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tv   FOX21 Morning News 6  FOX  February 29, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MST

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3 morning.welcome f f 21 ing newsits monday.. februauy y9th.i'm mbererrice.. e.i'm aig coffey. 3 3 3 3
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3 3 good mororng a thank you so chchor watchtake a live lk ouououe...ght now. next, let's show y y weathehestforothe here look at y/y/yday planner.we wl have aer upda coming in abou10 nutete 3 w a "deloping situation" in puebeb -- as a t t tside a bar turned into a deadly shooting over thend. weekend.thfighstarted arnd 10 sunday mning -- at t in horsbar on mai streetetpolici say. three n we shot ring the fight..
6:05 am victim -- a 26-year-old -- has died o otrs arereeporteto be in stable anne with inrmation h about what happeneneisissk to call pupulo c cmestoppers- at 5454stop. 33 3 nothe latest o oa womao gegey ijtohoot@r d cusft a brbr b bpolili oritund -yd kesuayng --ft s tk of ght. h h hnd tolli shfid a guim while was drivivi ay...did) not t t --lth stminoes f gla.e wh ur year old ug s al faf bkeis arged s%serri-- g atmpd rst ee home. 3 man is now+ lli ananxpsiho . happearou:3 nday mningn san ma drivev--r uth acemy y and hancococexprsw.spngs popoce s s... omas chmielewskskwas extracting "marijuana concentrate"using usina smalfi in s 3
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ught on a ku u kl klan n lly tus`violent in cornia -- when a fit broke out between k-k-k demonstratorand protesters. protesteep imind... th video 're abt tohow ma be *distbing* to somviewer viers.--utriesay... k-k-mes were stomped on theun..-- 3 other re *stabbed* ithmele.. -- and aun13eople were arsted.k-k-k memrs announced they w wld b holding rally y but a lger group of * *ti*-kl otesters showed upirstst enhe k-k-krred -- temps *flad.* *flareter short me, angrwen't inough.a bloody fightroke of the stabbi victims wasas prototte stuck b bth pointeend of t flag le. 3 3 meanwhile...ies to the k-k-k are pres themsels to one g-o-presidenti heful -- prior to super tuday. rrglday y coes reena "#ey june" in prprary ce ce5 5 letes e up s for the o-p -- 8oror the des.and juing from e ramp up rhetoric -- -
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pressu.reid binion reporls. 3 (sen. marco bio/(r) esidenalalandite) "donald isot gonna make t auericgrgr'sonnanaake amamica orange."."public presidential candiditi---- turning up the iul less tn 24 hrsrshe of e biggesessingle dn the imary ce.andnd..nald ump p takakfire sunday fofodeflec questns about etr.r..hwould diw orfrom forr kkleader david ke.(jakeappe cnn chief waington rrpondent)wod you just y`unequicallllyou condemn them and y don't'tant their support?"(trump)p)i meananon't know wt grouppu're talking about."(jakeatper/ cnn chief washingt cororspnt) y. i mn i'm just talking about david ke andhe ku klux klan here, but..."(donald trump/ (r)redeial ndndate) "i don't know, , hohost i don't know vid ke."trumpointed out on twitter r at he didivowed duke friday.cnnn(donald trump/ ) presiden cdida) "david duke dorsed me? all right. i davavok?"riva marco rubiand dfcruz pounce trying to slolotrumps momentum going into susur dada(sen. marco ruo/(r) presidential candidate) "donald trp, refused, refused, to critice ku klux kla"(seseted d uz/(r) esidedtial candate)"donald trumashe nonineeeeeans hillary probly wins d we sehis couny."rub th in me dalstylyl rsonalttacsen. mar rubibi(r) esidential caidate) "he's like 6'2 which is why i don understandhy hisands arere e s)zezesomeone who o 5'""yokn what they say about men wi sma hds" " (audiencnclaughterorhe democrs, a somomomt momo cordial tone following clintos big win in turd's souououou carola primary.clinton, sing her most pntedttac for the g-o-p, taking direct aia at ump'cagnloga (hillary cnton/(d) presenti c cdate) "we don't ed tmakekemeri grgrt again. ameca h h never stoppebeing grea"i'm reid binion, reing
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3happening totoy.....esident ahwiwardheatioios "hhestilary hono t ta navyeal -- w helped rescue a u-s hostage in afghanistanan afghanisisn.ecemr - 12... edward brsunior was of a risky miioto sc doctor dip joseph - - who was g held captive b the liban.byers s the *secon s sl ursto the talin hiout to free
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nini che -wakied for his "hoic effofo.".. ent obama ll award bys th"mal ohonor" - thth11thiving rvice memb rvehe ard. 3 3 ininore mimitatata news.spac command officials inolorado springs remember the 25th anniversary of t gulf war e beginning of the g-p-s mobibi traing revolutionat thstart of the war -- airmen and civilian workers rushed an exexrimental satlili system into use -- makinghe gf war the first major r confnfcf for the new vices. the g-p-s satellite system now serves mo tn a llion s woide with a 30 sallites. 3 3inusinesne..some fuebl untyp farrsre theyl i "te lab raphed othe ctata reports... calaakermewi rmertocu an n reduce proam21 percent.the directctf rarectional industries say.. thehe pro will eveua-- bau woers e t leng skills that are lpful when
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nonofarmerare coernd at 10 0 t of 17 lol contracthave yet to o renewewe 3 3 the d%nver b bncos say arterbon manningngas yet totoake a cision on whether r will rere... d ans to connutas with the team about his futur.. but t e deer pt rerts is is the end r manning. nnine team "vice esent plic relatis" tweeted the datete- aftea comn initially cit two "unnam sources" that said... manning has decided retire. and would knlee e decision by the en t wk. week.john elway is pected to with manning aiair the e f-l combine e w conclus s day.and manng g has a scduled speaking gagement in cksonville, orida on wednesdsd- all eyey and ears ying close atntn. a new habitatafor hunityty@y
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compte..up nex-- whyhe bude say the newwners an insnsration.. is the economy rigged? well, , e 15iche amecans acquir more wealalin years
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i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message my plan -- make wall street bks the e tramrich patheir fair share oxes, pride l)ving wages for rking people,, ensure equal payayor women. the middlelacawilltinue to d dappear
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3 3 3 welce e back..e e rit now...we are s swing y a veook outstake a lk at your's he satelte andadar showing us right notimeme lan n oue outfits for the kids! your bus stop jorecaif yoy heang t ofowere's ot of the na temperatures ad
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youren forecast just about 10 minute 3 3 3 ..your next weher an trfic upte in about -
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helping lomeils purchair vy own home. and kend... zz deditethr 37ndal e thatill ldn e woodvist develme fortel t vest fa tbeme aarof t neighbor hasad a " past". twere invd in si relationshi and asd no bon ca. t,ith months of lproro hahit lunteers... things e looking up. fox21's mama egeland has ththsty. 3 "f ourilils, is a haha up not hanout," andy pepersen, devepmdictor sa.'s aew start for these tw. dn just a few theyl moving inin this brand n home.e. "pikes peakabat is orgazation that builds mple dent and affordabla mes r famies t tt wouldnbee to purase homehroughraditially me" persen said.the ly hasicked ouall the colors and furniings..and this gro of volursas been helpi them eate and
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also in lot of work this new home possible. worked 2 jobs, she' goo scololnd has been raishehe2 year oldld dauguwer allhis in the meti building her e anshe's ben inspirio toll," persesaid "everyme sherrives site, s g#t a big sme. shsuch hard wo urelnsen, b@ard of reors said.habitat lunteers and other habitat homeowners are h bless the ....nd they say these dedications are e e most rewaing papa especially meto thifamimi o now have a saface of r owow call home..itit tter of e hear provide simplecent, affordabousi f peopl it's a dam thamost thespe havvevevere to d," t said. atacagagd reg. alilition mo-- ikeou- momoeate habitat home. 3 rit ti.. bitataas fil osh couessohecan bte prared. 3 w aouplof rord ie wod ts end. eke tw tincaand the n-b-b- pve whey are e.
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the rld a prident has to grapple with. memes u ubn't even imagine. that's the job. and shshs the one e o's provov she can get t done. ...-a a ssivrect in nucleararea. ...standin againsthe a ofomen.. ...protecting cial security. ...e.eanding benefits for r e national guard. ...and w wning health careor 8 million children... the presidencycys the toughest job in t world d she's the one whwhll mak al difference for you.
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3 3 condacefhe nascar sprint cup seriewith the folds @ honor quitrip 500 -- has a aisry m ming fini... let's t totohe aftea cacan fl....jimmie joson me out aad oth ck on threart.dale hardt junior andyle bush ailed behind...t hnson would ultimately g g the white fl -- rng g s th careerictog th cordthlate d earnha..son id t win is sci conderi he nevegot thchancerace hardt. 3 "so to him today, for` mylfersonally, it gives me little somhing, it a lilile b of atnt to thgreat le earnhardt and
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of."dale earnhardtunior took seco place@ a cgratulat johnson on tchieme -- sayi h h d d dould hav likemm. 33 w to the n-b-b... 3@ warriorspp p g steph d wh hdo bebt -- byoming up final seconds the game oklahoma cy...check this out....wiess anee sehelorry laes ahr in..hi gs s gh b bt k- oti scsc6 6 ints ing shsh was h2t2t ree tht in n singlga rdththrrio are3 d 5.5.5. and tirir sie e 87akers to
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ua he 3 are enjoyingng 3ur 3rnrng... let's s ke a ,33 live lk at how w in3 arshinupupup for the day 3 today.3 here's loo33 atvivivi.g3 via 3 what t can expe3 for the st of today and into tomorrow.sunrise and sunset times a, let check t week's worth of weathe..sevedafocast
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extendederd. 3 a rgiaoliccer left d-- a two others wounded -- ia weenti. shooting.still a eaea investigators still ahead...hooting. shting.weeke woued -- in a others and two is left dead
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3 a virgin police officer i le dead -- and two others unded in a weweend shtiti. shshting.still ahead... instigators now say.....he n onsible hatieso the pentagonl exain... next 3 t, first... ur pri]i]ime lilip p ox21 ton 3
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p 3 time n to aook at wh mg ads this mog. e c-is p pp a ncreteer o highwasoh of durhere lgelaock braw fm thmouninde and e ro.drivere ed texpects m.o 4 p.aydu construcone dertmeme trartation planto avrocklo the hehe higigig uat thth wheit b hlwa e man ac shno t v vgia ce noened a -yolrold hamton. ininy. he e a a mber of e mywh rks at *ththpeag*.offir ashley gndon was shotnd kd w w reredie e e r twtw ce a s sllececerin ih%ld witit . 3 thspect in t deaeay
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isectet%ourt tod rend wliamchler wa nned dn h own crc houro ch nextintah.offial idfy the teen whwas shbybyov t wnd. 1yeld a amod. s now awakfromom ca. liceay..officers saw two suspects with memel objects tainina mamawhen they dered thememo drop their weweons . thteen continued his ck -- prompting office to openire. 3 next... lelet pharceic -e -- j.icel prs ibackt w/wk. afte revengroillnlnheas spaliz with eumonia mb -- and took "medica ave" srtfterwath coy says..turn ffecvemmly. t,*w't* etaing his otti
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theese of ardub r fell to a ael e yog ard fod stinhe p pcapoaftete wonred a y vilgea forerew was calledut aerocals spotted the teopapa walaterereleased bacacto ththld. 3 3 3 goodorng a t tnk ch f w winlet' li l ltside...t w.w. t' youou weher story fofoe y.and
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planner.we will have another update coming up in out 10 nus.s.
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3 it's sime e w for todas ivia question.
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3 3 33 triviclick through
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3 some v v vans return from batt field - "career- ending wounds" wounds".t, that's not stopng thehefr a fight on the ho front. we'lhave the detail-- up next! i'm hiy clinton d i apove this message. her life's work has be aut breaking barriers. ananso woulder p psidey. whicis why, for every american who's being pa wh they' worth... who's he back by sdent d dt or aysyum titigast t
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cotry can't reach it's tential... unless we e l doer. a ry id you finerything alght y? didthank yo en y get t newward caca from kum & yo discocor fast threwards adup. it'sheasy y y arnoinin on the this you bu so y canet more of wyou
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e reou uour & goarard,he moryou ge op in et your ca or dowd the app
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3 ound u s sce l haeturd fr ttfid wiwica- en ws". woun".but,an them stilhave a sen oservice ..and a lot of fight left in themung h s the sty. 3 it'sraing day r er army coocand 23 r elele r veraram the spepeal fce usarspenre thanliollarsh trtrni to hycall mentlyxcxcti - a e n pior nissi. rieo, o heroque prograth it is. ites a vetetethrtuny onc ly t to asisi, bu really, real gout and scsc chihin.j.l.hristian - hielf ererighl derated army ran- ads tham - as s ad oa profof calleprotect.t.e group partns with melala securitit
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opationsommand - to trai anplacthese teransith w forcent``agenci ound the cououry.(j. ristn, c, nana) ) ) s s groups of childreneneiei usedt leveve the averagege american can'tathoho the abuse seems to be getting mo documentednd worse."prott sayshe united states is the rls largest producer of ild pornraphy.the images - too hardo look aft toooo rribib eveto describe.but for theshehees, the idea o o not king action - is not an tion.(j. christian, c c, napc) "what we're deing with his tual captu o ocrim ssenesitives youhat sense sensofency to make surehat you're ablto get there as fast as you c c. an when they goutnto the field, the mniobjejeive fofo e heto aidnd assists the child rescue."these hero corptetens share anono trait. order to qualify for the progra theeran must have bn wounde ill o inju svi teir
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tis' 24 oft badadnd dud outhn isin3.suid ced h . the plosion wnt o o eet om where bck b, h.e.r.o. child-rescue corps) "iost t ururriends thaha nit. it leveled somef theh house, if t most of`the housus threwe back 30 feetetet into a d dchoing to thth buh of others.getting baba tp fighting shape.. wasn't easy.after leningwawa again - sgt. blo eured veral construrti surgies.ctcrcodn't ve hisisig eye... bu k decideto usehe ack to make stement. (tom bck, h.o. child- rescsc coror"i"i picthe caain america ld for m fake e becau i il th it something that represents what i sta for. in a big way. he doesn't keullies d neithedo."t that sesee as nic- r anyo whmay beroring chilen.kyung g h,nn.
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om,3 back...time 3 right 3 a33 owy u 3 lk 3 tside.3 take a look 3 your 3temperatures.. 33 here's wt 3 thsatelle 3 and dais showinus 3 right w.3 time to an3 t 3 outfe kjds 's s s opecasif a inou tow he' op of e erur andadadl orvey forereut 1 1 s. 3 exat fi10 te
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, fivee wod chamon evanr "real d`lyfielel versushe $4 4 dl froms jr.
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ana crpy spchicken ndwich, usll friesesand an i-colcoco go round, afteroun teround,fteround. 's the heavywehthtmpion... of dea
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3 (ad-b birtrtay you o mee love have bihday coming , wan ut i.. jusaius aticre-(-(rtay ewewt comand fo to cle nand meli . 3 3 here story this morning g that will ma you... say whaat!?! whaaaat!?!?!the man better knowas " "ee man" has succeslly une suer emovove likin" on h hands aee 262ur-man from banglashshas rare nditioth caus wart- ke lionsn his dy. headgeryn sarday. and neederal mor
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hmmmmmm-hmm-h cntg thca on t new jery rnpike hey'vellom look for americ [ rs and applause ] ll ce to look r er a come to look for americ
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lemme get mcpick 2 thers a t nededennmcdonanas mcck 2 menu! leget a mcsk 2. w picknywof yo favori claic r st 5ucks nshare savofor $5. me youavor choo a 2conic sta bimadeh b aky filet- ar quaer orspy -pie chickeknus for ju5 bu y or aam2 for $5 al o othe ts yo.. adad bba 3 3 odni.lcto f morning ws imoayay.
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pre.and i'm craig coffey. we're "live and cal"his ing oming up thihour..


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