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tv   FOX21 Morning News  FOX  February 29, 2016 7:00am-8:57am MST

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pre.and i'm craig coffey. we're "live and cal"his ing oming up thihour..
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3 3 good morning and thana you so mumu foratchchlet't keke ve lk tside...righnow. nextlet'show you the weather r ory for e day.and here's a l lk at youday planner.we wilhavevenother upda comupn abt 10 nute 3p 3 now e laststa noth 3
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now e @lastn a a won -- who i icuody. after alledly trying to shooher sband. husuand.authities und 25oac by sund eveni -- r sh o o frot. to polshe re a gu h w w he drivinay.budid t hit m ho dus inesroflng e wr fo year dte who so f fnd s sury isis chwievevalris --
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man isowacinar folling an e ahis me. home. hned ouou sunday mororngngn san maos dr-- near soututacademy ana`haock expresswayspring policeceay... omas chmielski s exacting "mijuana conntrate"usg butane. whwh it expled - caing smalfire in his kitcn. 3 3 making news across ari... e man accused of soting the virgiaiaolicicoffice is now identd -yolrona hilto hamilton.investigators he is a memeer of the army -- whwhworksht*e pentng*. offfcer ashley guion ndlehile reonng.the oer two firsrell rovinininis mornin n inheldho 3 now some eaticeo ughthln cama.. a ku kluxlan lly turnviolen inalifora -- when a fight brokouben k-k momotrats and oteste. prestersrskeep imind... th video we're about tohow ma be *disturbing* toome views. viewers.--uthoriti say. 2 k-k mes we stomp
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he grod... oths s stn me.. and around 13eoe werere sted-k-k m annod ey wld b inllarge grououof*-klan este swed f t.afafafa sht , woweren't ghgha j bke.t@nof the stabbing victims w a otteck by th pointed end of t flalale. meane... ties to t k-k-k aresennghemsmss toto one o-p prestial hop -- prior to super tuesy. tomorrow's single-day contes reesent a "key juncture" in ththprimary race. ce.595 legateteare up for grabs s r the g-p -- 8 for e democratd jujuinfrom the ramped uprhetic -the ndidates a feelinghe pressusu. b bn h report 3 (sen. marco rubio/(r) presidti candidate) "dald is n gonnaak america great he'son me america orangerepublican presidential cabdidates -- turning uphe insults . lesshan 24 hou ahead o the biggt single dn the primarand...d umaking fi sunday for deflecting qnsbout whetr....he would disavo suorfrom fr kkle
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penrosos. frans ll ht s anal traa symposiuiuon marc6th. tt time.. doors and nurses w llabate e on the bt practiceand ergigi trend m mine. 3 3goododorni and tnk you s muchoratchg.g.let's s live look k outse...right now. ne, les sh y the weathestorfor thepday.y.and re'sooooat your y planr.we w whave anoer updaominupout 10 mites.
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3 ... . ururex3 ....your next wehean trafafc upten about 10 minutes.
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3 it's tnow r today' trivuestion. 33
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trivia cl throug 3 3 ap year c#ces once ery four yea. yes.3 t, t tt't'not opng & ils fromomolli deals.we'lve theailsls
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with 4megsf ininrn spe fromentulink, a fafalyf four cll be onli at e sasa time,aming, g gin orlrding miesf yeahahahe e"ternet'sreat, buthink ir aakpp went little too far. yeah, thatatot w wki. i prefer the o-d-y bear rnmed glassejust-slept-ihis-r kinda ing. ye, i mi the rumplededcrazy cle look. ay.. bepaul giamatt" at's tssencef this re. fe like hollywd inder with higigspeeteet fromturylink.we d't jt rvy fish sasawi acuer's's s sve wild-eahthtnorth lantiw cod.$ thisod gro i itethat is cold, ean and isne, fu of avorful ientnt andnthatomes tough he fh.@. thththe wewep it t uoesesests it nreadad noty dous t ququy but lllld-ttttjt tldldasonon remble. nk wgethbestsh f fwiwiauf
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-d y finerng l ght day?-i d, thk wh y g the n &rerdsca frokukugo, yoyoll disver w fa e rerds adupup it'sasy totoarn ints onhehengs u busoou c ofhayou lo
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m go meansore.3 in this morning'"busines ne".leap yr comes ararnd once eve 4-yrs. s.and sear.r. retailers are ready to rl ououthe leapay dls. t --ox'serri wilils tellus how we can 3 le day com everyr yes. i is thday onhi thuniverseealignitsese with oururs d lears. apd ththear retailerar hoho theh occion syup withour spding dlars gis sa: yo got promotionsnsspecls, specia eventsveveai twooror ecials$29 ecials, two for 9 speciathlist kind of go on d on carrababs alian grilis offeringouns o oonli ororor codsave0 ent f entntntmeal thugh "leaplings" whwhate
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theirthdayt hak cafes willeceiee free entran.jcher r ys: befo yohead, che`out things likeaseaar hash hashtag s s and ouome thyoner knowyou cod ore soasag upononououway.leapea biesann also take ata hotels s@s like the "fer young" paag the melrosososorortownwn hotel washington, d-dc. the deal inclcles dinner for two, compte witrthdayayak and d chamgne e ast.gibbon ys: prarilit's a aay out eating and drinking and spl dealand spececl menus att revevve around dleap day.eralailerse foot locr, aerop, best buy anmen'arhousare fering leap dadacoupon codod. ananif y blied you misd jet bl "book be yo leap" sa. gibbs : ititit s a flh sa, they dippeaght beforeur very eye so,hey're exemely y popowi conserer it tsts theheto acally jp ononhere ( buet blue is o o anotal for t tl through aprithirireth h thohghe cowint6." gibbons says: 's a littl gimmmmky on ththpartrtf e
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but t 'sll aut thend of the y,eepipi their exting custome happy and attracting newneneasasasl.l.l. ineweworerri wlis,ox
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3 3 3 3 (ad-b birthdays.)iyou or someonu veave a biayoming up, we want to kn a i.. jt ai ptu -- rtays f 21 newdot mand don't forgeto inude e name and any special ssage you'd like to s s. 3 od morng and tou so for w wg.t't'tata live l loutsid..nono next, let's sh you weweher sty fothe re a lat yr day
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dada cing n abou10
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e world a presesent has to grapppe wiwi. somes you can't t en agine. that't theob. and shshs the one who's proven she can get it done. ...securg massivreion inucar weapons.. ...sndin agagast the abubu o. wen... ...protectinincial security.y. ...expanding benefs fothth national guard. ...and winningealtcare for millioiochilen...
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c cspsp10ie chihienenmcnuggets for just $5 bucks. hurry in f aamazing 2 2 r deaf on the mcdonaldld ttes s u lolo. ada baaaba 3 welcomcko fo1 morng ne -- re-capping the t ses are todatox 6 6 3a fight outsidr turned ueintoto a deay shootiver the weekend. lice say... . e n were sh dg the fighghghghghd` wewe tako local spitits.victima . 26-y-yr--- dd 3 hool bririr in aphoe coty m h henen drunk behindhe w%e. with *chihin* on e sobrie tesdiover..4- year-old mhael hobbs was p unab t/tlktrait...r perform simpleaskshe w w tested. denverncos say quavterbacpeytonni h yet to m ma desion on n whetethe will r%tire... and plans cononnutalks s th
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the te h hutur.. but the denverosports -- thisiss the end for manng. 3 next... governor john hickenlooper is s pect to ke akey " toward launching a federally fnd clean- of 48 oldld mining sites -%luding the g gd kingine e e pollud vers 3tates. next- michchernor rick snyd's aidegnew something was wronwithnt's watat far back ctoberer0-14. recentnt read ails show -- the a a discued swititinthe water su ba from e int ver to lake hur prt obama wiward nation "ghest mitary nor"o navy sl -- whoho lp rese a u-s stage in aftan.edeard byers juniors e th livg seicmemeer t trecieve the l ofon. p3 fomo information on n ese orie....nder..lo wsi -fox2ne t com. co
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3 3 good mornind thank u so o o much horatchchlet's take a ook tsright now. nene, let's y y weatatstfor the day.d herep loo yday planan will l`veveveth dateg in out
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3 3 here's'st's trending this moing..... morning.theh make emor you cephe -- have yoyo ever seen a self sck for yourlaptop*? *laptop*??a a oup ais has crted just that -- a self sckor aacbo. maook.the creators of the e real-world lix anchill roomome the contption. isisot y a ailil fale. 3 3 xt... t isgigil, hd- drawn flipbo by "the ippest comomis now for len e-bay.'s tellslstory o leonarar dapo gettinan r... almt.right no.. thflip book has s ixixdsds the hit bis just over
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120-0-llars -- and cses on sunday. suay.all proceedso to the onardo dapo undation ich h hps proctct rlrlrl"last wild plas"s"s" plac". 3 p3 3 3 ntntndenter" at t e academawards. awardswhen fox21 morni news s rerns aecap of last
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taing.g. rsitit.. the environmenen.. sexual e d other cs w drd ininlyodast nih,ndy also ed o oome awards! 33 rit no-- d did d@n@n@ looks atathe k momen... big g wis from the 88th annununu academy awa 3 "i'm her tmy ards --(otrwise known asite pepele's choice awards."."."chchs rock wtu timeh addssinth"oscs so whtrover, deveri e ofofhe m/mt-ancipate oscar monoloesve"iey nononated hosts, i w wn't even g thijob! at-laughghr)all'd be watc neieipatrick harr
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watchingarade of wrsrs frfr "mamax: fury y ad which earned six o#oarar atl in technical categories."f"f thsandnd years, we've be telling oriein the dark, around a fckg t, whethea campmpre or a projector."swiers were expe, like "rostar ie larsotaking bt aces"the thingi lo aboumovie mang is hohony ople it takes to makit." so winrs me e story: ejanano inartu (ih- nyar-re-too)ecamamjust the ird n er to win bao-back bt t rector oscarsthe e xixin lmlmker urged uso..."...liberate ououelf from a predice, and this tribal thinki, and make sure for on and rever, that the r the skinecome as irrant as e leng of r hair."and so winrs w lo-awaited"revant"tar leonondo drio finanay took homeoscar, andneneed the film this enenennmental advocacy."ur productioio neneed to ve t tthe southern tiof this planet just to be o findh$ snow. clima change is real - -its hpppg right now.w.the show also a arereededhe issuef sexu a, with a stirring peormancnc l gihato you, y y won't know fe...a "spotght," the uef the bostonon sexu ase bcatholic
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priests ane covevep, king,best iginal screenplay and best pie of the ar."we ma thifilm for q the jojojolists who ve a a continuto h hd the powerfululountable, and d for rvor whoseseourara and will to overers really an inspipition tall."plenty ofof insratiti to go arod on car nit! in hollywood,d,'m david daniel. 3 anwhatome are lling an upse"bessung acacr"r"ent mark rylanc frbrid@spieie..many ththtrophyouav gonenenenehe" estest stbe.3 meanwhilil as ct, ia ikandefrom "the dani girl" won essupporting actress"..whwle sam smh's h "writing's on the wawa" om "spere" beat out lady gaga's "til it pps to" for best oririnal song song
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3 e windy conditions this afteoo moufre nger ait etechmeorusn be moreren ur fecne.. neplus.... he'llave yo
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your drereevolveve d with c cmittedededpo, t"ey thrive.
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3 goodorning a t tnk you s
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l lk ououide.....t now. next, t't'sh you the weher ory r the day.andh here's's look at your planwe will have anoer te c cing up in about 10 mites.s. 3
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3 ... yo next her an affic update in about 10- minmtes. 3 3 's time w w for today's trtria qstion. 3 3 3 ``
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3 rivia winner 3 33 one girlcout top g ts so *big* hehe sellingng cookiki. cookies.sewhatapns... and how much they make -- after an appeaeae t
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3 toy'breaast bant ....chris rock hosted d the 88thcadede a ards. 33 and herought in actu girl ouou -- uding his ughters e eouraging the audience to busome girl out cookie cookies.let's take a lten. lilien. 3 3 3 3
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3 3 wewel rig back. ck.3 but fit. here's dadas
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beie sanders -- the courage ndp to big oil becae he w w w t te their r ne that's whyanders sd the eeystone e peline and d r waffle also the only candida to oppose fracking beusfrki c endanger our drinking wer and threaten our cmama. sanders has e e st far-reaching plan to f fht climatetehae and buila clean energy future.. be s sders- people befefe popouts. sanders: i'm bersanders appre thth mesge. l let a mcpcpk k there's a hot t den mcdonald'mcpickenu! lemme get t mcpick 2 2 nock anynywo of ur favorite classicsp for just 5 bucks. mix match. share savor. 2 for r . na your flavor chooseseny 2 icococ tataes, a big made with h 0% bf, a flaky y let-t-fish, sear quaet pounderth chees or cy 10-pce chihi nuggets fofojust $5 buck hurry in forn n ing 2 fo$5$$al othe
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mcdold's ttes s u ve..
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3 good morning.lcomto fox 21 mog news. is s nday... february 29th.i'kimbrice. prpre.i'm craiaicoffey. 33 33.
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3 good morning thaha you s chating.let's ta livevevek k idididrinow.w. ne, t'show you t t weather story foe dadaand he a look atatour y plannewe will havenother
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3 w the latest on a man -- who is in cuody... aer allegedly trying to oot her husband. husband.authorities found 25-year old tracie b bkey nday evening -- after she took off from a ght. her husband told pice e e fired a n`n` him while he e s drivg away...but t d n/t hit m -- although heheid sustain minor injurom flyiyi glass.she le with her four year oaughter -- who was also found safe. burkey arged with several cs -- inudg attemptet t degree homicide. . man is nowow fg charges -- llowowowan explosiont himeme home.itpepepend: sundayni on n ma e --easouth academ
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anhak exay.sps poliayth chmielewski extrting aruanaoncecera"using butata... en it explpled - - cacaiag a small fire in hi kitchen. 3 3 maki news across america... the accud of shooting three viinia pole office is nowdentified as 32-y-yold ro h hilto he is a member of e army -- who wos at *thpepepeon ofcer asasey guindonas ot and killed -- while reondingthothetwo officersrsreti recovering this mninghamiltons now being heldithout bond. 3 w to some amatic v v v- - caugutn a ku klkl klan rally turns olenen california -- when a fight t brbre out tween n k-k monstrators and protesters. prprterskeep in mind....the deo o we're out to show may be *disturbing* some vis. viewers.-- autries s... 2 k-k mbs re sto g.. o os abn thmee... -- and aroun13 pple re arrereedk-k-k members
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apapuncethey wld be ldinrall-- but a lgege group of *ti*-klan protesrs showed upirst. first.afafr r short time, words s ren't enou.a blbldy fight broke of the stabbingictims was a proteststs-- stu by y e pointeend of t flag pole. 33 meanwhile... ties the k-k-k are presentinghemselves to e g-o-p presidential hohefulul -- por tsupetuesday. tomoow's single-e-y contests reent a "key juncture" in the primary race. race.595 delegates are up for grabfothe g-o--- 865 for the mocrats.d juinfrom e ramped u urhetoricic- the candidates a a feeling the pressure.idinion@ports. . marco rubio/(r) ) esestial candidate onald is notonon make america great he's gonna make e amerera orange."republican presidential candidates s tuing up the insults ... less tha24 hoursheadf e biggggggsingleaye y trump -- t tinfifiunday for flecting questions a aut ether......he would disavow pporfrom formekkk le davividuke(jakaktapppp/ n chief washgton correspopoent) "wod you just y ununuivocacondemn
8:02 am
them and you don't want their support?"(tru"i mean't know what grp u're talngng about."(jakpppp/ / n chieie wainonkrresplfnt) "okay. i mean i'm ju talking about dad dudu and the ku kluxlan here, butn..""(donald trump/ presintial candidate) "i don't t know, honestly i i don't know david d duke."trump pointeout on twitter that he didivowed dudu on friday.cnn (donald trump/ (r) presidenal candidatete avid d de e dorsed me?e?e? right. i disavowrivals marco rubio d tetecr pounced,ryinto sloumps momentum g gngnto supepe tuesday.(sen. marco ruo/(r) presidentialdidi) "donald trump, rused, refused, tize the kukuk- kluxuxlala"(sen ted cruz/(r) prential cdidate)"donald d trp as t t ninee means hillary obably wins d we lose thicountry.rubio, throng ime donald-yle personal attacks.(sen. - o rubio/(r(rpridential caidate) "he's's'se 6'6' whicicisishy i donon understand why his hands are the size of soone who is 2."ounoat they say about men with small hands" (audience elaughter)for the democrats, a somewhat more cordrdl tone followingng clinton's big win in turd south colina primary.inton, saving her stointeded attac foror t t g-o-p, taking direct aim at p's mpaign slogon: illary clint/(d)
8:03 am
pridedtial candidite) "w"w"w n' to o ari great agaiaiaimerica has never stoppepebeing greae."i'm reid binion, poing 3 in business s ...someblo coco f fmers areor they'll l se a sourc rks -- i iananinmate labor progra is phased oututthe ebeb chieftain reports.s.c. local wakers met with fafaers to discuss a pto reduce therogram by 21 percenene director of colo correional industries s ss... the pgram willnd e eually --ecau workers are noleng skills that are helpful whwh they are releaseseri w.....rms are cocoernd that q0 out of 17 loca ntracthave yet tbe renewed. 3 3 in more mimiry commd d ofofcials inolorado springngremembhe 25th anniversary of the gulf wa the e beginning of t-p-s mole trackg revolution. 3 athe start o oththwar -- airmen and civilian works rurued an expepepental satellite system into usus-- mamanghe gulf war e fit major nflictor the new devicece the g g-s satte
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system now sermore than a illion* users s s rldwide -- a aut 30 tellites. 3 itas a couple of record setting ev in the world of thiweenen ekd.still ahead...see tw of t best nascar ananthe n-n-a -% pro why they are -- the e best i ithr ort.spor
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3 0 3 welclebb..e ghgh now...we arehowing you a loooo
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wh theatellite a aadar sghw.w.w.w.ti to plan out the outfitfor e kids!here's yr bubu forestoueadidi ofof@n, here'f e nanaonal temratus and radadaweililha more your sevevay forecec
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..ur next weather r d traffic updaten about -
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3 333 e seco rof t n n n n sprintnt cuperersrsrwiththth s of hononcktrtrtr has h hthryrying g fini.... let's gegege the race.e.d utututfl.....jimmie johnsosoca o ahead of the pack on the restart. rnt t t t t t kylbush trailed d nd....bujojoson ulullyly he 7p7p ceer viy...and tyg the r%cordrdf f e dale ararar...hnsosaid e win n al csisisi he never got the chance to race earnhardt. "sieieie today, for r(r(r( myself persoll , , ls leomhi's leleit of attachmentnto` lele enhardt1p1omem'm'-'ryryroudf.
8:12 am
."ararardtr to second place and congratulated johnson onieieient -- liked jijijiji w the-b... 3wqioioiooi g stephph curry didiwhat he does bebeb-- by comg lutctcinin final l condofhe game in mama c..checisis .wi lesesthth tee secondononon clock -curry launches a 30 foot three pointer... wch goes righin o-k-c ininvevetime. cprrrrscored64pots... anh)s*s*v*ininininshsh w hisisisis2th e e ter n n n -- tyin n-b-a sinin@gagagaga recoro. e warriororo are 53 and 5... and tirst team nce e e lerto clinch a playoff spo brbrbrbr ,, w w bifor humaty homelete.. cocote..up nextx--hyhe
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ou finineveretetl ght toda -i-i-i-ithu. y y yewrdcarom kuku& lllliehow w ststehrererds s d it t(easy wato eararpointn thehis you`bu so youan get meofhat you ve momo free od, moretereeqininin f fdidious.e rereou u your kum m &rewards sar t t more get.
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3 for many years, thehpikepeak habitat for humanityasn helping low-inco famamie puse t vy own me. and d is weekend... ey dedecated their andinin
8:16 am
e ewoodmen vistas develelment. unfortunately, the nest mily to beme aof the hbor has had a "roug past".hehewere invold in an abusive r%latnshihi-- a asked not toe on camera. but, with ntnt of he fro habitat volunteers... ththth are loing up. 1's macy egeland has the story. 3 "for our familie it's a up not a hananout," andy peterses, develoent rector's a new start f ese two.. anin ja few days, ey'l',be moving into is bnd nome. "pikes peak habitat is an organition that builds simple decent and affordable hos for famies that wouldnt abltourchase a home through trationally means," peters said.the family has pickeouall the colors furnishgs..d thisup ovoluntee has en helpi thecr and afford it. buthese two have alsout in a lot wk to make this new home possible. "she has worked 2 bs, she's gone to school and haseen ising her 2 yearld daught all this in the meantimeing her house and she's beeninspiration to aus," petsaid. "everytime sherres on te, shs got t big smile.
8:17 am
s such a hd woer," laurel thorstensen, board of direors id.habitat volunteers and other habat homeowners areererto bss the home..nd they y these dedications e the most rewarding part.. especially eh it comes to this family who w have a safe plple their owowtol home.. "'s tter othe heart prove simple, decent, affordab housing for people. it a dam that stf these ople have ner dad dream,"horsend. 3 that was macy egeland reporting.from applicaon to move in -- itakes about 10- mohs to create a habitat home. 3 and during that time. habitat alsoas the families take "home ownip coursrs y can bter prepar 3 a universi of hia student -- detained in north korea for two months -- is eaking oututor the first time. time.and thisegins s r look ound the world this morning. 3 21-yold otto warmbr gave an "emotl " at a news conference --ng to a "hostile act."he is accused of
8:18 am
yiyi tsteal a banner or containing a politica slogan from the walls of his pyongyang hotel in juary. 3 xt.. australian cardinal george pell is now t t highest-rarang vatican offio testify on c sexual asesen n e chchch pell said... the catholic church made "enormous mistak" regarding sexual abuse cases among priests.bstst of those casesate back to the 1970'snd 10's when pell was a pries 3 ... relief fororundreds of migrarts and refugees at the greek -- macedonian border. macedonian authorities- opening thborderunfor some 4 people.thousands ha been waing for *days* to be in -- but counies along the balkan route have imposed stct "transit restrictions". and starbucks is brewing up an expansioovseas.e ate- bad chain now planning open in italy.the company ys... the rst starbu ll open in milan ear next
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3 good morning and thankou so much for wchlet's take a lioutsid..right now. ne, let't'show you the weathtororfothe dadaand hereru a a latouday y an w w w a another
8:21 am
te comomup in about
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hehemyigd?well, the hemens qeir me th inwo y y th theot10million pele comned.i'm bernie sanders i ove is mes my plan kel strean e ultra-rich y their fair sha of taxes, providliving wages for r rking ople, sure equal pay f f wom. the ddlelasswillllontie toisappear
8:25 am
8:26 am
3 3 ome cko 18moin --che t wsririthre are tod!s top p in 60. 3 a fight outside a bar turn pueo in ddly shooti or the weend. policeceay... three men wewe shotot during the ght.....d l taken to cal l -a 26ear- hasasd 3 a s hool bus driririraph unaye benk bebend t whe..wi *chin* othbu a sosoiety tesdiscoverd.....4-
8:27 am
unable to walk saight...r peorororsimp tasksheas latetearrest 3 the deososay artek peyt manning has yet maka decion on whether will tirere. and s ctie e e e wi teboisut.. the nvost rt this is the end fomanning. 3 next... governor john hickloer iexpeed to ke a "key step" totord ununing g federally funded n- of 48 oldining sites -- includi theold ki mine that p pted rirs 3 states. ne- mian governor ck yder's aides ksothin was wrong withthth flint'sater ar bk as october 20-14. rentlyly reased ailshow -- the aides discussed switchchg thwatetepppp frothe flinveveto lake hon. 3 presidenenama a thehe nation's "highest taryry@y no to vyea w lped rcue u-s stage inin ghantan.edwawa bye juors ththivin semberero recievthe e medaof hor. 3 fo infofmati on these stories... athers.... onto our webte -nene t coco m.
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3good m mng 33 and thany 3 souch for 3 tching. letes ke 3 lpve l lk 3 outside.....ghgh now.nelet's show you t t wewewer story fothe y.d he a look at your r day planner.we wilvenother update coming in t 10 minutes. 3 3 hehe's what's trenenng this morning.. morng..they make th for you u cellphone -- but havu cellphone -- thefor you they ma mornini....
8:30 am
here's whas 3 here's wt's trending this ing.. mornrn....they mak them fof you cephone -- but havyou evereen a a lfie s sck f f urur *laptop*? *laptop*?a oup artisis s created justtha a selfieie stick for a macbook.. macbook.e creators of the re-world nelix and chill room made thcon. it is nototet avaable foror sale.
8:31 am
3 3 xt....this origina han drawn ipbook by "the flippepe dot c/m" is nowow sa obay. tells the sry of leonaricapo getting an os..lmost.right no the flipipiphas *s* bibi. the ght biwas st wve 12doars -- and closes onda suayl proceeds go to the leonardoicicrio fodati -- whi h l prote the world's "last wi plas". plac". 3 next... disneyland in california and walt disney rld floda now has mand-sed pricing.the resorts chargingee didierent iceses- depeing on t t timimofeaea for a
8:32 am
sile d pk titiet. ti.ththcandilllbe ded valueue. regular ..and peak periods.a vue one-dapass at diey- day sst t t disneyland -- mond through thuday when mostchools aren session -- widrop* to5-dollar memeshe, a regular pass fofomoststeekends and su weeks -- riris to 105-dodos. lls.e price win shupo dolls on i ides most december, s s sg break weeks and july weekendnddisney hohos "surgege prici" will -- quote - -"help spreadutisation.
8:33 am
3soso vetans retututurom the e battle field- with "career-- endious" ds".".t, tt's t stoppim from fight thho f. we'lha the detail-- up ne! 3 but,ir... your primetime lineneneox tigig
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lemme get a mcpick 2 there's a hot new deal on mcdonald's mcpick 2 menu! lemme gea mcpick 2. now w ck anywo of y/ vorite classs` for just 5uc mix n match. share n savor. r r . name your r oror oooe anynic ta, a big mac made with 100% beef,
8:36 am
thounds u-s-serce peonnel l have returneom ding wounds".. wounds".but, my y t tm ill ve a sense of c@ice ....and a ofhthteft in
8:37 am
raday for r formerer armyr tom bock."h"h rps,aby.blococ23 other r ite war vera from the e specialalors - the us mily ent re than a milon dla eacac aining to be physisilly and mentally exctional - - are now prng f f newsion. chstian, c, napc"so the heroorps bng the unique ram that it i . it gives a a veten the opoprtuny to n lq take onission, but rely, allylyout and resese c c cren."j. christi hielf former highly decoted army ranr r leads the teamam - a ahead of a n-profit cald d protthe isars wi holait inveionsndnds spspial operationsns comnd - to train and place these terans with law enforcement t encici ound tntry.(j. ristian, c, , napc) "y"y"yee
8:38 am
used a alevels the avevege eric can't fatatm. abube e e seems togetting more domented and wor."otect says theted states is the wod'd'largesproducerf chilpornogogphy.the imeses o hao o o @ ok at, oft too horrible etocribbut fofofoesheroes, 4 e idea of not taki action - not an titi.(j. christian, ceo, nana) "what we're deing with hihihitu capring of cre e e e enes. it giv you tha sensmssense of urgencyo make susu that you're a ato get there as fasasasou cac. and whwh thegout into th fielelheheb obctivivr the hero is to aidnd aist the child rereueuee ro cos veterararenother order t tify fo the prm, teter mt have been wounded, ill o jurereinervicetheir r country.bloc- the my times' 24 soier r the year - wasas badounded dung a raid souern afanisin 2013.a susuide bpmbrged him and his . the plosion nt o o justst 8 feet from where block was standing.(t blo h.e.r.r. child--resc corps)
8:39 am
"i"i lost four friendshaha nin- it leveled f the hopse, inot most of the e. thre baba 30 feet to a ditch going to the bunch of others.tting back to fightg g ape.... wasn't sy.afafr learni to again blockndnded vevel reconstrtive surgrgiedos coul't saveveis rig e. but blk dededed d se the setbactoake statent. om b, h.e.r. child rescsc corps) "iicked e captaiamera shie for m m eyeecsu i f!el that it somomomnghat represents whwhwh s sndor. in big y. hesn't t likeullili anneher i."let at serv notote - for anyone whmay be terring chdren.kyg lah, cnn. 3 3 ye you *can* teachn old dog new tricks shelter ds scueom slumsms and abandonod lots aund sao paulo werererained as "ball
8:40 am
urnameeir r b?to retrieieallslshawe outut ooundndat an exhibito matc.and en ge em b playaythey didn't lilili t t "givinin" part as much as thepetting tl"arara loelter is hoping g raawess witi iball- g" ininiate.e. 3 we'll l celebre some local birthdays.s. coming up next!t! fifi here thisis s winninpowerball... lo canpi nus.go l 3 3
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a charle doubleheeburr, and a crispy spisischicicn n ndwich,, us sll fes and an i-cold coke. go roundafter rorod, ter round, afteround. it's theheheweht champion.n. ofeals.
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at rl's3 (ab 3 birthdays.)ou osomee you u lo he a a biayayay co up, we e nto knkn abt . juststmas at
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picture bthdays at x 21ws d c cdofoet tode tamamd a`y` speciamee e u'keo se 33 go moror a&a&thaha you so for wchininins take a live look outside...right now. nextlet't' y y the r sty for the daan
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nenewe will vether date cocininup in ababt 10 mimis.
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herere atoro thihimoin that wililma y y... say whaaaat!?!?!?! whaata?!the man better own as "tree ean" " ha suesfully undergone surgery to remove the "bark-like skin" ands and feet. 3 r-old ma nglade h h a r coitioiothat cs w!rt-ke lesion his body. . 3 sursa. d may y y several more surgrgies toook again. ( 3 3 3 thrld a presids s grape with. sometimeyouocacacaeven imagine. that's theob. and she's the one pren e can ge don
8:54 am
.stataing upgainivivhe ase w wen.... ....rog soalarurity., ...expanng befits for the tional guard...
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thpresency is tougst job in t t tld and dhe's the one who'lle a real differeree for you.i'hillarclinton an aped this message. steve: i'm h he toelp. we can dit togr [appppuse] steve: y yh, that's good. yes. ll, welce,vebody.


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