alon with pisce" no is melissa celebratinhebirtay o this raroccaon... buhe sier's'sabue tod as we. so if ititapnsn th next f h hrs..'lhave ttle leaininto add the famil and droroall l of us a a afo1.1. we e nt twish l ofou lpers and leaplings very y ypy bihday. 3 we see dog a catescues thme... me....buat does it takak to wrangle this ast?e e leleard sc fororrsf lar fox 21 news at t contue.. 3 pl...sney chang theay it charges customers at it
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da can s s syou u e st.... 3 ..sportscacaer erin andrews eonal as she takes the stand a civ trial louinheheinsi ofofricy cashear whae has sayoming upup next.
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( me g g a mcpk 2 ths a hot nedeal dold'mcpick 2enu!
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for st b.( mix n mch.h.hare n savor. fo yr flavor ch 2 iconies, big mac made w wh 100% beef, a flakykfilet-t-fish, searar quarternd with cheese or crispy 10-phicken mcnuggets for st $5 bucks. hurry in for an amazing 2 fo dealn n edonana's t ttes you u ve. bada ba ba thrld a president has to grapple th. sometimemeyoyocan't en imaginin that's the job. anshshs e ononwho's prpren she cage done. .securg maive reduion uclear weans. .s.sndg gainhe ase of w ...p.ptecting sociecity... ...expxpding benthe tialrdrd. ..inningeaca 8 llion dr... e es is the tougugstst b in the world
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3 righghghgh.. 3 sportrst erin drs gave e etial tmony in courururday.adrewewew suin the stalker who toud video er bacin 28. shalso s sng hot@ thatgreed d this r to stay inhe room next t t heael vibat recordndndhrhrp hoheashvillemarriott thehepostst t vionlineer tryininto unuvccly sell it. drewnts s mimiion- dollararfrfr both barretand thhotel chain for causing hedistress andiliati (v off): "afis came oututn`20, we tre peop oututhetiu d done thihi publicitstunt?"rin andrews/plaint ortscaererobly f three mo, everybody thought it was a pububcity
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new rk post said 'es scandal.' fofonews and cbsba - evevy put uphat t was doitoj publicitynd attentn ananthat rippe a a." ap".rretwas seenced tott-and-ha yrsn prisisoror stalking ews ck in 20.aaewew borien..h-l playay rret sll wtetey in is lest caseotball annocers cis fowleand sse paererre alslsexpected ake ththstand. 3 googleleelf-ivinhi a s in a min cra...itit happen on vavantinay. google haseen tetein v's ittewiso and caraar the t firmilicon vallele a acidedede rerere.. ooglwrote at its car watryingo arou someme sandbagon aity st front left side struht side of theh bus.`. tar ser ththbus would el one e s ind. 3 republicic frontruer d trump is bacaiai o o o co abo a former
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o-p frfrtrne. bubuwill t vurbalal punch@s impact su tures?fox's ld in shininon w wh morere 3 waldmasays (m m o): "supereruesday" ugy impoanfofoall maincandatat out t quarter of allhe totadelegagas onhe line ...nnd the inttyty palple. trtrsays: n florida, ts gucouldn b elecd g cacaher righnow e ran.ld trump, enyingouble digit les in many of thsur y , firingtstst hitwo clt vals, senatop m!rco rndnded cruz. but, bare swinging ck, espepealhen ites ru dioot denoce t t pubc c c c ppof er@ear d ke . umaiaiafterfrfe , idar dersrs queab thll-k-kwn w wte su .ruo "thes no room t covavave mt and repu party f fembe ofof or cisjs duk (al)boruz d o haha a lot totoose tomorrow ... th 595 republidelega upor grabs. . hiary clinton, inirginiore subtly
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clinton ys: " i we grading some of theses d ththe was s bo used to -m plpl well with otrs. i woulh! to put xdemocry qirir o plpl witithers." rnie san campaign ntinng to recee an avalanchof small dio whwhh e addi up y ...36 6 mimiion doalonenin bruary ...ite e w super tuespolling nus. waldmamasays (oncatag) "vots inat wililhead to the polls torro a majorityf em in th southeast.n n n washingtonjo ldman fox newsws if y w wtoe a y in o cos ur's nominee..u ca teom to our r bsite fox 21t com... ch colorado cauc to fi ian go to show sup canda 3
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evyonepl a llennial tnonsnsse. mials, ialut you moneyike n/ oththgenerati you shcars, , fiords, , deodorts. grandsoboht a pair s with m dadas hi pants y. no baby eveshar a ir opantwiththe.e. sang w wanhere account toy. tetes athihourthe s
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arti`go aenhis evevinggho to hour alals owc clou rly...sunny thehe a anono. our nene colfrt islates for y...s a dry one t wiup wds we will @ agn havee re 4 weatncerfr's a t weect ththf of toghghlcloudy wh a
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upper s. n nthweweinds0 to mph.t.tsday....ostt@ly nny.ighs8 53.outh vds ound10 mphphuesday nini.. cloudows near nwest winpto 10 mph..wedsd..tly nn hhs 62 to9. west nds t20 m witgust to a45 mvh.wsd ..partrz cud ls in thlor 30northwest wind 10o 15ph w wh gustst ound0 h.h.hursday andpdp
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cl. his tlon the loto.fri d fridayht.ty cloudy. highs 63 to . lows in the looe mid 30s..surday through nday nig...parary cloudyhigh t69.lowswsn e mid topper 30s. .monday...partlsuvm highs
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3 ing aroundhe world tonighgh.. a adly wkendn dad. d a llegstt dedeed d in nor koror facache camemes. the ath ll froro o o boboin in ghdad has!s clbed to at y- ththhan one hundnd peop aretill i ital ... afteruny' back-to-ba market ings. was the deadliest in wa o explosions tgetting commcial aasn baghdhd. is ced responbility amen udendetaed inonwh korea brksksown inea a a nfessese@-year-ol universi of viinia s oo rmrmer hasn uck thnc jatheaofcicis accuim oying
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hisrmbiasas quoteds sasang h crimeawaw everetand d pre-anned." rtrtkohahaa ng his ofetaining u"s. cize g them acocoaterel t high--ofile visi thu.forest worke indicome to e rescue opopd . afr it fl in aell.he yng lpa wod selfn isis ecio positn afteit wondered ineby resints sptethe e an d immediely calledolice. a re cbew wale to save cu thleopard wareleased back into the wild following a a medical examinio m m. 3 stststtonight... acac... ter lawsuisuggesting thehe sasasachp was scscng sososof its s .p o wha they pto d fix the prprprlateten t's bubuss new 3 ..he aricared oss isis gtitiea tnor r toto here-se w one depart stepped u..he
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t economy rged? well, thi0 richest america ired morweweth twowors an the bottom 10million people combined. rnrn sanan, d i approve th message. my plan -- ke wl street ban d the`ultra-rich papathehehfair sre otaxe ovlivingngagag r rkininpeople,enre eayorom. thmidilesswi cone to dappe unless we level the playing eld.
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the americananfd c css is hoho se`ome wn .bunesses inviduals exemply
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unselfish character. 3 tonighwe'r'rhighlighgh t t depapamentnt who h h hor yeara.h owgnicant shtiat made ti headlines. fox21 chrisna dadowiczcz sits do with polilili chief..ndellslus how fit responders are reaching out tthe communit 32015 pved toa chnging year for t colorado sings policic depame....pete cey - - poce che of cspd "it diffichen you go to ry viole in ogogss ca for serce. de tterf you a yea a coonths o on. it's acult j j to ." sawwo major incidents.. om a deay llown ootong stan at anneparent ovber 27th. @te cey`m police cheif of cs "the st couple stis we actuall d fifirs tt re sll in t traininograthat hato rpondcece lice tape ten o crime eneses t worort . momwhs of work and vestigation coues.. along wi meeeeng with communy need.. petet - - liif of cspd "i thin is a new waof lookinat how wlp out our comnity getter and me resilian and strr.r.cs ed cmuty rpoe
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wiavavl hehethssue ceetetcasa it aay to acacout t to the e o showigf a ment illness it's just one of t teams involved in precti t t cy and counun. . pete cey - poiif of cspdr paeamsavdono rely, alalood b fo the la yearn whaha're tryingdo is, a awe find emging cmeme ptes,s put a alf offirs that d make sure they can 2pallyake care oth prlem forereret ts bigge" cay saysne othe st imrtant thingsbeing a good pe offiis being a communyty m mber...and nge to l coloradspring cti dawicz f 3 meto xs s llll getir awards march7t7tathe tler hton.or ticke d information b bomg a d crososlunteehe t red dcross dog. 3 are yoplannini a disney this year?ll, oong the time cocod helpoulyave e few bucks. cks.we're crunung thth numb disney's w demand pricing later r as fox21s at ne continues.
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sw to ntururink prisistv, a"get e same gat chas cable giveyou, thout hang to de with cable. s and? anan..there's s ole ho.. plusons of ond options so you can w w wtever, whenever. yes and? y doou g gs keep saying thth? tst t te improv. by sg "yes and," we at e reality ted ur cedy y , paud.yes,ighthti know. do you? feelike hollood siderr with psm tfromectulink the wowod a a esesent hato grapapwith. sometimes yocan'n'even imagine. thatat the joj. and she's onono'oven she can it
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...standin again the abu w w w w w ...protecting social secit ...expandi benefititfor eee nationon guard...
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33s me now roc motaibibon dle srts s .. 3 erha a l lf talk th weekend...aboupeyv mag makingetemt decion by enenof thiweek. weekekbutonight e nfl twork is reptinghan/ sion is expectededwe from his deci couldright up to rc9th...thart of the w ague year and when manning is gnteed hihi9 llsary for 2 2 nning ischedul t tspk with botely ancoach gaga kubiometi]thik weethth exion tt mannin will maks fil decici nextxtk. but t t onlrsrs thateallknows e re decisis peytonanning himself.d we'ejust havav toontie toait and see. qptom ane w gland d iotsave agreed do o-ye contrt exteiothroh th19 seon..thde wiwl wer brady's sala cap hit f
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abab5 milllln. hs due make million nexse and $10 million in 2 27.ady isis8 now and heas planspso pll h0's.wh ad thing e will turn 42auguf 20. 3 3 e hockeyrada dealine i over...lodo alanc g makthplplplfs.. hema sbiad oo up one heaste vailab..available. b bdk na c cotth avalanchplay heen n skid witst twowooals in s gam.and th also acersey' defensnsc geasnd taor beck om n n yk islander3 annofrom the hockey ice. heato theki slo ere is a new pla to learn skiing anowbrding in colora springs....'sled sk and thet is it's completelelidos. 3 nana-click"we g start e ine on cou tee, o&e twree.u justptant be in that pizz okayeseua nterpo "she got h kes bent she in tic
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aneps hehein edge here ake her turn,anshe is ally dng a good d&d& ueue@oc.."ty ll themndss ski slope cause ititju aevolng carpettskeepour arms a a "i"irs andndeing warm an not freezill the is for , d bese for owdingo.elps somee lelen ho get on and o air lt whe lpinhers w wk k onheij tug niqumost o of skiing ois i equilent tfull of skiiiisu: one he things about ts i op you c cou n yotrd d ititni, w i'vey owboarbere, veer trtrd d sko letsheck i i ttililstarinhr o one.ow push forwar memband i ato u the miors make corrtion "so whenou g g sno ice y aitti back, are you nna go, you u are going to fal cacat pelesegetting d( ov theirir ski, on't half as muconhe
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onlyeen sk f fear es thihichine @tu her skngkillllimimovovg heconfiden o o@thmountain"it helpe bebe morgreful ` work alot ing g french fry, rathern pizza the whole time."and whses scary.. anna s not as iimidating as it looks( hen t got on was a little nervous aut ndand 's just like jusli a&ything else."
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t note..bubu ntstl hanging otheparts the uny.d d at meanserct snown ri...we'll ke a lo....anw. hers je... 3
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3 a gisnown isisis theente ofttentionn ononut c .ke a look this video -- at wasas p pvidetos cal x vier ilon cany. cany.hemed, aa of mo than 20e ca
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giant snsnman.t stands ok aleast @hos toui. ild.thmega snolsls s itn n faceag page. 3 tes ats hourthe e to 40swiha been going t starting to weaken thihi eveninghour to hj simumutions owinc clous y.....sunny t t aftnoon. our next colfrononis slas@s@ for wededay...its a dry on illhip he windsso wl l ain have somomfi weatatr concernshere a look
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tonigh..partly oudy w 10erce cnce of rain shers. linhe`eido r 20ththst windsds0 to15 mph...tuesd...mmt sunn hhs 48 to3.ou s ound10ph...tayay nighgh..partly c cudy. ls ne 30.orthstst w wto 10ph.wney nn highs 62 9. wt windo mph with gus s s round 4545 m mne cudy.ows in e wer 30s.nortwind o 15 mph with gusts to arnd0
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dy. ghs 58 to .lows i the loweto 3.riday and ay nht..tly clou. to o lows in thloweto mid0surdada rough sunday cloudy. ghs 0 t in thmito upp 3. .mony...partly sunny.hs 5757o o . 3 3 57 to o .
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ofals igate cidentntntntended th trucstopped nnlyly vticacaca on a utiti p p@.emergency crs yingo figu out how the piup got stu on ..e cintntng mthe e chare uas ational rport.e person ten to o hospital wi mor injies s it t unclear ift was the driverer noord onirondition.. ght w. 3 thda, enma hou reei p on weht loss proam!thisefty- heheeh livivg a reses nter in e k weigd arly three timimheeigh he average p pckcky pet.. wat on a aiewhen bba arved d d d d ak furrows wildfe rescue nter, he tped thsces at morth fourupods.s prevuser hadn erfeedm an had little he e urving in the wild. he's nowa stri men ofofuid dog food.... ednce dadain a
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3 the lateststtar r rs movie is heininfuel maj touririoom... boom...a lookt why re plning tbi to o seud rtrtf thu-k...istill to come tonight.... and... y can't play with toys as an ult?'r checking out this impressive
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3 ririt now... we donust servanfishsandwich at t lver s w wd-ht, northatnt cod.. th crowswsn water at i i ld, cln nnprisnene ll of fll nutrient and omes tou in t t tish. is i ithway we sp it tour restaants.. it's notre-b.fadedototdo wususe hiest ality d,d, t wetilland-battet the o-fasoneday. thatemkabl
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sandch bauf at. th is e be fisissandch rica. "welme tlicici"everyo comainsut llennialensemienens, salute yosaveveone no o neti yoshe rswififiasords, noes, dededeants gndson uouoair ofpantntth me. dahis paday. noboem eared a irntntwith starving w wthe e herereunt toy. 3 3 a gea etti rere f t largest t sosoier lltion. not qui offi yet..but con man is hopg to secururace ecord bofor ving the est toldier llecononthanan waters ing toind t ifset a inness wor r rord wi one-thsand-twenty ue sors. soldie.jues are fyinhis llon- whh h t t currentecor bout 400 figurines.and
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ters aut 5 hrs..time he sal be well-ent once he is e fi holdererer 3wars ss:xcited $- abouitprettyxcited. wonot be tototxcited u uiu i the rtate e loonofof cut, , etty ciab, 9" yes."waters i ihopipi to have hire verified by inness in the ne 2 wee. 3 evenugh filil't hbveuch force with the academy.y. last nighghduring the osrs. 3 new starr wararmoviis ingeratee g bucks for the k... to th blter movie...e e e e is wa quiet rnern the we oenglanwhere f ththvis film. fied.n's ninaos santoto has more qt's n n just british actors wh beeee t t limimight recentlysome of the uk's most stng locations are a ao takingtre sma@ ancient wowolala in west englahas s me h#nto on the highest groin films all time star ws: e forcrcawens.zzlewowo t t torest of deans be the stunning back drop t t t
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odtiononand with recent filmininfor r e ntam a star wthe wolandndnd i ias of a 'must see'e'oror f of the films amoes themselvesbrging m me sitond crucialalash to the e ea.(maureencallister, - ive e rect of valleyourist aociation) film and tews e ayinin local hotots, th're ting in restaurants d they're gogog out d out antheye so talking abt us.. 300 ispent mating tt ov t next upliftftabout 35mn jus babad on thehemount of the amamnt ovisitors that will comeeteeing on the bireenenan uif is ading ache ureen ism or 't-jejeing' is incrersingly sfe g gat - business great t (leon ford associate ctor, olerspi) what we founscreenouri is a really keyotivor for 40 vitorsrsomimg toto the uk and alsoor domtic people avelli withith. in terms ofn evl l e we estimateat@ between a a to 140mnmnnnuay.toiststs aren'thenly onesreininin ter figuresgenerata 4man hourthe creati industes in the areorth
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countrs economy the nbe of pctctnsomin the ncncaswherere e fififigo t fans arareasingly surerewellni d santoto cnn money, ldo disneyking a page out of the uber p,abo. bookwhthe w prininin tions ght t haveou enuraging your kids hookok 3
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