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tv   Early Today in Iowa  NBC  February 16, 2016 4:30am-5:00am CST

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4:30. tis the season for girl scoutut cookie sales... i'm jerry gallagher. let's check on your weaaer now with storm ttack 7 meteorologist eileen loan. good morning. the clipper is tracking farther to the west and will bring us only light stuff this morning, but it may include some light freezzg rainnand drizzle. we are not expecting much accumulation, but untreated surfaces may become slippery this morning. temperatures are in the mid 20s this morning with southerly winds at 5 to 10 mph, but hey will turn to the northwest later today. we don't expect a lot of accumulation out of this system but we will be mainly cloudy for the rest of theday with only a few breaks here and there. we will be mild, thouuh, with highs in the mid 30s. as the winds turn to the northwest, though, those temps could start to slide. we will be colder tomorro but it warms up by the end of the week.
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forecast for you in a few minutes. our r p story this s orning -- the top debate in washington. democrats want an up or down vote on a supreme court nominee -- when the president announces his choice. republicans have vowed to block it -- wanting the next president to have the choice. tracie potts has the latest developments on capitol hill. "it is unprecedented. it is pure politics." from capitol hill... "it is wrong. it is not responsible." the campaign trail... "talk about cowardice! talk about obstructionism!" democrats are pushing back hard at republicans' refusal to give president obama's supreme court nominee a vote.
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hear from our constituents what they think and then vote -- not say no vote at all." "the people of this country should send a very clear message: that is not the way our constitution works." they point out: anthony kennedy was confirmed by a democratic senate... in president reagan's final year. "the constitution does not include exemptions for election years, r for the president's last term in office." "we're in an election year, so i'm not going to pretend that that's not part of the atmospherics here." republican candidates insist the replacement for justice antonin scalia shhld not be preeident obama's choice. "the republicans should reject it. i think the new president should have that option." "the practical implications are nil. it's all about politics." they argue even if an obama nominee is s onfirmed, it could be too late to have any impact this term. in an op-ed posted overnight by the washington post, top democrat harry reid calls this "nakedly partisan" and says republicans are "insulting americans' intelligence" by blocking a vote. i'm tracie potts in
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we're learning more about an eastern wa judge -- whose name is on the list of potential nominees. jane kelly is a federal appeals court judge in cedar rpids. she was confirmed by the senate in a vote of 96 -- zero. she also survived being attacked on a trail in 2004. experts say -- if she's nominated -- she brings an interesting background to the table. "to have someone who has experience as a public defender, experience" those who've worked with her call her a smart legal thinker. even prosecutors who've disagreed with her -- have high praise for kelly. as the president weighs that decision, he's also making travel plans. he'll make his first visit to vietnam in may. he'll become the third s sraight preeident to visit the southeast asian country. the u-s looks to improve relations with vietnam as that country worries about china's aggressiveness in the south
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just an awful scene in syria. this morning, we're getting a look at what first responders saw after airstrikes on seven schools and hospital. dozens of people were killed -- including children. a hospital run byby"doctors without borddrs," was hit four times the organization calls the airstrikes were deliberate-- blaming the syrian government coalition. back in eastern iowa: a deadly fire at a home in cedar rapids. it happened yesterday along 16th avenue southwest. ronald jacobs' body was found inside the home. was 72. his wife was rescued by firefightersrsnd taken to the hospitata. there's no word on her condition this morning. now to another tragic fire -- this one in north english. it happened sunday night on south highland street. when law enforcement t nd fire crews got there -- the second story of the home was burning. here's a look at the aftermath. the homeowner, austin watson, was found dead inside after the fire was put out. he was 25. the iowa county sheriff's office and the state fire marshal's
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continuing coverage -- of the investigation into a deadly hit and run. the man arrested pleads not guilty. the victim was emmalee jacobs -- a student at iowa state. she grew up in urbana. investigators say she was hit by a cy- ride bus. benjamin clague was driving. he's been charged with leaving the scene of a crash resulting in death. it happened in december on campus in ames. once again -- he pleaded not guilty. ic roads are likely a factor in a deadly crash involving a semi. it happened yesterday on i-35 in warren county. the truck driver apparently lost control and rolled into the dich. the river was killed. their name has not been released. the d-o-t shut down the interstate for three hours after it happened. this morning, one driver is fighting for his life after a garbage truck went off a highway inmiami. the truck was on a ramp when it fell mme than 100 feet to a parking lot.
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today -- in florida -- a hearing about the sinking of the el faro. the coast guard will focus on what led up to the sinking of the ship. 33 people died after the ship disappeared last fall during a hurricane. this morng, three iowa police officers are on leave after a deadlyyshooting. the shooting happened at a holiday inn lobby in urbandale early saturday morning. police say a man shot at police -- and then officers fired back -- killing him. three urbandale officesr are now on paid administrative leave as the case is investigated. he's been called a renegade rancher -- and today -- he'll be in court. cliven bundy is considered to be the father of the anti-governmenttovement that led to a deadly standoff in oregon. he was arrested last week after flying to see his sons -- who are in jail -- and visit the wildlife refuge where that standoff happened. he now faces several charges -- including assault on a federal officer -- connected to his own confrontation with authorities near his ranch
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the planned parenthood office in colorado springs has reopened. a mass shooting happened there last year. some repairs are still being made as bullet holes can be seen on the building. securiy is also being increased. the f-b-i is now investigating a boarding school for teenagers in iowa. last month -- officers raided midwestacademy in keokuk over allegations that a staff member sexually assaulted a student. that investigation has now expanded. some teens say they were kept in isolation boxes for days or weeks. the`90 students were removed and the academy has been closed for now. unless you worked out there or were a student out there, you just you dont understand what it was like. it's a privately- funded school -- without state- ordered placements. some say -- it was basically unregulated. a domestic abuse survivor wants
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kid-gloves. tiffany allison was attacked by her boyfriend several years ago. he was charged and convicted... but was released from prison after serving 10-months of a 30-month sentence. once he got out --- he attacked do this again and potentially kill someone the next time and i hard to get this legislation passed.' that legislation would require repeat offenders to serve at least 85- ercent of their r entence. the bill was introduced last year... but failed to make it out of a sub-committee... this year she hopes lawmakers are taking notice. 'hearing how her and other women were abused by this abuse women have endured. state senators are working together trying to make sure the legislation goes before the full
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a woman in minnesota gives birth on the side of the road. to make things more complicated -- it was 28 beloothat day. as josh schuder tells us -- her husband delivered their baby -- who now has a unique name. rogue maxa earned her name simply by being born. "any time that i envision her, like, not followinggdirections or being in trouble i can just hold it over her head for the rest of her life i think." with a due date next saturday, ben and dexi maxa re not expecting they'd be heading to the hospital saturday morning. "so i woke ben up at about 5:30 and i was like, 'i think i'm in labor,' and he's like, 'okay.'" the nearest hospital to the maxas' hommin bigfork is grand itasca hospital in grand rapids, so the two hopped in their mini-van and startedoff on the 40-mile trip. "ben's like, 'try not to push, like, 'what! what!' and i'm just
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he couldn't understand me." "at one point she had told me to stop. i said, 'there's no way we're stopping, youunow, we're four minutes, four miles out of town,' and she said, 'no stop, we're having our child right here.'" so ben pulled over the minivan to the side of highway 38 just outside of grand rapids, opened the sliding door, and delivered their daughter himself. "i was on the phone with 911, holding my phone on my shoulder and trying to deliver a child with one hand." to complplcate things further ben was only born with one hand, but he says that didn't impede the birth. "i don't know what it's like having two. i ask people, like, 'how do you those?'" and after only a minute the maxas had a six pound, ten ounce addition to the family. the shock was so much it took cold it was. "we both were in shock for about fifteen, twewety seconds and it was 28 below zero and i was a freshly newborn child.
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ambulance arrived only a few minutes later. hospital staff say even in rural minnesota where some people have to drive 60 miles to get to their birthing center, rogue's story is one of a kind. "this is very rare experience. it's very unique to grand itasca. it's never happened before in the time that i've been here." a one of a kind story for what promises to be a one of a kind girl. we still have a lot to get to this morning: if diamonds are a girl's best friend -- then this one is enough for an army of women. it's one of the larest diamonds ever discovered... so how much is it worth? plus the cookies have evolved -- but the mission is still the same 100 years later. we're talking about the girl scout cookie season -- which is right on our doorstep. light snow and wintry mix are traaing into the area this morning. i'll let you know what that means for your morning commute,
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from the kwwl stormtrack 7 weather team. see the screen for your complete weather information. here is additional forecast information from the kwwl stormtrack 7 weather team: light wintry mix possible this morning
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tomorrow, but breezy and warmer for the end of the week. we have some light snow and light wintry mix showing up on radar right now. there aren't any reports of problems, but be aware of slick spots on untreated surfaces this morning.. the heaviest precip is to our west, but we will still see some light stuff. stormtrack7 live weather network cameras will also keeps showing clouds and
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temperatures are fairly mild this morning... in the mid 20s with mid 30s to the west as the clipper tracks in. the winds are stronger around sioux city, but ourssill stay around 5 to 15, but will eventually turn to the north and northwewet this afternoon. this system will bring the bulk of precip to central and southwest iowa today, but we could stiti see light stuff through the morning. we have another weak disturbance that will
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tomorrow, this one expected tt be fartherr north, but still very light... and will keep clouds over us for a f more days. temperatures will be mild west and south... we will to low 20s tonight will lead to see a few showers on friday, but c's for diamonds: cut, color, clarity and carat. how about covetee a lot of people will want their hands on worth. plus -- she is almost always flawless on stage. so you can understand why fans werconcerned after hearing adele at the grammy's last night. you're watching kwwl. we've got you covered in brandon, peosta,
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a familiar face adds to her taylor swift takes home three grammy's -- including the top prize for her best selling album -- 1989. record of the year went to "uptown funk", by mark rrson
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it also won the grammy for best pop group performance. back to taylor swift. she becomes the only female artist to win album of the year award twice. she used her speech to encourage women everywhere... and as a posssble response to kanye west ... who recently claimed to have made swift famous --- she warned there will be people along the way wh try to undercut your success. the voice of anonoher star hassa lot of people talking. adele sounded a bit flat during her performance. she cleared up the mystery after the show -- saying the mics on the piano fell onto the strings -- which made it sound out of tune. she said -- because of it -- she's treating herself to an in n out burger. what a night to remember for the u-s women's national soccer team and forward crystal dunn. s se put on a quite a show as team usa wrapped up group play in the olympic qualifying tournament. she scored five goals. team usa can wrap up a spot in the summer games with a win in friiy's semi-finalalround. if diamonds are forever ---
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right here. it's a 4-hundred-4 carat diamond found in angolm. it's about the length of a credit card... and is virtually flawless. it could be worth about 20 million dollars. here's another gem. at least to satisfy your appetite. girl scout cookie season is here. in californrna -- about 5-hundred volunteers pitched in to deliver more than 800-thousand packages. "why are thin mints the best?" "you got how much you're picking up today?' "427 cases." girl scout cookie season ends march 22nd. the time now is late starts, school being canceled for theeday. we've seen that a lot lately in eastern iowa... this morning, a look at how the shift in schedule can affect your bank account in ways -- you
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extreme cold and heavy snow.
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know -- but don't necessarii love -- about living in the affect your bank accounty by more snow means more cold hard cash lost. snow removal expenses and canceled flights add up. driving up xhe cost of your snow days -- the ease of ordering things online. "a lot of us engage in impulse doing nototing. and it's your favorite sites. it's become multiple meal deliveries can eat away at a budget. being snowbound can workouts at home until mobilization and motivation gettbetter with warmer temperatures. and when you've cooled down from that workout -- try wn 10 - 15 degrrs at night, you're going to save about 10 percent on your heating bill potentially every single year. so there are small things to do around the house to stay home spring. for consumer watch --
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here is storm track seven lie doppler radar.. eileen as the forecast next.
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check of your storm track seven forecast. light wintry mix this morning then cloudy and mild today. highs in the 20s to low 30s tomorrow with a few snow showers week and through the weekend. we could have few rain showers on today iowa. a tornado touches down in the south leaving multiple homes destroyed... plus... bullying is a big problem on social media - but now eastern iowa students are helping educated people about the problem. we'll
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we've goo now on today in iowa... iowa high school studentssight for their schoollistrict's money... as the district faces a massive budget hole. plus... in the growing world of technology --so called "secret apps" are getting teens in trouble. we're checking in with police, and parents this morning. and a mom inspires a feature film about her son. we'll introduce you to a true
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good morning, i'm ally crutcher. and i'm jerryygallagher. storm track seven meteorologist eileen loan is here now with your storm track seven forecast. onl light stuff this morning, but it may include some light freezing rain and drdrzzle. we are not expecting much slippery this morning. temperatures are in the mid 20s this morning with southerly winds at 5 to 10 mph, but they will turn to the northwest later today. we don't expect a lot of accumulation out of this system but we will be mainly cloudy for the rest of the day with only a few breaks here and there. we will be mild, though, with highs in the mid 30s. as the winds tutn to the northwest, thoogh, those temps could start to slide. we will be colder tomorrow, but it warms up by the end of the week. i'll have that forecast for you


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