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tv   FOX21 Morning News  FOX  February 26, 2016 7:00am-9:00am MST

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webeht3 good morni.welcome to fox rning is iday... february 2 2h.i'kimber pce pricicd i'm craig coff.
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3 to policnow... and las night't'g-pridential deba in xaxq"cility" toto a bk kt -- as thehe maining cacaidesated it o o for voteses voteteth as donald tru's rivalsls try and sell finana messe to sup tuesday message thonaltrump is not thway rward.scsct mcan has mor theiery th guy's aiardonald trp took iomg fireorofof the ursday n nht debate. marco rubio had been avoing g rongttttks agagaststst reblicanan front runner for mont.buon the stata i a a changed he hadn'inte200 miion dollllu know where ldldrump would be right now selling watches mamaattan...this washe final dete before almost 600 delegatego up for grabs super tutuday.trurp's other mamamamaal ted calso went the offenvevegainsthe billllnaire..turna five n debate io 3 man gunt..everytimimanyone record whaaion national television donald yeliar - me tell you soone lsely acng somemee of lyis itse
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does daily.trummeanwhil fering aexplanation as to y hehen't yet releasasis x returns - which beca a hot issue afafr mitt romney suggggted wednesday e documemecoulcontain a quote e "bombshell."i will luly givmeurns but i'm audidid now for two three years so i i can't do it until t tee yeaea so i can't do it untithaudit is finished.cshot bby saying if trump claims he's being audid -- that ould adadgency totoelease docunts.e e ruruo o o said they uld release new tutus wiin the next w days. 33 r "devg st.. the man who fatally shot a colorado's d dutd ded o othersrs- have kiefore. 3 58ear-old mamama wirth w aqaqf lling n duriririhess gammre tn
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thcoloradoan r r prosecutors clajajthe two p argng iide s neigor's houser a es game..irtht toto revolver. wirth teified sang thean *provokeded omomomtside --nd then n lunged for his g g..wirtshot m e in the chest. rsold newseyere onic a the verdt. just th w.. s kill in n n n tototo with park coty sheriff detiti--when ty trieto rve hian "evtion ceporal l tete rrig also mami scr amira...a gu opened fire indede k ksasauring plananthuruday-- k kling t t t t t t pepelelendininveramo morerethitits .. thehe shootingngppen around the excel industes plantn the town of n.n.e susuected nm- o ce idens s e e e e plee -- lalar r r r kiolol bytiesesliayayay thererareaur* cren- ininudth
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lot...aynterefctioio. intersthe unty sheriff scribewhat happens a ble dede". s st t igation willlllle timemederal... s ste locacaies s aral investstststexcxl l dust mamas wn m mers s d d her r f cacadp. 3 3 now fothe u akerseaka[@of ing*g*g*g*retoto cocor- theexplodidg r-r-g e"e" sue"a rertroro scienen anortgomtttt inocockakakakainast 12ararhoho anofffals s araredata oninoro qlitynd stin was *mapulad* to dede prms.s.sthnananaad hiwasafety nis.hehe fective aiag plode -- s met ments yiyi-.-.whwhwhcaca cause seris jury or r oncune in rppopo s an niifie rataananer" "teinthe e enioce presi of quasraatat prli to e`
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mit "viioofir moralio ect ."trrent t ca w afctstminsnshihi here inhe 3 right w --aking ws around colororo.e stat pnatatisismong t t *low in countr countrfederastattics owl.. colo's ererererer unememoyate f 4 4 t yea and " remainelheheatna erirachete unplme re was e 10th lowest in the c uny.the nvnvt`res. colorado "bor un- derutizaon"nte f%fl om almost-a a hf rcenin 20-14 ... to just t der 8- percent in0-. . 3 at rate incles uloyed, partimwoer-- w wan *fl-t-me* work. it ao includes pplwithoujob who haveoughwork in the pa year...ut hav *stoed* acvely looking. 3 inhos "roa rert..i-70 tou glwood cn is now
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buranspoion offials e rning drivs to expect t deys delace cars are leading trafrouge ca and pairs lll ctmnue`over the next mona 24-mile stretch of the h)hhway between glenwo springs andsum s down uary 1h after mbr rocklide. bor thze of small car en craed ia uc.. but lucly -- no one wainjud. 3 3 in thimoins "business news..pueblo memorial rpt isnveing revaons i ternal... ticketing booth.. d restaunt. restrantaiort is ping to keep gro... d mag more recentlre- newed s partrshiwith great avia -- offer hts fr p denain. again.airport official its a more "convenientto connect flits arou world. 3 "you kno. not just f out ofueblo.. bupueblo hasn asset.. d its e pulo airport.. anso we'rerying rive trafficn genera from just morese of the rpor. so be looking for
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mit be cing. ming."pueb3 pulo memorl rport hong me and re people co check o tir n look..nd take advaage of th"aviation bar and grl" located ju inse the term if you think3 the esidti re tough... wait til you et
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ndwih y.
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mimimimimimimimimi0-0-0-fidadadadada and ... nextxtxtxtxt 33urur
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3 3 3 ... yo next weatr an affic upda in abou10- trfic up wea a..
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est eru nst the pafic partrs qeementuvit. vid isegr ujujworlisis mornin otrsn ina toils olice.e. ce rpo wte -- arrestetemany of em..opnents of t-p say ... e ade agreememt will onenit a afew* lti-national corras ... and urt* t lal job mark andd eorment.peru congress yet to rati its partipation n the rs 3 nene- polls are open iiran for untvy's s rlntars -- with nrlli iranians are eligible to ve. irians a alsvo for the assembly of expe whh a cdy empowered tohoe thehcountreme leader. inviderere- as tsansi ayrgo je a eclar emgencla ghe
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thfligig crew d ly the ar wheels to touchn!on 3 people were the flight. none of ere rt. 3 nexth%avrainakak tolln@pelelehern pe- asundredof famies auffee fects ere fl. locadisa rain ll f east 1hours...900 homehavetainin wer 3 3 'slection time for onen sml l l e kes peak regio gionond their candideses aranytngut "dinary". 1'macy egela has t t story from divide.e 3 "w"wve h 3e'veotes fro beraal car aiaireds of votng in n thth4 leggedleers.. l rug r rce curnt
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ca a wf, dkey and dgehog a all hopg ick yoyoe.but they'r leing their campaign mana do the lking.. . "i k she'thonlydida o's. bor we're wnte to pduce bibih ice (lghs) istiust,oc campaign mananer sd.each animal repsents a diffen mpanor oanizatand theyll he a ssage to shar like focitawho was born in coa ricahout the use of her backlegs. brght r ck here w w shgeng g. she was b be okpe y maeen rnh oan sort becau`e`ees dol,us. wicuans.. ititl rghe. " rit htht veryonth's a baala' manageraiai"he e ntedo o t of rsing mone hp th fodaon cindyost, pean camign mager sa. e has wave optptis despits phical li fthndow ki's camign nager . athiivbuno mr whu oose thell all appreciate your vote... becauseach o costs llar and a the mem gooward lping melelel ts at`erount gion animal sheltetea small ruraelr, wly smany in our commit that c support us,s, einbeisaidididibubuwith thousands ofot comimg in
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polician new tle i lping hund of he find t fev homom report divide,acy egegand fox2x2wsws 3 the shelter oped i00... and riititto ab50s s ca cats'dot ad to theiwebs. t-cras do d#d othat's t-c-r-t orpoclclose apri5th.
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m hilly clinton and i approve this messa. helife's whas beenut breaking barris. and wouou her prency. whh is whyr americic who's not bebe at they're wth.h who's held back by student debt or a s stem m lted againin them- ane e o many of yoyo s s undndstands that our ununreach it'sntial... un w` al. tother.
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3 for y'33 r t day's kft nter... in tmall orego town osters ...... amamica's t eer has
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or what the wld is a beerpa?'s a chance to ak i iopta bnd be....hoand baey .a owner sa a bath ibrews good f you... hping witaheand ins. s. nextcalifoiaiaouple has just celebebtep toer as shudndnd wife. shevick is andlorenc shevick@is .ey in chicagin the 19-40s0s.. aov tl the story out the firstime they cnectedn a a roat. ed was sent totoig in rld war two.o.ile heasbway...
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wewe.3 they ate theirgety to the fthey follow th me ritual every night... kissing eachore bed. the happy couple says they've walked hoh hds nea y dadafor the st 70-years. 7p-years. 3 nall.. take lot is kitten witita mustachen liforn. calirniaia"dapper tttt wafoononion bin n anhas w w nm ray to "internet ". star".now she g the tritional l d me s n... . shsh dy fdodowithay
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3 he's story this moing g th wl make you.... saaaaay whaaat!?!redents ofne califofoia cmunini cn' bebeeve theiwhwhh what they tug was a tiny u u uoaming&t&t arere the "prerey pony" wasn't quite at people thought -- id* lead policicon a chase they won't'tforget forget.take a look -- as ppk nelson shares this sty. 3 this is julite-- she looks moreike soing g u'd a failele t tn on a farmrmshs to five ar oltuboos (se).at boaugherndraoo"i love my po.//bd to"she likeapes a a carro horn on julieteakes a chils e true-- e pereal lifi unicn n atakesivin popoicture
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"she g aaid a d then 40 shshllt out ofhe guy nd andhen e runned awa" pesele dng davenenen2 inhnerncs call 9-1 wi an unlikely story-(ofc. sh mcconnell/calornia highway patrol)he callslser ming iasnico nunng ararnd out there othe y."icorns a mythical creatures-- people don see them-- jiette lived up to the legend.leadadg the nia a highway and eaenen oa chasas lasted more an threeeeours drdrboulit`ner)asunng a muck in up o ochardsith so e blmso e kindf bleneninh thener ll a s noteal sohe t tneneouto b hihan n i igined."a"a"a bizarre-arararfor juette's's beststrid.(tatum osauersands) s s s s twe had t catcher in tark."wititit e c-c-c-helicopter s sning its spotlight-- nee pardy
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thre oldriends of juliette.(nene pardcacaured jultte) "they had juette)"the had mere end i id of just walkeof y hohoe and she followed anducly anothth rchch dent tlpet u uonhe proptyxand g h into clospot."(sana bo/jieiee's owne call c ce out hern was in cto" and i ink as tetee theittionas i ink wheheomedic relief that t s nene at thth ti a laughed a i irieded d i thanked d.'witbodo hurt it's fairyte ending for r is p p- t acrding to sheas s se exaining.(.(tum bo/dauersandra b bs) heheotd a timeubecau was ing a bapony." 33 anothee may galize recreational rijuana. mamaana.fifi out aboutew bibiis b bng introduced that could me this poib.
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died veters getting a chceo t the e opes.this anrere newmaking heads... when wen!
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's also o e only cdidate to oppose frkingcaanger r d2dnng wat d threaten our clilile ndhae mo feag igmate chaan d a clean ergyute. rnrsrs people befe poers.
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3 od morning.welcomto f 21 1 mornghnews.itfray... brurry 2 .m m erly price
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time nowke e eook at whwh'saking headsethis
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33fighters wlleded i io ptiononteay -- after a broke out near calhan.the fireta around 00 in rfoon -- burng moror than 1 1acre fhterebebeb blto p it out pretty qunoneast. 3 ne... a closca f one missriighw patrol ooper er his patrol r!w!s sisiswipa trtrtor r.ckily -- no e was jured ever -- the car is likely totale. drdrer of the trtotor t s isis catio ... bi cosby *dr a a demaoiawsu ain a woma-- whoccused of f m drging her back in the 19-9- 80's'scocot recocoshow ... y dropd dpe e e e la nst surmodelel bever johnsothcomedian's's attorn say..e de the move to focu his defense in "criminal c i peavia3next.... iversityssou p caut trying to intimi sts s ngng campu protisow outf a jo ersity'sf ratorsrs tfire melel k.b s s h s enharged witthird degree
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sor cmunica wasese ovideo lastal asking for "muscleto get rid of a a v veoournalis rmony y be thet stat toegize "rececatio mariana use".the e e e senate passed a bill -- woalw adulul 21 and d would alloa ll -- that te psed the stste use". marijuanus.the state would allow 2 2and oldedetoe to one ou ththll also ws calders to@o *grow the bill now h to the house judicrye -!- r ral asseselyurns 3..rgat alififni offerg g disaed mility vete a chance@thit thslopes -- as rt owintereramfo vs and tir famies. e m allowsitary memewomen t/ feel the wind the fac...and hopefu ergem a veifcu apteir 3 is sunday. wll lea( whwhh ofofnment's finest" will take home an oscar. oscar.thers a loof talent out ere eaand right nono..phielam haa eview.w.t. mothonrapped in
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irisimimimant fifiinlove and depes - "broly)a froien n ekg re..ats - revevent")")m""brooklyn" and "the revenant"us ththe of theilominated r picture at t` emy ards.the leo ca-led d is at the top of t heawith2 minatitiothehefilms in the nt for best pie include "theig s s," "brge sp" "mad: furyd," "t"t mti," andlilit" in o othe tighst r inaraptory.(mahew onexece editor, the llywooreportrt)"there are porter)hlywo edititi t t belli/ecute e atthew oscar tightest races in o oar history (matth belloni/executive editor, the llywood reporter) re are legitimately 3, mayb4,otenti best piete e ers, so very raouome e t tth la envope,nd peopl t kn envelope,nd d to tt t rare u co s, sy y s s piure maybe 4, penti letima 3, "there are legimate 3maybe 4, poteial best pre nners,o 's v vre y come dn to that st envepeananpepeleon't know what's going to happen." ththbeststctct category is fu of list talent like yayacranston for "trumbo," ma damon forthe mamaia" michael ssbender forstste ,"," last year winner 0 eddie reneneneats*- this time for "the dash girl."but the focus on capr andnd
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can.(ken baker/chief ws correreondent, e!)"i ink the academemrecognizes the e ct thahahe h h not had onand had so many close calls,e's had manyr peormances 3 am, cnn.ephanini3 elcnn. 3 we will ve me foyolive
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-d you fd everything alght y? -iid, thk yoenou gethe new & &wardrd card fm m & you'll d dr how fae rerds up. ithehey wato on t this bu youan g g mor ha reree fo, fdrks, and fs.
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and stt t rding g urse with more today. w & th 40 me of teet s from centuli a family ofour c all b onlit e sa time, sting,ing, ownloadiovie yeahthththrnet'satat but i ink handndpnt littltotofa ah,that w wki.. ch pr ththtwo-beara, immegls,justles-r kiing.d/ yemi theumpledcrazy une ok. . beul giatttttt 's the essence o fefeikhollywd ininderr
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3's aoto round utrnolad thiseend. ennely0000tudent meerer aty mberere e aving th heads todafor baldoruc. the evevt at rampt hi hooln colora sprgs artit a-m. m.e moy raised gilgo to the leukia and la cicilast yr... ty edorth 33-3-ousand dolls... d thisear ey're hopi to brk k - ousasa 3 also c c-p-d i "takinthe plunge" in 20-16 polar p@unge for special olympics -- - ai money.. starts at 1 ..ak acat morl parkt maketotoch. yo caso c-p-d" o oin-- " olympicsrg." 3 ot nto bully aot especily a vsion th re reviews r itities. its.t osepor -why itad t po.. shod... teed- w f
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mpivnew rsofhe aobot,) unilhasthe lignc*us(trevo , e dailshow utt'inst s obs opleanlyre ah, e n 10yearth scene i inintoininob ven ofofoots, deta ts.nd it's no just physical,t nt rt hocy icic taunted anteas...ts ter r ingnch nice b o& lift te thob d she it, m here wr atns sualizedobobevge scenarios.and this isn't t t firsmemehe h hhly regarded company boston mimi hasteonof crs.(trevor noah host, the dailshow) "w u hh a rob nne mow york uallthere is afectly go reasofor this rob abuse.e.when most robots fall down, theyan get bup. ththftenavavav be caied offorepairbubu new s s foo anwah acon and ght stumouli bilosesee tven ten. th's a v vbig de. en iv one cer noted "s mi home fr bar la(jeannos, w rk) est you think the girutal bullies lacking y humor."this was lasts chchstmas gree from boon
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mer wh even rmery.y. rdby.ief f ogis in chambere baba th y ur wehe.. when return 3 but firs he ararlast ghs winng cash 5 and pick 3umrs.goodk!
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3 3 3 ..yoururext t ather and trafc upte i iabout 1010
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next item a guine"ne ur" tool. this highly sought-after deviceom progressive cafabe youou foror.en grand -no!are giging it away for juju 3 easy payments of $4. p ps tax! the lineseare blowing ! wee got debeh om poughkeepo:o:ymno, itit flo.
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[ pickles es ] i know, it l)l)l)lthey're e on tesion.
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for day'friday f fcks. 3go of egegt" aiybg in "gods of 33 in "egypt" a a abg thf enliststthe hef thul eptial god hos ovthtlw a werful deity. deity.the film stars gerard offrh...nd
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eatototo"gs of ep" ip p ted pg3 3 3 3 3 we'l right back! f legiance.
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cacandh to 33 3 3ninghomomto 2 moininnews..... fefeuaua6th.i'm craicoff eyand i'kikierly price. price.
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3 politnow... last night'g-o-p esiden
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toto back at -- ashe reininincandidesattled itut f ves. tethis a ado tmp's ririlsls try and s sl a final messe th dald d trtrp not ththway foard.scott mcan has me on thehehery dete.. thih g's a chokertrtd thth guy's a liardonald tru tooming fiucof the uray night debate. marco o d be aing strorottacks against the republicannt runner r mohs.but on t stage in housn...that all cha. hadn't inherited 200 million dos u here do trump wouldlde ght t t now w llintches in was thehehe final deororalmost 600 delegatetego up fograbs on super tuesday.trs s4s4r main rival ted crurualso went he ove agast t t biionaire....tuing a five man debate io a 3 man gumeme....evyte anyone point donald's actual reco sonon tision dold someonfalsy accusing somee ofyings itit a a e and its somethg donald does daily.trump mewhil ofringn n planatataso whhe hasn't yet rleasas h x rern- h became a
8:05 am
ggted wednesday the men cod d ain a que "bombshe."i will solululy g ge fetur but i'm beg audidifor two or thr years`si can't ititntil the ait is f)ni cruzback bng trump p mss beg audite--hat shshld add urgenc relse the he and rubiba idhewowod release w returns within theext few ys. p3 w foeveleling sty". thman n o fatatey shsh a wound two ot -- - have ki before. 3 58-year-d irth was uied of killing a ma dudu chess game dung of killilias aquitd mart wirthyear-old re. 3 ha killed othe -- ma wounded two deputy and sheriff's colado fatally sh a the man wryry.. "d"deloping nofo foing stor.... thn o fatally ot loradohe%py y wod two othe -mamahave lled before. 3 58eaead ma wirir aqtted of killg maduri aame moha 20 yearsgon rtol e colo reported -- prosecutors aimethe o rergui inse hi
8:06 am
game... ath lef ged a relver.rwirth teified that the man *prov* him utside -- and thenenen ng for his gun.rth shot m m twice the chest.. chest.jurors td e ner.. . wer *conflted* abo vet. justhis wee.. lln n shoooout wiwi parcounun sheri's puties-wheey ted t t serve himianicti noti." cral te kerrig also @ ded in the cident. 3 3 king more news acrs amarica...a an oped fire insideansas s mafacturing plant thng people andnd authorities .. the shshtis s pped arod the exceindustrieslala i totohessn.suspecte guan -- - o lice@ idenfied as xc empleee-walatekill by ahoties.police say... the ar lst *four* crime scen- ininuding the excel plan.. theacilits parkrklot.....nd t t roadway rse intions.the county iff describeat happenededs a "horble ".lso sa the investigatwill tom time".federal. s ste and locacathoritieall investigigduries
8:07 am
"turcare pdu. 3 3 for r e u-s lawmaks acse taka of akinin test resultlt coveup the "explodininai iss issue"e"dda po from th nate commerce, science a a portatimitt ces ternaluments fm ka in tt t ars.they show compofficials guedhat data on "inflaququy ynd testing"as * *puputed* t hide ps.tional highwatraffisafety ststtionays... the defective e e rbrgs coul exple -- sendidi metet fragnts s can cause rious rydeath. deate docucu in the report sws an "u"untifieie takataananer" telling g e enenr ceresidentntnt qualitassu... . thth opedlilitation t tthth scope of a 20-13ba ght viiohe ral on t tot the publice currenrecall noafcts millio of veesererhe u u.
8:08 am
unemoymentatisismong t* in the cotry. untry.del satisti sh ...olorado'avavage unemployntate fell below 4 4 4 enst year -- remain below theatl f the state's unmemeate was the 1010 west in n n e denver postsreports..... rado's "labor derutilition" rate f fl l om most 9-and h204 j 2 the includes ump papapaime workers -- who want *full-titi* also ininudes pjo o swork i stpt year.n.ut have *stopped* ti loooooo. in this mog'g'g'g'"roa repo"...70 tough glenwood c cyon now re-opeto two-w traffic but,rapoation n fial are wainivertot delays. delays pace c cs ararading trbffic through e canyon. d irs will continuovovhe neth.2424ile stc
8:09 am
glen springs and gyp wawashut dn februaryry5th afmajojorock sde boululr ththsize of a sml car evenrashed into a trk... b luckiki -- no o o o 3 this s morning's ins ."."lolo m m mial aiait eiling rerevations ermina eting booth.h.and restaurant ste airport is hopi to keeprowi..and ke tralling more rent r wed its rtrsp with great lakes aviatiti -ffs igs f om po t t ver r ain.n. rport fifials ita re "nvient w" to. nnect tothererli ound the wld. pueblo memorial@rt ihohong mo a morpeopleome checout thr lookok.and kedvantage of th "a"a!an bar andngrgrl" cated inside e e termin 3 as "brons nation" itfofo peytononion" waits as roroos 3 3 as "oncos tion" wawas for peyt manni d dision... we've`heararwh heacoach kubiakhis of the quterbrbrbsitun.
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jo elway- onanningngnd we'e' highlighthsier boyrsrsy basketll t tm -- ing g anotheate title.orts is next- live he gold rododown colorado sprirgs!! 3 3 ... yourexweatr and affic upte in n 10- nute theconomy rged? ll, 15 riche americans aciredore e alth in two years an theottoto 100 lln peop combinene i'i'bernie sde ani apprpre th messasa my pn -- makel stet bksks and the ultrrich pay their fair shaha of taxes, pride e ving wages ccwowoininpeop, ensurerequal pay foromen. thlassll cone to disar unless we l%vee ayafifid.
8:12 am
's time e w forothe rocky
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timeow 3 minutewein about 1fic update weath . . youou nene weather and traffic
8:17 am
3 's timimw for the ck moununin hondaealers spopos rerortrt.a the n-l oung cbineundedeay --ith 0 pcts okok to achve their n n-l dream 4- but fothe broncoco i i ses its hard tthinout sc- a pple really wt to knois if peytonan will reti or ay another year. john elwayay aressed the media agon's eth h ytytytple ts a ae d good talk. d as i said, aft the ga we're gnanae e him mu time ase neededan stilnes me more timemeso wee a ford him t tt time's dved at aft 18earsthiseague e be able to, aord him that time f fure ouwhat hwas 3 meile -% manng not the on manning not meahilele meile -- m mngng t onlyocus.. 3 as onow e e e cos an t holdffopenegottion wjuartba bck osweij untilanniad
8:18 am
fure...liliee or stayit team. "w"ware not in rush lili you said there is 12 days s dodot feel like e are in a rush there swewewel ntinue oe peytonhat nd cocoinueo rk with k anget mething ne with ock." brock."elway sothth am elway also 3 ya the team in disconwi a new dl for von er... feels abt hothings areoing... anare very hopeful they will get somethindoneoon. 3 the bobo varsike team aerer higscsc is riring hh agn --fter shinin--d-0 condeaso rowown metro agagnow w hehave r eyesocused on winnnn hestate titie...andp x2alalonasangelo was thhe team. and tel us more. 3 rdy f fhelayoffs ocedming into thasalseas the stallis re lajeled as s yog teamast yearteam filled with seninis thisear
8:19 am
aruprothe jvqus yearalseonhe sio prineiskl to eir r opponents a g tetend we fi le wean se noise the offso re reaor itowowg th eerience pesn't alwa mter on baba crt"aot of people@bts, a a our leag and if we could j jt t toto ste and w it t would change eryone's peective oitthe boys baskball tm hasn't wonon attle sie 20... th'rraedumbebetw g into t pyos.6t headad coa t dn has ngboutanki"ihi its s bececse i think any g gen nht i thinkny one cawi lose."en wh h. ththpost s ssoay looming er hea.cjennis sys his lo theame mes@ wno one thininet buck iust likekeettingng cketetits fun.b.t goin in t pyos, sierrll llowhe samw wng formused all seaean "come d playayefense dens dsefense, defense winsames o oense s ets now."
8:20 am
elely 3 an eldly w w iohoh - o makes ferighter for emrychl kids -- stb got a birthd surpre. su.itta hrihas e story: 3 everathr p-mdoris vehahawavehello to t studtsl ment.e's en d ithe fivaris /mentor sidentgo o o theverer've r mi a day mattewh the weher ain or snow, nor."the tradfirst starte hernddaughter marissss the bus.`but, she esa fferert ololow. (doris veharntororesident) "i wast re abo her notot beintnere e !d thouou... but t hasuch a terririb er, i ouhe goes s by i'm jusg too ou there agand we jgot .. just it o."it a a od t she didt op because the kids say they lve seeini hth even ca her grgrdma.(dusti hen/studena4 frfax elentary)ndmdshshst -- on holidayshehees u candand d d stufufand d say w love hernd stuff when
8:21 am
ritu dn't rllhave anything spianed for the g day.but, i iappears the ys (ns si(d var entor resentnt"i c- - cr..crirng). iaso shked.0 cos)e e ys it w sush nicecetu.d e prias erneei kd.ats repopoeroi oforis var wntnt de)"alo as s ca lk o the, i'goinout ere. i never want to miss it
8:22 am
thosrsre comg up thiweeken weekd. n.. "the list" haso f facts about hollywoos bibiest thed om iwntown coloradoprgs but, fst....urrimeti
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3 for time r list*t*and th thearri sundada wpe brgingou 5 fun fts about`hoywoobigg ght.isis- alaccordg "top-tz-dodoaccorointo thisis- all accordg "topenenent-co" coco""top-t-tz-t-accordin thi all bst nig. ywood'ououfufacts brbrgiou 5 sy, w'e rs airananwihe he list*it's timimr it's ti for *the list*. a a wit
8:26 am
w'ere oscars aird d thth the ist*. e for *the list*. . with the osca airing sund, w'ere ingi you 5un ftsbout llyws ggesnight.this all a aordingo "top-tendot-co co"mber 5we a kno thocararare tyiallde old.ututhat hasn'tt way y en t case.uring world war due to o meta shges, theta wer ma of ind asr. plter.plasr. aste3 3 number 4..actobob as hoededheemonyna whopng tmakiki hhe reca... st 3 nu 3... st p pplplwon'n' knkn wcale is, and wiood re: hehe o oy bu ifi films. l of them he been nomated
8:27 am
33 numb 2...disney also ld threcos s e most nominationof a person, as well as most losses. itotal, won2 mpite oscars anan3 honory ones, outf a toof 5 1nomitions. and numbmb onenes... t t ososrsrseronce littl trashy. 3 3 3 numb 2 2.d.dney also hol the cordr thmost nominatis of a pern, a ll as st loss. in total, won 2cocoetive osca 3 nonory os, out of a toof 5nominaons. 3 and numb os. o%rs were n a little trashy. in 20 -- 55 oscar stateses were stolen nr s angeges. a aew montns late--hem we a trashanllie fulglgr r who w w rarded with5000 a ticke to e 2001 awards cemony.
8:28 am
ndays 33 sunday is hollywood's bi night!b!b!it wldn't behe y ards withouthehe famo tphies. trhiesthchico mpan h me ththstatttes for re tn three decade show w wt go io evy car. 3 ranscript not available) itit chegordonamsesetries
8:29 am
time.e fifititi.
8:30 am
ramsey tries chegordont's 3ailable)(transt ailae) 3 it's cherdonon it't'3 chefefn msey t tes girlrlt for th
8:31 am
.c forirlsut eyeyeshef rdod 3 ms triri girlsut ckies fofothfiti time.hear wt he t tout em... whene rn
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3 good morning welcome ck to 1 3 rninnews- -cap the top news ses of thday.
8:35 am
3 e man whfatallshot a cora sheriff's deputy and wound d o otrs -- y ll bore. 58-year-o inirth wasquitteof llg n ri ahess gaorth 2yeyes ago in rt colli. the d-sa ts season ccine cvcvhe chancof gegeing the u byrly 60ercentth mak it e heefcte u ccin in re yeaea 3 u-wmaks takat akt result cover-heheexplg airbag sue".a rertites internal documentfrom tata shing company offials argued t dataas *nipulad* thi 3 ll c *dropop a defa l l litga rmod bevevlyly j jonon o accused of him drugging ban thth1919808080his attoeyey sayay.. theovovwas s focn hihidededee e e minananase" " in pennsyania
8:36 am
deraststistititiowow c cs e e e ematfeowow-pe y y y------ remaed belel t t n n n e.e. canyon re-opopo-y trfiatn officialare warnindrivers eect tlays..paae car adg afbfc @thug pondnpas cocoiouevethe fx. 3 fomore e emati and..g urer- f/x2n% p t co m. pp3 3at 3 s moin. fausf goamsey onimmel la night..ying s sut cooki for t rst ti. 3acrding to ramsay, head never eaten
8:37 am
he trihree kds: loamd th nt kimmmmmmmmese e army favorite. e are thin mtsgt wod dothe e in t frefzererndnd ee aatll o o oem isig.: " taes like a capftft- mint." t 3 ififououikfo..en upwe're lkg ababa big cunary eventight herin southern corado... hen we retutu!
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3 ovovovofve7o do'sinest restauraras, caterers, and vendndar gathinin colorado springs r a bina show. he to tells more about th event is joathan ankland theous.good morng! morng!3 wt is theikes peafoodod ne e e e2. wcacayou exexct to o o seand expece ththe?he rtratn? restti?3. wh is ther
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rience tre( wheh%isis3 registration? 3
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3 3
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3 libirt))if you or someone loa rthday coming up, w% wto know about it... just ail us at picture- rthdays f ns domand don't rgo inclcle na a
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3 3 3 . yourexwer an
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3 here some e e e s ing thatl ma... say aat!?! aaaa?!a n in porand, or will ver haveo woy sisi hiseyp aithks to a crocp ininis hd. 3 thr-f-i-d ip alls ja newmunck his home e e his one with t tpe ohis hahar-f-i-d ststdsororad eqncy identification 3 3 l rissy en 's
8:57 am
heg pp.. wse colr r ines t%t%tphphe mb numbertwted that she learouououitafteor sols teen aedhe's already chanher numb, t sh apecs "a"a t kind i#ils." il 3 've e e heard df ds geing stuck in cars,s, whwh autogts?ere s a in a he pot in mamases shoppersrshot and popoedof thenimal waiting the store'e'rkg lo lot.eyeyitnenerneded t hazlights, drank a a sond ...did busis in the onseathopeheer someir fresher. frr. 3
8:58 am
i'm savin' yoyovedrdt cong soon om pessi, it's "san' u," the new hit sisile fm the d)d)d)unts. c ch m#ney the biggest dist and derstand... the diunts fe dver,less paid-in-ll, i-car anjojoate.
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we have auto5tune, right oh, ye
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