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tv   FOX 21 Morning News 5  FOX  February 29, 2016 5:00am-6:00am MST

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3 good morningwelcome to fox 2 morning i imond. february9th.i'm kimbly priri. pre.i'm craig coey. 3 3
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3 3 good morni andha muchor wchles s ke a liliootse.e.rit no , s yiu t wer stfothe day.and 3 look at your day planner.we wi have another update
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3 w a "devepi situatio in pueblo- a fight ouide a baturn in a deadlootititir the wed.d. weekend.the fist ou 10 ndnd morning- at tron rsba mn st.ceceay. reren wewehohoriheht. analwe tcait hoonviim 26r-d asd o othehere rd b contiongh anyo witinn t at hped ll sueblo cristop- at stst. 3
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alledld d hoer husband.and in ctody after a briefesech by police. 33 authitits fod 25-year r old acieurkey sunday evening -- after sheook fr a husnd told d ce e a gun h whi w w dngway.....but t not t --houg did susumir injuri from flying g g.she leith her ur yeaead daught -- who was also found se. burkey is chged with several cme-- including atatmpted fit deee homide. a man owinges foing ghxploon aho itapped arnd 3:30 nday morning o osan m m m drive ----ear sosoacademy anhancock exesayprgs lice say. omomom miewski was extrting "marijna concentrate"using g butane... . when it expxoded -- g a small fifi in his tchehe 3 w to somdramat videoeo -- caug on a ku kllan rallturns violt in california -- when a figh broke t betwn k-k- demonstrators and protesters. otkeepn nd... the o 're aboutohow may
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viutri.. k-memberre on tro....-- 3 othtrs restabbed*e mee. --ndround peoe were ed.k-k meer nound would be e e holdg raray -- but a larger group of *anan*-klan protesters showed fst. mpers *flared.* *flareafter a short time anany wordweren't enough.a oody fig of the stabbi victims protte--ck by the inted end of the flag pole of either a coederate or can see k mber trying defend himselwi the american agagag while conferere onlays on t t ground bebew. 3 3 meanwhe.ies the k- presentinghemselves to one g-o-p presidential hopeful -- prior to super tuesday. tomo's se-day nteses represent a "key junctcte" in the ary race. ce.595 letearup f grabs foe o-p or thdeating from e rampp rhor-
5:06 am 3enrco/(r) esidenandate) ald is not gonna m me ergreat he's gonna mak amerange."blic presestial candidites -- rning up the insults ... less than 24 h hrs ahead o o e biggest single dayn e prary race.and....dold ump -- takakg fireunday r r flecting questions abobo ether......hd d saw susut fromommer kkk er david duke.(ja tapper/ cnn ief f shington espondent)would you just say unequivovolly y u condemn them and you d't want their support?"(trump) "meanon't know whaoup you're talking about."(jake tapper/ cnn chief washingt corspnt) "okay. i mean m just talking about david duke and the ku klux klan here, but..."(ld trump/ (r) presidential candat "i dot know, honestly idon't kw david duke."umpointetet o twittethat he savoweduke on trump/ ) pridtial candite) "daviduke rs me? all right. disavow, ok?"?"rivals marco o o and ted cruz pounced, trying totolow trumps montum going intsu esda(senmarcrubio/) pridenal cdatete "dp,p,ed fese t/4iztht kuku ux k"(ted cruz esti cantedonald p om m y prably ws we lo thiuntrtr"bi thngn n n soond-styl al.enmarc o/esencandnd "6' is w w ion't dersndnd han are e the ze of e o is 2."y kw w at they say abt men with small hds" (audieieielauguger)for th demecrat somewmore cordial toneolng clinn's n n turdayay soua
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mostointed aacks for the g-o-p, takg rect at trump's campaign slogan: (hilla clinton/(d) presidential candida) "we don't need to mibmeri eat again.n.meca hasever opped d being great."i' reporting 3 happing totoy...prent amamll a ard the nation' stility nor"o a vyeal -- whohoelpere s s stag afghanr . edwa bye z!nior was paf a riskssio scr dip joph - being h ld captive by the talibabyers was s e *second* seal to bur intnt thliban hideout toe
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nicholas chehe -- was killed. for his eroic effort.".. president ob award bys the "m"malf nor" -- the thiving serve me to recie award. 3 3 in more militaews.s.ace coand officials colorado rings remember 25th anniversy of the gulf f wawaas the begiing of t g-p-s mobile trarag revolution. at the starof t war -- airmen and civilian workers rusususan experial satellite s)stem tse -- king the gulul warathe first mar colictct for@the new devicece the g-s telle syem now serve mo tn a llion users worle th abo 3 3 teit. inins ws..e lo untyarrs areried ey'll lose soue rker-- if aninmaab prram" is phasedthe eblo cefin reportsts. . lol wmaks met th rms to discuss a plan to ducehe progr by 21- rcent.the rector o cololodoorrectiona industries says. the pgr will endventlly -- becau wowoers are not leng sk that are helpl wh
5:09 am are concernd th 10 ouof 17 lo ntracts haveet t tbe renewed. 3 3 thdenvroncosay quarterback peyton manning has yet to make e decision on her r ill retire... . and pls to continue tas wi the te aut his f.. t the denverost rerts -- this is e end fomanning. nning.tham's "vice president oflicirelation tweeted thupdate -ter r columnnied@d two "unnamed sources" thataid... nng has decided ti. wo owlee cisiy th tee hn is expeed to et w wh nnininagn te the f-l combe --hi@h codetoday...d manning s s speang gemejajasonvle, id wne -- a ey ands e lose
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a local hospal and the arm w learningrom each other.nd outow thihicoul ct traa treatmen.. i i
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3 in tg's y ers".the u- a lore w w w whos whenmetototog traudiin bat baba.d lal doctors and nurses are h hinin earb some of those niquesfoxoxo kalal mcckin has me. 3 nrnrint t francis anthe untaa2my's's surgil amre paing up again learn from one anotr. "ts really hping affect the prprtice@ here our community and itffects t re wpride for our paents. soe alysant to makeure that we are up to te with thst praes and part othats leng fr thermy." l of people stsllavthe me meal tyght that we're workrkg with old eipment, our traini is s sub andard and it's nice toto show em whate ow, at we cado ananwhat ourapabitieare." ofhose capilities, the my'surgil team use what callea ash... deplplleidembly cse to e frt lines ng comba "when thisp equment hits ouou, hirty minutes they
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ererro readyo take inatient90 mutes, ththamtentililhava t ll tioperin s,y'her wh a six ber and anherfteitan ebeded cove room.m.thkeshift hospit alllls cili doors s d nurs tarn trtrndtheredical enarios are ndlelering ghntenty cbat tuations."a lot othe advances that they makakand the practis that they t into place, trickle down into howe te ref our trma tients."ether it's paents osoldie...savg ves boils down to the most ficiand effefeive process. "ey seeow efctivivwe'v'vdeertain tuations fintuniur processes d d kingquipmememe th's a littlre durle than the nororl and they've taken that under their own wing as we."rererting in corado sin, lyn mcmain, fox 21 news.s. 3 oses. anciwill itananal trauma smpososm on march. 6th.ring that me.. docts anannursrs wl coor acd tre
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lcome 3 back...vime 3 rinow...3 we a 3 showivg you 3 liveook k outsts a look atat 3 your mperates3 what 3the rarar r 33 showin 3 ght no3 time tpl 3 tfits 3 kidsds3 here's your 3 bust 3 forecast.3 if you are3 het to, a3 shot othe nation3 mperatures a radarwe will ha more on y yr sen day forest in ju aut 10 mis. 3 ivsityfovirgin dorth rea fotwo months -- isisis eaki f the first time. time.and this begins our look heorld this morning. 3 212)eaold otarmbgave anemnal plea" at a new conferenen --essi to "hosle acthe id trying to steaeaa babaer or sign containg political
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ang hol janua. next..ustraln cardinal george pell is nowhehe highest-raki vatican ofcial to sty on child sexual abu in the urch. . ll said.heatlic church made "enormous mistregarding xu of those cases date ba to the e 197070nd 1980's when pell was priest.t.t. 3 next... reefor hundreds of migrants and rugees at the greek -- macedonian er. cedeniutties -- ening thbordrdrdy fo some 400 betior *ys* to b lein -- butrs alon the balklk routeave insed riri "sit restrictio". 3 d starbuck breng uan pan se.thse bad chn n p ping enale ansafit s on m eex
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lee th eryone comomaias aboutmiennials. nons. millenalal i salute yo you sase mey like othergeneration yoshare ca, wifiasswor, canoes, odoran. myrason bohtaiofnts wi m m
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3 3 lcomba...te ri nowe arewiwiou a li look outside.take look at your r teteeratures...he's athe satellite a radar is showingght ton t t e outfitfor thkiki!he ys st forest yououret te's sh of
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radar.we wilveve myour s dorin stbout 1mite 3
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a ecial rty for a florida bowith aerminaillness -- and d his condwanot ough to stop him fro celebrating gjthome spspl friends.s. f f's evalat was there ... and saw hohe checked the bibimoment o o his bucket list. ic s ss: "yestday i took a ve long walklkho s heart is faili--you ju cat op t b bt arld ebubu's spitetna er cays:s:i lked whole
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on a delayed basfor ic's 9th hdbutu celeation afteteperson lestone.rece surgery was succccsfuln helpinget him a new ug to give him more timend a better quality of life.burn says: "th long haened before. it ululhave nehappened. . m comomg o&f th tru before and standing uphere hdid he wou have ke lastemaybe five min and he w wld have beenenik i'm tid i need to get in my wheelcir or he wana to go sion the floor. so it's already rking."eric has a terminal heart defeccalled tetrology fallot.his 9 ararhave bn papaed wit doctor visits,ospitata and -hea surgerithat l ericis m man to up wh a abuck lt.icic says: "me d more sg s t ucket st and we t tught w w do other stuff, but oncwe tught of it we cameo this."
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atic'sm in es kakhapp. did00 osof ic ndstras st t nts s agdonations rararara funds fofoeric's treatment..but the icing he cake--was some speal guests.spiderman says: : "you're aming."ic sasa: "t you spiderman."a superho theme--for a 9- ye-old wse coura in e face of defeat inspis en the st v vlaous among us to become tter people.e. 3 bus drdrercococodos acse d dngusl of k--ile drk. k.l d --d ho caugh pl pd d tatao makes ss ma and more ne ki retu. bubu fir. your prime
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3 3 3 3
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3 3 welce back...timt
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veveoutside.take a loo your atures...rewh the satellite radad is shong us nowntime to plan out t outfits the kids!here's your bus stop forecast.if you a heading ouof town, here's a ot thnationalperares d rar.weilha mon
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meke a whataking helis thth morning.
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now expect to take a "key stst" towa lauaung a derally fued can-up of 48lding sites.'ll be endorsg a a per-fund z ththgoldldinin minenehat t t te n 3 states this s summmm.. apokesman.. ththgovern iaring to give his "formallessing the clean-oday . next -- michigan governor rick snyderer aides knew somethin was wrong with flint's water far back asctober 20-14. recentlyeleased emails show --( the aes discuss switchthe water supply back frothe flint riveveto lake huron.the exchange is dated six mont aft ststted using its own n n ver r drinkmkm wer. 3 next... court sumes toy in erin andre' civil suit agnsstkimichl pt ane e maiottt ead d@ *guiy*o stng and ck in ecding ude*hr aol tel. a then ststg e pictes online.andrews s seeking -million lls in mages.
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reacting -- - after finding out a scho b driver may have been drunk bd l... with children on t bus. officials say... staff meer aa mile school smled alhol on 54-ar-old michaehobbs' breath.spatch s notied- ananpoce pull the bususver.a sobrietyp testiscoverdobbsnable to tr....r rfm simple tks. 3 the ird ti w *no the charm for privive space mpan-- *called f* the lnch of its lcon-9 rocket sunday-( ter r o similar cancellationin recent days.. space-x says... the ro a its payloae fine.but, its not sayingwhy* the launc was scrued again.of the previous laus s s nceled 4 because ofroblems wi t *prppean. 3 giansnowmais t center of atie utah cy. aat thivi asrew e gethconsuc ant owhe mega ule an nearly 20eet tall- whh took a
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3 meme contrersi iuere "fro and center" at the academy awards. awards.wh fox21 morning news rns -- a rec ola night'awards ceremony at has a lot of people
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3 3 3 3 3 3 3yes, you *caca tch an olol new tricks. tricicfour ser ds rescuefromnd d lo ad pareined as l " " thazazpen na. urntnteir b?to iehqt wewe out of boundat an exhibion tch..and thenive em back to the players. dididt li the
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the "gbttinghehe pt.a lol shelteis ise arwi i dodoni 3 g"ni lcome e ba...te ri
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li looououke look- at youteeratur..he heti rar ishowi ught t w. n e outfits for thki!re yr bu forest.if heaeang ouof tn, hot o thnaalemratuand dar.we wl have more on
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just autmimis.3 33 diversity.he
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ananotototpics were e adsed d ollylyod lt night -- o and they also handed out somawards! right w --id daniel oks at tey momen.. d g winners from the8th nual academywards. 3 "ierat themy awards- herwe known e whitop ce arri wd no ti addressg the scs ite" ctrersy, delivering one ofhe mt-anticipated oscar monologues ever."if they nominated hosts, i would even get this job!" (nat-laughter) "y'all'd be tching neil patrick harris right now."(soon, we wer watching a paradadofinners om "mad max:x:ury road," which earnqn six oscarar all in technical categorie"for thousands of yea, 've en telling stors thek, around a flickering light, whether a campre or a projector."some winners were
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brie lararn taking bes actress.he thing that i love abmovimaking is hohomany people it tatoake it." meinners made history: ejano inritu (ih- are-too) bame justst thehe third d n ever to win back-to-ck best director cars. the mexican filmmaker urged us to...".libete ououelf from all prejujucece and th tribal thinking, and keure foon a forever, thathe lor ofofhe becomomasrrelevanas the leng o or ir."and me winin w ng: "rant" star leonardonally took an n r, and concteded filmo his environmtal advorodun edmove to e uthehe ts etust b tno cma angeges re -- it i ppeninright now.thshow also addressed the issue o xual abuse, a stirring performance by lady gaga... (singing) il it haento you,ou won't know how feel..."...and "spotgh" the true story of the boston globe reporters who o covere
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priests and the cococop, taking best @ original scenplay and best picture of the year."wmadehis film for all the journasts o have a contitie hold thth ulccountabaf, ananfor the suivoro* whose courage and will to o ercome is rerely an ipition t 4all.l.plenty inspiration to o go around on oscanigh in llywood,d,'m david daniel 3 ann whatpome calling an set-"best supporting actor" went mark rylance om "bridgef sps".many thout the trtrhy w wld have ne to "creed's" sylvlvt stallone. stalne..meilil as expectalvikander fre daon ng actre e smh'"w"w's onherom pect" atuty gaga's "l it happens to you" for best orinal song. song. 3 33 chief teorologist justin cham hasore in your forecastfter the bre what hapns
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the e ademy awards. 3 but firs ,ere this weend'nnininpowerball... loo... cash 5 5 d pi
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i'm llary clinton and i approve this msasa. r fe'sk has been about breakingarers. d so would h presincy. whh hyfor ery ameran who's not being id what ty're worth... who's held back by sdent debeb or a system tilted againsthem- and there e far tomany of you- she understands tt our country h it's pontl....
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th a ronger country. yoplplns u miennial nsse.lls, i syou.saveone no other gerati. yoshca, wiswds,caesdeodtsts my g gndnd a aaiof m m day's hispaday. no baby boboerr shared a papants withe.
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3 omba.tnowi y liveveke l l youtemperates.v. at tat a aadar is us right t w.ti tolan out thtfits for r thkidsdshere's yr bububuop forecast.ififou are heang ououof tow ha otot the e natial tempes and dadawel haha moror yo sevenay forecin
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foday'brkfasba ...chchs rock h hted the wards. 3and heheheug in tual g scou -- ininududg his dadada-- e eourangng the audience t t ty somel scout cooks. okielet't'keke lisisn.n. sten.
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next... "fiftyhadeof grey" is the b "nner" -- if you want to callt thatat- of this year's "raspberryry awards." the "rzilebrat eme underachieveve cima.and "fifty adeses ce fe e "r"r" --includg worse. picture.--otjojoson wa
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jamie rnan..t actor" th"res" trtriohahaut the nibeforeear osos.r razzie wners this year r clude: johnny depppppp for his won ororecec".... adamamandler i"the@ cobbler an"p"pels"..d chevy chase in "hot t tub time mhihi 2"ndvacation 3 3 p3 we'll be right bac
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thcrrykes ar so ricd crea. ow. finaa efor afifiononkeysysf.f. it you'rehakeficiado? not shake afna th ake iona a. -(chklesesye. llaps u cooo. go ahead mm. there's a co. cold, it's colll okaym isold? op the presses, guys."iceream is cold,"sasasaete. pri new -ced creamery shakes are here inremium f fvo ke bourbrown sug anall akesre hf-pre r 8 p%.
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3 morning.welcome f f 21 ing newsits monday.. februauy y9th.i'm mbererrice.. e.i'm aig coffey. 3 3 3 3


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