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tv   FOX21 Morning News 6  FOX  February 25, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MST

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..eds ofonpeo adtiikt. nira venue ... from 50 i-onuld renoon c-doof stbounanbod trfic will bopmecl upor s ewe eafr lt eksse trc f streowh rsalt a cd t vihrcolohiinoughig witil orniclan r oo pure urt ineatu angur atr.
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,,,,,,,,,, >>gornin brkinighie theouipd n the ain ewornado tplai a hh w out power acrosshenoheast. and in the midwesri hig >> r jpresidak ld hinkoodon tel t
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when wile is >>huhuws t athtit t.'sifpre'nothl t we used toknow. >> he saysharere video of hisauot lt a .etga bryde ispants, hing them onfire. arningngssued to mito ursday, febrry 2h,006. 2006.edrs25fr iive "y" on ahursdaindef li>>is d know tg te u. 'so ut
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ha r.etay ych at tual tset tsrsy mo lestt with t storm hammerg thrn hff they. limb confird oes. >>veot acod, clud trel wma tepor h, asou srm eht ve
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