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tv   FOX5 News at 1000pm  FOX  November 30, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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fox5 news at 10 starts now police are turning to the community to help fight crime.... what they hope you'll be putting up outside your homes and businesses to help catch criminals... this is fox5 news at 10. local. las vegas. free parking at a majority of the resorts on the las vegas strip-- is a thing of the past... i'm christine maddela. i'm john huck. caesars entertainment and the wynn... are the latest properties to announce new parking charges. fox 5's faith tanner is live on the las vegas boulevard-- with what people are saying about having to fork over extra cash to park their cars. the days of easy,
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is beginning to become a thing of the past here on the strip. soon-- nearly a dozen properties here will start charging new parking fees. "you go to a hotel you expect to have at least free parking, you're paying for the hotel" the days of free parking.. all over the las vegas strip... are quickly coming to an abrupt halt. "things have (laughing)" today wynn resorts announced-- drivers will be charged 13 to 18 dollars for valet parking. for now-- self parking will still be free. it comes after an annoucement from caesars entertainment. its properties will charge 8 to 18 dollars for valet parking.. depending on the location. vistors will also have to pay to self park--- those prices haven't been announced yet. but good news for locals-- we can still self park for free-- for now.
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with the idea. "it would affect how many times we came down here that's for sure" people who work on the strip-- are also worried it will start costing them more : "if i didn't have that players card they're gonna charge me so now i have to use a friend's players card just to park for free" m-g-m resorts started the trend back in june... it seems like free parking spots may f far between. and while people don't like the idea of shelling out more money-- they realize that times are changing. : "we came here 43 years ago where we could stay at a hotel for 19 dollars, so things have changed!" most of these changes to parking-- will be implemented at the end of this year... and the beginning of next year.
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says it will continue to offer free parking to its guests. for more specifics on the pay to park program... head over to our website-- fox5 vegas dot com it's another cold night across the valley. chief meteorologist ted pretty joins us with a first look at the forecast. toss to weather temperatures remain on the cold side tonight with overnight lows falling into the mid to upper 30s around the las vegas valley. we'll see a few clouds drift across the area, keeping temperatures up just a degree or two compared to last night. skies will be mostly sunny on thursday with a forecast high of 57 degrees in las vegas. another system dives into the area friday, bringing another shot of cool air along with gusty winds out of the north. high temperatures will be in the mid to low 50s with wind gusts around 30 mph. the
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will be east of las vegas along the colorado river. a wind advisory takes effect at 7 am friday for mesquite, moapa, laughlin, and lake havasu city. it stays breezy on saturday with upper 50s before highs rebound back to 60 degrees on sunday. take advantage of the milder day on sunday because even colder air arrives early next week. metro police are about to unveil a new program... that will enlist the help of the community to solve crimes. its called vegas safe cam... and it'll use your home or business surveillance to catch criminals... fox5's cyndi lundeberg tells us how this program will work... just last night there were two different shootings... and police are asking for your help in solving both. their new program will continue to ask
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you'll sign up for vegas safe cam... and if theres a crime in your area police say they want to work with you and use your video to help catch dangerous suspects. here he is the bottom left camera hes about to get into my car this is jodi vecchios home surveillance video from the night her car was stolen. so now hes getting out here he comes in the bottom right you can se ehim he puts his hood up a man walks up her driveway and hops in her range rover.... jodi vecchio - someone came into my garage hte other nigh jodi vecchio - and took off with my car rigth into my garage vecchio's home is covered in cameras... she shared her surveillance video with police... her car was returned. im thankful i had the surveillnace video and im hoping metro will use it to catch these people and prosecute them that is exactly what metro wants to do with their new program called... vegas safe cam. jodi vecchio - im hoping this program can decrease crime in the valley
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businesses and homeowners wold install surveillnace sytems then register them with metro police. if theres a crime in your area police would contact you to look at your video... or if you notice somethign in your videos.... you could contact investigators yourself. jodi vecchio - i hope it works metro wants everyone to know unless there is a crime they would not be monitoring your system... and your video would only be used for official police investigations. i hope this program will go well and theyll use the fotoage jodi vecchio is still spooked a criminal came into her garage and so close to her family... but hopes her story encourages more people to get surveillance for their homes.. and hopes police will monitor the video coming in to solve crime. jodi vecchio - you put it on your house and its going to protect you nad your family and hopefully it will deter the criminals and its everywhere jodi vecchios range rover was returned... a man said he bought it
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was a little damage and all her christmas presents were stolen... but the man who stole her car... has not been identified or arrested. thats where you come in... this is the man jodi says is repsonisble.... take a good look and call police if you recognize him. clfnll tomorrow morning metro police will hold a news conference about their new program vegas cam... and we'll bring you all the updates on fox5 news at 4. a couple arguing in the parking lot of a valley apartment complex... are interrupted when a man randomly drives up---firing shots.... and killing the man. the couple's young son... was in nearby car. it happened at an apartment complex on durango near tropicana. police are looking for man in his 30s with a goatee... who somehow got through the gate... and drove off in a black sports car with a small assault rifle... but neighbors who heard it go down...say it doesn't add up. i don't know that. i
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somebody. i know she called a third person because i saw her on the phone when they were arguing and then the third person showed up. " if you have any information-- you are asked to call crimestoppers at 702-385-55-55. a valley man-- is behind bars... accused of shooting and killing his son. this is michael gardenhire. police were responding to a call from an apartment complex near rainbow and windmill - just after eight last night.... when they heard shots coming from a different buildi police began to search the area and when the 49- year old told officers he had shot his son. officers found a 20-year old man dead in the apartment with gunshot wounds to the chest. "we don't know what actually happened inside the apartment and what actually occured. there were no calls to the police. only one other person we could find that heard anything. so we have some work to figure out what happened here tonight. " coroners have
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20-year-old victim. gardenhire has been arrested for murder with a deadly weapon... people across the valley are receiving racist letters-- the offensive notes are being sent on letterhead from a local h-o-a and ....and a lawfirm. the letters-- containing racial slurs seem to be mailed randomly.. and have been circulating for about a year. john leach says neither his firm, nor the spring valley neighborhood homeowners association has anything to do with the letters, ""they've gone to reno, theyve gone gone all over the categorize people in the way that theyve done, to me its a hate crime" " leach says he's talked with metro, the fbi, even the us department of justice all to try and stop these hateful letters from going out. local law enforecemnt, fire departments, and umc came together today to save lives.... this time by giving blood. the university medical center's annual " heroes challenege blood
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its nevada's largest blood drive, and an event where officials, and everyday people, can become heroes. < nat of blood drive> " blood donors, they give me my life, they give me my sons life, because my son is my life" for alyssa aguayo, blood donations are personal... her son callum suffers a rare blood disorder that requires he gets monthly blood transfusions... " there's been several times they can't find his blood and they have to ship it in because not enough people in the valley donate blood" thats why aguayo is teaming up with local heroes for umc's biggest blood drive of the year... " its a friendly competition between law enforecement, fire, and umc, to see who can generate the most blood donations for the year" they call it the heroes challenge blood drive and year after year the competition helps collect hundreds of units of blood for those who need it... " between police and fire we donated 145 units, now umc did over 200." " we're all dedicated to changing lives but this is just
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communitites" it's not just officials donating, hundreds of community members also came together at umc. those who donated recieved gifts and prizes, but most improtantly they recieved the chance to save a life... " our community is amazing about coming out and supporting each other" " wether its an emergency situation like in a hospital or a car accident or someone like my son that always has the need for blood the rest of his life he will have the need for blood" aguayo and her son were featured in a suprise squad episode last year, she spoke at todays event about the importance of donating. the runnin rebels-- are back in action.... the team grab a big win in utah. "runnin rebels on road for first time in season im kevin bolinger highlights and reaction straight ahead." and be sure to download our fox5 mobile app... so you can get all of your up to date news and weather... on the go. you're watching
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the runnin rebels-- hit the road for the first time this season. as they traveled north on the i-15 to play southern utah. fox5's kevin bolinger is with the team in cedar city... he joins us with highlights... closed captioning
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closed captioning will resume shortly reb zone-- when it switches over to the runnin rebels... head coach marvin menzies joins kevin for the full half hour. it's sunday night following fox5 news at 10 and sports plus. nascar is rolling into the valley for champions week... and race fans are ready for some action. "we chase the drivers around. places like this... we see the cars, where the drivers talk. we're doing the
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should be a good time." it's a celebration of the 2016 sprint cup series season. tomorrow fans will line the strip for the burnout. and it will wrap up friday night with nascar's annual awards. joining race fans....this weekend... are cowboys and cowgirls... the rodeo is back in las vegas for the wrangler national finals rodeo. hundreds will compete at the thomas and mack center... in various events like bull riding..and barel racing. if they can't see the action live-- fans will be able night at the downtown events center. the "national finals rodeo" kicks off tomorrow. the rodeo will be in town until december tenth. now fox5 weather 24/7 temperatures remain on the cold side tonight with overnight lows falling into the mid to upper 30s around the las vegas valley. we'll see a few clouds drift across the area, keeping temperatures up just a degree or two compared to last night. skies
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with a forecast high of 57 degrees in las vegas. another system dives into the area friday, bringing another shot of cool air along with gusty winds out of the north. high temperatures will be in the mid to low 50s with wind gusts around 30 mph. the strongest winds will be east of las vegas along the colorado river. a wind advisory takes effect at 7 am friday for mesquite, moapa, laughlin, and lake havasu city. it stays breezy on saturday with upper rebound back to 60 degrees on sunday. take advantage of the milder day on sunday because even colder air arrives early next week. closed captioning will resume shortly
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recount... the election results are being challenged... in several states-- including nevada. who is paying for the review of the votes. should the man or woman who makes your big mac be able to make fifteen dollars an hour? and free parking on the strip may be going the way of dollar ninety nine steak dinners... caesars is the latest company to charge for parking. two of the topics in the rant
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nevada is getting a piece of a 247 million dollar grant... aimed at developing early learning programs. our state is one of 18-states getting the federal grant. 13-million dollars will go toward developing early learning programs for pre-school kids from low-to moderate income families. the state wants to use the money for teacher salaries... expanding half- day programs and making class sizes smaller.
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people around the valley who don't have enough to eat... the fox5 holiday food drive is back... at valley vons or albertsons-- you will see a display featuring myself, john and ted. you can pick up a hunger bag--- which is filled with items like peanut butter and beans. it runs now through december 31st. glittering lights is back at the las vegas motor speedway... it is dressed with thousands of lights. the holiday spectacular benefits the childrens speedway charity. glittering lights runs through january 7th... it opens daily at 5:30 p-m.... during the week it will cost 20 doollars per car.... and 30 dollars on fridays... and the weekends. those that donate to goodwill receive a discount. get ready to run through the streets of downtown... this saturday--- there will be a sea of santas.... for the the las vegas great santa run it's not too late for you to join in the fun. festivities kick off at nine a-m and the five k starts at
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good cause--- the santa run benefits opportunity village. free parking is a thing of the past on the las vegas strip. more properties signing on for paid parking. who says they will be hit the hardest... and when the fees will go into effect... hundreds of veterans put in danger... by a dentist treating them at the v-a. the practice he was using-- that put the vets at risk. you're watching fox5 news at 10.
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paid parking. that's seems to be the new trend on the las vegas strip. both caesars and wynn resorts have announced new parking fees for their properties. fox5's faith tanner is live on las vegas boulevard. with more on how visitors are reacting to the news. the days of easy, free vallet parking-- seem to be coming to end-- especially right here on the strip. where nearly a dozen properties will begin to start
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parking fees. caesars entertainment-- will start charging 8 to 18 dollars for valet parking... depending on the location. vistors will also have to pay to self park--- those prices haven't been announced yet. but there's good news for locals-- we'll be able to self park for free. less then a day after the from caesars-- wynn resorts announced-- drivers will be charged 13 to 18 dollars for valet parking. for now-- self parking at wynn and encore will still be free. it seems like free parking spots may be few and far between. i talked to visitors tonight--- who don't like the idea of shelling out more money-- but they realize that times are changing. : 20 bucks that you could use for a meal or something now
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kinda sucks" : "we came here 43 years ago where we could stay at a hotel for 19 dollars, so things have changed!" you may remember m-g-m started the pay to park trend back in june. the changes for caesars and wynn resorts will begin at the end of this year-- and early next year. we also heard from a spokesperson from station casinos today. she says those resorts-- will continue to offer free parking. a las vegas man is behind bars in texas... after crashing a stolen truck following a police chase that left one woman dead. this is kyle mawhorter--- he is facing numerous charges-- including vehicular homicide, reckless driving and fleeing from law enforcement. police say he led police on a chase into new mexico... before crashing into a metal fence and taking off on
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passenger inside the stolen truck... she died on the scene. police are looking for a man they say should be considered armed and dangerous. this is max cook. police say cook shot a man several times during a fight with him and another woman. it happened at a mobile home park earlier this month -- near nellis and owens. the victim was taken to the hospital in critical condition. if you have any information... you are asked to call crimestoppers 7- 0-2-385-55-55. investigators are saying they are not aware of any direct contact between isis and the suspect in the attack at ohio state university earlier this week. and now they're releasing the 9-1-1 calls made during the attack. 911 caller says: "i'm on the ohio state campus. there has been i think some kind of terrorist attack." 911 dispatcher says: "why do you think that?' 911 caller says: "because the guy ran a car through a crowd of students. he did it purposefully." police shot and killed abdul artan-- a student at o-s-u... after
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rammed his car into a crowd of people and then started slashing people with a knife. yesterday... isis claimed responsibility for the attack... but the f-b-i says that's typical for the group after the assailant is dead. agents are still working to verify whether artan made a social media post...monday...ran ting about u.s. interference in muslim lands. : byers says: "it appears that artan may have at least been inspired by the islamic state." so far... investigators believe artan acted alone. there will be no charges against the north carolina police officer who shot and killed a man back in september. a north carolina district attorney says he and 15 prosecutors unanimously agreed officer bentley vinson was justified to fire his gun. "andrew murray/ mecklenburg county district attorney: "our determination is that at that time, his belief was reasonable that he was in imminent threat of death or
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that he was justified in shooting." you may remember that shooting of keith lamont scott sparked protests in charlotte... and fueled the debate over whether police are too quick to use deadly force... especially against black men. police say scott held up a gun -- but his family said he never had a gun. today the d-a showed evidence... including scott's d-n-a... found on a gun recovered from the scene. he also showed surveillance and body camera images which indicate scott was wearing a gun holster on his ankle. the n-double-a-c-p says it will push for an independent federal investigation into the shooting. we are learning new details about the california mother who was kidnapped and held captive. sherri papini disappeared during a jog earlier this month... a driver found her three weeks later on thanksgiving day. her husband keith papini released a statment-- talking about the condition of his wife sherri when he saw her for the first time after she was found. a move the sheriff called blindsiding....
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key pieces of information in the case... "sheriff tom bosenko: i will confirm that the suspects did brand her i will not get into the details on where the brand is located on her body nor what was branded on her for again the integrity of the investigation. " papini says her captors were both women... kept their faces covered... and spoke spanish most of the time. president-elect donald trump says he will separate himself from his business while he's president... and let his kids run things. the announcement comes along with others... including a deal made with air- conditioning unit manufacturer... to keep a thousand jobs in indiana. : "maynard says: "i would like to tell him thank you for going out of your way and taking your holiday away from your family and working on carrier employees and sticking to your word ." " carrier had plans to cut two- thousand jobs and
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he is also working on his administration... trump is not expected to announce any more picks this week. but a spokesperson says the secretary of state search has been narrowed to four names... but didn't reveal all of them. a recount is underway in michigan.... becoming the third state to challenge the presidential election... former green party presidential candidate jill stein is leading the charge. ""jessica clark: "a statewide recount in michigan hasn't happened in more than 50 years. today is a momentous moment for our democracy for a number of reasons. first it marks the first time in our nation's history that a multi-state recount of a presidential election, with michigan joining recounts that have already been underway in pennsylvania and wisconsin." " a hand recount in michigan could cost taxpayers three million dollars. in michigan donald trump beat hillary clinton by 10-
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votes. the deadline to finish all recounts is december 13-th according to federal law. five counties in nevada will have their votes recounted. they are carson city, douglas, mineral, nye and clark. independent presidential candidate -- roque de la fuente -- paid around 14- thousand dollars for the recount. he finished last in the state... but says he wants to counterbalance a recount thatstein requested in wisconsin. election officials say state law requires the five counties to start the recount within five days... and complete it within five additional days. as people in cuba continue to mourn the death of fidel castro... the late leader's ashes... are now on a four day journey across the island nation. "9-15 mos woman 1 says: "it's so painful because he's an admirable man, we all love him, he's respected, there are no words." : "we feel really proud for everything he has left us, it's been a great thing, fidel passed before us right now but he will remain with all of us." "
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casket containing castro's ashes are leaving havana and heading to the eastern city of santiago where he began the revolution in 19-53. the route traces in reverse the victory tour castro took after overthrowing the forces of strongman fulgencio batista in 19-59. the ashes of fidel castro will be interred sunday, ending the nine- day mourning period for the man who ruled the country for nearly 50 years. we are getting a closer look at the wreckage from a deadly plane crash in colombia. investigators-- say an "eltr failure" caused monday's deadly plane crash that killed at least 71 people. the charter flight from bolivia included members of the brazilian chapecoense soccer squad. the team was on its way to the copa sudamericana finals. according to colombian authorities, three players, two crew members and one journalist survived. a cirque du soleil production is put
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after a crew member is injured at a rehearsal... and later dies. the company says the technican was hit by a lift during a rehearsal for the "luzia" production no other details were released. san francisco's police department and the california's division of occupational safety and health is now investigating the incident. "luzia" opened in san francisco earlier this month... and is scheduled to run through january. hundreds of veterans -- put at risk... after a dentist used unsanitary practices while treating them... medical center in wisconsin-- says the dentist knowingly went against the va's standard infection control procedures from october 20-15 to october of this year. the va requires the instrument, known as a dental bur, to be disposable... but instead the dentist was cleaning them with a wipe. "victoria brahm/ acting medical center dir., tomah v.a.: "he had a a replacement dental assistant, she noted this particular instrumentation being used, she reported it the next day, which is october 20th, to the dental chief who reported it to senior leadership the next day." "
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free screenings to the 592 veteran patients who were treated-- to test for infections like hepatitis c and h- i-v. after more than a week... kanye west has been released from the hospital. the rapper checked out of the u-c-l-a medical center today.... where he had been under observation... since november 22 n-d. the day before kanye had cancelled the rest of his saint pablo concert tour. that came after he stopped a concert early in sacramento and went on a rant. sources say he was treated for exhaustion and dehydration. if you love wendy's frostys... you'll want to jump on a two- dollar investment. the fast food chain is offering a free junior size frosty with every purchase next year.... as long as you have a special "frosty key tag." you can get one for two dollars at most wendy's locations -- but you need to hurry -- keychains on wendy's website have already sold out. the money you spend on the keychains will go to a good cause. part of the proceeds will go to the dave thomas foundation... which helps
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it going to be a weekend of wild rides.... not just in the bull riding arena... but on stages up and down the strip. we'll show you some of big name entertainers making their way to town. your fox5 weather 24/7 forecast is coming up next caesars joins mgm in charging for parking on the strip. but will you pay? it's in the rant
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we have some breaking news to tell you about. one person has been shot... and killed in downtown.... police say it happened near 10th and bonanza.... just after eight. as you can see-- there is a large police presence... we will bring you more information-- on fox5 news at 11... and on fox5 vegas dot com crews battling
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southeast region... are getting some help from the weather.... but it is not without issues. " "a new challenge that the weather is creating for us, after the fact, is we are experiencing some small mudslides and rockslides because there's no longer that foliage that's holding everything together." " the wildfires have already claimed seven li heavy rains across eastern tennessee are cooling hot spots. but storms are also packing heavy winds, that are toppling trees and power lines - limiting access to hard-hit areas. some people had trouble escaping evacuated areas.... fenner says: "we had animals and that's the reason i came back to get them. a parrot and a cat and i wasn't about to let them get burned up." fenner says: "i honestly thought we were not gonna make it back out.""
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north carolina man has been arrested and charged with setting two of the wildfires roaring through parts of the southeast. now fox5 weather 24/7 temperatures remain on the cold side tonight with overnight lows falling into the mid to upper 30s around the las vegas valley. we'll see a few clouds drift across the area, keeping temperatures up just a degree or two compared to will be mostly sunny on thursday with a forecast high of 57 degrees in las vegas. another system dives into the area friday, bringing another shot of cool air along with
10:47 pm
temperatures will be in the mid to low 50s with wind gusts around 30 mph. the strongest winds will be east of las vegas along the colorado river. a wind advisory takes effect at 7 am friday for mesquite, moapa, laughlin, and lake stays breezy on saturday with upper 50s before highs rebound back to 60 degrees on sunday. take advantage of the milder day on sunday because even colder air arrives
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the rant with john huck... sponsored by casa blanca in mesquite nevada free parking on the strip might go the way of the 99 cent shrimp cocktail. mgm resorts violated what many tourists and locals thought was their right by charging for parking earlier this year. now caesars said it will do the same properties. they say it's all to enhance your parking experience.. not a lot of you are buying that .. voicemails. hey most of the locals don't go to the strip, even though we love it but this parking thing is outrageous! they're trying to give you a couple of ways around [having] to pay. a really good way,if you haven't already
10:50 pm
not [going to] win there. boycott the casinos that are charging you to park. i've lived in las vegas for 40 years and this is [going to] be the biggest mistake these hotels are [going to] make. and people are [going to] stop going to the hotels, especially the locals. so i think they're destroying themselves. the push for 15 came back to life around the country, including here in las vegas on tuesday.. workers again protesting for a higher minimum wage. heard quite a few of you opposed.. now the other side.. voicemails. these people are trying to get jobs to support their families [and] $15 an hour [couldn't] even support their families. so for those people who are saying it's for teenagers and high school kids, not anymore. these fast food restaurant people fighting for $15 an hour; i think it's a joke. there [are] people that go to college for two years and don't come out making $15 an hour. plus, they never get your damn order right! the $15 raise for workers is a good thing, however you can do away wit anymore the 99 cent hamburgers from mcdonalds. and two egg mcmuffins , two for [three dollars and thirty three cents] forget about that. but yes everybody deserves a raise. when i call and order my breakfast combo, i order [an] extra hash brown. i get all the way
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hash brown. $15 an hour? come on. mark says... this "fight for $15" really is something else. i understand it is difficult and i'm all for the minimum wage to be raised. the problem is, most of these people are not even educated. this generation is so needy and undeserving! an says... my husband works for the school district and he barely makes $15 an hour. so i think that is ridiculous for fast food workers. send us your rants to the rant at or call at 702-436- 8285 the wrangler's national final rodeo is bringing more than just cowboy and cowgirls-- to the valley-- it is also bringing some all-star country entertainment. more's sean mcallister shows us some of the big names bucking into
10:52 pm
when the nfr - the superbowl of rodeos comes to town - some great country music entertainers comes along for the wild ride. well we're looking forward to a really big performance! really big! huge! no doubt it will be a big performance when locash performe at the mgm grand on thursday.. the mirage on friday... and four shows at "gilley's" at treasure island starting sunday! it's no illusion -- rodney carrington takes over the david copperfield theater at the mgm grand for 10 shows starting thursday night! at the t-mobile arena -- the kinf of country returns! george strait continues his residency friday and saturday. sean says: what is it about the las vegas community and our city that made you want to do this engagement of
10:53 pm
george strait says: it's just.. it's fun to play las vegas. it just really is. the crowds are great and they come from all over the place! and alabama... will hit the stage on friday and saturday at the cosmopolitan... theses guys are no strangers to performing in vegas. i've been so blessed we've been to still be able to play music, play guitar. sing the songs you wrote. reba and brooks & dunn play this weekend inside their home at the colosseum. at the silverton -- sam riddle plays on friday night with another show december 9- th. and you'll be stuck like glue to jennifer nettles as she plays "the foundry" saturday at the s-l-s.
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messes... and leave them dogs often make messes... and leave them behind for their owner to pick up. but not this pup. why he is being recognized for his polite manners.
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than just man's best friend.... they are very smart creatures. one man says his pup was clearly watching his every move. and now it's getting the dog-- a lot of attention. this is pablo... he was adopted about three months ago. and while he is a good puppy-- his owner says pablo has had a few accidents. when pablo spent the night with his owner's friend.... he just couldn't hold it... and attempted to clean up after himself. just like his owner-- he grabbed toilet paper and started to sop the mess up. the owner's friend said--- he couldn't even be mad because the pablo was so
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we have some breaking news near downtown las vegas. one person is dead after a shooting tonight. it happened around 8 p-m... near bonanza and tenth street. this is a live look at the scene right now. police have not released any other details at this time... but homicide detectives are taking over the investigation. we will bring you more information on fox five vegas dot com... and fox five news this morning we have some breaking news near downtown las vegas. we will bring you


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