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tv   FOX21 News 9PM  FOX  February 26, 2016 9:00pm-10:00pm MST

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coor saved me, an'sna save you, too./ 3 it's a d we e n't t wod about a long time.. but t w heth offffls are rning thhe m.. ck.. 33 p\.anonoer rdere ininououererlololo thahafifi danger is ill high... . 3 cld ste in your h.whwh's befoununome sippps 3 3 ght now.3 3 state heff are urgingnglinini and hosostals e on the loout for mus. t colorado depart of@ plic health and vironmt issued the warni this w w waftete4 cases wewe confnfme dver.. a 2 2 rs are being tetd. first on f21 tht... 3 mumps is ahlagious ase that causes rash, fefeanswollesaliva glandsdsin serious casesesit n even cause brain inflammaon andndess. there'nono ce for e mubut t thbest wo prevt it ito get vaccin. th also protects against the measles and rubella.ox21's macy
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3 lui.. ehelasunty hetheptmsasahe@ haveeen noas othe mumps rted in n the county.. nver'sutbreak comeas a go remder ptect yourlf.. bse 3 3th poib itions were ang opleho havbeen vaccated. . 3 heth ffls s an who recently m mlorado fra maverted the outbak.. coloro norm smps sesein a a e ye..nd n we' lookikatat tha ..nd thehe me me wren'ev sure if theye ecd.. "a lotf peopleon't kw from t chchood etr or tir pares had d thaccinad or not," amy lllls s y lab tests offering a b test anultso if they have the antibodies they need to fi off f e pmp "i exct to see a a t mo tests done bseeoplplare very sosociencis about t g out d just," mullinsaid.thcdys colorado h t lowest t mber of kinartners s ccinated meles, m a
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scho yr.r. hla cis y i iornt toethtm anyourhe ot they saevenf u'u'u' haththvaccation.. youru immuty tt diseas can weakenith e.. buanlab stow ss theifacity uld lp youecide if y ed a boost"it'a al importantestndndeally easy e where yoyore i iand @t q a feminuteand d t th resus in a c cplda," mullins said 3 thr bld teosos9 dollars.. so far thihiar.. ases othe s have beenorted ross the itedtes. 3to the latest on t t adly shootout earlier thth we in paouy... 3 e deputyhoer n n si& fa conditi condsterererrol dede lby is being ted at t t time le m m mand g ththblic f thr ayers re askikiki for the prght w. tewas s killeded oot dnes t 58 ld main w 3 radodo s p pe eded
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warrts.ex ser, has histy of jumng over front sk couersrat hotels d reraras and stea m#mey from theh drawers.inome ... heve siracted emplo by floongg lobby bhroook. yoknow where he e e l lilit 4 70 3 a ass firer falconut so homwn ee today... 3 anwith a r r fg waing g alreadadin efffor torr.weay not be t ofhe woodsususyeyu.. 3 rtqd arouneven irty ts momoinar conanaoga and ororon wagon l... bned roirour acs... threed 1 1ures... crews were l enough to put ititut in ju u uhour d .fox/1'koko fisher joiright nowiwi e story.koko? abbie.e.e. neighboood is used to grfires.with one happenjust f years ..and they were alsoso uated duhe black st fire.e.whtodays re isn't'ts bad as that...itit dico withinthdrdr yards somme... -"cererinly concern. wind d wouod gust the flem would shootp pretty
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apprched theuld shiffromomheth to is rectioioio mos theime it loedikit w w noccccl@y@ ulshift d b, t ts diction d get t li tensns"the e n diffent fire deparentsuttingut the re thanknk t neigodod for w thehe fire didn't g outf ntro -\t>-8"so many people d wethpastes andheir lawns anangrs around the housus so silly jujujuju droppeped from ver r gh it was burningo ound lelel.the opleere ju know wt to din thi situation...cause they'v seen grass firesike this before..--"knong tt t the eb y yr th youou n'ertain gsyodon'wa to out re ming and hahanghe mer b b h a rocor whater and start firke it d d aewewears ago,so just being concis of t ent'y and thin a they areeven thoughts febary, winr ti in colo, fires n ill l hay."with reded flag rning crcws are askingou to bearefef. --on't dythi
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mit cause a splease kekeour r cigarette butts inside vih disiose#of them p pperl 3 the ofire2isis car malfuetion...which is an dent... so no one is getting tick....rerews tell me wh the weather gs like..they know theres alwayshe plity`f a don't have a tal baba.q. so they juju ve to be on highll the time. 3 other wawa andry weend... and the wind is toomeorologogt@f wockhecks inin o now he f f ft ca. 3 yeanwi leango a a refalg w wngat temps sa r 30s orss thehe are's thehecenes you wa up sarday..lols of snhine and morearto comewe have thehlastest focast just
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3 bwe t m andom who prect our commity. e a grgrp workehin scenes..hey' volueers u their fre ti.. to o make b differerce. fox2s christin widowiczellshow this volueer grp.. isoing sthat..d sang taays money. 3 beeeeetwo anfivevea week..seseolteers op theoloradspris p li dertmemes traing acemy. melvhafecaps#vunteer sincnc1997 --19 yearar"we do ater is s ccsaryfrom buding shelvhome dep u and administrativ wo.. these guys do it l. ltja andn - trai direct cspd's traing acemy"ulwould not function if weid n have volunteer cor"it's s rtrt ofof city's s rning
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safety" rath dertme sifhe luntee werttinin paididey'd'dicic me arou $dollars an h hr... this year.. e acadady has volueersrs lt.ane dede trnininiirecr r cs's aini acamyhey y erage about 0 hours a nth.""last year, vontrs r red desks anplpled bulletprprf vests...t.ane anrson tining dict for cspdraining g ademy uge cost savinf they can he f things ininead of hang to st go out anbu w thth."cspdayit's a n-win foever voed.. with ral luntrs who have behere for ar apbil swoebl - caoluner for over two s "o"ke i arard re a a lunti loved it 'cae erythi is soun eralwawaomethio dow% stay very bus" me shafer @caps volunteer nce 1999 --19 yes"is just g to work, ful buh ofplplto workrkolorris, stina dawifox21 news. 3 c-s-p-d sayshey a e alwmys okfor vontee.. a a u don'ed a l l enforcenbackckoundo join. you need i apply ononne.. we haveve link posted tthe bse f f21 d c..ussearch "cs vontr.r. volunteer." 3 how abououme good ne tonight... 3thingsgsot little y y rpart h hh
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ststen..stf... and community members shedhe hes thepnunu "baldoror buckvent.fox21' bishsh whe..she s ows just h mir w lt.. anhow w ch mon was raisese 3 -ylorrampmpt hi aving d vivg liviv. for thh yearn a row w e hoololas comtoge to and upo cancer bwwl... goinbald!
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the life and past he man o edire.. his co- workers.
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3 righgh 3li have entifiededed m o wentntnt o ooong see a cans y. killing at least three pe jujung 1hers bor he was fatlyhot a aofsay 38- year-o cedric w rved with a "protection from abuse" ordrd about 90 minutes before he arteshooting. recocos also s. he had veral otr ofnsns, inuding rglaryrynd tft in frida a a kansas. 3 ateast two pgnant mememe the it stas feed th the za virus ve ch tmimitete tir prnaies.he-c i in cocoirmecases a virus in pant menel bebe to ha ract the rusus while avelinininroad. agency leaen chose ababababtwered miscriages,.e birth to an infaserious rth des...onlivered a healy bybyp and oer is sllregn. 3 the debate conties tonight acss ame.... anfight betweethe e
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ll p..coulmake its way po thsuemcotbut on idididandite saiaiit uld be handled with just one meing at the w wte houseseso e psede leleleship on e isise?fox's keven corke res tonight t white house. 3 are a staunchocate of privacy!those the words of apple c tim cook, who totold cpany ehrs thae e&eh tan uld rest t govern'sd thth i unlockhe iphphe of onef n rnar shoots soso the i cod cess its da. hlmasaysys"tim i absolutelyige e ob isn'eang into onenph the m`is t t prececentnt delgaudio ys: "no, i d nessarily agree atle madehe right decision, ok?" while sharol sy he company'strtr he h elyoc in triri pridenama'a'fusal tototo pe intntvenen th fight.: "w's presidenenbeen? you t down in a back rm you si w wh the papas an you get this worked out.t. you dodot litigatehis on t ont pa of fhnew rk time where everybody in th wod is readingng abobo their diy launy t hehe." mcfaansays: betr leould sayo e
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entering a whole a now.'m yr r esidt, a g guara xhevacythe amer pple, the cucutythe amic opop."thpresidt, f fecs comey has beme face e adstraon's sh to get ple to comy...da o, feded judgeer thcompy to hp y's b.i. unlock the phe...t in resnsursday, plase coto cate ter- vi the cny'sirst & ent gh.and ilthurt considers apple's requeseses other tech ants... including cebook, crosoft, twitter and gooe e y they pla fililiefs fup of appls right to fuse.(earnest "we're talklklkababt a thah was owned not errorist, , t ocalalernmen e terroro longer ling. and ed to extract as mucininrmatio ssle to learn mucu#as anbohaincident i sosoininth ouraw enfoement ofcialhave concis a priory.y. orkem taple is guing thatat the goverent is seiay asng them to ea hacking proamamhat wod pact its ownpductct
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the matatr the w o esday as a house judicia heinge undndndy lll i n onldirectct comey t so apple's genal unat t whi h hse, vin coe, ,oxews
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33 heavy inllllas bn ng to opeoplen soutrn peru. p hureds of mimes suff e effefes severe floong ho . niundredomes havwatete ga.ncdedember.. ouof pia h h sufffrfrhe effts of @ heavy ra.. rainfall.the nation's army, wiid oanizions, haveeeruli to prove odth have loseifahomes hohos restf night...ea lows
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hbecomingorthro10 mph afmdnight .saturday.mostltlnny. highs 66 t72. west0 tompmpwith gtso around 35 mph..s.sday ght...mostly cloud midndnhen cleang.lowsws e mimi30 nthweinds t t15 mh guguto arou 35 mph. su highshs4 4 6 soest wiwiound .sunday gh..partly cloudy.
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ndsarou 10 mp onday.partrty suy. hig 59 t t66..monda ght.....stlyloudthth 2020ercent chance ofaid snow. lows in th20s0to lower 30s.uesdsd...mostly sunnth a 10 peenchance snow. highs47 to 5 sdight tough urayightht.pary clou. . ws 26 t#35. high to.fridadadapartly sunny
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3 gog nd theor t. a .. illouam.m.and unrentt reside inico takeook pide of lima . prrs h hlili lolov cocktas ole.e. fice responding thear s and rest my people at issue -- trpafi rtnersrsrsreenen. ich spopoy presiden obaa... torst't' only benefit aew multinatioiol rprpatio .. huing the lol job market and the's cong hasaset t tratify their coicip lotstsan asia pafi rwryrycargo jemake speccular ergeney g totoy uauanoseea the ple ilo depl -- the fcrew h h only y
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ht.none of th were rt. former mexicanan preredent visentntntx, dblinindown o his ssage rep id canda dal nwork maa e idt on her sho offering him thehehance to apolize t t frontrunneake cl)fox ys: "wre n n; i am n going toor t tt fug . amototnd h hsh hat d i'not g iziz 3 st nht.. trump saiat walljustot t t ft taller abbieie 3 still to comtoghasox newswsnine repuican front runun rereives big e eorsement from aorriva pviprid contin rally spo for rts s pance research and f fdingnd o whatis sayg no
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on'tusussee any fish sandwiwi alver's weerveild-caug, north laic c thth cod gron war that icold, cln and prne,
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d th comes through in fish. thise wawe sp it to yourtaurants. it's'sot pre-breaded. notnly doe e e hit qualitcod,d but we slllland-babaer o-fashioned w that'semarkae. d wehinke e e ththbest fi fet sasawichecauf .
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3 in tonight's health alert... 3 psisioe bid viting the huntsman canaer initutalke city today.sitting
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ite house's e ar initie toto cure caer.anthis is onal for r biden..he loshis 46 year sosotorain ccer in0- 15... experts at t c cter are deveveveng tt to tect mutated genen icacaer tient's d-n-a..sohat searchers canabuil personalizedrerements ents. 33 chanan the bin csed by obesity harmoryr reserecruited fift papaants between the ages ofn@hnirty-fe wpo haa bo masasx beteeen eien and a b-m-i of thirty i consed obese.paipants completed memory tesver a two dayaye.and researchers fofod partrtants wi a higm-i rfrfme poorly onhehets but did t orm m t diicultyf e s inde te neshe e nonecessarililki a ca tt erweht peopl ararreorgeul..bu ggest eifindgsgs m anhat incoleter edemorieof pre influence their ereating. one daafter o-p deba
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3 the camdates back caaign til ...d backckn offense ..f trtrth a major ananunmentdays ahd d supupupuesdsd. meantime...llary intotoand bebmie sandersrs acaing much re civil heading intnt sarday south cina deic primary. 3 x's$joel w t tess thtxe 33 a miliar f fe,acon the mpaign trara, jt for day eyoverr chris chslieieieinhis ort behind t t candida leinthrepuicanace. christie says: " am prto here to endor donald trump foprpridenof t it stas."e dorsesen mi jt fouraybe pepeesday ......enen- quarteof the 123legate ed twin the p mitionon an th .dald p showg hys eciatihe trump says "this ian enenrsthat really y an a t."e prprsu to o&rforor well "super r da ... a b b reason marco rio a a ted cruzageamed dona tru ng lasasnight's debatete ... delivering evemore sthg insus totoy.ubio says "we cannot aow the conrvate party y be taken ery
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ma it clear rubio was ed to switch cig s bee ti w nono johohon "i k bica fla,a,rion iife can ep u uththtaon trumw successful trumpsushback on himwith 2,383 delegates needed to n thdemocratic n#nination -- anb 53 0n the line in th socaronanarimary turday hily ton n taed about theof each ery vote.linton ys "it io& t m m importt ections we have had inealay longime." ldma(on cam tag)g)ayay piteev mocraticicaucuand prar hililry cnt is lding g leadver bern sanders tate e t . ing m m me than shon, 3 joel waldmananfox news." surf's u uhe hawn n la islas.which nite means so hor e competitots.@e'r'r ttinthach te fows at ne ctinu
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anthe r force lc arck oe fo spng ftbalalsehow e dereadadr a new seoniss ext t
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3 ishecono raggegeweth15 rhest a ans ace wealal in two yearsrs than the bottom 100 llion pe combined. i'm ie sanders, and i approve messagef lan -- makel streanan d e a-rich yaei sre of taxes, ovidliving wes for working people, ensure equalay for.
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wvethplpling fielwiour lpsisi w33 it is n for tky untain hondaealers spos port... thaiaiaircenininspng fofolle to fansns a a mget an early look at xt sson.the falcfinished 8-6@rall last seaean ananma it tohe forcowl. bo cchroy ca calls s e spring season an " exciting tand d ys they aot ow playerisis well lalars aling from injiesbuach h h lhoun not e callili auildinar "yayave e ars pes yon t preshe microwave, aeheat pr ch everythinth togeererwe just have so many new ingredies alg with thehe y cohehevehave to c ctogeer b aga likeke sd its s vigorating he a renated cr that gets to hireseanstarovov and
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team."." 3 3 and wi all these n positions to fl.n.turnin stararr brbrksays th spspng s sis about focusingindu worort` al the ns guys tranisision to t falcons prra 3 ouavto take ot w gu andnd of th fresr phor that t ve s ststsnd te hiundede yo win you have to wiing, spetle time the filroomith emf theyd help with their play bobot titi te. havavto bebebltoover at t f theat ls s ath whatonfusing tu and whenonstar gngng tter, s4s4libin ararng iro iron."coach calhoun n ys the te wililstar i i ll p tueayale acs are op to thth pupuico comeutuvndat. and d e votes are .(gianan infantino swierland is the new w fa president after wiwiina secondunvote infantino t 115 o& the 2 votethe 45-year-old nera secraryrof eururn
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straighthtifa presidenom thehiss alps area.he plac the9-ar-pp blter. 3 noto ggets dlas ght taking othe mamas. e comimi@d@dn to tire.e. ing overtimfinana score mavevecks 122 nuggets 11 now somlol hoop tion..mesa rge taking g kekekeigh schoolight grizzls artiti f ft om thtitioff...robyon sth setting up k shookok fhe laupgriries first onhe boarandnthat ft ce t`on comininfrom the grizzlshook t t tshe pulls up for jump shot anm s itlpin hete pululaway wh h one lend ququterf..on aiomg wn to`k owowg off r drdrblininn skills and setting up p an olse..increang t t l 20o 3 er the cmaers finanascore ladylies win 4. they ll py morrow at 2pm against t vist ridgdgdg 3 notoierra gh schoo thstalalontatang on e t ridge ers he tonit.righghghom ttart yocan feel theney wio on t fast k d
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farmers mohe b witheremhe et bble ert. the s sllions fensnspupuocg the rnrns kiki gets the ball tprowsws quickass torian reed who makak the three a a gets fledcrowd goes w wi that oneheouou hit t ee throw f t tointlay stons aheaseven t end of the@irstuartrtow wingo wi theal...ananhe la one in right at buzzer to d the e te.thstallion de wheatat ridge 4 444. me time tomorroro7:00pm v vmuad. 3 she wajust a ttakeke this old thing to thmp.. t 's reay go thing she di't..
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3rest otoninit...clear.s 28 to 34. eaea windsp to 1 mpmpbecocongorth a10 h aftemiight .saturda..stly su high66 t72. stinds 1 to 1mpmpwi gusts tarou
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ght...mostst cudy un dnht thecleangnglowsn mid 30 nthst windsds 10 t15ph w wh h sts s armph..sundada..mostl sunny. h4 to 62. sohwestswis arou10 mph. .sy night.....rtly udud n the lower ndndn2mph. .mondapalnv 59 to 6666da nighdhstlyloududwith a 20 pce chancnc@ainand
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wer s.s.tsdsd..ostly nny wi 10 0 rcenancece ofnow. highs to 52. sday nxhr uray night...partl clouws6 35ghgh55 to 62.2.y...partrtunny. highs 55o 6262 3 no.. 3 a virginia ght no..
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t now.....3 3 a rgrgia wan and heraby e alive t t than t maress.totoad th easteday.. leing deatand stctn n n ir pat. pas.appomamaoxox count inia.. wasasas oth rdest hit ar.d onm isretiti an d ttre.. h shshwas su to tata the.wi saving hndea ololught. tty saya: "lititallye k k n e thf s were` go and i tucbeneath e
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reallyly tigand y please pleno,nno tottsays: azing that al w wd ckck up evererng and didn't pipi up this lsy old matess. ttresstos h# ststar. rnadoes kll t people e in virginia. 3 we he a sasaty a art toninit. 3 a coegon is ing abt worldwide problem... r theyoundolinheir ils sippy cup.kaerinin kisiel repor on the brand der con.. arright/ concerned mothth) thatas really gross to me. my gis have been inki outf thisoror nths and i hadn't kn abt .rah ight 15onth oldwin dahters been@inng of the. popndol pppsps(sarright/t/ ned mother) d i alys arodutututut t y t's wh senes.on dnesesy, h hawaw stur stotoine abou mold gstk stpers of thth pticula brand.(sarah wririt/onrn mother) en hcame he la night, he tohem open the mehing(concern er) just disgust, i me i obablyoun'n'haha bght thlmlmlmcly,f knew thehe
9:48 pm
i wawalike, oh m mgosh i can't belie e e us sting inndnde s s sed that i iwoulev bth muche milis rried ouououins' hh.(sarah wright/ ernemoer) kidsdsinda hing ldely, we mbehawhy or are theyngm this? beuse we'vonly th for four months.the coan tmetiee, is aw situa, respn its cece gegellg cuomer they'll reive ent parts.anth it plans on reinodt, which wiavaible a c c c onthnats are you being shy?but sarah ntntrentto know abobo ts,ow.(sarah wrightconed moer) otreres, theids mighthetti sicicre si frothe ndhat' st hor thsucameo e compmptentntn en womaadadpostst on febook.erer d
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3 any of us prepare ou i iperfect time to msure your financl hohoisde orde.we'll bring g g yoso eas ake ititimpler... mingp... an.. whw knespwas s a budingng bckckor bridges?
9:50 pm
3 tonight swcho ntk pris, angesame grehanncable gigis you,withththhaving to deal able yes an and.d.e's wholhome. plus ts ofn demaions y y canatch whatever, whever. yes d?d? why doou gs ep sayayg that? it's theheirst ruleof iv. by sin"yesesmd," accepeptprealy crea our cedy partrs, paul yes, r rht, , ow. ou feel like e ywood insider
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3 hot ots. enengiers lite rock arkrk. are buildi ids..of s s.'s " "alalpart of titialee weekek s smade bridgdg he noodles.. weieit- st the tirreaking pointsthchleng design to promotning about civil engineing. so of wod'to surfercompetetngone hawa most prestigi bpg-waveurngnte e iksilverer eventntntmemory e eikau.. is on hd weswaim bay a forr..icic sn't h hned nce 200909
9:53 pm
in the organizers s ock oua three month windog from decr to fruararand f f a pacif storm.ey gotheir shshs yeanan video shsurfrfs going g bi. anlling hardere are repor of ous spring is in thef air in many s of theountry it' timeo spce up ur nances. 3 fofos gerri willis sws us how ett done. 3 spriperfect timeo taketo oyourinances. making changng b bore e d t tax yeacahelpou cacamake the mt your money.ur firstteis eam any bad credit. gibbonsays: it'seally important th y a) know atour credit score es, th y try t/tboososo get it to at 740 l l or hiki, and at youhehe ov yououcrcrit r prty careful wh a fine tootmb to ok f errors."ext,et yr smne work r you. jum on t paperless bandwagon gibbs sa: there'evevnote for example for r youres,- foyour receipt forou phot. ths coupononherpa fofol youcoupons th mahave in`a eror ample,hose newsp ipngs. you donoteed that
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url paensystem a lot of fol araadvante owatat to takeut for home imemt projectso ost the lue ofof me.bbons saysa t of people tually t tha novating t kives . th t biggest banr th bu, t zillow da actuly ows thatovating the bathroomoms ing to givyou biggesturn on yo stme. so/ ke a funconing g il, tutu it into batm.say g/odbye any failedtos s instments. wle yououe ininon to the stinkers you'reresing t tpportunity to m me money elsewhere. gionys: : y portfolia little bititututf f whac a a y too h hvily weiged i icertn n sects for r example? you s sul realloting youportfolio o o le times aear but would tual take a a a rious look now b bause we have bn upgainose seous s latity.not l of thinrmion t you is ptn evititeport. if youe okg at cnging your mtge or getti a an, chk evy ed reference agcy - including exexri a eifax.inewew
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bubuness. 3 you don't hear this all th time...stamp prices will be going wn. do.ndut wy' will soon kosu ulessssssinup.... 3 33
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3 3 inonht's busesne.. 3 e pre of a first class stamp ll soon own... and t a promotiol gimmick. giicback in -14...e s postal svice w wranted ttearily intampris ....bu ehhiasont upup a a price drop ts year surchahais april 10th.that mns the cost mailili a one ounce letter ll drop from 49 to mmcial pces wiwi decreaea. 3 ma's is chgingtstsoun pocy.threill no longer aept coonon, whwhh
9:59 pm
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