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tv   Early Today in Iowa  NBC  February 8, 2016 4:30am-5:00am CST

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hopes it changes its location at least. a big cat shows up on school grounds. and defense dominates the super bowl. the broncos take down the panthers -- and peyton manning now has his second ring. i'm jerry gallagher. let's check on your weather now with storm track 7 meteorologist eileen loan. good morning. the blizzard warning is still in effect for butler and grundy counties with a winter weather advisory from tama through waterloo and new hampton and then for the northeastern part of the state until 6 this evening. these are the areas that will see the most travel hazards. falling snow is not the main issue today, since the bulk of much. we will keep some showers off and on today, but roads are becoming partially to completely covered in
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are down as some showers track through....the winds are the main problem today.. they are 15 to 30 mph right now with gusts up to 40 mph. temps are in the teens and low 20s and wind chills are starting to drop below zero. we will have a few snow showers but the blowing snow will stay the main problem. the winds stay strong through tomorrow and the cold air will stick around, too. i'll have that in a few minutes. temps are in the teens and low 20s and wind chills are starting to drop below zero. we will have a few snow showers but the through tomorrow and the cold
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have more on that in a few minutes. new this morning: a fire in cedar falls leaves three people in the hospital. crews were caleld around 11-45 last night to a mobile home park on union road. firefighters rescued a five- year-old girl, a three-year-old boy and their mother from the home. at last check -- the children were doing well. the mother had serious smoke inhalataion. we don't know yet what started fire. investigators are still looking into it. we're just a day away from the next big step in the race for the white house. the key players are trying to the expectations. republicans -- like jeb bush -- say their campaigns will go on -- no matter what happens. tracie potts has a preview of the new hampshire primary. alleys... up stairs... and literally pounding the pavement we caught up with hillary
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team trying to make up her double-digit deficit here. "people here that we've knocked really haven't made up their minds." the indecision... even worse for republicans. "we have to win this election, we have to. if you vote for me, it you nominate me, we will win this election." more than 4 in 10 republicans told the university of massachusetts they could still change their minds. "people are looking for people to make decisions and they're trying to analyze who's the best person to make those decisions." the most solid republicans here: trump voters. "i don't need your money - i need your vote!" "i feel like he's real, you know?" ted cruz - now polling third here - slammed other republicans for saying yes to women registering for selective service. " i was right on that issue, hillary clinton was wrong!"
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that umass daily tracking poll also showed democrats overall are much less likely to change their vote. in a kwwl caucus follow-up this morning: hillary clinton did not win iowa by much. her margin of victory is even smaller than we first thought. the iowa democratic party says it found mistakes in five precincts it double checked. the new numbers bring sanders closer. percent. sanders 49-point- 6. a precinct in poweshiek county was among those with a mistake. the sanders campaign is doing its own review of the results. last week, they told kwwl they clinton and sanders will debate the democratic national
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made that announcement over the weekend. flint has been in the national spotlight after we learned the lead for months. the debate will happen in march -- two days before the michigan and mississippi primaries. clinton takes a break from campaigning in new hampshire to visit flint. she says the mayor invited her to church. clinton says clean water should not be considered a luxury. "this is not merely unacceptable or wrong, though it the children in any other part of america." clinton is calling on congress to approve 200 million dollars in emergency aid for flint. there's a lot on the table as italy's president comes to the white house today. they'll be talking about their efforts against isis, economic
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they might also talk about syria's civil war. pope francis is making a public plea for help -- for victims of syria's civil war. he's calling on the international community to revive negotiations to end the war that started five years ago. the latest round of peace talks have stalled. north korea claims it has launched a satellite into orbit. however, it's widely believed to be a cover for a long-range missile test. this all comes about a month after north korea claimed to successfully test a hydrogen bomb. the reaction from the u-s, japan and south korea has been swift and unanimous. all three are condemning the rocket launch by north korea. the united nations did not waste time. its security council held an emergency meeting about north korea. the u-s ambassador to the u-n says nobody is fooled by their claims about launching a satellite. "the launches themselves are advancing north korea's capacity to advance its nuclear weapons
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the ambassador says president obama spoke with china's president -- and they agreed on a strong and united response. shots are fired in a crowded nightclub -- leaving two dead -- and many others hurt. it all happened early sunday morning in orlando. three-hundred people were in the club at the time. several people are in the hospital this morning. investigators believe three people fired the shots. a mardi gras parade comes to a tragic end in mississippi. two people were shot and killed. "it was very chaotic, because trying to sort out and find out we had officers yelling for help. there were reports of people fleeing the scene. and again, there were thousands of people on the streets leaving." four others were hurt. police say no one's been arrested. nat pop -- boom!" what a sight in south carolina.
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down two smoke stacks. they were the last things standing -- after an old coal mine was demolished. one person is dead and six others hurt after an explosion at a plant in georgia. police say it happened early sunday morning at a feed mill. authorities say they don't know yet -- what caused the explosion. if chipotle is your favorite spot for lunch -- you might have to make other plans today. chipotle says it will close every one of its locations for four hours for a food safety meeting. the move comes after an e-coli outbreak at the restaurant last year. during the meeting -- employees will go over an updated food safety program. all chipotle restaurants will be closed from around eleven this morning to three this afternoon. students will be talking about this school visitor for a long time. a leopard was spotted inside this school in india. the people there don't know how it got inside -- but they hope it never comes back.
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and at least four people got hurt. in the u-s -- many fans were rooting for a different cat. the panthers. as jay gray tells us -- super bowl 50 had fireworks, fly overs and some sloppy football. "the whole atmosphere everybody around i mean it's and then ... the lady did.. the broncos opened the game with a long drive and field the panthers got on track to start the second quarter.. cutting the lead to just three.. both teams gave the ball away before half- time.. a long punt return led to another denver field goal.. giving the broncos a 13-to-7 lead at the half.. a half-time that started with coldplay.. and ended red hot - with bruno mars and beyonce joining the show.. in the 2nd half, the teams traded field goals, but late in the 4th quarter with the panthers trailing by six, the panthers turned the ball over, their fourth of the game.
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td that secured a third broncos super bowl win and a second super bowl ring for qb peyton manning. "and as the celebration continued on the field it became very clear that a driving force for these players in the super bowl win was to make sure their leader the sheriff had one year in the league and win the super bowl you know we little time to enjoy this win and talk with his family before deciding his future. jay gray nbc news santa clara
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this morning: speaking of the super bowl. what about the commercials? which ads will people talk about the most this morning? plus -- how low will they go? drivers hope we don't have a for a while. roads are becoming snow covered in many areas, not necessarily due to falling snow, but because of strong winds that will continue today. i'll have the details coming up. "now your storm track 7
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here is additional forecast information from the kwwl stormtrack 7 weather team: strong winds will keep blowing and drifting snow a concern over
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winds will also bring in some pretty cold air that will stick with us. right now... the worst areas of travel will be central through northeast iowa... blizzard warning continues for grundy and butler counties with tama to new hampton (including waterloo) and then oelwein to elkader northward in a winter weather advisory, both until 6 this evening. a few snow showers will continue to track through the area today, but we are not expecting much snowfall... however, as they do track through, they will reduce visibilities. mainly we will have blowing and drifting problems in the north and west where there is more snow on the ground to blow
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showing some of those areas this morning... mostly west. will show shaking cameras all day with strong winds... the temps will be colder, too. we are in the teens with a few 20s in the southern counties... a good 15 to 25 degrees colder than this point yesterday morning. winds are 15 to 30 mph (some higher) with gusts to 40 top 50 mph at times this morning. winds will stay strong today with a slight weakening tonight before picking up again tomorrow. while we will have some snow showers continuing, the main threat is the winds.... and that won't really change since things are starting to stall in their track across the nation. we will also get colder... highs
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in the 20s at best.. and we may already seen them with a lot of teens taking over for tomorrow... and much of the week. we will have strong winds today with gusts to 40 mph at times. a few snow showers but blowing and drifting will be the main problem. winds and cold tonight and tomorrow. lows tonight will be in the single digits and teens with chills to -20... and highs tomorrow only in the teens at best. we stay cold all week.. wind chills could drop to -25 on wednesday morning. highs today will only be in the
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seen them with a lot of teens taking over for tomorrow... and much of the week. we will have strong winds today with gusts to 40 mph at times. a few snow showers but blowing and drifting wednesday morning. it's another big win in the big ten for iowa. highlights of the hawkeyes next... plus, how high will they go later today when the new rankings are released? you're watching kwwl. we've got
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tree, lisbon, jesup and all of eastern iowa
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iowa will move closer to the top spot, but how close? some writers have already said they're voting the hawkeyes number one -- but others have them at three or four. yesterday, the hawks hoping to hold on to sole possession of first place at a place that hasn't been kind to them over the years. iowa at illinois. lately. he hits the three, iowa up 7-6 earl. from there, the lead would only grow. jok to jarrod uthoff. to the second half -- jok on both ends he had 23. iowa wins again -- 77 to 65. they're 10 and 1 in the big ten and go to indiana on thursday. more reason to be pumped up -- before you fill up. gas prices keep dropping. across the country, prices are down eight cents over the past two weeks. they now average 1-82 a gallon in the u.s. analysts say they could keep dropping if oil prices continue to fall. gas buddy says the lowest prices
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-- 1-26 a gallon. we hope people knew this was a stunt. a double-decker bus blows up on a bridge in london. it's all part of a stunt for a new jackie chan movie. the bridge was shut down at the time -- and producers posted a warning on twitter about it. as always food is a focus of super bowl commercials -- like this doritos ad. it seems as though advertisers kept things upbeat last night. this ultrasound commercial was rated as one of the best by yahoo sports -- along with avacados in space and puppy monkey baby. what was your favorite -- or least favorite commercial? let us know on our kwwl facebook page this morning. the time now is love is in the air. valentine's day is less than a week away... and this morning, we're learning how our four-legged
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several ads popped up during the super bowl reminding us of something happening in a week. chris clackum tells us humans sweethearts worldwide have their special day this sunday.. it's valentine's day. globe...americans are expected that online. "i'm not expecting anything too extravagant...we'll probably just go out to dinner" dinner out what a third of those surveyed by fatwallet-dot-com said they'll be doing on valentine's day. over half said they'll buy candy...the heart shaped box is the most popular... ...while giving flowers is the preferred gift by one in four...making it the busiest day of the year for the fresh flower business. even pets will get the love come sunday... "did you ever purchase anything for your pet for valentines day? toys!" the fatwallet survey found one in five will buy a valentine present for their pet.
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flowers, jewelry, dinner or all would be great !" but probably greater than 150-dollars... which is what the average american will spend on valentine's this year. chris clackum, nbc news. we're looking at storm track seven live doppler radar right now. today in iowa is back with the
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forecast. few snow showers today but mostly blowing and drifting with strong winds today and even into tomorrow. cold weather will stick around forrthe week with highs only in the low to mid teens tomorrow through saturday. wind chills will be around -20 tonight and -25 wednesday
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champs and their fans could not
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