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tv   FOX21 News 630PM  FOX  February 29, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm MST

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causg fire stoton n soci memea..vaants setng u @ntntnt. with ari. whappendere ey eakiki thehehehe 3 an.. tac t thite . housis aboboo get reallyly seris. we e osin on per r you have a say our papay's mition.. 3 goodvening and thanks ininus.m laurenerra memoal service i i scduler the eriff' dedetyhoas shot d killed lastk. we.35-yr-oloral nat carrigill beored at faith ble el omarc 14tharlasts esy.y.. a homeowr neaeae ileyhohoad ranted againsns policerutality in the past open firs while they we trying tict hihi rrig was k kled.. and otheere jurester patr deputytkortins ill in the hospita. bu habeenoved out of intensiv. e othe officer -- capta nsock k iback ahome
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colora... lice ererching fan eyayidnapppp hisis estranged wi, en asslted r anhiowmother ther.cis sasa.. -yeaold rimunn h buen sepatedros for nths..but asasasto mt heat a king ers pa he then he his truck bybyutting i lamming g her head re s sedidg awafter iving to mot e...nd auaher his -... munnt the arar.thou wis p ... ce are s rrheouo tic. shs arededdeh. we' worrrrd d her coinued fewe he her in a s w spot butuvil he' apapdeshe's s s going to afe." safe."mu hh h sevev rqn- )ps s hehe l l l&llu domest vioionce d espassin ararpo s s houlbeonded d armed anngous. riw.. 33 is- damon mc - who s ntn severara0 felo warrants rested y sunday mningaroundnd
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what they caed a suscious vehie.nenr thehe ininecon oacadady ararand lulus parkway.hey fod mcduiehe wasaste a slew o oim- rglaryryassault, macing, cpild ababe, arararent,t,nd ckless egerment. 3 policemcduffie alslsha a gun in hisaind andnd caet h h and prcription pls. 3 a ctctposted to faok iseekenderat a l t t of talconcncwh it mes tohe homess cocounity downtown fox 2121 kalalcmacjoins us live theewsroom th re.kalynyn lren.....the ciured th.if u...when comeso the e negaight already rroug thth homeoeoen . 3 er t weekend.a oup thth setp is barbq outside e o p pe w aprentnt nevev lit or us buitid r rse se ncns and onfor loca bu ownerresis icomeme the legity of@ mte 3 mean eyave evy righ
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ntraradoto ahey n'realal l lelthle people a a a.""we dihave ofrseseses outut tre o nday and the grillas evtuallyovov from m the siwa so thisisprocess s thate are vingwork ugto see if ixs gal or not." 33 cotonigit atine.....we fiut wt ere in the first place and w oe rianeseses noom, kal mackininfox 21 1ews. 3 anototr warmrmne. . red ag wngs are comi to alose.meterologi jef womaels morere i ninit's fox x asas httillllatchthe hrouononhtlook at teaturesd thth will s@ ay thohoh the eay half of tnitemps sle back st bit f ftuesda.. t too worrmorearmth onon the way,ut so is s
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3 onto t t.. a national poll ow um rning awawawith race with percent pport amg repuanan cle ththgada-ruo' he w w packed toy fivents in f f fateses whildonanarumpmpnlhas two.heemratiside, , llary y inton n okokalt unoppable coming offig win southarininadg intoheuper tueay ntests, n'n'pularity amamg g ericanoters xpecd elp hein t t sotates.bernie sanrs ys hhas ot in miesot coloro, vet.naalal......
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5555ernt to 38-pernt. ou we a becoar nonoe.cast morrowadbs ew.. j chhorcauc tfind t tt. 3 ininonig'sews across amica.3 four stunts are hurtfter gh school shshtini n n cleveland iomeone enen fire ad high sslfe two 14 and qtwo were injured by shrapnel or ng tl ininin are said to bee thateng. a 1year was in cus.lice saththe of moti, but 'rt leasthththig. 3 u.s. navy s al @ed thmel ofofonon tay edwawa byers ionlyhefth navyto reive the a. back i20, ererered wi the rcue of an ican g held hosoagee taliin afghanistan..the e pent says used nd-to-o- combat wi
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relted in thath meer's'sea bys peped temate f 40 0 tes tryiyiyi to savavm. 3 cacaht on camera tonight.... ep yr eyesn the silver caat the riga remp truck abso destroys ... pushinit thrhe tion.... cliding toer car.. plplg`thuguga ncte barrier.four people e re t tl e reatening inin..ththtrk iver sheoesnw how t contl 3inenr r is s a cle call f dve ose truck leororor pnginto the soplattett ver.@lice s ipears the s sfd to o avoi hittq sosothg onhe r d inind wep the wall thiviv was a g hif ouo t t carararnr was s to a hosl with nor eshe wased fofofofo dng..
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corado s singsgst`leap baby was borjustefore fours rnrnrn ite iaiapaga.. dudute w b bk on ry 2h.....ents br and nicd scdueled anuction for@or t h htheh ans. 33 3 "mmi kept jo, he's's g g be a year r r baand idt t ink s!s! and ththdays keppassing honontly oughgog g g this weekendnde be e e induced on tsday, didn't rely t tnk much of t possibility. ikind of a r tched option f f f us. uskend nick plan o cecebrg christiaias - rtay on e st day of feua.. wh evger ceations eveououyeye so farwoer babiewere so born ih year's flu ots better than last... last.but we're e t out`of thwoods yet.e e toms o take fe e seriously. plpl..get t youric. abt ring cleleyour budgweshshouow t get@std. 3 t first.....jeff wl haveve youromplple e cast.... righghafter ththbrea 3
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thwoa present has to applth mememeu u n'n'n' in at's theob d shthe ono's proven shshcan gft t e.f. ...6ecurinssivrectionnininlear wpopo.. ...staing again t a a of w wen. ...proctg soci sesurury. ...expding benefits fothee tional guard.n. ..nd wininngeare for 8 miiochildren...
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3 mpates p pas ts urlo at thwiwiw) ise throroh tonigit at windslao ovghtt
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serif co f thquicklklthisi ek...hour thour shows earingngarly behind th uld d ononak se flring ouds i ilate.... a4a4a afafrnadgs slln thwand thein g inain wednesdheres urts ahead`d we'sor...ninit.partl ypita 10er chinows. ls s thmid topp 20s. northwt wind10 to@o@. .tsdsdsdostungh o`53. . utwinds s ouou10 mpsday ntly
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northwest winds upmpmpmp nesds\s\.\tly y nnyn hi62 t t69 10 ((( mph with gus to arounun mvhednene gh..rt clo low thwe30s.hwt 10101015itgvs around0 h..tday d thsday nightartly clouhighs 58 t63ws in lototoid 30s..fdada f nht.mostly cl. his 63 to 69ws i the e r@id0s.satury rough sunday night..artly dy. ghs 59o o o ws in
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3 the leg roomn airpnes thesdays.. is ou to make you wish you were a shorr!see wh o sator dng aut it... plusur c getck... ts bter... than gets sic
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that's wanders sd no the keystpipeline never led. he's ao the ly cante ppose fracking becafr can egeour drking wer and thatenur cmate sands has the most far-reachg plan to fight climate chae and buila eaenergrure. be- peop befe lluters. sanders: i'm bernisanders and i apovthis message 3inonight foxox1 health alert.. 3 e flu vaccinis working better this season -- than i ars paste c-d-sayst's nearly 60 perct effeiviv ilsome childreha di frois year'flu ruruso hersome red flags...'ll wantknow abo aboutdifficul breng i bie.anr signour ild n't geing ough oxen i*blunger
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stiff nk...ake riouy.thatouean mengit -- a colication tlud ifour chil elbett andhen ts si again -- secoary ction mighghhaveet i 3 tonightusess newsws. rings the air....and nois good tio ruce up a budt --r put e on par r the ye aadmary moloney hasome tip 3 just like spngleaninyo home -nocan be a good ti to tidy up hsehold budget. with tax dayrod e corn on ion the mdsf nyespecially those whoave reiv aefd.don'let that influx ofasrow spending aaving plff urse.inead riew your ano ke s s fi yr s.this iludes resiting allheasic editotcoreen evalua lcatinpees- idtifyine aces w@e yocan back -- anmaking sure tre'snougleft over to stash ian ergen fd. icsaves a campaign of the nsumer fedation amer- coen ung a tal toolike a smartpne
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tracofnding over the se of mont exactly e your money going.and lk a pla also lfor eas thatan rimmed syou cafree up moash to pay d high-intt .anile clng up bu to-day eses -- d't fo tke rfor er rm fancial gls like retiremer llegnds. for consumch- m mary molone 3 wast a 3 moloney 3 it wast a gun... but it was close enough for t-a. s-a...see what hped wh ese made it to sury
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3 intherews ross america... 3 n-edtilettosorce an r trel ibaltimorto ke detr.t-s-a ents dectedhe gun- themedhoes and breletin a tveles carron bs.e woman was inruct to check the 'get up' beuse agensn't alw any rea guns ammution past watoo la forer airne che thedded lugga... so she end uleavg e itemwith t-s-a.. cause it was too check it. 3 yomay have ft the ueeze --f you were recentlon an airplaneif so, it's l becausairlinesave be slowly cutting down onroom d th.and the ges ar't sitting well everyone -- inuding a rk senor who's now fighting again cs.
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3 thage legroo most airlinesas declined nearnches, and theth ofhe seats h narroby almost incs...passen are feelg the in....d so is new yk's seorenator - o want'so ange that withth an a-on a mdary faa funding bill....mer says: "i wl be inoducing....wth othe ats."scmer 3 beliest should bdo wiout a fa increase since aiaiines minrerd highrofits9 billion doars la qrtlone.... they wco the ideapaenge we spoke are eptical cane do withouising says: "i'm or 6 fegoing to comply"mos says: "we think it w be great t don't see it happeni..they're talking about bes...
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make"the kinnard mily supports schum'sropol... legroom is keyssueor em..mber i6 et tall & her bther kenth i 10" kinnard sa: "it's horrible.....2 or 3 hours" kenneth says3 "not everyone has the neto flrscls...oue ssed." 3 an industry tre ganization callirnes for amic says gerenregulations should be limiteto seating --ot seat ze. setor scmer ys iall es as plned this cod pass b thend ofar. 3 wh'she rest of week look like?well you...
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3 i'hillarclinton and i approve this message her life work has been aut brking barers. and so would her presidency. ich is w, for evy ameran o's not being pa what ty're wth... who's held bk by sdent debt or a stetilted agast tm- and there are far r o many ofyou-he uerstan thaour cotry n't ach it'spontia.. lesse all do.
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with 40 gs of ternpeedfrom centurylink, familyf four can all b ne at e sa time, streaming, gaming, or dnloadi movie yeahthe ternet's greatat t i ink hair and makeup nt aite tofar. ah, that'sot working. much pfethe twday beard, horn-rimmed glasses, just-sleptn-his- kia thing. ah, i miss t rpledcrazy uncllook. okay. be "papa giatti.
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with high-speed d teetet from cenenrylink. we jususserve fishshsandwich a aculvlv's. serve wilught, n#rth atic cod. this grows in at is , , ean and tine ll of flful nutrient at cou t fis ths thy shiityoyoesants... itit n p-baded so nototnlnldo wusth ghest quity cod,buwetill hand-baerheld-fashioneday. that r re.and we tnk wgethst fishshililil bec oth.
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rdon: babays in n isown are chgingng hi. (cacg), pmpering) welce, eone. thrld sees imin lunics. i see brilliance theoalan, thehnew mayor of gha no mother! y last words? oswald: i'm going kill you. (seang)) they're gonna paya r what they've de. hello,im. ease step ide. th:: this ss the name of t man whkilled youparents. yore underrrest. no! tell me who killed the hello, sleepyhead. my mhewas a saint!


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