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tv   FOX5 News at 400pm  FOX  November 29, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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this cold snap has many of us changing the setting on our thermostats. and some are finding out their heater is on the fritz. that makes for a busy time of year for repair crews... fox5's eric hilt caught up with one of those crews -- eric what are those technicians
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"i had just turned it on, it worked, and "i had just turned it on, it worked, and then it said nothing" not something you want to see on your thermostat with dipping to around freezing overnight... "what was your reaction when you saw the thermostat was out?" "hysteria" mimi segan is far from the only person getting hysterical about a broken heater this week. in fact furnace repair shops say this is one of their busiest weeks of the year. "we have seven vans out on the road and they're all going to work until 7 or 8 oclock tonight" so busy that jeff ---, a manager at gibson air conditioning and heating, is out making house calls" "yep i'm running service calls, for
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good sign jeff says the most common problems he's running into are pretty basic... "ignitions that don't ignite, or safety switches that overheat" ...problems that can be avoided with regular check-ups "you should do maintenance twice a year in the spring and in the fall, basic maintaince and stuff like that in general will take care of the stuff at hand" jeff says that maintenaince may have caught mimi's problem -- a broken circuitboard "this is like the heart of the machine" but now she's just happy her heat is back up before those temperatures go down. "i'm just thrilled" jeff told me those regular check-ups don't just make sure your furnace is running -- it makes sure that it is safe to run as well. he added that for people not in las vegas or not in southern nevada the low 30s may not be considered that bad....but when you live here, that feels really cold. and it's also cold for the plants
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for more that we're going to send it to chief meteorologist ted pretty who is at star nursery. as we've reported .. president elect donald trump's use of twitter .. has not stopped since the election. just this morning he tweeted this... "nobody should be allowed to burn the american flag - if they do, there must be consequences - perhaps loss of citizenship or year in jail!" it's a statement that has many people worked up today.. fox5's kathleen jacob joins us live along sunset near the airport with local reaction.. cindy, john... a lot of emotional reaction today... people care so much about the american flag and what it stands seeing someone light it on fire and destroy it is hard to watch... but on
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this flag also stands for our freedom...and one of those freedoms is the freedom of speech. the question has been brought up a few times over the years. can you burn the american flag? the answer is yes... and that was decided in 1989 by the supreme court case texas vs johnson. gregory johnson burned an american flag outside of the republican national convention to protest policies of president ronald reagan. he was arrested and charged... but appealed. the court ruled in his favor...saying his action were symbolic speech and therefor first amendment. since then congress has tried to come up with constitutional amendments...but all have been denied. many people i talked to today are appalled by the act of flag burning... but say it's not something that can be taken away. i don't think anything can happen. it just exposes them for who they are, you can't go to jail, you have that freedom so there's nothing you can do about it you just shake your head and just move forward. a " "that is dissent that is someone saying i'm not happy about a particular
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and so in this country in the united states we have a right to do that. i also talked to a couple people that didn't want to go on camera... but did tell me they agreed with donald trump's words. they said if you choose to burn the flag you're denouncing your country...and shouldn't be allowed to be a citizen. tonight at 5 we'll hear from more people about their reaction to trumps statements... and also from the aclu on what it takes to actually remove someone's donald trump proposed happen. reporting live fox5 news local las vegas it's the end of an era... the student run paper at unlv is getting a new name. the rebel yell will now be known as the scarlet and gray free press. fox5's adam herbets found out why... and whats next for the struggling paper. he's live on campus with the story. well cindy there is a key asterisk at the end of that sentence right now it's still the the end of that
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rebel yell they just announced the end of that sentence right now it's still the rebel yell they just announced the new name yesterday but if and only if the paper returns next semester that's when the new name will take affect the whole reason they got rid of the name rebel yell in the first place is because people say it's racist the rebel yell was a confederate war cry back in the days of the civil war you know slavery throughout the years there have been a lot of students on campus who were upset with all the confederate references on campus they got rid of the mascot beauregard a little while ago and replace them with hey reb who supposed to be less racist the name rebels in the first place wasn't really supposed to be an old homage to the civil war so today we talked to the man in charge of all of
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report on what's considered racist and what's not considered racist he says the mascot should be good to go but the paper was not it was a big problem and now finally it's solved "sorry no verbatim... outcue: doesn't make much of a difference trt 24 seconds so one problem down one to go the next hurdle is how are they going to get funding to even get the paper back up and running well there are some people who were interested in helping out one of them being the las vegas review journal coming up at 6 o'clock will tell you about how they plan to help plus some of the concerns
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may not be a good idea but for an hour live for you and i'll be at herbets and fox 5 newsroom local las vegas this morning .. outgoing nevada senator harry reid released a statement on the name change.. he wrote in part... "i applaud the unlv student newspaper for doing the right thing and changing their name." "there were many who felt that that was disparaging name for the paper; that the cil long time ago, and we shouldn't hearken back to the civil war and the confederacy." "i am proud of these students who did this." valley fast food workers are joining in on the national strike-- calling it a "day of disruption." one demonstration started about 2 hours ago.. and another is planned at 5 tonight. chanting "i believe that we will win!" "i believe that we will win!" "i believe that we will win!" i believe that we will win!" the "fight for 15" group says it will be their most "disruptive
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to show they won't back down in the face of newly elected politicians "we're here once again having to fight for against people like mcdonald's, carl's jr, five guys, wendy's to beg these people in order to give us a decent living wage. too many out here are struggling right now on what we're making. we're not making enough. too any of us are saying no to our families fro the things that we need. basic needs. we're trying to take care of our households." workers have been charging the "fight for 15" act now. so far... they've raised wages for more 22 million american's since starting back in 20-12. a similar scene this morning in other cities.. including los angeles. more than two dozen people gathered outside a mcdonalds as part of the "fight for $15" demonstrations. throughout the day .. organizers encouraged people working in fast-food, home- care, child-care and other jobs to gather with them. and here's how it looked this morning in new york.. where hundreds of workers walked off their
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demonstration. here .. police arrested at least 25 people for blocking traffic. it's known as one of the most popular vacation destinations in the country.. last night .. it was on fire. "this is crazy." people living in the historic town of gatlinburg, tennessee and the surrounding area are assessing the damage from an out of control fire overnight.. a fire that's now turned deadly. and another option is coming if you no longer want to subscribe to cable .... but still want your favorite tv
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destroyed more than 250 building in and near eastern tennessee's resort towns of gatlinburg and pigeon forge. this afternoon ... the gatlinburg mayor confirmed 3 deaths overnight from the fire. more than 14 thousand people were forced to evacuate the southern appalachians' mountainside as about 14 fires continue to rage. mary moloney reports. out of control wildfires force thousands to flee. "go go go go go!" some evacuees have to drive through the flames to get to safety. more than a dozen fires threatened the great smokey mountains of eastern tennessee. but instead of seeing the serene mountainside -- people feel hot flames and stinging smoke being pushed by strong winds. no name given: "the power went out, so it was very dark. smoke was so thick we couldn't breathe. eyes were stinging, so we just grabbed a blanket and took of running." joyce/evacuee: "we
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building go down in flames to the right of us and then we pulled in front of another building that wasn't on fire yet. but the firemen came and got us and i don't know who it was, but i thank him so much." the fires damaging or destroying homes and businesses. mayor mike werner/gatlinburg, tn: "personally i think i've lost my house. but you know, things can be rebuilt." chief greg miller/gatlinburg fire dept: "it's difficult to go out into a community and try to protect and serve others when your own property and everything that you've worked for is burng that's what these men and women have done for the last 24 hours." as the firefighters fight the flames -- those in shelters wonder -- what the fires will spare. gary owenby/evacuee: "the things i've known probably don't exist anymore. i just close my eyes and have that memory in my heart. pray for us that's the one thing i know will work. god will take care of the rest." i'm mary moloney reporting
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dolly parton's hometown.. and her themepark dollywood.. she released a statement saying.. "i am praying for all the families affected by the fire and the firefighters who are working so hard to keep everyone safe. it is a blessing that my dollywood theme park, the dreammore resort and so many businesses in pigeon forge have been spared." now fox5 weather 24/7 the coldest weather las vegas has felt in nearly 10 months is on the way tonight. a freeze warning is in effect for the las vegas valley from 2 am to 8 am wednesday.
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be dropping into the low 30s and upper 20s overnight. skies will be mostly clear on wednesday with high temperatures only in the mid 50s; below average for this time of year. skies stay mostly sunny thursday with mid 50s before a system moves in friday. southern nevada stays dry, but we see more cloud cover with gusty winds. high temperatures hold in the mid to low 50s. temperatures moderate this weekend with highs back up around 60
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holiday decorating? we give you a look at how white house employees have decked the halls of the president's home. "hey you guys, i'm dave hall. coming up, i've got a date that ends really, really badly plus a cool new investion you're all going to want. that's coming up next on what the
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city... new yorkers are busy people... they have no time for nonsense... these guys learned that the hard way. this is apparently a youtube star named coby persin... he's blocking traffic for a photoshoot... here's what he doesn't know... the people of new york don't care about him or his fancy photoshoot... they have places to be... so a man stuck behind youtube guy... grabbed a bat... walked right up... and smasd windshield... then he strolled right off... all of new york is now hailing this man as a hero. now to a couple going out on a date... they thought... hey let's start the night with some go- karting... fun... that's also where the date ended. (go kart crashes) she missed the turn!! good news is... she was fine... bad news is... she'll never want to drive again... let's see that
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straight into the pile of tires... i love the fact that she wanted to beat her boyfriend so bad... but it wasn't a drag race... you have to turn the go kart. let's wrap this up with what could be the greatest invention... ever... we've had the light bulb... the car... the computer... and now... the cheese gun. this will be on the mount rushmore of man made inventions... it's like a hot glue gun... for cheese... you just load cheese in the chamber... the gun melts the cheese for you... then squeeze the cheese masterpiece... it's called the fondoodler... you can buy it online for 25 bucks. starting
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starting tomorrow... you'll have more options starting tomorrow... you'll have more options to watch t-v .. without paying for cable. a-t-and-t is launching its live t-v streaming service.... "direc-tv now." if you sign up for the service... you'll be able to watch t-v programming on your smartphone... tablet... or internet- connected t-v. it's part of a-t- and-t's push to try and win over so- called "cable cord-cutters." prices start at 35-bucks a month channels. tight budgets might not be on the top of your holiday wish list this year. according to a survey by lending tree.... more than half of americans plan to shop without one. last year -- 27- percent shoppers went into the new year with holiday-related debt... with some of those still paying off those bills. the survey also found more people plan to do less shopping in physical stores this holiday season. the white house is all ready for the season. first lady michelle obama
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this year's theme.... "the gift of the holidays." it's supposed to touch on the gifts of life... service... friends... family... education... and good health. the displays include several themed christmas trees...and 56-lego gingerbreak hourses -- one for each state and hourses -- one for each state and territory in the u.s. this year's white house gingerbreak house is made of gingerbread and 100-pounds of bread dough on the outside. 90-percent of the decorations this year were re-used from ornaments and supplies already in the white house inventory.
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buying "smart bandaids".. and find out why this jet now parked at an australian airport .. almost didn't make it! and the man seen in this video ... breaking out of handcuffs and escaping from police... is now being named in sevaral other local crimes. we'll tell you
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escaping from north las vegas police by breaking his handcuffs? tonight .. he's not only facing the original murder charge.. he's also now being investigated for his involvement in 2 other homicides. that man is alonzo perez... police arrested him in late august for shooting a man outside of a local mcdonald's. pere appointed attorney, clark patrick, says perez plans to fight the charges against him. police say that just hours after the homicide at mcdonald's ... perez shot and killed a motorcycle rider in a neigborhood near charleston and nellis.. however .. in the arrest report for this crime .. police also identify him as the lone suspect in the shooting death of of a man 1 week earlier. police say he's linked because the shell casings match in all 3 crimes. perez has been jailed since his recapture in september after breaking
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questioning by north las vegas police about the shooting death of a man at a local fast-food restaurant. search and rescue teams have found a sixth survivor under the wreckage of a plane that crashed in colombia - carrying members of a brazilian soccer team. as kim hutchersin reports... at least 75 people who were on board have been confirmed dead tragedy for a brazilian soccer team -- after a plane carrying the team went down in a rural area amidst inclement weather in colombia. the charter jet had declared an emergency before it went down. local officials were stunned by the crash. it is a regrettable situaiton, and we can confirm the accident of the plane that was carrying the players the players aboard were from chapacoense -- a team from the top flight of brazilian soccer. they were travelling to face a colombian team for a continental tournament. compounding the tragedy - the team is lesser known in soccer-mad brazil -- but had just started to find success and a greater following.
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vowing to do everything they can for the crash survivors. they have our solidarity, so do their families, their friends, their countries it's sad and regrettable. chapacoense's twitter feed showed their logo changed to black on tuesday. tributes from around the world have now begun pouring in. i'm kim hutcherson reporting. and in australia... seven-people had to be treated at a hospital for serious injuries... after a very bumpy ride on a china eastern airlines flight. ten others had minor cuts and that turbulence was so strong... it sent some passengers who didn't have their seat belts on... flying out of their seats. law enforcement sources are now saying they believe the student who attacked people with a knife and a car on the campus of ohio state
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abdul razak ali artan rammed his car into a group of people on campus... before getting out and slashing people with a knife. an officer shot and killed artan when he refused to drop the knife. investigators have been looking at facebook posts on artan's account... that lists his grievances about attacks on muslims... but so far there's no evidence he was in communication with a terror group. the university is now helping students recover. dr. andrew thomas / center: "we have a great student counseling service here that does outreach to students, both that were injured, but obviously as you heard, there were dozens, if not hundreds of other students that were involved, either at the scene or being barricaded in classrooms, so there will be a big outreach to both the students, staff, and faculty community for counseling, therapy, anything that's needed to help people respond to this." students were told to run-hide- fight.. many of them creating barricades by piling desks and chairs against
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windows. back here in the valley -- you need to be ready for the freeze! we have a freeze warning taking effect with temperatures we haven't felt since february. to help you prepare.. for yourself and your plants.. ted joins us againro nursery.. ted? closed captioning will resume shortly closed captioning
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ahead ... why adding the amount ahead ... why adding the amount of calories to fast food menus may not be doing any good. and this little glowing object isn't something you'd wear to e- d-c .... but you might soon be wearing it. why this might help you stay
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case of the zika virus. health officials say local mosquitoes spread the virus. the case was confirmed last week by a lab test. the woman who contracted the virus lives in a city that shares a border with mexico... but she's never traveled there. she's not pregnant... but the virus can cause birth defects in newborns. the first u-s cases of zika transmission were reported over the summer in miami. band-aids could soon tip you off about infections. british scientists
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yellow when a wound starts to get infected. right now... it can take up to two days to detect infections... and removing bandages to check for problems can be painful and cause scars. the bandages are currently undergoing clinical trials with burns victims at four hospitals in the u-k. this may not come as surprise... but knowing how many calories fast food items have... may not stop you from eating it. according to a study out of philadelphia.. where there are laws requiring fast food chains to display calorie counts on menus... only ver customers made healthy choices based on the calories. the study found most customers didn't even notice the nutrition signs. researchers say making the calorie content bigger and more visible on menus could help. starting next year... the f-d-a will require restaurants with 20 or more chains to display calorie information on menus and menu boards. you might call it
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you might call it an alternate fashion week on the strip.. because club- wear is out ... and boots, hats and nascar is in! details on what's
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more ahead on fox5 news coming up at 5 o'clock. christine maddela joins us live with what to look out for. big news for the u-n-l-v hockey team and unlv athletics. the changes ahead now that the team is part of division one of the american collegiate hockey association. and new charges for the murder suspect who broke out of police custody in north las vegas. we'll break down the arrest reports that name the man a suspect in two more murders. plus-- traffic troubles around the valley contine. lane closures are starting back up tonight at the spaghetti bowl. what you need to know to avoid all the cones and back ups. vegas is now on qatar airways' flight schedule for next year. we're the 11th u-s city on the schedule for the world's fastest growing airlines. qatar airways flies to more than 150 destinations across 6 continents. the las vegas
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expansion that includes 7 other destinations... including canberra, dublin, and rio de janiero. there's no exact date yet for when the new routes to vegas will start. if you're on the strip this week ... it's a pretty good bet you'll see a lot of cowboy hats .. and nascar jackets. here's why.. nascar burnout well .. partly why .. but this is the event so many of you love to come out and watch! tomorrow begins nascar campion's week in las vegas. the burnout on the strip happens thursday afternoon.. starting at 2:30.. with the burnouts in the intersection of spring mountain and boulevard... and at the harmon interchange.. but the events begin tomorrow at "the park" between new york begin tomorrow at "the park" between new york new york and monte carlo.. and end friday night with nascar's annual awards. this morning .. las vegas mayor carolyn goodman
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"welcome you to champion's week here in las vegas, november 28th to december 2nd. 20th anniversary of the las vegas motor speedway. we welcome you all and look forward to seeing you." now the reason for the cowboy hats.. this week is also the wrangler national finals rodeo. thousands of cowboys and cowgirls are excpected to visit the valley over the next week and a half. the 10-day event kicks off at the thomas and mack center on thursday. the rodeo competitions in bareback riding, steer wrestling, team roping, saddle bronc riding, tie-down roping, barrel racing and bull riding. the coldest
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has felt in nearly 10 months is on the way tonight. a freeze warning is in effect for the las vegas valley from 2 am to 8 am wednesday. neighborhoods will be dropping into the low 30s and upper 20s overnight. skies will be mostly clear on wednesday with high temperatures only in the mid 50s; below average for this time of year. skies stay mostly sunny thursday with mid 50s before a system moves in friday. southern nevada stays dry, but we see more cloud cover with gusty winds. high temperatures hold in the mid to low 50s. temperatures moderate this weekend with highs back up around 60 degrees on sunday.
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we've had black
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friday... and cyber monday... but we've had black friday... and cyber monday... but tomorrow will be "giving tuesday." there are plenty of ways to support our local community during the holidays. the shade tree of las vegas is hosting its holiday donation drive right now. they are accepting new and gently used donations until december 12th. they say they need gift wrapping supplies, bath and body products, gloves, winter hats, sweaters and new unwrapped toys. donations can be dropped off at the address on your screen you can also donate to the center to support the local l-g-b-t-q community. every dollar will go towards the program. giving-tuesday is
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to raise funds and awareness for your favorite non-profit. hold the mustard! that's what two kansas troopers are saying after finding someone spikes their sodas with mustard! this led to the two mcdonald's workers in topeka being fired. turns out it actually happened on two separate occasions at the same mcdonald's drive-thru. the mcdonald's franchise owners released a statement -- saying they are shocked by the former employee's actions and proudly support law enforcement officers. all dressed up and read why all these festive little chihuahuas are are getting their boarding passes and taking to the
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in san francisco ... some flyers were finally at four ... in san francisco ... some flyers were jumping around and eager to get going.. because they are chihuahuas, headed to new york. virgin america teamed with animal rescuers for "operation chihuahua airlift."
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ago .. because of an overpopulation of chihuahuas in california shelters. the chihuahuas will be adopted in new york -- where demand for smaller dogs is greater than the supply. the chihuahuas were clearly in the christmas spirit, sporting seasonal sweaters. thanks for joining us.. fox5 news at 5 o'clock is straight
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all with no artificial flavors. the $3.50 sub of the day we took an already great lineup and made it better. its time for fox5 news at 5. donald trump tweets a controversial comment about burning the american flag. how folks are reacting from both sides today. a homcide suspect who escaped police custody is now being accused of two other murders. fox5 is breaking down the arrest reports to bring you the latest on
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(captioning will resume shortly) this is fox5 news at 5. local. las vegas today donald trump's tweets are stirring up more controversy. the president elect tweeted this: "nobody should be allowed to burn the american flag. if they do there must be rhaps loss of citizenship or year in jail." are speaking out both in favor of and against trump's words. fox5's kathleen jacob joins us live from sunset and bermuda after getting reaction all day. christine, john the american flag like the one you see waving behind me clearly means a lot to people. it stands for so much and that's why it's hard to watch people burn it... but on the other side of things... it also stands for our freedom and one of the freedoms we have here is the freedom of speech.
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seeing our flag in flames evokes a lot of emotion from people... "it makes me angry and upset you know this is the greatest country in the world you know and no ones making you stay here, you should go somewhere else." and from president elect donald evokes tweets. nevada's executive director of the aclu tod story doesn't think much change will come from this. "when i saw that this morning i wasn't sure what to think or trying to understand what was it the president elect was trying to express." so can you burn the american flag? in short...the "the supreme court settled this question back in 1989 in texas vs. johnson." gary johnson burned a flag outside of the republican national convention to protest ronald raegans policies. he was arrested and charge... but appealed. the supreme court ruled in his favor stating his acts were symbolic speech that are protected by the first amendment. "in america you have the first amendment right to be able to say anything and make a fool of yourself


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