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tv   FOX21 Morning News  FOX  February 25, 2016 7:00am-9:00am MST

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in tece in ch. orrninairyto h thining ghts wcetiir t c oscellns r achicago'hare.wieralumpi e mo snoerght, moreha a fonom parts of nwest indianaeting int ch sus.iz cti cr s,eadioroem teib ge. nd the eporr:accidentsrlrafficcrosre. thankfully, no child aar this sool b lyood, ilen iino'ze f laigany cgoha igweea a1:y.
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ca ts he nin cae lelhaer, win tono knocr pol hee. t celupesat s texa orter: new polls show th freshmanenatormandin -pntd, b who nt his ral tw"wzce i'll most ois no mpai's o rortrhe ari astvompesocls l>>ng cntoc wod saw, b
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yhal. tein he01 ro frha goo to belie a shinonxe >> repter:ourearser h wasreed torelee h rnmn th20unhe e's nr w as t es to>> rorssrump rst tmotewinnthirim euristhigilbe rised. i t keelloay taxe hate the way the govnment spdsy y. >> repteate weesday, trump fireck at mney, lling him a fool w n playouy.teinhere
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lywoulbe w net trso o ulwhd mt en hisot hg top ru teampth. hae >>big new delopmts onfit er.s. em
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we have ndy, snowy conditiontus.we gst cco tor nginoukee uit.weon ony.> and p d anvealathapphe> t tda"tbcsa>> a tmo. ,, jo waomanlln.ieeedantroer yoewusesitimwertneok hego>>lot th.okbe d inkpose wito cngteso adati >>uhy, wried th gbebl owss w onli shipping tools from fedex
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it'shakea ruabalieni'm ret gtan hwhwicomp bof ra26 vitaminanrals ensu. taa in.. ths y noh gateair is mor afr ast nightht t. we kmeal coetnepantodhoer- roea.. dear crtpp wees s.sapot. he fma23 e says en ifhem isfiy thxt chearint still mamean
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to stairtoanteenitsicoe th iemeorolist -- hew st t loringent, aidd 40 thdeth
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veryioust ithe m and rty-ve. at.i h tr. we invited wom to a spa to te new bodwash. welcome.manofet soody washes can contain cleansers found in dish soap. ns plushe unica nutriuisre . justme feel goodths differthca
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eaalcu bor mth s. alowde nt toldou psac wn ason &s th te whoe tyoi t t he r tkry c i>>nd jhat dig t salheshow actuttons you want facebkarlhavendyeso
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rst... regot thed t t nn. natioid prta.d . and re anreer ent ese ys, re. trojustn r fiti i hehen e , e's nenu onoo the best netwo.
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ef etou reon u fonnjoy urolic r r t. w they thought reactions should be. jeica writesoday i . cese webutt face hastin twitut annndti slikett>> wougng siro try cruzut n hesse
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for thoc d oomeout e b.. jov rcondthact .. ...certa chemica in the brain may pl a b.e. is also t mt... moeasordn alts. hien n' nevefelt sisfi.o erha thquseelab ..o in
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it penetrade andrt wo immteto block tirus androte healy s..don' out,k outabre reho oo,.. h?at?i' b mec: e o ve ia faas.. .iouown ttleubjun' ompdo tea
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owavstng ethsm e buildimercedes-bentherrely ino smaffersi. evy coen inaloft s 2016 c-c e ofur mphcate ve becae e ttinnchmark for re thsmuf.. that makes t biggespressi 2016lass. asth00or ylolmeed-bz alin adure-ec... fron.. gng f--r.. yo swe t s lti-ai a
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forty. on hdf plttt.soheaxefkegotl rtctto h es,
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, huy wee ngon othhourm a on. hi uat.. erveoohion h37thtrin ans south of p9n den os defi s oerd n e. ceetnere klith sofetneheweto tffre ht. w... multiplegencies ntin to e day'dely c..op wre eioorcarr t ki
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heoe hdsopt tu thuray february 2h, 2016. g
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m. >> air t nhilife.>>ngeselt orsessiza. >> teormansfphnthttig, a tme. likd i wep o stat d hif an tke t ou peleece,ou beoee d. h ia tiel w x. b f iiet iican orapactualht tone mate2 op sufmnict ma ceib>> h e achefiei w tmpthei epter: cing wtoignt ats
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heli h r ssll tan th ian he>> theut, . ftoda j ch bco p c nd hphers. >> he he sd xn a not gt , twa dk abo >> oav le oil com arneayunnwer? what wndtteropart,ewstyws b mie
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roker.osdo wilbe the me. wh hpened when kathie and hoda took an ierloe sss stlkg toth ansaid "and i you moy u' bableo do tha walk"i said "if you need to stothere's a bench wel just hang outthe she. she said "te not! are going to finis race!" d wethe last oin,t u know what? the ce. she essineit walki. "s s alled, k lkyou uld enjoy,frh brewed, or one ime.
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g yoour sy...ct-dar y yonn- rinteons aziny ticl ,,janes on e mohet t wh her. ckitinar so here shinfe eae. notcklest engy0%yo dng iwhaiyo oifl if od r yo
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thevewith to tmt s. >> us s wliarre thecompany'sbad told ne ierwhen tyre going overicions wh job appcant ers one queioha to aorhaanot d y au in thedou uehows ye toa. w do a in toush
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that lia.n,>> bthveunr.heutoay sl he awo t g it fprriespe.
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prected iinoatpsand plehoseivesse$3orthy oringurahene ge t ngunservicndled. >>oue of ly tinieord lti o oman the lit,alking op momeses t s t t teo inreeeurrtne
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uealseyter rfang apps, save>> mri rus't lsngmu bnon a ar wil dag ur ca ue i ho. ayaltruiit sal bimitutle or aot fui
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assengernple on the namo decision ty didn't get the us passengers owed oosiernation locavertic o elinnd dca dowwo onsanca
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nd,, hahaat>>ur s u job wnternliisningwoor of lovers we bgr fore y d us. he wertuho >>ehae dog? 'me
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we aow om>> d gs. m emyntn pron. euln h life >>te >>o wto me. wit . e n re
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>>herestthas a yg? rn heoet he aotf ifu oee k teoe. me wenik y n' l lar b yo her i my hats g? thisakr's tmethni a ay od
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hs witumste,a . wi ttoat rteme ast ft ssiby down the nor gate thmetucupa s - be ar'sou aeaon dnda--asd mite fisae resus os y ponow inhaenetor rcrdsan is
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thsut t that tirocthe deto ine coencyr t ndf atspf w" mometeorologist
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looucarecastep wil t 2s this morloaroundri. pectd s on e h of caonais lle s ou ps ,,,,, wre n amo t d ua, 2016. thestnla and ut. aputthpyic ohe >> cin, abo gerdbutl, jus pla an's d to a
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>> c do p a ahancwi toos st bri pkendosng oundraurghm tl.ty l ather. lkinghe to starting wh tomorro we have sunshi here in the eut windy etth ic northwest. w t utlfst good. tuay windy ad g lakes. moreain to t
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untruny ad the gre lakes, cle werg yin. mo rain alohe pific c ns d ha lat t eleiosonee enasev
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yoomrtther is a place for that caleceson nbc news made thishoneumbe avaie. no r oeanhenu. its fou sreace mlnghoughtsoutng i politics. is all gredsco you mus 1 e plt c post fo ame, ie post wee. saou all t ba i watch h a bod. i rdy to pin my own thing wehing o min bit. le tler f
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toff you tha i4-lowom ons. a f ble. noshtfteren i ho ge bsle
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iket iuy w ow intesng t takin hinge wts to the rt otheas i chmi ayin playing dfentaynghaquy. yut ai kn h g dean d. now flnt ano
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thow t nehe sou i y . hnetidetelystunng. so alav p iue i n g ofr llies. >> i toor s hooo >>sn the canou a
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nnheavedo techchrgerikee sve y eryeay'm n o n >> tto how clas it u w trariverss.wa ttheterie? >> d yraehe o g eg >> soreoa ias w c --at a
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tv-commercial tv-commercial
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nt >>oufr-ansnghiorhanger aak i evefrpoot. h t hhl se is mon y afod. nbc wreedoonnovatrurs,tot th o fn mmun a changing allver un s a imbehree t an er t l irtlihe was >>usngself cta
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ka y patnfrh? sannd the re pssaly i ab't g ouf aurb. etk asulaon oerulattoy'an >> youdwaor . dollhous did h a ho
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anake tmallnd rey.lis ob youtut ithe ons be alth werasle. te . errani d bealeseis dfe bthesr sea. asulf wo sea t t mr sup ore
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>> you. r53 fortoswi>> vomort f srs yi t exersirrs100rsknonc i h tialked
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thnegu>pythir tieer 1 g gndnd is grana.efd shorchic or ioisun belp ju hea toy.m/lebre.
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>>at >> allt,h. vy mu. eajiinnd t hel tnt tsemo fit ti t divertrusor mon f u wihe wre arou wre exte aouweolou we are sold out. do y wanto h muc ed . wumabou wesk ey aeady hav sehe hing so. hay >>hahewe.b'up
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he ieho g ve salpr h so l wmamo iushoouto s r! tnef ur t tto sea nic go t.. 'rcop t thhocrwi this today show uate...canvti.
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onhwayd sinev sgrco9nsput tg- ranficers--ne perd a ice. eturre-- kilat sfiaineher rson'rldno officers were ip agenciecont t state s lyshooti inty. e opir t ifheinioticoalatcaanll epwed. sll g teologepw th wwa tghhend s ni thigh t aun riumt, mdlpe otrorou
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thrs. hprie a advtureo wit d s. nextroew ts "t ke a geistnd son
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welco "today." warmwarmy. al heesrradii' goingth ire lf? nges ca y ing b g r ern t coo ohebehen gng re ceke >> ay
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