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tv   FOX21 News 9PM  FOX  February 27, 2016 9:00pm-9:30pm MST

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rong.3 fox2ws a a rht big rn outthivywd . r wh the akaks say out ste's dg usanit tieso e sh i ns.plaing tohat ppedo hi d.d.weht't tnlthinralostce chchte... it'sti h mli odvening 3 or watchg x news a anine. m abbb burke.two state lawmar hosting wn hl meings hohongo ucthe publ abousomeinth call an ntch"statsenato michaerrifiend esentative pete..y e xpayay bill ight abor..cobeng u fm ngmpromes to certain proams in t t stat 3 first on f f21 ton.t. cy and hahamore on at they'rdoing to loon
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in 1992.2.codo voter approvedabor of e moestrirve tnd sp litations in the e couny...but st peopldon' en know wh i. only a thd he pple have heard of it, and of those, a lot of em thougt waa shpi diststct idenveronomist chris stifflerays tabo ves sulus revee ck t e ese lawmakers beeve the money wowod bettespent somewhere puts the state in fiscaight jacket a a it doest low us to rpo to chchges the omy.resentatate e says the tpers get that t ney back wther or t the onng welthe vernment had tmake signicdget cduring past recons..but tpen thoughhe ecomy has improved he sa.. bec tabor their bts vevete seg checks of be17nd 50
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of the state yet we're not fundg edation the lel that most peop feel iteeds totondedr supporrs believititrestrainin necear and tax a spen decns shoul ma excluly by e votete but regardf f f anyone's ance.. t lawawrsrsay thgoal was to inform people abhow r afs our onomy.s excid to w biof a tnout t ts was anw manyple asasd amazing,n-deptquestion reporting in colo spngs.i'm cy eland x21 ws. reestatie e e saysyshe only w to o chge w w the nue go und@aborors to ha the supme crt rul at conce violatetee constuti...or for the people of colora tvoteo rppe ctain prosionof tabor.a press atld take years. 3 new totot.. 3 a rmeroacht a cheerleadi s sool in lorado sprgsditted to sexuallasting a3 yeld student studt.the colora sprin zette ports..23 year d
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guilty wedff tsexual assaulon ahild by a person in position of trust. greenstreet was a cocoh at colodoer ademymy allstata..whwh he allegedly coccced d x from a g gl enrolled i i iprivate s. greenstreet said the twoad consaln multip sis..a.a he told his ens heelieveshe s olr 13.e'e'scheduled to be sentenced may 3 3 lakewood colororo woman sa heex-husbananis ahe victims shoat an excel plant hesst kans. folie yden spth debbie e darrowbo hoshe's kiki the ns s s theiyoung debbiearrow 't know thoongntilhe t t xtrom heot edok.dada irhi was poststm a a d @jolol am m hd, t fr w@ her eht aronwee hehermat lrroways: ald hisr thoho, he tein twe
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homi bee sh fdebb ewhe ho t teteteabs da : ededtem g the f him..ndto plaid sihat s da beurhe hoitalng to be ok." the leoyteteto k kw hoitpprrow s s "id him m meone caca i and haa n d thatad d d en shot."owen's ds thing a ho.exce rkrks ha a codrd ngo he ao-rker g ousafely----t reizg ster.ays: y ex-hnd saw t gman, didn't reali it was gunmanndhohoedheorat hianthe gunman turneto m d id`$know' an liliedp thgud ot m."e knson ll ha m me qutitidarrow says"mow w in th and e iteemsike every
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mo@hootings. i dot know at the probl is." 3 the shsnsnng lt e people dead andt t ten others wounas f titin-as pice ea e oooor,8-yeldld ceicd,hadust been ed wh otti order...teing y rom formeririrri cros erernow.w.'sthor too e democr pdealrima thvening isoututcana clinthoverwhelming oro bck v ver wand viy enen ber nderthe cln n hethirirour nt o20gn.. the next bigisust ree ys a.. ser tuesy. 3 the number of people caught up inhe theft of"x-payer data st year is *sen* tes largerhan originallyhoht. last may..he ierl revenue rve saidid c cer inals stole e tarms of04 thoand opleinin augusthe i-sppedt number to 3303ousand..but
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is s w osos to 720 sand.starext we ey wilffecte taers.. ofthem fr cot.the e r-died tnlen uso l rsalti. 3 so cleah effec ha'tked t t weht tcrsfray, f th comlund st percenter epor 11-ioll oah s te e stae mpy op breha miiodoarght watc bug publ fctober init sres sued feel t badhoh. isti sitit on ou30 mli d ofitinob 3 w out d totoghghitunun" 3 codaththstste ng uanol piat 3 r enite spiapi.. a ith si fundrof thor oiz ecial olpis s ar
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ordtes d a .day unrs freeng f rson" at peclaken colorado ng. buthfpe unrst littlelele of 3.........""t'most ke s s pnge inststd po. . st fulou$ an the r n'd." 333e e waly chi day'e ris isolrsananan e mom gbao ecolat rig hethe mmmmit0plunge ldpueblot the ginng ofon in18andh fitleye eat wehe fecy plulge. w w er mojoinusow w wh inht'soxas ai..3 wind wuny moing ev most areas...t & are expected to remaininreezy ov the fartern are til aboumimiay. rthw ow alol ver th ea o o as upp lel dgdgbudso the grt basin. htes ay w wloor
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re ab.bubutes heec w d 10es abo apre..3isonua g xin drororl apo"p atat night.. 3 anw he tr to the u-s..moue hit a le later till ahead.on atmp to eaa cl rld recoht here sin.s s e
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33 3 dese suny rng er strere.. are eecd to rain zy over the easterareauntitiabt miay. rthwest flow aft wi be over t a suay as an upp level rge builds ie great ba hiemndayawilbe coolerveerrtio ofhe fecasar...b.b tesrossheecea ll be arou0 degrs
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3 rod woight.. 3 eastee peoardead tea dilaps i chanany.y. scuetie and o bsfha peed thbblee e llse ening six sry hoea 3householitndgorenova tim t ce.thitieo he cau oe cint t inveatn isngs a wisisis i anthen ehae
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thtyinutater aer cabos toteat a a neby plic rk. the e atki aleast op.. inclu four r guen suicide bomberdozens of othehs were injured.the -qaeda afflili islamic extremist grououou shabab. claiming respsibility f the at 3 the nomexixin n drugugard joaquiui"echap zmsays he'rey pleagutyo the arge faces in coitio el apo ntto xtraditefrom mexo d trsferreto a mium seririhekeep i mind hesd twicfrom ximum seri pnsn xi.el c cpo'sorney t ts s s cre . prononwon't sleep. in tht h s. for e men am so.... athlete wod record for the most laps ridden in e of cycling's mt 21's kal mc w athdr rlr today anhas s e
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i iesenennkndll saon't wanto ittingn ll stremorent tde b be.....atlyn." former walstreet banker turnmp evelte..he recordest ce cycled i bng junder 30 miles i the ol velo've r d so e. whenou tsomething d accosh it, you're st prouof i"stevenvere re tha143 ps othe e 3- r bank cent k, spasssss the ps co t overer9 when az and feat, there's ably aide and acmpshnt and joy his popo"pedada push iattevens rendininrsrsf of ath li tkn n akit moon tolol ard rt a h ishacat ro fies..your bod stao
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"y don kyour lit tiyohit ur limit a so i tnk i ifor today.eah, ocourseit t erin hjuju kepsaying y couldo one me la you can done me la"re p proved victoous....a fe she credits to the fans.v. "i ft li`e ry y needt athe wchas th menwh i was likikoh gh, don kw m m gog motp d st thearcheering a owg that eonwantme to gster tally put on a good shoreporting in colorado springs, kalyn mcfox 21 new 3 ng unextn sports. kalyn teteusushat ththnew coco to plus....n nhe oncoreach a ngererdealitvon llfore the fnchise t deadlinestick wi u. sports ine.
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3 time now for3 y mountada dertport 3in ppa lonstruof heli.ympic cyis yn s svensaced a astst the clocattemp to at wowoststaps ridden in a sileour.n.afr 60 mines.....near 144 laps and9.9 miles der belt.meheew cord holr. ldere ear ols on been cyclyingor eht yes after she quither j on wall stresie en...she won m national raceses even cocoed othe 2012ondodo pic am. after thracece toda..she sa she h h coment inspires women cycngale em. 3 llwhat ie .. th thiisust kickg f mo i iclg doing is hourecerd. k w ople havcome out t t meorhis event and i k it rllgood exple of what womear capapae of." ."on o oer w attempthe recd. stevenysill l w lax for a few days i bouldebefore joining h
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europepepeeaso 3 annow tooors fiehere e avs arking o troioireng r the secoime in two ekek..hoeys played unr the e g lights....e res t f tt t s an rereminus lar. avs thnaconve up at o a pce...lateinhe rsperiwould loys b ve tvsle.. t thi ck mate ithred ngwoto 3 denvnv bnc have ti esday @o a f f flo rm ctrdeal warr liek mler. acing tosp.. t happen. 33ififhaovo t ca...miller w wget t ananisg... anin.he' g a a yearuarad contctct oking be st or 14 milln n lls..enr es fhi t on mier..arterbacbroc osiler a defenve end malik jajan e le to st their luckne fr ant maet..arrbk peyton exexexedo announis decisi owhher he will, tire or nobynext week. anantake look ts!it s out tlu acacally c*
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fo slter ds rereined bog for t bzil trnamt. tir j w mpo retrve bls tha we outf boundsnd then return the t p prs. simir to gtch.h.thdogs dneetoikth ivininbackparts chs th did "geing ll" ...either w...local elte h pe the evenwill raise awarenespret clever. that does it for ss... t tyou. 3 stay wh us... aia is bac thinal look weaer r thbrbr
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theyreot.thth a, too.t. your hots s4 cotely discomeme a datu'usclinit t ntlect rnness, dplayinga shnggnor of the s sject mattetete zombie e exaching oh? mummies e wrapped banda at's cled a fashion choi. alright,you ght thth on yourse. sheln,et him. ifbie biteu, you turu into ie. weve if a mmy bis yo u turn into is chmo wh a muy bite. so, ke zombie, that's beetefr the wai dow u,ir-r letota gooy he aoooo thyo fl, at'sngnon, mus anzombieagn. ohohtthsahingyoget cookie, o. thanan.


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