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tv   Fox News Sunday With Chris Wallace  FOX  February 28, 2016 8:00am-9:00am MST

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coolest t aces oearth." >>i'rr waac as we to super tuesday, the bigdayayf theepubn campgn,e'llnn donald tmed can rcruo o n snday >>trumpgets a bigig endoement. >> the best fo beat hilry clintononis doldtrump. >> dona tru joins us tlf explain how he intends tcement hi standing as t t front-runr.t& marco biond tru nally team m dona l reax. > . >> yra case the's'sstatof litationzlie >>'llalkiv wiat haor riding o sususutuhanny otr candidte aseendsome atef as. and`marcruo@she launches an all out atck against trump. >> we have a c a aist as a fro-rnnein e publican pay.
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pal whath'll be looing foa vots g polls doz sacssss the cotryr alllrit now on "fox news sundy." >> hello ainrom fox ne in shington. we begi witit the democti aryin olinaab eceo at hclkt dre lilion % of te to bernie san' 26%. we'll l avereporlar in ththho f battle f repubcnan h hin ser ty. ldom o ree consutivivwins is s fororor a showdownith ted cruz and nor's hometate of texas. the biggest prize so far with 5 egatat. ustf1 soi to llll 1 legaes, halff@lafis need to win nominaton.
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ththe fnt runnerss escalat theirttacks and we'll tlk to all of them today. joinng us fistere now l is he front-unne donald trump. nday." >> thank y. >> let's ggh mcorubis th you are a "coco artist." hehe he i > i think it's titi to t tehe skskfs portrs has t t l ltle@ gicht heenexpg wowog a asrr40 year mr. um reese what do ululink oomarco rubio? >> well, i thinkhs lit weht. he coudn g eleedog catcher. he is non liked in florida. 'b'bd ooflorid he deiveand fraud florida. hdoesn eveshow to meeting thinke's a guy who thinks 's -- i dononhi he actually do even t xnk h hot f. he's notot stuff. thei k i
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whahe rc t e'pverytygu ted crz,yheway. they're sty they teame u i s themaking handdfore e t thing. t's go, s we can get them. ey'r'restlishmnt guys. d ar as#yououhe manthatery nsn kny r. ltanbeevablepany iededithhefl the federall election almost 100 pages of financicis thatow rth of if i ever s iver 10llio tt's what i built. i ha number onest slle inelud"e arof the deal" whii ihe numb, ply theumbe st selling biness bk ofal tie. "thepprentice" isne the op shows tevision wh you think of that being con, i don'thi so. i stipuat've ben very succesul-- >> i think 'son man. stipuleth youe ben verccesul businessn. t's #@ throughhe specif llegatat that rubio raaed
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he s that yirer 200 ilealmigrtstsomnd ack in eaay s itfor theumpwer.. thehetst piiriga did rk otp s set juste sa th is ttcomes upu tsas moror th55 years ago so ca y iminin wiwi al i've done, built buildingsll over e world, i butmasve buildings w w yor, masveve job cityn the wesside of man h nhattan, he com up wiwi a storfromom5 yes a.o.o they w red b contrt/ ihireda tracor hirere a contractor for deit heis wer foe mog otbyhehehe w @d poshrkersn the fofoe. thattllll iid --555 year ago. and by the way, taws were ttif ago. bu aago a lion cto knock
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y ithatup fr smanyag t ay, diernt tws and i 't hi ee polis rks, chr he hired hhlish workerr soso othe workrs were sleing at theeitete becausus ththy were illegal immigrants and hehewere pupuling 12hour shts. are you siououidn't knkn a of at?0 > innsn,, ,esl thete. evowhey sleeon it because eh save mney by g that. andyou're not supposed to do . crarsr t city and allver manythe citits, they sleep rightn the sitit that' a a fairly commonpractice. an i .( and it hpensith ma, man coraraoror n jus soyorsnd hiredtractor( eorarwam inith peo me of his plere lish me themaom- but i di't'tave coco oer at. yodit havevee-verery in thodbs whrei'ding
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pennsylvania avevee, he e-fi. every\ i perfe eventhoe "wshgn n t" sa mbe 'sot perec everything asoteerect. >>let me t tlk ababut a subject -- frce. his ile marco, 35 yrs ago i blt a building and years agohat's the besthey n do. that's pret d. let me g somethi else is a lot me corrurrent and he is on trump versiia, a program tha pese up t s shar yo teowled an so yld hple inur pac nnng thd.d.d. taoolftwas justp ke. eric ma the same stake i about with donald ump i t hurt badly. i' to see this countr get hurt b dona rump. >> now, trtrmp ersity aprised that ththsese inructors on your real estat genims would e handndick by you butinin facthe sto is tat aot of them wericed justo they
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ne of themwass a mana fro a uffalo w wldng did andk th insto o t? >ooy.y. of them we wereaa pick nd i hand pked o ppe. and the ople i i tnk did a good job. and t ran a goodschool. and i'llell you abouthe school. it h ana ratininm the ter busss bureau and the ople that i thk you en on th gnnreat po cad. tbouterybodhatoo th selmst erdy ed documentndnd theyra he schoo th rcocose, , ataty ard, wasitgo e amou monon if th dn'y aun ne. butpened is. some t pid000. >w >> tiwait, somee paid $3$3000. t's a lot of money. ccs,s, 98% of theple that took the course, w have repor rds fr erybody.. y report crded on the cocose. 98% of the pt tookok
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now just s you understand, i uldha sthis case ltimmago.o. i chose not. to i going to win tht cse in court. do. that winas inco s suit. >> letetsk u ututtha aus w wek- this ke-- >> i'm notsettle waris,nn elve sttca elieveiniing case >> you went a aer thudgen laui hereou are. >> right. >> ishoily to me m m hege, tremendnds hostil belief. i lieve he hahaens to be spanishhich@h fine. e spanichhs fin and weorusal iwe maydo. have a judge that isveryil thehe orenerer ofof afterore aed youof racial emagogu mentiong g 's hisp >> i think the dge h hbeen extre hoile to mfltit tt's to dowitherha the
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on th der strongngn eborder s been e stito me. ts caseth in sul veveenen w ng cas sdddave won osummarjuden ehingwi is. ave veryte jge now,esanic, i beie.hesery hstle judge meme i me. i said it loud and. the attorney general -- >>hy even bng u that h's hispanic?? it does raise a eson. >> because you always briri it , chris, because you always p say h the hispaacs don't like dold trum you ays bringit uin your po nurs. you sayat sipaninis don't likekenald trump. > n't tnk i eroght tht . don tin i evergh it up. >> y aaysta about e fact thamp dt doll with is,wiwiwip d wel whispics? nad i i got46%. wonith xxhpac
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hosle e. s is a jge thain ru. >>let's talk abt e tax urns becse both czndruo reased -- th ddn't'trelease all the taxretur, they released p! of t tax tur. but you're rrusingo relea`e anof your taxrurns. back i i 22 wh you wee flirting with rning for prident, you said relelasing yoyoetu b th sckck youccsfu y are." youan sll release em. ou he tee qstions whi you c anerho relsingng aballparkrkfigue,e, 2014, t d etetrns that yu havelready filed uer p pay o perjy, whwh was baparkatas gr me? yffeciveta atnd how did youou ge to aratat >eouousomethin u , hvefiled in - - -
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to m n worth a as to the compapy i bui, almt 100 pages th tederal elecons commssion. ul know that's beenil right? >> do know. that. >> you talkabo nett worthth uo know that? >> no,nk d know t filedithh-- h. i fill a to my net worth and values. peop your prsion were uelievavay imessedith the company i built. all ririht. that to do witthet wor you can't l%lrn ath fr tax returnithoutut net worth or nof. th t t tax rtuns ave -- a beded. i've been auted for may, ye itis y,e fair. i dn'towowhyutfooo easot audidi me virtuallyvery year. can uellhathe gross income is?? >> iveen singd ou. >> can teewhat t grosincome? i'vebeen siled out -- >> for 2014. can you tell us what yo fective tax rte is h h did y ge t ar
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nsmmissi ee fncialisclre . t t yo tal`o cruz, heidnn put onhaha he's boborow@ing money fromoman all ovhe place that he bwe a lotofoney frommanks a ry lo interes , iest youldotget. beeve me,e cod never it heoed frooldsach itihato iis fifaiur fo d dn111 of ents andealsnd vehing. e fisclour de he didid'tcle. madilonolla wo of l l at lowntere re. aafa taxeses are cd -- forore.e. i i tw qst i toask u. igotnu let' t etse b in y rse aew issue o fray. y nt tngeehe lala o make easietosu here you are, irir her the write p pse egiveand hoible and false arcles quiosue them a a
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genp those be law isrealyhe kind o president you will b b bf y n't``an cl y in toue aapapap iethup tiga thttpme urun hi to opup tib law keit ersusu , for in. you' goingg have to n them e onsnution. >> well, in land, i can tell yout's very much dififrent and vy y uch easi. i think it'ssryry@yunfaihen "te neork times" cwrite story that they k kow is false, thatt they vtually tell they knw it'salse and i sayhy n't you pull the srynd eysay we' noing to do thth becse theyan't't basicallbe ed. youan't sued becau* you say anythhg youwant and hat'n nt i nesswou aolutwork toupupthe libelso hat if youou wrte thing wrong, i wnt rvto wh he wtever they it bu iyourite sthg is won a leow wrg wr aon li treoplee n b
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>> ll right. finall, i got about a minute let. auai'm overtime. atheh he. do youxpxp to l the nominith your performance on supertuesy, effefeivel lo up thenomiatiti nd ts weekoup wondorse. s chris chiendaine !rrror pa keinm s sys hhe c wo ith you. are yo becomi capte of thestablhment ors the establishme srde to donaldrump? >> well, we're doing very well. i i xpe todo w on tuesday. ou , we're goingohave 25,0 pe todaynalaba wavav15,0000 yeyerdrd i nessee. wehad andousount of pee, pro 10 n aas n an airpor ngngr. it'sazing. we havee meme goi, ris. it is someing reallyspecial. avpaul endorsend
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and iff joee pieapieee and jerry flwell jr., i winning with evangicaa. we are b bng everyby with t angelicals. i love them. 'reinni with e litay. we're winning with the v we're r rlly winni wiwih everybody. nd i hae amreay rilled. iithnk we'll doell on tuesesay e oi beatthe ebl iracefef. itlerco isdoin notso well in flora. 's'sown about ints. and t ople inloridadan't stand him. he coo't be dogatcherin o. >> > weeadyrd thump. ank yo ansererngll ruutio@.. thnku orururti sisi. we'll seeeyouathe f debate thsdy in trt. >>hanyou. thank you vuc >lllk wi ma
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buxt, sentor tzyourett..... mamanot yse r.but atatwece can he yo sgs 7instorel our dcicied apph to find ngerm lu sosohever yo rent jru you, weelp yoyoyoacyouroa.
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akututhe bebeww athe texateolol inenentoited cruz told pportis sertuesday ll be themost important night t camppgn. hishome state of texass t ggest prize ininmust-win f the senator. ted cruz is live now in prinale, kans.
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>enator, yo ustotoay thaha youiewed super tuesday and especlye rs in o-edpraryfi alal forg buccoin the latete polhe onlysttes ou're adingn arerksas a your ho staf tes. if yo't't win in t southn super tuesday, aren'tou in big troue? >p> what we've seenin the imaries is the firstt four states have narrowed theield. we arted with 17 candidates. it's much, muchmo narro r tuesdayill cinue t o. at 65%f republicanimarar vovors don't thinkond trump t right cdidate to go h-to-head with hilly clion. e's oraraeto loo he allecn. onn cdat thatha dodod ump, only ndahtat canebtnald ump is c and supetueay, i ho and believe that cocservives wiwil cococoue to coales behind
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one&#se 65%f repblns that es't want to see donald tprumps ournominee doesn't nt to seeee blowo in novembr, thenasuo com susuort uanta w wh us at'sly y op at i t sndth behind our caign. >> there arobms in terms of you sport. you're runnings a a scial conservative an as a political outsiir. i want to put upp so i wuld t, tubling numbers for you from the south carolina exit polls. trump beet you a ang evgelals, 34% to and among v vrsr who say they want the next pressent to be om utde theolitical tasht,"hey wt %13%. uestn, isn dnatrump atgyou,nar, atat youou game? >we,, youknw, a primamy`yis an exttd converttn. and dald trup toldus many, manyim s own words, h
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memberof th stablishnt. we sawthebaba tis past wk. donald laut he is a shngton dede makar. and it is wshininon dalth's& ve bankrptd country. if you w wt mowangngon deals, donald trs youou guy. hat's why harry reed said donald trump was hisfaterepublican becausese harry reed sa dal cuteals withh us we can workith him. we saw it in e b whonald owf on and sai lissn,uto wii oois o susr crt. u u e b williocompiseigio l l lrt yoyo're e e, i give you my wddd presisinthwon' compromis away your religiou rt rig on't cprsnise awour sendmendnt rits nd trp is telel u going sititnwi h ed a a ch humer and ve away j je scia's supreme urt set a that means your seononmendment rhts in oy. andt woreer, chri dold tmp is on whoho supported bill to's
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some of the m m pular guns in america. i thinkk need a presidentho doesn't cut deals withemocrats to ge away o o rights b ratr stands w)th the woii men an m o o thi u@ntry.y. i want toto pick up onnhis esn of t supre t. one of your bigissus, one o yourritcxes toters is y y that youre a nsisnt conrvae and ttld appoin atrong cseseate to the court to repce justice aoniscaa. you also say thatrge w. bh ade a mistke whenhenamed jo rob tt back 5. take a lolo i't'tave nata ob indeed, govovnor bush pointed out ix snsn that the president bush wanted appoi a liberal to e curt. he sasd was the easi choice. >> but, senator, that's not what yoyosaid when in ct,t, roberts wasominanad toheourtttk in 25. i want putp an rticle, a rtic you wrethhe
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ere isn5. wrote,@ @ "jots sho be ick confnfrorists' approacll thahaisis encaree@r,carefy,y, fuly aing onutn andegal precent." this was l article, sir, that wte for t nationon reviewan u certainly seemed at the time, know you said you wouldn't have natedim, you emed to ban usstic supporter r johoberts. >> wel ris, it'strue. nceoh nomidd hihi isupprt the rubca esisint in hisnoatn. th w a `lsiwa a stakak av nomated me ludic, my f fmer bos on the cou of appe. hewbs prov conservative wh had dd on the court defending coervative priplelele and the differeree was toma repubic pridenen aren't willing t t spend the capital to mine a coirm a
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have spent my entir life fighting toefend the cotitutiand bill ritsts when itomesestohe suprem court, i wlnve eve bit pticalapitalure atathehell of hts isisisher for t nextt gention. >> whehat icle that john roberts would "carefy andaitfulyt citutn and l prent ececent,"tou lii you're falling inh g@eo n nin dn't torite ararcle. yyid. >> s uprtehe rlilinomie. intin ote you d't asknd trmpbt ssaying his sisr wh isibera radadal pr a otionlintppointee wowold makephenmenal@prpr coeot juice. when i cme seme court juces,onaldas n lastbae' to t eals l me giyonothr ple. wsawn e immiat when ileadii the fgainst the rubchumuman of eight amntyill and together with milons ofmerica we
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fundinthang of eight. gavav over $50,000 toive bers of the gg of eig. didn't he a give m to, sir. >he supedpen border emrats. n oulaimoh on illegagammigrion. >> g rry? >> didn't he also ge money to you? >,00000 to ladership pac whhe toesround like candy. heuprteteoporderer decora fo dades. pport jca ldldaaa he suppote kerry ovv george w. bush, he contributed to hilry cnlon chuc schumer. this a mm, anyonewho supporadicaca liberals l)je those ds not care about coervatves. they donot ceeboutee secononmendmentnd doe c about suringnghe border causus ththe are the opop bored he advocates hat ledhe gang of eight and, indeed you know wtsstring ate the deb, chs,on w
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inda ty brg inin fore worrsnd ty wo't hiamican he said ycan't find m to work a waiters and waitresses.s. ow utterly ridiculous. there e h hdrs of arics thata tork i aamk hotbeac youign ininolv aseri in re calin dirty trks n , crampaiit out tweets saying ben crson was suspending his campaign. that was falale. e campaign put o flyers accusing people o o voting vioioti@ns. ttt was fa in s sthcarolin a cruz upperer pac attacked tmpr t t coedate f fg anddou then communications dir posted a link this week accusing rubio of diespeing thbib. tha was alse. question, do youake psonal resnsilit-- this isour
8:27 am
c, doyou take persrsal ronbi fooseries f de whadoe it ouhe cuure ofhe ignn y' nning? > s, evyusation you raised the is incncrect. pria yo reading the natrump aacki on a >> co si itinut it amiter. you persrsay to benh rson onon deb stage. youir y cunications dictor. don't say is ae le on our part sir. chris, plean irruru e. ease donon me@of ng i dn't. o ahechris. leme e`n wheow to aer zbzb'te oftng in't'to. wo th t you apology aizorne a f ypurommunatns director on't say this is the o file. >> our campign of e g has thehighest levelf intrity when others@ngaged in peonal attacks and ins. 't pondndin kind. whs striking, youust donaldrump o o te air.
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th hent out afabricat ote from tcobur pugnin mytegrgry. yo didtskdrr bout t calls thh we oxfrom a white supremacist upup supporng dald trp telng peopdodo nototote foror cuban, vote fordonald trump.p u knok, wheheit comes t tellg g truth d not lling etruth, you didn't ask donald trum ou e fact hat in th st bate isked him t tue o false, youupport sociciized dinene t vernmt pang forour hlllre. he said lse it dirtly contratoat saa 20 years e rerord. the facts matter. inderandhath kst dantnt fs t liten, tvoersare abo thetr thaaa a at dald trump's record of gi-- >> naor crcr, 're fl out tie. don't thi anybody is goi
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w d dbovety thin ll g opopunoo talko him thsday k yu f makng te o o thi veryweekek upnextaau on h strte open
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its too late? >> teedonalrump ccdcru a liht ght, rti andt rco. he jt rerninfire after rubi launchedd bargege of attacks against hihi i spoke with rubio satdayin mighaaba, too discuss his newstrateg. > i wantto startwith estion that a lot o people are asing, why yououou so long to gofter donald tru? i got to assume thath
8:34 am
les. wan't aigmisculaon to wai utill gnt chstrg s th a l%lite a imr. a coup is,isise weeiatt un e. weredig tothat thoth r r lieve th vters wou see throroghghhi con job t +s trying and thatsn't happened cvced peo we haveo adesit. ielieveve fir-rateeon artists oth verge fak er t partf lincoln a aganand now or never nd remind people owh is at ste. wwrautto l nrtivvovnt t onsetind ayt lincoln rg a conarti. >> at ral this`weend, idhe may as the jjge i& t trmp universy se whoheentionedis ispan to recuse himself beausesehe is shostile. your reacto that? >> well,,thought trump sa he gong win the hisnic vot hid h w war amo he lanos.
8:35 am
somomne isgh l le doalal trpasasbes aarte. this is auy went&to people trying to tir lives d convinceceemogo is progra. they paid thousd o dlars d got not for it. he's truing to pull t ultim n j and th is ge ahold t united at amca and he's ne@ to ahe struggling arican thatre al hurting eonomicaly and preying upon tse fers and anxieties theya toetxemem toi his vote.& he's beensucceful. his hasto welothis be pplian minee temots willearim shreds ae' gog tlose thparty icon everybo servetiv@ovement to eleei. apndha amerecacas g s onl@ioht now whic is s e of deli. >aa t,t,tvmpfirck e dba eowerefin hi alk abo yan. he he is.p ed t of thsa o pee it js. y hirusanof peop >> y have nothinin but problma with oucritrdt cetera.a.
8:36 am
republican party cretit rd to charge pererl expenss. youforen seco h ybobo. and lastr cased 0 retirent fnd. senator, iftrums hisrys fair me, i't yours? >> yeah. mias been exami the thngabut t republican paifae. americananxpre direct for all of th. but this is i ru d not ieritililions of dollars m m father. i had 4 -- i earned everything i've h infe. i'kaaaor t. m not a a perso i'm notot poot i n ririri thths fine t is grere cououry. iivefehe y nts didid dond trum inhetedo o frois far. bubuherayim ass great businessman if he h taken that money that he ininrited and put nightn index fund on the smmket, heuld have more m than enendid you e et does ghtow. butid he allhe ri ve and unchof monene and ery timim he loot money, subcontctors and the
8:37 am
nald trump has a history of businss failures, fr cocoaniinaptcy wch iioo,t t firs at owhe's prang h e this g lead thats oing tuuhhe arica econoy around? f donald trump is president, he's no goingg t makera great. he's gointo ma amcacaroke like dede fo copaies. y banpt acain >> le talkoo ycord. is atata a enrs ou likcksantum some trtruble@tptngg an acplhment ooudurg your tme t he. hth c you the last yr u've sdonhihaheha do demststte esidedtil l l aracteble to get thgs done? >>on thep hl, i haveve not sn that e's'snrunni for a presidenial l ace mosttf this year. > sen,hycangt oicials who support yo w comeutto endorse you,ame specif accomplishment of yourim in
8:38 am
> well, in fairneke, they're signg up at the last second. they're inspred by our mess ey want to bet of our team aven't ethem allll thehe imation e than hapto tllllll y rd. may youa intha we pssctns --- wl, ar butf y'makeople d thing, these areas uteing he'she bottom line. mehanatoalk aboututur recor i mn, number i wked in a enhererefour theast fiveyear nothin hapd beeeofharry reed. spite that, i work with brnie saso i don'ree with anyg.g. we e re ble to workk together to ing vacountility. can youe senior executives at the va b my y rk. the areow adioioal sanions ozbolla bse i go sen tat unanslyyy we pae gi cot act tha goesft traff by leveragagg forgn aid froro thenited states government tour thaha allidround t wor are ingrthh@erficates so theyon't fall py modern day ary.
8:39 am
aebad. we th t efth. datamcareba nd nn wepedhposeanctns onumum rightolati envnv venezula. >> one tng youont mention and evbood s is` yourur bgest accomplhmttthe% gang ight rorm that was passed i2013. let ask youou a questi was tt good bill? s tat a reasasable compromise on thmi obm? >> not as a final package. i said atat timeme .. if you bknd we'll prov thaugs throughou that deate he nate, it saying ovnd ov th is the bt we can dohere. is sekeun barrrr reed, but this is gog tohaha to chang when it getsto the se 'sot son e >>ou y support. yosasa yupuprtthllll afterpas nd you sai dieight it h h ior reforms hatconserv ve been working r for yea. youteorit.
8:40 am
it the beste cano inna senate run by harry reed. we d getet thehehemocra t agee o aot of is ccervavesshedfor. i wasn't enou. i wd out ttbrerete mu i said d is n n gog t o the house. they're going to make it eveve stronger. herst ne. when i'm predent ofthe united states, we'rotoi it th wa i dot to do it har reed's way. queeion doit ou way we'reoing to enfor t laws and secu ourrborder fir ntil we d dthat, nothing else is going to happennon immigration finally,let's tal about per tuesda u he not w a sat t. l 11 statat whereple willl go to the pol tud, y e ailing.. if f gogohroo supupr tuesday and yoll havevet won a tate, can youtill be viae de >> osoel firs of aaerer eee i go toaward a lot&oo dedeegates. e're g totoick upp a of dtete y need 1,237 delegtes tbehe republica nomiee. donald trump er h he that numer o dedeegateses
8:41 am
ll go all 50 stes and every territory,he will never gethose deletes. m going to get the gates. i l t repcanan nominee. taqe loloof deltes thwe. u c sill 0for 15 and omiatetet becse we're goio ck a lo of deg, e. that'nononononoplan, byyhe way, but sure, aolutely we can. we're gopick up a lot delegates aot of delegates next week a encome m mrch 1515, i expect rce signififantlyly nrow, mor amrians will nowwhehe ruthout dond trump after snto weeks angigiway it andeople will seeha ttre about to falcon to nd thehe areoing to s sarar winni states the stat start awwdingl of the delegates and that includes ffda eel veryptiisc abo ttowe anan escially. >> >seor ruruio ank you. you f tatata the time to talk k th us. safe tralsn the mp trail, r. >> thank you. up next,e'll have a live rrorfrom so calinana illary clintonon big victory there.
8:42 am
k our suay grup where the repubcan actandsn the eve ofupe tutuda us, whatou would like he panel about p prsonon t gopeas beomom st g to febokorwitl foxnewsnd and n you plain why yo recoend synthetic ovov ceded uper fd?" is tt a thing? it's great schl, butit e ght one foher?r? is this really ynynynyter than one you t last yr? if we consnsidatsuppliers, what's theavinin there? so shohod we go with the hohsower ...or is a 4 enough? oduestn. yoa lolod esti.. ink we shoulmove you our n fd. su... ok.t yoasugh h outw w w wltis mag??
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
hiary clilton scoreded a big victoryouth arololol building onmentumng in petue ed hnn i e trara in columbia,ttcarolina. ed? >> chris,s, first nevada and then s rolia. hillary clinv's campign leeting as 00 d dlegaes wi bean in eerst tw wee of march. 900 of them nex tueeay alone.
8:46 am
wentnt to the super tuesdstates of texasand minnesota as hiary cln staid he declala t ts racac isbout to go natiool andhetrie outut a n lineatccngot sders bu naltrump. sten. >>spite whatou hea don't ne make erica g agaib. dodo h h haa n. instd of beang teadadbuilding walalal t tteteayarris. >> with yoyor help,we canake gnt s s movovov thihihi caca reolution ie win herexas. ee sdedennn too try t twi in@n@n@ super tue stat like oklalaoma and colodo. en scop off a ser n n ofleletes. embe ecrati eeetaes arere n inn tke all. thy're opoonl.
8:47 am
inton' troe aiddro tradeolicies i i michchan. you u degates ther wellll . th has 246 leleles.s. ntononas a b b edge with superlmte the party boss.. l of that up to th f t e may beheef taking command re, ccjs. >> thankyou.... .( syndicaad columnist geoe ll, sanpage ofsa ay, he ofof h%hrita actn for america, chael nam and juawilliams. i have to@ srd the publican race. george, se queston i had for bio wh d h o wonents waito ngo tak out the resrch d goftertrump? >> i'llell youhow long it was, 254 days btween donald trp's announcement whe he aed in with the mexican
8:48 am
ever since andnd theebate in housn. nowore than ehtths pae suddenlywehaha he pifnyny nald ts a a i think sverahi expln. pelelest don want to take him on beuse it's uneasant. threplican pty, the olil classeneray a eration of timid cas le . con t isecrd yoyi'll i. ee are c/ke othe< ee i t cb for groo@h? whyhyaven't@y unoad on him t hisecord mtclsif isubl an t o oosio 5 r ryears. ey f itcrdiat erian plleleuld conte]platpum residentnd anthi-cotional@ authitian. mr. rubi w afraid that he atacked t cruz people som o the cruz peop,sor, the ttmp peo@ple, some of th m mght go to truru t tecon choicece
8:49 am
atckckmp,,,that h h h wii taterer a raise t tndndnd st in t t s s shi isis sosorce e hisampaign sososorrexplplns his.s.s.s.s. >> i i i i i t a lototot ututthee... infafanenes, ted cruzz rrrrrrump f f fwww mmth 'sdododoititit. b f finseemberrrrrrrra i i i iwaon e ain. t sad partst't' moreut theun an medi it's not uil you're srtin to critiize of ebo eaeaeaea say o o at t tyou asts d s ten. bo wh eysa- he has benthe. doma tty after tensio s recor ies garan, tax ren uup unuhp 't'tttououlu pt a iste 2% &o epeplpcanoters s
8:50 am
they feel llyod by ahd.d.& scuupralplay. they@ usta^dhateelit and t crt of washiton in newwzwzk k down rosos s heiddlel amric y thk clingng to tr gunsnsnd ligion. 're lookin atrumpndhe sertienesihich he's fighti the washigt estplhmen indani dontinue thyim nent domomn, t c cuz is doii is for mont th is who undestas out ththf tt peopl areug? th is augh ti e is tough.. it's getting tougr. who undrs thatzlitin shingt, c loi dn tir nseatatus verouik in the repn radebatehis pa week was, wel i cled anarsor the reublican papa take a ok. ok. >anour ank you f tbo >> d aon--
8:51 am
night,av tol yo tis postete o ff it is tunednt r i feor co wh somepriiplematue,nd oned san,hoho dou aeend llallfhi th q qote solecirir is tt going to hurt rlica ithefl?t it wi he thin dodold tmpunti w. i tnk m hu o r r ce, eerna i mumu moositi tan he ihe last ys ye thwhyou g aeneral lonnd g ttngepcbavo b gg ftevot i thdl thind othi nesonas siial and tusrt a somebu'oing dwant to put the whithous to with h l t issshat preenisisdeah. sg do yoyo mp positi ioingn
8:52 am
e pos iinofhe 1 tat t arevephip_ >> pch awe thinkemit. everyce e x on wasas outo a ststcont ces inh f contr ,blicanprimaries a ustateeigned pledgeto suprthe y' dididveryry se.if he wi tomitihat yhs ngee e. >>ua'so the a expt al pecttonno obbe sands. no wxed25. howshisterpfor esday? l, a dong peorma i soh na, clly amo african-cand african-american won. sterwhelg. she ter tn b aa.kird, sanrs
8:53 am
celi minnotot wiscneermit maybe oklahoma butyo lot e tualnumberchr o a,'sing - sh le riginhe pls o engia, nnesoan colausttee th poing . t se lolike 's ad ihiom ont,aybe massacuse atbo it. ndyookthe dete unt thateard eden lking abo ier, she is about a quaer of thehe to theelegat talhis oi t's lieb. ely ison aae na >>rk o tha tabs a emost o sohen ateshbig, oftioes not a b mor africa-americansvoti thaha ton. bu teyeye ying in plac vndnnotand ssausets a ordoat thsestates,haty coud nn susday
8:54 am
s tty cland s a mes aunot igenugh nomnapsid heemocicrase coists of mtsnities an blice trs and aofth arllseou at epin c o t gonmbeuheir vehood depn thvement. itis a alit/@ deen infact t t thigsith ple like bnini an. ifeod caifr a r,chig toodison, sconsin, ulder coado, toalal > t hiaaint fds rlf inthomtposbark k ama eit earso. rn sroa nne. e n c. ele ept g. >>hng otesfeua nr snt i weer. t lad k geting big
8:55 am
that'sshat looks lili i going hra. >>etererne vuebiy e ihe lewing, eiftng bla far k nst tre a xricscsrssoatororren sn er. the l h ace at ith onulneility oure byere an ere isher vnerabili a ison d trtworthines srs stedngafer nth w auge peeches wet resi to novhe transcrip tnn trn? >> i dot bsttiy. ifyou ae wostu ldme lmindireort gon
8:56 am
direcgodmsachs a o e takethep anolic i order t gmslv a eir ends ic >> strng letoolllt didn't er eech thanu,ne eendy. weano keepou uo dat onurtieffofo g hary cll to aer ueon f e mns wat prm.yoemember stwe w s re two cltpgficalal dneven anus ll, on may bof tuour els used in r rge iew withhhclininn marcc
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p next, a finanawo>>ttt'sor ad w. wannon ail ies swbeentrru d uz you wat iow eluse fowsundam.the pogres sure t tneonews channeneesdat6: p.m. tern fcoo pertu tomor on"iaiaort," t baier sits ith lorettaynch for hefirist pearance fox neww 's it y.
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