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tv   FOX21 Morning News 6  FOX  February 26, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MST

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3 good morning.welce toto fox 21 morning isrididi.... feua 2i'm craig coffey. ffey.ani'm kier pri 3
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3 to pololics nono.. andast ninis g-titi ten texaxa"c"cility" ok a back seat -- as t reining caidatatattled it out for votes votes.this as donald trump's rivaryrynd sell a fil ssage sup t tsdayay ssage th donald trum t the way y forwart debate. 3 's a c c artrtand this g'y a liardonald trump took incoming re foruch of @ the ththsday night debate. marcrubio had beenvoiding ststksgainst the@ puic front runner for mont.but t stata i houston.thatll changed..if hpn't herited 20 llion dollaru knowowrere dodold tru woue t lling wawahes in
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dete b b be almost delegates go up for grabon super tuesday.trtrp'othe in rival tedrurualso w onhe offensive againsthe@ billnaire....t-ting a five made into nan ararment....evime anyone ints at nald'sual co what he saion national television dold yells li -et me tell you someone falsy cung soe of lngs ititlf a liliand itp mething donald does dly.trmeanwhile offe aexanation as to why hehe hn't yereed h h h tax res - whh bebeme a hoissue r mitt rom suggesweweesday the cuments coulcontain a quot"bombshell."i will ablutelyive me returut i'm being audited nofor two or tee yearsrso i can't do until the auditfinished. cruz shot back by saying trumclaims he's beg audited --hat should add urgey to release the domentboth he and rubio said ty wod release new
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3 nononono"delopininory".the lly lodoheff's d puty dedetwo ee -ma44 pllel bef 4 3 58-year-old martin wirthas aquitted of killa mama during a chess game e mo than 20ears ago in fort col. e coloraraan reported prosecutors claid thtwow were angnsidid nehborser r r ch ga..ndth lefet lvlv.teified that mprov* him m - and then nged forisun.h shot chest. tololt newspa. . they wer *conflicted*bout t rdict. j jt this w wk.k. wirth s killed in a shooto withuntyri de -when they trd to him an "eviction notice." corporana kerrig ao died in the incident. 3 3 king more a aos amera...a guan opened fi inside a kanans mafacting plant uray--illing tee . people and wounding severamomo. morethies y.he shootghahaenedround the
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wntothe s ected idtied as an excel emoyee -- later lled byuthoti.police s s the are ata@st tfour* imscsces- ininuding th ceplans parkinin.. t t r rayerns. inectis.the county sheriff bed happ as "horri inde".he also o id t vestatiowillake "som time".fedel... state,,,, a lol authororieararall investstating.exceinststes mas s wnowereranananher r urcarodus". 3 3 nor u-s lawmakaks accuse taka ofof *fakinin tesrelts to coupup the "exploding rbssue". issue"a reportrom th senamerce, s sence and taononmittee citis ternalentskata the p pt t t eyw coof@ared t "inflatoquity d teststg" was *manipulatete t t hide p pblthe national highwatrafc safe adminiration says. the fectivaiaiaws cocod explode s sng metal@
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cause sejury or r at doe rerert sho an n "unidentified ta mager" telling e encece pdent of alse"... thtx prosedmitations* to the of a 2 airbag re might `e "violation n hehe momol ligaga to protec thpuicthrrent reca fects millns hicl here inhe u u 3 ghghnow -- makg nene arol..e unplment rismongng the *lowt*t*ththcountr cotry.fedel l atiscs shsh ... corado's averagag unemplme re llelowow- percent last year a ow t n nionana averererininact,t, ste unemploymentate was the 10th lowe in thcountry. denver pt popos... colodo's "r un- debetililitionrate fell from almo 9-and a half percent in 20-14 ... to j% under 8- percenin 20-15. thatatatatclud unempd, part-te wowoers -- whoanan *f*fl-meworkit also incles people without a jo who haveought wo i ithe stst year.r. but have *stopped* actively loong.
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3 this morning's "rd report70hrough glgnwoododanyon is -opened to t-way tra. but, traportatioo&ficicis e warning drirerertoxpect delays dedeys..ararleading g affifithugh the nyononon and reirwiwi continuepover the nextonth.a 24-mil sth of the higay between enwo sprgs and gypm m was shututown feua 15th aftemajor rock sli der thehsize oa small caen craednto a uck... but lkily -- none was inju 3 3 ts moing's "biness ws."..pu memoria airport is ueiling renovatis to its termil.l. cketititboand restau. nt.airport isis pio keepwing. and make tveveinmore en.ectly re-- wed its s spahip wiwi fls s omom p pblto dver agaiai again.rport ficials s y ita more "convenient way" to connect to other flights arouhe world.
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blo.but t ebloas an t.. and d s the lo ort.. and wing tori traffic in nerara from jmore of the b blookinfor might bebeomom" cococopu memoria ort t hoping g g nd msmseople come check out theieinew ok...d takeke adage ofofhetionon bar and gr locat jussidede 3 3 as "bronconatiti" waitr a peyton manning decision..... we've heard atateacoach kubiak tnks of the quarterbacacs tuation. tun. heaom johnhn manning andnd osweiler... we'llll ghlit sisioys varsy sketball team -- lookg for anothes@ate tispor is -li om the gold room idowntototo loradopringsgs
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3 is the economymyigged? well, the 15 richest ameririnsired more wewe inwo y yrsth b btom 100 mimiombibi i'beieandnrs, ani appre this mge. pn n makekeall stetetksksksks and thultra-richpap`theifair shataxes, ovidng wag for working pepepe, ensure equalay for women.
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3 ..yourehehwewe traffic upte it 1010 mites.
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3 3 3s. ,3 3 it's'simw fob y untaia@hda dlele@eportst repopopo..d thl scouomjmjmderwrw --h h p proslololog to achieveveir n-n d damam but fothe onon i i s s s hathink out t ting g- whenple really want to know is if ytonanan wili tire o
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hnay addreedia agagaganni ststus. 3 witpeytyt couple nights ago ande had a good talklklkd d d saiai a tht me we're genna givhim asas mumu te e as he needededd d still needsomeme m mtime 'rnna affofo thame. desveat bfter 18rs in this l l hi te toiwe ouwhqd he nts s do. 33 whatate wants s s do. meanwhile --anning not the only focus... 3 asasf nonothe brco to ldff on op nenots ` wiwi quarterererrocc ilererntilning h h hadad timimto tutis rewawawoululli to see osweiler s wititthe am. 3"we are e e in a a ruske yosaidhere is 12 days we dod'el likik aren thehehe so ilcoinin ive peyton that t t timend
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teteesisioio th a newr von miller... feels good about how gsoing... d e ve hul ty will g g somethlhg doneneoooo. the e e v vsuty b btb amt sisira hhools hig--er nishshg r thth cosonlnl an thth trtrlragnow theha eiriesocococ on wiin another state tle...d fox21 mastrgelo w thththm.m. and t tsp "w"wrereeadydydydyhehepla werefocus."cong into @ tp basketball l seseof the ststons re l lelels a yog am"lasars te fifiededididseniors thth y y team h h twoeturni starters one senr e, one junior and he rest e upup frhe jv squad this yeaall seononhe lions ovovt8eieiskill l lelelete onents"we' a go twe filli we c c make oise ie
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itowowthatxperience ese3t ys matatr onhe babaetetet cououou l l o opopoplp doubt u a a our ag a if f cou j j t tota a a ain it th would angeveons peececvef f ."."."thboys baetll team hasn won a stattle since 10... 'r@ranked nber two going intohe playoffs.s. coach terry dunn s s saya aboutankings"ihihi i i its s gold decau i on a a givev nnyny n wi loseeit ththpon plpl popopoeaean n enh ththththth loone can n n ighthth eventhst s s s s loing er head.cj jennings sa his le for the game comes down totote thg tingjustike inbus itn." g playoffs, ill foll the same t wiwiwigj'ved all sesepp"ce t play dedenee, denen, nse, 5 e,e, d dens game offenssells ticks ya know." 3 theheake of thehuototgsgs ininarcotyty.we'rtang a look at ththtconon ovoc e %so sheofce . . .4.
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coululhppenenere. hehehefo1'1'dyisher has the story. -
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rereinking their proco -
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'sim lt t with t t oscars s s s s dada bringing you 5 facac&t`ywoo njt.isllllacrdrdg g g g thth -all biggt nigi hollywood'd'abt fufas s bringing y 5 sunday, w'ere osrs airg and th the *the lt*. it's time fofoit me f#f *thlist*. a a wh oscarsg suay, , , , ere brbrgi you funacts t llywywd's bit ght.thth -- - acacrdinto wpmtendodom." "nu.... all know w e ocars s s s s typciaiay m!de of gold.d. .ut t t tha't way befn the case. .urin wod war 2,ue to metal shortages, the statues were
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pl 3nunu ...r basas st t t cerony y y ping g 19 timem m- nggggim t most fquent oshost. host. p3 3 3. ( most p pple won' ow w john cazale is,nd with gooason: 's only been ifiveveilmsbut of emominatatator
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3 number 2......disneyeyosholds the e e cordr thmo well as most lososs.s. in total,l,l, hecompetitive cars pd 3 norara one o o of a total 59 onon 3 mvmv is.s.s.he oscars w w 7onon atle trashy. 0 0"0"5 r statatttes w we e e en neafa logeges. few m/m/m lar 2 of tm rerend in ash can bwill fulgear -- - o warwarded with $500000 aickets to
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cemo. ndayays hohoywoogigigi ninit!but it w wn't be t f acadady y ards w w w whe mo troieie ophiesesesesescago comny at has made the atttes r morehahahahahadecade
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,3 it's's'sneneast chaha is makikiki a majnge ts mu. menu.we'll l ll y what ey are t t o m mor chchns t t 3 us s is the mimiy y i entntetthth and mos ng
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h h hmm-h-h-h couing the heew jerery y rnkeke heve a a com ook@foamerira [ chrs andpplauae ] ll ceetotooor amererer
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i'm bern sanders, and i approvovisiuiusagedfox 21 -
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go mog.e fox1 1 1 ing ne^s^s^s^super bowl sunday!i'm'mimberly pricic icicnd i'm coffefeit'sx. x:xx 3 33 metake a look h- tpmepepe tottime now to ta a atitiow to a a lolot t atat makak headadnfnfis mning.
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3 time now to o o tatata whas s s ng adadneneneorning. 3 a suspt is kild police.. ding a chasa.this l tearouou mor near r r highwawa nd73st.anan poli responding a tresesssg rt saw two peop rninkway. ce say stserrein their n. rereedifone ofofhe suspec was shot and killed.. other was arrest""no li injujuj. 3 next...zeont haha as w w frivevefofoeo e titi o ooththe me,pk.mumuiphn... care u uwqter... t 2020 peoeoeo fortununely, a ane sintays she saw the water come up ov t t tan-- ancallelp.pmu gswe a a rereom h. a a ctororfrfrmedi jajajarprp. utah's nate v vedo ss ail pwiththin use pot. somofss cludchronic pain, canc,
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w esmdicaririri ed, oior e erara 3refighteercallj ytete reke o nea.e e fififi s sedroro00n n n n the afternn --ninie 5-irefhter rereut it t ty quiskly.y o e w w@urt.t. 33 sandchhainy sayst is adding titiot-free icketo i i mu.the company claims it be out i fast-@ ralto become the . the antiot-fr rosserie-yle chicken ch w)w ilablblb mamamarst. 3 ththeueuanther atat hs leed spectalanew imageshowin- th*e*eiee*e*i,ky w w g gax imimes show light at sub-millimeter wavelengths - - create angef th milky as seen from earth 's r rted to be th sharpest`tap of milkyway
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p3's'sown tohe ten nton theheheal season of "americin oland thththw ended a note . . . . .... a aersosoe e e ejon perforord emomoalllong. 33 s ad houakes a look. 3 the remaininsix spotveve bn f fle a aricacaoted for eifarigegegeo o rounout 'sarar seas 10.says: : so o oud lff f f d all he delirationat h h h hh jennand with k k k. . think really a special grou"bohetta : "i thwe hkillll top 10.0. tonight s elnd is ere was s e w w as lky0 imdiatel ved into tt ro new performancesrenae says: "you do ha to moveretty quick and the weird thinis every time one of progress it's like miniaturlebration our ad and tn it's loh
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your md mediy goes t what y ye going sg g xt horereoing tkeep it going ons joury.seasov onwinner kelellarksono returnededo thow t -j-jgeerfomcmc : auhehe experien, she kn how everyone was feeling so it w a a relylyooootoing toetet feedck b bause w w w th wawn.n.urg ysys"i"ide y wantlijijip tothe momomt enen m m m mike gogogon hihihi pg ononn inso for her to say all that she said totoe wawaa unbeevable."ananter r r ow, t e nalists got the star treatme, lkininth firshohoywywaaa ent.... x yszszst'reallyd itiki'i'not usustotot use yoknowlwlwlwi st turnrnrn7.7.'m jususususd d. stilyou owowowlwlws ol to gegethatre ouayayayayeverirhinw, i'juststtitg i io very y y y y& . itthth everything is super comftable."watch to seeee whw erera vtes s phhhhhhhhhhthursday on fox. in hollllold,
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3 armetempertutus ta.. with an evevedayb.. tememuresesme fox ne.adamaholey, hollywoooo foxin trsday on thugh xt thursday on fox. fox news. p itarerercr wita e eer s turdrdchf meteist justin chchchcwie ba withathe when n n returnrn woa a esesent has grplwithth totoen inini,i,i, that's t job.
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g g ssssduction n nle w%apons... .snding a abububu of women... .protectg social.... ...expanding befits r the nanaon gua... ...andinnini h hltltcq 8 llion ihlren... ththpresidency i ithe toughest job in the wor and she'the onwho'll make a al d de for you.
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3 we have a distbing scam alert is morni...woman is now in fedel custody after squerading someone seor four years. they've on seen cases of ngrm identy y ef.. fo1's chtina didicz showus how you c protect yourse. 3se yet andndl stikely fahallen. detective joshua bli - cspd wi the finanical crimeunit "wn theyost the waet,
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themselvesit's what happened one victim soonfter mong to lora springs.. detective joshualiss - cspd with t fanal crimes unit "this person did look likehe vim, so wn'a point where theye mohing themseesbeco the vict, ey we fairly cse whenou jt to a qck look athe arkaas driver' license."according toolic affidats.. the suspect. 40- ar-oalennston. had justet the victim at a club downwn in 20 when stole r idtity. the victim wallet contained ree forms of idonmakit a losisi f herdentity ..n geg a colo sd. detec joua bli - cd withhe finanical crimes unit"she was stoppeseveral times re in the city of colora springs. 201 2015 d most cent in 2016. atach of those occruees she preseed herself as the victim."whil this type of identity ke er i common.. poli say it can be ry severe. detective shua bliss - cspd th the finanicalrimes un "t victim endeupaving a crimal record for faing to apar in court, as ll as traffic judicatis agait her."it why police comment keeping on your iver's cense in yr wallet and other rms of identication.. le your cial secury card, passport or bir certificate.. at me.. wheyou don't need them. in colado springs, chria dawidowicz, fox21 news
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fedel and state chars.. including ling fraudulent tax turns,heft, and entity tft
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3 here some sties this ing that stories thi morning at will make you. say wht!?!?! whaaaat!?!?!a a inortland, oreg will veve to worraboulosi his ain...than ta miochip p in his hd. the i-d chip allows james newman to ck his home and d hiphone withhe swipe o his hand.r-i-d stds for radio frequency entificacaon. .
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3model chrissteigen 's new cook feaa photo heg pipp.. who inesges e er numbshshtwtwtwd at s s learneabout after 100 or so calls." 3ig added she's already chan, sh apecllll k k k ice e ils.3 3 all@l@hearof dogogogog geg uck@in cs, b what about goats?there wa goatn a a r at hdepoin masshutt .shoppershot t popoed o ofhe animal lbitin e ore's rking lot. loeyewitnesses say it tuede the hazligh, drank a da and ...did bubunis in thfront . hope the own
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fresr. 3
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