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tv   FOX21 Morning News  FOX  January 28, 2016 7:00am-9:00am MST

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ot ree bard the infce nowlar ny-w.stte sto ty 3 a 17-yr-old girlnew jeeys nofa fst- de mder in t death of a 13-ar-old boy. officials e ot* releg the gi name.e suspect s en in cuody nce jaar9tte erd d se ti nedepmen e crim casaicuutcarc shnn r tel draw oof'tris je.estsrd itowill sthltidwi ara
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infindary kukery centylink prism tvas l youravite chnels, nsf spos,and realstlear watc and wouuress t- m ganm ri ofac to f you call. get sed with presiatv bundl yollet tv plp 4me of cturylinknternet. al aeaun cily iyoprm egonth sc orourncc me on prsel with utome of inrnet foononth c
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evyt all riy? danyohererom ku, yo de re'she ey way totson ts you buy so you get more whayo more free fo, more fe ind morel diount the more y use ykum go ewards card, the me u t. stop in toet your card or downld the pg urthe kum . here means me.3
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3ht centurylprism tv hasall yourore anne, nslive spod reard. wh wanced fe oirel hod ism on the go. and ooserom ri ofreat pacs to fit your me. ... ged wh the isessedl gv pltome li inter alfor ly $ a. iseal sounds g, especily if u lo srts. get ism essentia and to of inter $.grt vicchey, anpr ugs r ononahipcks
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chuhe: i he doth om thve p -- ins idea th hmaeolions of dlars.
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