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tv   FOX21 Morning News  FOX  February 24, 2016 7:00am-9:00am MST

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we got flood watchor 12 milln op a ris f in th blrdning you. oigryheinldto au o andmpum da imrtant, ix ds awayno gngal tru hiralt u.>>oo m u. telivergthveto, br
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droppnodth tha the d hahinggeeryobefo. wee tne race rn ndw w 'mhael hoou drtut aused y n sptr a yocuz eionhe o, ll stlega rl,eaat taleoday. lill teeot
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>>'m respo toedre.,lyut hleoi fng tng.dru s iesorre h it tiwhnsliseeoint ee dupmelle i a ill ga t e hey'someongrovhiun spony,eait rnges wil a or amtocobigoge ank >> ald
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gik go , bed onni>>orruon licaebod o be race. weut y mbe bsee w eoeow ci. i d d hen n a i b r lppous eoet wund. e l i' not to h pling bake aan pupr
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i' woueg.hoou gonthe am>>shn't iras ofneitpele,crnd eea saop weregele , .uld haveeetche t ct 'sacvele hale w foou. wpr mbi wa w wto.ri tee
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ng s a h rse chs.erno.eptuul bde hlastinfect a nlloredut >> rorte f hisrt sahabo cont w ro.oneich thldnbe sodi tourt criticaerte
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every homeevery cat. thers a tidy catfor th. ja'. lulighfiooan kuph edse's fch athur, i' toffiaskg fooninn e tyla chgeite meinlle ll taoopres drive.rom 6:.. ase'd...ty wants
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canyon t pexpe el puebod e f5.millonje iabt toumeria frow ter o eve tentk mag'meem f wshoby stud cer f sessauus..clncid assma r nt there otolve thecut aiiffs... f ogt hewe j l re ep..l qlyouhe
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ma talk to youtor or health care prider. back to you. tom,se4orted casesth w e oerg?sosaibanatin evda vehe abiy tqu t pt h a i i ymo miger k they infeed but the riskor unrnabs is very significant. >>ellsoumein thecdc woaliemiariteme ererooam an testifi ti a whyhe say wall an ac r this.,... ...i't jt oveating. it al cal conditn.
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is uwn... erine n may aol b.e.d.soting rder ius a i'moel ...iasn' s...nth wwiys
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re en i of a myy?penen?waarbut i it . y abeltr dloloand s skagn. c t elso hgnificantl major ee than t sard eatment. knowing eliquis had both...d myliesct yo.s n e ans bl eharthe madi ypictionis r door rhtwaif you he tingli,
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thsh wite shampo, e amh e loed he ury'ilu se. the mo yutn, moreget s much more re we'reac43 w aw tst are ng boutloom cuf k htuhetin se thee.e bnmorn t d,imshens w o
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fact of i itn.a dippas ap eprespse, theliep says, we hencip hiio ssscucare h s evcestsrd ndying ac'srealea,s, dys a smis se. ulg ie wes.
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existee wbaoun'sith it>> goeait ay.>>ar hasnwed in gu nll.erthmieianmi le., m r: i
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re: omg at ationwis on your sid reta entes i thk ous partddr he at ochoocoreni u'acdy
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k s etooe.ou he yst oontoseos. like.miik suay siriap she.itlsiv thns un e m urha i this ie 2016 cvyanority-at oh w
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ye ll thech!s oty lk elsiltle scl ther nject elapses in h ma arg his re and seinitbld the moside e arproblems. tell your doct about any low white bld cellount or iyoare prn tpr lag n usatde. lk dr cfera,
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> innik itve nceve u ce w hrssmi lesle e.isng t anvelyheonutab ghdw , llushe a. weouw, o ke yp tte ideohawshoas ble one y wame,al s on yournd loved thesehotos of yt the san diegozoo. i'll show you howt works. i' go toli,verobo ht to do uraghere, carson. i' onour pa.
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>> you have a little crock-pot ac>> we >> l dcendov ik itim hoan tidnesda e got herret toeao thowage a lth,ecau it irardn youra st's a pke. , dmein wot ha to get exted.
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glad to give y we offer offeredomen stery bety treatnt. right now? wit very rich d smth. really creami keep touchinmy fe. so what had we ud? whatait!
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ths adveouith of ur no'm shellene this today shoupte thwos mb awang ire assaanawfu iore." s 1612 hes g thn rr thoo ae prpaodinco dco hisw ing.
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uationdeite nsfray . n urai aaa c domentinea j maase de oro se ci79 acuofderi pe w in e sin rng orolist stephe tough40 tevat oso
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plainhighs cotrly ,,, yee t >> ncomi up -- secrets tosuccsful slee how ofbedroom could be costing y good ght' rest. l hehe
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hackil , you>>ew cee get>> spay iehous ustit.kom in chief that everydy l totethehlson of rds. y, wedndaary 2. irimenk ty
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roeiatn donrupr o tentiak bi rnutex jac in l fous hig, aexivinteie melaump, wife of th d'ntiament immiation.>> wt auteet us el imexi, i dlule iegantshebo eks,eer
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cur trmt 'soureciou ursfslee catha urnal. a .go to le itter? ye thrryg uerea ha he tempera ht isery,imrtnaou ceegesig 'sic >> p theuromop talho
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yes. san. rooeepanay wtswe toboso . e nt t hr ckmy seet gh i t t'oo caus bod eond l bodemratu op e wod tiat et n' doee sch conste >> sen dweek w up a theo t tnl sig sweekoo
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listen to n, gbed. on g't couhofoopothri hit basically gs toouett , df me - natio sep foonouo toit fect dse
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peau le y hle tl fs oe bo i te e other nasalgy sprn say te. yes ci flonase change everythi
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ec t m.babl utraon re id >>ab theoxfutll acog night. t morni wve t d,olo >> cin>knowob canoin what buy aeomi enges rellng. ive h thnds.
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ed aytohe.heai tlor l toohhikun leinnd rhse hit ss nstds ay tenwnhe ndusndoetut ts faceo-fa. >>heyimdokn tt .'t apse nielle hel n. blon noeplet tht theda w.
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m i go.s a ch on tnks a lo alk of alelleer adoso itheosthms we alsot the riskreday, inle f tordole ,e ve atas cnohernk anrts nortew xeprion glan pect delsromn to washinon. a t o rain t inches ple uer som
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orm that t o coday inin l yestg rusouck pensoridind he sysovinm . erfresur te qghinof tnea r mpurre oues weher.nn al h me of our series p f t b.tartci
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r. fm e rpor me >> rrye,ere ars ofn grou belo rs t b si ch mpeda p iet s w s . wady. io iready. oad.this iogayouikes. you loe? wllhecus' ,ut c . atsth
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re's wplg?'rs, love of, h ?sot o . aft fngtrun it i vetfult areg?>>ou n ayoal . inoayo er mrry.
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someg. i ou'leueeach>>tfms vid ik erfeo th . te rht st3500. os ingo ale? >>ah. >>has neeou ckou ng nrp >>als.hewlane gh iv
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grstreadorpuat! do n'ells. w'taynoth pr tmo ll
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eaten ow p o comi bat ams se. wrewassu i er th y, ome. eat. agob rai amy rno shinde hing ll yboutomorg . lfe ho shockr aok at oiciaing urdbn pod land exchdmoor.mehil 00 t we've repte.. la
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oa ivs ueblexctmore d foa lliollconstructiabou towinter hiate pe to e re fr thtthwa and the quteac marofedeolpotslled oa i mag cuseofinfenor. attowant te sayingt does nolen.. n bowens a lolost... .. wilui the
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lhitengos60e gs ued tigcotowionn s. aus8:30 in 2016 ste nget izeron a. d is s tt, ? ohye
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woul>> g t soufrst ril.ou plano bee idtn hetodaat>>ghw.ehe rionrif sttotormg hend-acco t tm ernif noes ns t ier.n y.69 ow81 cearp ow inhrou thatak iohehi vaeyt rtt.etns t gf co the souy and lastonado ola, flleft by gendurg us
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qou tofek h clr y, a ithe ens latt 's yattwehe eicrie fr vaah at d re whemo. th f t's.naovisaun iov tidea stki gfoac iaisfu s rifanhe bndewean onex' s." chngo chacterndlilif on hhe f lady. i sawfuture
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ell, you would hst>>llllteniw.s s ded thseituetak ypl oenstsnwoac achii' ryal asoeci ve tbo oy r te weir sfo av itobe notou ngn't bepohi. can s wtn inhe mnnt att uba
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aacss bio .>>heyad tngason t ti iswour wccn wsnd tkwhnl fdve s odnge w ey tryo w a polills wl pealre ofs ate' ghw.n dginqu na fthwa l
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hthy t a>>. al tntrs o,ag nstr ghadt ali evute ieo oreat s pdf thete decision secevhae ayinnhe wahikn f s s iee tha sin theo l,an boch t t t er reha tsinddtretindholyouor
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dei'moitr notndctti que ll g ryou. skboheuntrf id uer t is tsticon esen the ftud .o w tnkgeswi,"o mtin ee hrisofo fe. dsara tvell wct aingh i neresigpo ssrarw gecexutiv or ouho ac pr.
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hof. d itghsonn wl er fnthseo g meon bai a etiths s tll yod luc fdas gar tit tnpa.thir pdionhey illo >>yehi at eve game. to theeay.cethneheerans,'veiror oo c ay'eelltr >>y i
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plyhic.t,hi "toy".,,, is bu >>ybs es ad ringuc>> if're loo f mpion, weleig yo ioo w. a tg. 's t think wheone?t
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she m ifoately, ppp i meey t ityeli,ll witmio h dlnd t, ri >>t' nlwru age ill omall metis, h'sti d tly. >>redff tta o io- i aca xi and onpl tyo't thetr d yr cakhemopprote ths. eio to nd a cat k
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of e itango a bo . cul i hoe. tik ea eet and e.i t.dangous a yante, l arty,e y calndtf >> stinkey did >> s mdtok ako ll s notling of>>enciesnd thell have d
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ef e imp i g uch d men, >> wiblyive to 70 or wy? ahou toe you dersni s aitnt. >> a l tnghing . ouinepigs te. oste re. donuine neng
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withdr tersbihey' e tbiman, h gnymat y, takare ,. d'theui a rttore a goldfish orth shndtow and st -- it' ri. it's not tcase. u neeivhe viurouater init t muchama. eta obviousl i' s seasstegng a swordtagu even tom to ge moril f out m t fee .atupfiye. bri oen . ppre >> larst let.
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ts isnbc.> b >kenilbrownind more, but they help youoseight. >> it c but bau saysisleinerk"from junfoodood msundred o y's wse cesethe t -- timatert
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chk i c lk uc oniwd,a, blaeprot k g.educ fatheddh . ve rsion, calorioyooerlosininf89 ri fry blongypalh c yri a t nt td, enjoheme, teauce papra. ba5 fuehe n-ree
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dcpowd fsi19 calost. thoo versionus17 mosy. 's aavacle woer hi l b n. ig.ouasengs. ec a of the recis wnheooe prtyur ews. thllge thgs . ue ri pi chees bu c choconutere. n iflowe this on ci it's o thewebse, people tak
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te . rod. . >>idn't nt tss w c and ces butowin ghf ednt l s s, ion wd. ugs. hes ms mac o thus 'shenne iwaska b t. s heir ju o th . see their favorite goigek l supirgy.
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tv-commercial tv-commercial
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8:52 am
ryasngs fm south bend, l. o reong ge scussroork hon miles anvers obrate. a o, a >> com ?io ie. , le pformance f sh.
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>> after your ne.
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womacubawocings ..nel la"attem firste ," t anawfu ten cyfare f to 120 inn.r l th and da..n ca nthood cc dur loruaev dec uaho says hean repseim we'll be ternoon anhave ues on in the casdois mnistrict c ase premto us .. quts umbe. des fang 1ou a aacofderi le wothersn e nove shog.olt --rsoi
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lyhrs and onndo lo60 elexpect lower 5olo ngs and
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nnncodaye"it wgen,io plaz >>coo rnru , fsee s owe liendreatalieanale'o ndd>> t isr t i ihe s far andedcruzdp, uni a p cu a b m. >>sp thitrcthrmpiraran 2 rute ma czt 21
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fily truebtehiwik u ndow wre winn win countr au on therys to in wonhyoon with won with higy educededucat funn soundbite his atgh
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oai oth tha kat, tuesdayghthoe,n with >> lna >> s"teoe rthe ras. 12th thi everybows insout, but it's inst tk ti o l a weciri to toer dg iath ocoearel the main plars in r jla i frien wyer,tar ki e joolta.


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