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tv   FOX21 News 9PM  FOX  February 28, 2016 9:00pm-9:30pm MST

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urhuthempling) eaptng spo oxevnand x oadcaspa ione dia cerowgbh acacssh.comi up on fox21 news at nineight...e biggest sing haul daelgaon the tion calenr isust ys ndidates geararg foruper tuesday.
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tytyome isplete.y y thdede say t n n own spir. ansay heto new dis prihow angi the @ost ofkets to spread visitors. 3 good eveng andhankfor tching foxnews at nine. i'm bie burkethe prenenal cdidas now in the nal sprihead of petutuy yi tshe up lt-mite suprtefe voters he their say st8 hours fromow 3 firsoxonig cane s s ss wn e rarom coluia, @soso ca clinsa: "we e no taking anying, and we not taki anyone, for grante"it was nsurpse th hillaon whe h rolirimary this weend. the surprwas stbig= she w crushingnie saers by almo 48 pointsleing in arly very demogic:
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d men.anrs s " poli o ogin nit, somemeu omomimeses u lotoghweweos sasaerexpectto do welln peesday... butut clinton appearto have begun a pivo t t gal elecon, tang a shot at nald tru in her ctor eeeeintotosays: espiti what you heawe dt ne t makemericaat a, amica s nevestped beg great!"repuican senators mco rio and ted uz also mmed t t on the camp trailurda bio says"he e shou s whver did thato s ce cruz says: "that vy way toto get rich,ick`th t dd" umrern fire ts rng,g,ngft rubio.umysnk aigght he ,ect d car e bac flor"(umumis wl ead inos the 15 stesnd turrititits at vote isis ... but bio says he ululstl t th nomiti... ev witho winnininsingleuper tuesdsd ste.wallace : "yould stilil oh-r-15 a sll be t nomin?"rubisa: "becse we'reoingo ck up aot of degates, se. . d, tt'not thplanby the wawa buture.ean,
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're gog to pick up lot egat."anarti nono ill aut the legatata oday, half of legates ed tepublica no in play. d r cr athi couth na ronevelyx . 3 haeninnow.. 3 mawho o aldly trd to sht her sbd.. in custody tot.. afafr a a briesearchpoce. police latg 25eaol acie bury.earlier is enin..afr she took o from a fight ely this momog. police ar .. thewere sento her home inhe 30000lo of neaeeva`avenue and austffs.r sbd tellinpohahaburkrk a guhihi h s did nohit him.but he sustaiaiminor juries from flying.. rkeft witherr ar olug..who has so bu locededfe tot.olsatheye ghcae y with sall atted firsde hicide. new gh
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pupblornt/ d ddl ti3 thghd ar 1 t hobaonaire threeshot ngigl,we to loc. ed to istabab cocoitioe th year old.. h hied.ny wi i iorutt ppenen.. aed tll pepe at 542-2-. 3 righno. . 3 a man facing chargege llowowg anxpsi mhi me.earlor i utast part ..pened ou 30 i25 bck@o ri.. sth adhaock sw officeayhos sk. watracting mariria concentratat.g ne.. when xpde. . causing all fire i kihen. 3 mang me newarod coraig now... 3 parents in aphoe couy are acting aft f o a hool busvey have dnkehth cldheus. ofciststme at a middle sc alcohol 54 ar oldel 's he was out
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lledranspoation buthe buhahaalrerey of 30 ds obod. bth timeish radi t tpu alrey rid o otop .........." ..........."mos says: "what concerned t m uwas at e teacrs had smell alcohol on t drivers breat d t allowed him t e the proper."amole ys: "none obobrvedim walkg oralki erratically our rveillanan vn e bues tyy d roetob s unabo waght. rforsi td bltohot waryrys d d d ke alcoh..afr finyg itob lat admitted h hhad a beer at lunch.herresd suspicion dving under the ininuence d stcts they wilke a their policies and prac see what they can etter in the futur 3 ititabtleyey beautif
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earlnday wea diurncwill m me acss e areaea.wh ncasin mitoigh vel ouds exexctedednd totential f some lhtnow the mountain aas. . the oon another durbance er t area... erernce for ecipitation totohe mntnt anhi valys...a posslyloorons of the i-25orridodootthlatest m and gfs a2e e showg despread pcpn byid tte afrnoon ro t souer mouninananuis lplp..ump p p ops htlythars. 3 how someoonews toni 3 for maears, e pikes peak habit for hunity h bn lping w-incomeamilieie
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and this aernoon.. ty dudicated ei3737nd f ho in n e odmen vistas dedelopmt. f21's'sacy eland jojos it stcy.. 3 ohomein tt artahous.. eye tight-kn counit. rtth neamily to bome a pa oft has d d h pa.. they werinlved i i abuse relaship and ask to bon camam. t with nlhs of lprohatat vontrs thingare oking . 3 or famies,t's s hand not hd out," dy ters, dedelopmenrector said. new sta for e . . . and few dada, mov thisnd hkes peab nionont t mpenand homefaes t ul ato purch ho touraraally me" peteen sd.thfaly h picket the corsndurnigs. d isroup ovovonteers h enelpihem crea and afford thesewowoave put i ia of wor manew possible. "she has worke2 jobsshsh
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daht allhis t meanmeing house anshe's enn inspion n of ," petsesaid. vetime sherres on te, e's got a g ile. she's ch a a hard wo elrstebo rect.tata volu andndther habat hoho hto bss.. tsa tiare e re eeciaiay t mes tomily who o w s all a matter oe heart ove simple, , cent, $-$-fordable hsing foreo hamost peopavner dareb to d 3 3 peteen s ss from alicati to m ikes t 10 hs to te o of thr aurin te,e, tat t asheil takeome ownersp coseso ane be prepare l to come f2q nat tdodothe aiation.. how ci gubi to teac hers firste' ai 3
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you savenotion.
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3 rly mo weak disturbance wiwi movacross the area...wan irease in
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exexcted andheheotal f some lnow ov motain aas. in t afteananher didiurbae moves o"er the a a a a erhafo ion theains anhigh valle.and ssibly alo ptions wf i-25 corridor.@.oth the latest nad s are wide p mid to late afteteoon across the southern mountains anuis vallll.. bp up pop slightly i ie ar 3 stto com. a hospital ud statmy a ling letatas arazhe ed h htil d a ststto.
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3 3 ill toome.. a caca spital and thenid stat myre learng om one another when it comes to auma.up nexex. iseeks itioof military ets.....
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3 in tonight's milar mamaer..e unit@d s ste ar has lot to sharw s when it t me treating trauma soieie i batd..and w w cal ctor and nurses a hoping toearn some of f f e ni.px kalynyncmacn hamo 3 nrsaint frs e e un samreri up gain tornrom one another. hat's really helect the prti here in our coititand it affts the care wovide r ou tients. soalys wanto ke sure e at w we to date wh the best practctes and rt othat is arnini from the arm""a lot of people stillave e same ntal thoug that we're
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our traing is sub standard and 's ne tohow them what we ow, , wh we n what our cabils those capilits, the army'surgicaamses s atalled ash. dedeable rapidssembly ter...used clolo to the frononlines duringd ombat. "when this equipme hits gr trty minuteey will have a large nt wh operering ready to take i patients. in 90 minutes, that same nt willlhave t t fuy fufutioning operating rooms,y'll have other wita sid d r and ot wit ehted recorym."ma hospal allowci ors and rs tle ma ath medalioduring highntntsityt situatns."a lot of advavat they make and practices that t tput in place, tricdown int w we takcare of outrau patits."ether it's pati or soldiersrs.savavg livebos down to the st effit anefiv ess.theyeyeeow femaer situations fe tuningur
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at aittle emo durabab than the nmal d they've keketh und thehewn wi as ll."ing in corado sprgsgsgslyn mcmain, 21ews. 3 nrose . cis wi hosos eir annual trauma syosium ar 6ththwhere dodoors and nurses willlaborate on t best practicesnd emergin trendsn mecine. the fort cson commy. horing bla h hryth.. earlr is wee coenter. emr ear's obseancet fon waentu ok lili, , story y d cuur"l leerry veteran ghlighted e icancecece and anan of caca americs in the mityand spoke abouearly ers s the civil gh mement. 3 "the pt lps u mov forward d need that foror is nexgeraraon to rely tata what it tk to give thethe rihat they are vi by toy." toy.the speakers i atndance also spoke out thr fexpienceses and ared stori sinspiratio d wer.
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right .. a prceilamamouy po of shoankied o r fit cialftth viint w ur tosofsh in. .waot along thth o offics. whilredi tmost indethe spec oo. am usdy and a .cling murdinli oergudon juon ayay 3 "......"von ss: "tis onoy y willi countyolpartnt urth lof duty atin history ncnc1919 and heond r toe nioqlledn r history. storthdert't ve abo t stic they toind hamilton wife dead, and t 1 1year olunrm.hamilton ia meer omyho woror attan.s exed to be arraignend (2/28). 3 doze oproteste cong on nset boulevar. rote the acady awards..they'r hoinsisis cainfor r more dirsity featu films.e
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of the 8h nualcamy awar..roiz b breverand al sharprpn.n. sharpton lling thisearseremony.whwhh feures an all-whititslat actingons...e ote "wtescars." dilandn cacafoiand ltisy rld in floda.... launchinnedemandnded pring todaytheesosts wiwl nonochhrifferere pr..depending on te f& ear.luday ss.... odonthugh thth..s oppepolls.rer ormondd su eks...nodoar the ice for eaeada jumpededo 11doars. ds include most dedeer sing eak s.! d julyeeke disn h h its "sue prpring" will -- quouo- "help spspad out visitation." 3 surveillance videohows a m m ying to mp turtilet a philadelphiarain staon.. e y wordeiei "trng"u can e thman o ficals bee s into tryi toid e two dolllls and twen-fivcent farey hotustilil iscalculules thtugh d
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wigglingis w..only to be arres geing off the trn at the nstop.he now faces a 300 dollar f 3 w w aomth caught natitial attention and drew praise from atatates across l different ts.... we take you ck to the t twe down in thehistory kalyn
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3 titi n f nowow toc momo honobeale rert momat was taed about a over mela nht...rrio pod h rr h up clutctc the fal@econds of t game. .che this t.wi ls than three secds on e clock,ur launchea 30 foot throinthi of urse gs ririt tbe the okho cy unr er..rry finied
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shot w w histhree pointer tig..yivi an n single ga r he alsoroke oorfo th ing s an.. that mk now wstanan a288.... the warriors a 5and 5 d arthe first teamin the 198787aks tolinch a playofspot in brua. 3 the cond racof t nascar ri c sers th t fos ofonor qtr 500 3 after e cautn flfl ame out due toton s mm jon on e reo ca o aad the e ckale earnhard junior andyle bushiling behind...but johnn woul ma g t whi flagarning hh er ctord g rd of t late learnhdt.. johnhnn idhes specl idg er the ch tce earnrdrd p3 o ieimoday myse py, igiveme a ttle somhi li bittatata t eale earardt a methi' p"" dale eardtunioto coce andonatat johnsosoon tient
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kek%ji.. 3 theinound of e ndclasc c day.....itite wn to straan amttnd sd seio uon e th..rciaiait at t b be tt a he jusre g gs ito within e ot scotot scott...norced to make t 30 inch putand ts ito gto w by just e stke. win mamas his tour....anthfit early yeye. 3 ay w wh ... aia bac wi a final lk at wtber after the break.
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33 that does anyone elseroubd bythe spid-m why woit troub`eou??? 's, like, yourrd favorite oon eme soso. is, beh doo -do, inspectotogadget ...and teenage mutninja turtles hers in a hshshl hers: 4urtltlpower! ver, the spider-man lyrisit that "spir-ma spider-man doeseshatever span." yeye, so? i can thin manahqhings idan't do that apider caca e: cwl in your ear a die. two: legally leave guatemala witht passpo. the: havsewith a spipir. can we chahae thbject? spiders give me thehjeebebeeeees. 's "heeb-jeebies." kn, but that sounds anti-semitic.


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