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tv   FOX5 News at 400pm  FOX  December 1, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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below average temperatures. below average temperatures. las vegas metro is
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to help them stop criminals with a new security camera registration program. "vegas safe cam" lets police have access to you home surveillance videos to help the solve cases faster and easier. they only look at your footage if there is a crime in your neighborhood and the system always asks for your permission first. police say registering with the system will save them a lot of extra leg work. "as of now you'll will occur we'll start at the point of a crime and then work our way out in canvassing a neighborhood and trying to find video. this will allow us to go specifically along a path and say 'okay we have cameras here, we have cameras there' and we'll be able to reach you by phone because you would've logged a phone number or contact information. " the system has already been implemented in big cities like philadelphia and saint louis. both give the system good reviews. a mother is now going to trial... two months after police say her roommate killed her seven-year-
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"roshaun malone" was arrested a few weeks ago. she was charged with open murder, kidnapping, and child abuse. police say back on october 30th... malone's roommate "kenneth robinson" beat "ramasje findley" and tied his hands and legs. malone was questioned the day of the murder, but not arrested. according to the arrest report, malone told officers she was home when the killing happened, and she saw robinson beat her son before. today, a judge set her bail at 75 thousand dollars and put her on house arrest. malone cannot have any contact with children unle i supervised. a former n-f-l and unlv football player is facing some very serious charges. police say he forced teens at a correctional facility to fight each other. "johan asiata" is one of four correction officers at an illinois center facing these charges. police say back in january, asiata and the other guards had the teen prisoners fight each other, while they stood back and watched. investigators also say asiata hit some of the teens and brought contraband into
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asiata played football for unlv... and as a senior, he earned honorable mention at the all mountain west conference. he signed on with the chicago bears and played just two n-f-l games before he was waived in 2011. a las vegas woman is accused of creating a fake facebook profile... to frame her boyfriend for stalking. "stephani lawson" was sentenced in california to perjury and false imprisonment. police say lawson was trying to get her ex arrested after the two broke up. she filed eight police reports, claiming the boyfriend made facebook thrts to kill her and her daughter. but police say lawson lied about all of this, and sent the threats to herself. the ex-boyfriend was arrested for stalking and battery... and police are now dropping those charges. october's presidential debate at u-n-l-v turned out to be a bigger boost for the university and the city of las vegas... than anticipated. the las vegas convention and visitors authority says the debate generated almost 114-million dollars in publicity. that's more than double what was
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produce the debate was about 7-point-5 million. the debate was the third most watched in history... with 71- million tuning in on t-v... and that doesn't count people who watched on computers or tablets. it is nascar champion's week here in las vegas. and the strip shut down for the nascar victory lap! fox5's adam herbets joins us now with the action. closed captioning
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a unlv professor - threatening to a unlv professor - threatening to a unlv professor
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report undocumented students to ice - even though the university's president has called the campus a safe space. fox5's abby theodros joins us live on campus after talking with students and university officials who say that professors comments don't represent unlv a lot of shock tonight and
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protesting a professor who said he'll report undocumented students to ice. both student and university officials say this goes against what the school stands for i did call that
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today - in that conversation he told me he's meeting with the office of compliance but he wouldn't comment any further. he is a pre calculus two professor here and is currently teaching a class were told. unlvs student
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we're taking a ride on the santa train... and seeing why it stands out from other trains around the country. it's one of the most expensive times of the year... but it doesn't have to be. we'll look at a few ways you can keep money in your wallet while holiday shopping this year. you're watching fox5 news at 4.
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24/7 skies will remain partly cloudy overnight with temperatures falling into the low 40s and upper 30s. a system diving in from the north will bring gusty winds across southern nevada on friday. wind gusts around the las vegas valley will be in the 30 to 40 mph range. even stronger wind is expected along the colorado river vaey advisory will be in effect for mesquite, laughlin, and lake havasu city throughout the day on friday with wind gusts in the 50 mph range. high temperatures friday will be in the mid to low 50s. it stays breezy saturday before winds calm down sunday. skies will be mostly sunny this weekend with temperatures
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sunday. we'll see another surge of cold air for the middle of next week with more wind and below average temperatures. "five...four...three...! lights turn on " new yorkers lit the famous rockefeller
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"five...four...three...! lights turn on " new yorkers lit the famous rockefeller christmas tree last night. 50 thousand lights cover this 94 foot tall norway spruce. it was a rainy celebration... but that didn't dampen the holiday cheer!
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one place this weekend. you can join the action during the las vegas great santa run! action during the las vegas great santa it is this saturday down town. festivities kick off at nine a-m and the five k starts at ten a-m and it is all for a good cause--- the santa run benefits opportunity village. it's december first... and some of us are officially ready to start shopping. there are a few things you can try, so you don't over-spend on gifts. follow your favorite brands
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get instant alerts on sales and coupons. buying electronics? see if you can swap your old laptops, smart phones, or video game consoles and save a few bucks. if you are shopping online, do it on december 16th. that is free shipping day for hundreds of retailers! and if you missed a major sale, don't worry. many retailers will offer a refund if the price of something you bought goes down within two weeks of purchase. the santa train is getting ready to depart boulder city! besides meeting santa, there are a lot of fun things for everyone to check out on this train. fox5's peter dawson gives us a sneak peak. nevada southern railway excursion train at the nevada state railroad museum proudly present santa train. located in boulder city, they have four trains to ride on including a 71/2" gauge steam model train. ride the same rails the workers did while
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the santa train leaves the station on december 3, 4, 10, 11, 17 & 18.
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sponsored by nv energy, subaru of las vegas and henderson hospital." it will be a very chilly 12 nights for 98-point-five's chet buchanan. he's camping out on top of a 30 foot scaffold, for the k-l-u-c toy drive.
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tradition kicks off today... and ted pretty is up on that scaffold right now with chet. closed captioning will resume shortly
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will resume shortly closed captioning will resume shortly make your holidays a little bit country... where you can snag all kinds of cowboy goodies just in time for gift giving season. and you can get all of your community events and local news on the go with our fox5 app. it is free in the
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saving event to help prevent d-u- i's during the holidays. las vegas high school students and the unlv athletic department experienced first-hand the dangers of drunk driving. guests heard from tiffany and derrionna norwood... whose son and brother was killed by a drunk driver. "i'm absolutely terrified to start driving because the roads in vegas can be so dangerous sometimes. it's not the same without that sibling here, especially when we were so close." police say there are more cars on
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parties involving alcohol during the holidays it is n-f-r week... and for people who love pallet wood crafts, boots, and flannel... this means cowboy christmas! the annual country shopping event kicks off today at the las vegas convention center. there are more than 400 venders offering furniture, original art, customized jewelry, and plenty of western wear. you can also get a free shuttle ride to thomas and mack to watch the rodeo. cowboy christmas is open nine to five through december 10th. wild weather.... ripping through the south.. "(jackson county resident) "i'm one of the lucky ones - i've still got a roof over my head." " see the destruction and the number of tornadoes the national weather service is now confirming hit the region. plus... a hostage situation at a florida bank... the demands the suspect made... besides money... before police got
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drone video out of tennessee of the wildfires around gatlinberg. you can see scorched homes and trees. photographer andrew duncan describes the scene as a war zone. more than 700 buildings have been destroyed... and fourteen thousand people were forced to
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wildfires aren't the only natural disaster to hit tennessee. deadly tornados are ripping through the state, as well as georgia and alabama. the national weather service confirmed 31 tornadoes hit the region. yasmin amer spoke to survivors. devastating scenes across the southeast...after a round of deadly storms. at least three tornados ripped through northern alabama, according to the national weather service. jackson county saw some of the worst damage. strong winds knocked down trees and powerlines - and turned some buildings into ruins. one resident says a large tree collapsed on his house. but given the sheer destruction around him, he says it could have been a lot worse. (jackson county resident) "i'm one of the lucky ones - i've still got a roof over my head." in georgia - three suspected tornadoes touched down in the metro atlanta area. no one was injured...but residents describe a terrifying afternoon. (robin cook, witness) "it was so much wind...everything was flying everywhere. it was bad." (co-worker) "really dark up there...right there in front of us." (robin cook, witness) "the wind was just like.and the whole door just shook." two people were
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officials say a tornado touched down in polk county. that state is already reeling from deadly wildfires that have killed seven people so far. wednesday's rain provided some relief. but it's not nearly enough to quell the region's worst drought in nearly a decade. i'm yasmin amer reporting. at least seven people were killed in gatlinburg, tennessee this week because of the raging wildfire. governor bill haslam says these are the worst fires the state has seen in 100 years. a terrifying day for customers at a credit union in florida. police say a suspect took 11 people hostage, as he robbed a bank. this happened at community first credit union in jacksonville. police say the suspect, "nicolas humphrey" pointed a gun at the hostages' heads, and made several demands. the sheriff says the suspect wanted money and his family members brought to the scene. a swat team eventually used a
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"listen, a fantastic job by the patrol officers at the scene, fantastic job by the swat team. the guys train and work hard every single day, for days like today, and it paid off today. we were able not only to resolve it, but to resolve peacefully " police haven't said if anyone was hurt... but they do say no one was shot. humphrey also brought a dog to the bank... and police say the animal was safe after the standoff. a leader in the iraq and afghanistan wars appears to be president-elect donald trump's pick for secretary of defense. trump is expected to formally announce next week that he'll nominate retired general james mattis for the cabinet post. mattis spent 44- years in the marine corps, serving in both afghanistan and iraq. he was praised for his leadership in iraq, particularly during the battle of fallujah in 2004. mattis would need a congressional waiver to serve as defense secretary. that's because retired officers are required to be out of uniform for at least seven years before
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pentagon. mattis only retired from the military in 20-13. thousands of california national guard soldiers won't have to pay back their re- enlistment bonuses... after the pentagon reached a deal. the defense department has been trying to recoup about 20- million dollars in re-enlistment bonuses paid out to the soldiers who served in iraq and afghanistan. only soldiers who knew they were ineligible will have to repay-- and, the burden of tracking down those soldiers falls to the government. the deal is part of a larger defense bill due to be voted on in the coming days. in more local news... senator harry reid announced that a new tier one transportation center will be coming to u-n-l-v. one-point-four million dollars was approved for the project. the center will join other in the country and will be focal point of research by advancing the high-speed rail infrastructure. it will also help boost the economy and reduce our dependance on foreign oil. this will be the second transportation center in nevada--
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today the 'welcome to fabulous las vegas' sign.. just outside of the strip.. is now red. clark county commissioners and aid for aids of nevada (afan) uses the sign to help bring awareness to world aids day. "we want to make sure that everyone knows the importance of hiv throughout the year, not just today." officials changed the lights bulbs on the sign from yellow to red during a ceremony held right in front of the sign. commissioners say the changing of the lights is a way to make the community unique. it also helps people recognize and educate others on the importance of fighting aids in the las vegas community. retirement is something most of us look forward to. but the grass isn't always greener... just ask this guy! " boring, so boring, i'm not a television buff but i do read a bit, but you can't read all blinking day. " see how this vet is getting back into the work force... and winning admirers around the world.
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christmas treats could be a lot healthier... because of hollow sugar. we'll explain what that is... and how it can help people with a sweet tooth cut calories. you're watching fox5 news at 4. local. las vegas . look at this... a silicon valley server farm. the vault to man's greatest wonders... selfies, cat videos and winking emojis. speaking of tech wonders, with the geico app
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or even file a claim. do that.. yeah, yeah that should work. it's not happening... just try again. uh, i think i found your problem. thanks. hmm... the award-winning geico app.
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having a real
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having a real christmas tree is nostalgic and makes your house smell nice. but it might cost you more this year. there are tree shortages around the country... most caused by droughts. trees from california are up ten percent because of poor weather. some farmers say they have enough trees... but they are shorter because they didn't get enough water this year. and tree farmers have also dealt with wildfires in places like tennessee. this sounds maybe too good to be true. nestle claims it created a type of sugar that cuts calories... and still tastes the same. the global chocolate maker is hollowing out sugar particles. it says with this method, it can reduce chocolate's sugar content by a much
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it plans to roll out these new sugar products in 2018. no word on what sweets will contain the new surgar... but nestle says it is considering confectionery products first. the final product is still sugar... not an artificial sweeterner like splenda. an 89-year-old veteran from the retirement. he's looking for a job... and employers everywhere are falling for his british charm. " the chief thing is, i want something to do. i want to see people, speak to people. what you see here, when i come home there is nobody here. i immediately switch the blinking radio on you see. watch some telly, read a book. it's non constructive!"
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bartley's" classified ad. joe hopes to work at least 20 hours a week. he says he is still able to clean and garden among other skills. at the bottom, he writes "save me from dying of boredom! local businesses were charmed by the ad... and everything from cafes to super markets are offering joe a job! camping in december isn't for everyone... but one radio d-j does it every year... to help kids get toys for the and today, fox5's ted pretty is joining him! your fox5 weather
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thanksgiving is over... but our take-5 to care food drive is still going strong! just drop off canned goods or donations at your local albertsons or vons. the food drive goes from now until december 31st. and benefits 3- square food bank. "take 5 to care is sponsored by nv energy, subaru of las vegas and henderson hospital." there is another way you can help struggling families this holiday season we're teaming up with k-l-u-c's chet buchanan to collect thousands of toys for kids! fox5's chief meterologist joins us now live from the scaffold... where chet buchanan will camp for toys and bikes starting tonight. closed captioning will resume shortly
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skies will remain partly cloudy overnight with temperatures falling into the low 40s and upper 30s. a system diving in from the north will bring gusty winds across southern nevada on friday. wind gusts around the las vegas valley will be in the 30 to 40 mph range. even stronger wind is expected along the colorado river valley. a wind advisory will be in effect for mesquite, laughlin, and lake havasu city
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on friday with wind gusts in the 50 mph range. high temperatures friday will be in the mid to low 50s. it stays breezy saturday before winds calm down sunday. skies will be mostly sunny this weekend with temperatures back up around 60 sunday. we'll see another surge of cold airor middle of next week with more wind and below average temperatures.
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most disney fans
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first theme park ride at disneyworld. this little girl may love the movie "frozen"... but she hates the ride! check out this magnified picture of the tot going down a hill on this water ride. dad is having a great time... the little girl is terrified, and her face is priceless! at least she looks very cute in her snow white dress. thanks
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three deadly shootings in the last two days.. and as of tonight .. metro has investigated 157 homicides this year alone. i'm john huck. i'm christine maddela. it's the highest number of homicides in metro's jurisdiction in a decade. fox5's eric hilt sat
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lieutenant -- and joins us now live with his opinion of what's happening. closed captioning will resume shortly "it breaks my heart, because who would do this to him?" that's what julie jimenez told fox5 after her boyfriend, jose de jesus, was shot and killed in a drive-by shooting in may... a murder would unfortunately become one of many in 2016. "now it is getting so dangerous" and this has been more more dangerous than most others... there have been 157 homicides in metro's jurisdiction this year.... that number matches a 20- year-high in
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the highest number on record for metro -- 167 homicides in 1996. "everybody should be concerned about this number and the level of violence" lt. dan mcgrath told me he doesn't see any specific trends in that number.. but says the most disturbing part of the increase in younger suspects. "we've arrested teenagers, like, i counted this morning, there were 11 people between the ages of 15-19 that we've arrested for murder" mcgrath says in many cases the deadly crimes are hard to prevent without the publics help...and that's why metro plans to continue upping its work in the community... "any efforts we put into community policing is going to help us solve these crimes and help us build relationships" and now, metro's homicide unit is expanding to keep up with the sharp rise in deadly crimes... the section added two members in july...and will be adding four more in the next couple of weeks. "we're getting an increase in staffing in the homicide section to keep up with the followup and some of the things we have to do after the fact to solve these cases" but in the final month of the year...they're hoping there are less cases to solve. "we would hope that there would be no more homicides for the rest of the year, that would be our hope" mcgrath told me even though hte number of


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