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tv   FOX21 News 10PM  FOX  February 26, 2016 10:00pm-10:30pm MST

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3 a grass s re nfa ca a scare for homeowner today.and with a redla g alady in afffor tomorrrr...'re ill inome firi d dger...00 3x21's kody fishejoins us rit now with more...kody? guthe roke out aroulevey th morng just norast of the rings...this a c c the w w.. ituickly sprprd to closeo thir four`acs..... ththing 13 s sucture struruuresonly took crs st undern a half to o t t trtr.... but in thamet gave meowrs q a scaca.. fifi c say thehe neigorod pyed a g f ins re net out of ctrol. 3 "so many people had mowed their stures and their lawns d their grs ound t use, s sen theheire came iticict dropd down fm wevegh it wasasurningngo ground lel. wi the red flag ing
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on sndby fornyes tt uld p up...theysk yo not do athinoutse wi chy thouou cau a fire..tootohrow cicirett bututf car windgu.... 3 state healalffials are urngnglinics a aospils to b bonhe lkoutut mump 3 e colodo dartment ic heaeah anenvienen su thenini ts ek ter 4 casewere cfirmed in denver.and 2 hers a buing sted. x2x2s ma eoi u w with me.. macy.. 33 epapapantpu hea says nmumpcases haven rtn e coun.. b b enhose havbeen ccinatould b r r r. ia 3f e 6 possib fectio weramonle thatat he had e shotot .he ols rs w rectltlmod to colora from m wa m havav stard thtbreak.. thehe repoed symptoms and three e 4heirds sl sick.umpss ghly contagiousnd causes a ra, feand swllsaliva glan. arhi 6 cas have been repoed
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yoarar't surerif youe protecd ait it get bld test done ny b testow tf you ill the vaccine o booste "it's rely iortant test allylyasase e e yore in d out a few minuteand you t the resultinouple days." 3 healthicials sayif yoven vavainatedur munio thdisesesecan akenitage.. is not a bad tgeboosour otot as an adu.poin liven e e roomom i'm ma egeland f@x n 33 warmrm this ween.. but st how wm are we talking? meterorogistefwomack tls usus&in tonightsts fox fas ca. tempsleant ght now s acss t t area.a rerere wag infffft t r taay from 10 ... windkda and dry conditions leadgto se bafire coitionshere's lk the e y y we up satuaylotsf suhine anmorear comewe havav the stest forerest just
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3 the f-b-s fit wi apple coulmake it'wawaup tthe supre urt.t. courtoy ple ceo tim m cook... ying the tectin willonont the vern's' demd to aes the dameanwhe... publican hopeful john ch
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esident t obama's refusal to inteteene in t fight. 3 sich kaywherers thth prpritent beenyoyosit wn in m - back room and you s wn w wh the partrts and you gegethisorked out. you don't litigatetes on the fnt page of e w rk times timesdaysgo, a federa jue dered the company toto t f. unun the berf shooter's e --ut as e ordevi t t fifth endmentsanwhile.wh use presessecretarsh rnest tingntthe phone is ariority fofou-s sasaty.. earnrnt says: "we'reng about a one that was owned not by t terrorist, but by the locagovement. e terrorisisis no longer living.g.g. and the ne t textrt asas mu itionononpole toearn a amuch as we c about that incidenenis somethg atur law enforcement ofcicihave concluded arior priority." otte.. iding cebookosofofwitter and goayy to file briefs of s sport of apple's riwit to ruse. 3 investigs say thmawho ot thrark coty
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fle p pchas legadly rs ago 3 the cocoradoeau of ststation says.. 5 5year d martin wirth.. bought the caliber rifle f fa privive sellll in ry 2012.rtrtkilled corporal na cgan and injured two other deesednesd.. in baey.. atheyerying to ser him aevicti notice.deputies fededack.. killing wirth. 3 going arouou coloradnow.w. 3 burbanver bus driver is sus oing ildren homomfrom school ile unk. drunk.54-yr-old michl hobbs was arrest yterday ter heropped 3udenen ofaisirst and oy op. chry crere school district offficl titied pice after smsmli alcohol on thth driver'sreh.ofcial blood te results won't be known for two weeks.bbs ll not be rurni twork 3 colo's unemploent rate is amowest* the couny.falling below w rceastr ----nd remaining belolotoe titial avera avagininint.right w our r ununplmee the 10th les the fowoerer hore unemoy or just parme.. atate also droed...from
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ju under percentnxn 2015 3 onon t camign trail l w..... republans artring lts -1s we n nr r petudadada tuesdadonald tru gets big fr new@wersese governrnhrisistibu-- a newlaggressi marubio his own take on the biiae.ricung t's misssslling wor on twitte..while e ump fid back. mocking bio sipping water du h h 23 state of thunion n sponse. 3 yb/ ) pesidenal candidat: : eight ight chocker marco rubio looklike ttle boy ostage,e, presidential matial.e meantotoay lightweight but he spelled it leigig she got that wro." wrong."(dondltrum (r) esidtial cantete's rubio! meanwhile.hillary clind rn sanrslso took verb spes.eachttempting ain n tion befefe the south cacalinary primary.sanders itatg his call forlion t t rease pape oher priviv pa secwhe.. inn idheheoueleasese heeechesesf ththher r
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(re sa ( prprenen candidi "mayayhat she sa bind closed is dierenenthan what you're ngngo o e ican ppl"(hilla clinto (d) presidential candide)"i think you ould be dged on what yoyove donon e new w rk t t editoriaboard which dodoed clint- backckg sandnds vote have evevy rit to know whamrs.s. clinton told the groups. ck k ke e....ents t ursy of colorad bouldede w excused from tir mterm em if theyake selfie proving they're caucususg g insteq instnearly 1 1huhured uden are schededo tata e chemistrmidterm t sa te ass the c corado cauceseswhwhh ststt at 7-m e dertmehahaeceded scheduli would b b b tmare..yingngstudents talk with their professorsrs berehaand take a selfie proving they're at the caucus -- they ll bexcud.thr final exam grade will weight more heheily me it fair. stilahead... a 1year
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afafa macas ce sa hlled hisily. mily.weteououhat haeded when n arrived.d. ust t evn nte'nd red dflagag tls us wt torepare for.. an.. atutusentd today r killing s high school twhy th vi mom says his punishment ih 3
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ishe economy rigged? well, the 15 richest aricansns acquiredore wealthin two years than theheto 0 milln people combined. i'm beie sanrs,)and i prove this message. mylan ke wststet banks ananthe ultrchchpay their fa shaha otaxes, providng wages for working people,, ensure equal p for women.thth clall contoisappe lesssse leveve the playing field.
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our next item is auine amamyour price" tothis highly sougftererevice fr p pgres n be yours for... twenty grand?o!e e gi iawayfor st 3asy paym $4.99 ps x! the lis are blinupup wewegot deborah from pghkeepsie.e. flo:yeah, , lo u ys realize anyoncae ur price" tool for fr,m,ght?[ ughing nervously ] [ piles s ines ]
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3 a 28 yeaeaolwon isow faci crimil chges afte shlegave gun convicd d felon whopen re in aory in k k yesterday.lice..rah hopkins gave 38 year dricor a-k 4e.. . a of whiche w s und with afteheled 3 peoplend injed mo thathers. ford watalal sby poliw.. a moth who lost her wishesheld trade aces with hihithat day. loretta sasawsky/shooting vict's mother: we raised a littleoyoyo be qte m that car people th's about l l i could tradede plac with him wod, i w..would.3 convicted, hoins s s a ximum penalty of 10 ars in fededel ison a aine up to $250 ththsand dololrs inassachet - a a4-yeye old student -- who raped and kikieded hh ho mat
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yes in sta psosoilipip chm rad,laedan rangleeen tztz i mes ta..efe vingg h bodto toods v vted d withth tr brancritzer's'she hearing today saying she dgu w wh the dee. we are dgusted a persally offded d th t dedens' repulsive remmonon tt colleen'n' ller bro eligible within m5 years s eref putting him back isociety y at ag29 to`ki aga. 3 the dge imposethe mamum ntence of life with papale eligilitit 25 aefo murdd 40earslus onony forape andrmrm bber 3 le firirn thlast -- but tomrow flag warng n n efejeff tells s m me t 3f ninit.....ea lows 28o 34. eastdsds q hbecong north aun10 mph a tednht.
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his 72. weststinds 1 1 15 hth gusts to arou d .satday cloudti 30orords to h s to ouou 35 h.undadaday suy. 54 to2. hwest wiarndph .s.sgh..paly cloy. lows ithe lower 30s.s.t sou 1h. onda..partly sunnnn hig 59 t t66.onya mostlyy cloudy wi 20 perernt chance of raindn sn.tlowswsthe mi20s wewe30ueueay.mostly sunny th a a0 perct chance opnow. hig47 t52 .tueay n nhthh tough
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ou. ws 26 to. . . 5555 toriy.part sunny
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3 comingp.. allelepoli reps n crime..bu even wheheeyeye pred for the rst t thedn p plusonces loomomom t tikvirunit. sewhatappeningh egna women ithu-s d...uns alwed d d c cpupupu withthollegege dean..see whatto s hioundndtx
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3 new tonighat 10... 3a a oo a a lenen anff a aho in waonon has left fifi le dd, ilung the suspe. suspspcials say a caeded polole e e mngo sasaha st hifalynd w w atening mself.f. and onon thehegoto the proptyt-the sce was grsome 3 all staedhortly aer 9 9 am thi rnwh instigatororsasaa mamaon
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polili t t tll them he had a a kle foururple.itita rr tredititstragi ththw fot riri d d d ncn#n#n#n#e e worker3r o e dealinwith that policerent sini. thtul relelelelel towatas swarmed the ruprtymptetotoototte. lilililili rao affidedee e e ene.he calme aboutut an hourgo and he had two esesndhat was and s sd nohehedododododo but 0 police say the guan stepped ode the house and kikikiimsese t down n r r rable e specececs s appere shototototototimselfurics deded e erancncanththth searchchg ththar a t external bldgst this time lice tn scscered t ctimininndndndnd iln the exexns oporty a a s a 12 year gigilice s soulu. relala t t shsotererasn't shotamnce rush to loc pil l erer
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ctesneighbors sathey heard gunfire but thatnot uvuvmmmm o in ral mason unty this crimimimimunun hbhbhbinhis ght cococoyysaw some swat teams yeand itooksk3k3k3eyey ing throh h h wowos do l l l0& owowththwas pbodydydy runnnng g through the ,p,p,p my yy/owowts ary you got agsituion gogog ononononund ur use.e.e. 3 t now it's still uncle whwther the child caped@or s frerphe gunman. 3 right no 3 at t tex -- e deanthe scscololol architectu is leavin citi "caus cry" `s . stner led thscol tecture r 15 years. t woheheheea`io o pesylv....ere gu ald on caying he can wk away peaeafully soeralig withis .. bebeefs.sverararasudududud cy sport t dean's decision.n. 33- 3eisaysys"i pu%m sion otrngo enforce a lai li o o gpmewherelsesesere i t havefefe w w wit." ."talovich say "inight
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sisi a aot of f f y y ( members will hazaztoake ep it'sbvioty dficult one." 3 ehan@the`univer pepenini of degn. 3 atea two pgnt women in ththit stes ininined with thehia a chos @c teteteatat pregegncncs.e c-c-c is n trtrljlj nininmesese ikikikik preanan ysysyswo otheromen ed misrriaias, onene vevevetht to annfant with seseououbibih defefeone delired healthba.. and anothehehe s s p pana. ththwomen cononontete e viwhwhwhtring abad.. 3 cong up...the air forc faonare ck on th@el for riootbl.sesehokokokokg e e team is gettinjnjnr r
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re3 the aiforce opening spring football practice y to and g an early ok falcons fished-6 ovall last seasov/de it tohe 4 med es b#bl.n wl..he coach troy calhn lls thspring season an excitingime"and ys ty have a lot of w players this ar..asl as playe alg from injuriesbut coach calhn is not elyng it a rebuildg 3 "yayayars u can hit express on thend reheat pretty mu everyg , we jushave w ingrs alonth thehe wacohesively thayou ha to ce together burga lili i said que inviratito have revenated crewhagets to hit reset d starover a seifhecanabe bl am 3 3 and with allhe new position fill...turning startebrie says the spririson isutsing on individu workbut al helping the newgu tranisitto the falcons prograrara
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new guys ana one of e fresan or soom t movepots and takhim der ysur wg, y he to winning,nd ltle me filomith them if eehe wittheir``play book at time time. you he to be able to go over at e drop he hat ls look athis what'sfusing tu and whenveryone ts gting better, iron sharpening iron." iron."coach lhouys team wl start pracac in fullllads tuell e practices are open to th@ @ puic to tch. w@to somcaop action...saidgeing kenn high school tonigthe grizzlies starting ffr e tip of..robyonth setting up kylee sok f the lay up.grizzlrst on the boardand fast pace momentum kepeon comg om thgrgzzliesshk again but is time she pullupor jump st and ithelping r am pull away with a onadd quter...ce again it comg go to shk showing off her drg g lslsls sting up britanan sen ..ineasi their lead
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n 76-34.wi p rrrr @pmgainin v v dg 3 notoierra ghchl .. lion taking on the wheat dge farmers at he toght..right from theta you caelhe energyki wingon the fast break an yst up for 2 points.the farmervi t bl around theval aempts s the baetut ublto coer.. the stallions defenssfocing the farms kis the ball throws q qck p ps toarrian reed who mes thehreend getsledcrowd go wil th that he would hit the free throw forhe 4 point play stalahead ven to three enof theirst quarter now ngo wi the ball ...and he la in rit buzze end thquarter.thstallis defeatheat rid 444game time tomorrow pm vmead 3 and finay...i ve this storfotwo s about an adorable athlete and two she isroneje... justikme.jesselyn i9 arold and stteboxi t age of seven...and
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74ou pheworks t fo nearly two hrs, four ds a weekshs on had one sanconed fht..which e woher fit chamsh lt jselyn is nowraining for thgolden glovearch. her coach with nearly 30 years experience says he's nev se talent with jesselyn's discipline at this age. 3 3 sticwiths.. ff hou
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3 r ...r nd wth anime.loon fews dot ve gat nig.


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