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injuries related to lacerations or cuts, most likely as chief said from the stab wounds... from the butcher knife. and then there were a number of people that had orthopedic and other soft tissue injuries related to being hit by the car." at this point police say they are still trying to figure out a motive. here at home.. some people can't help but to think what if that happened here... fox-5 looked into what u-n-l-v police are doing today and how they guard against any similiar type events on campus.... and that's where we find fox-5's vince sapienza who spoke with students and police about what steps they're taking to ensure safety on campus.... adam..cyndi.... you know you see this stuff happen thousands of miles away... saying that won't happen here... but the ugly truth is that it very well could.... and that thought of "could" is what
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their time and efforts guarding against.... police tell it's a situation of hoping for the best... but preparing for the worst.... "i think about it everyday." that "it" is what happened on the campus of ohio state monday morning. an act of violence injuring several students. unlv chief of police jose elique says even though this happned more than two-thousand miles away, it still very much hits home. "if there is something that keeps me up at night or that i think about when i get up in the middle of the night, it's that." unlv police say they go through a dozen seminars in a years time along with active shooter simulations twice a year. i'm told they had several meetings monday to review what needs to be done in case a situation were to occur on campus.
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possibly happen here with the open campus here at unlv and i do see some scary people so i do get scared." in cases of emergencies students and faculty receive an alert on their phones. similar to the alert students received during the summer.. when a false active shooter notification was sent out. police say it was an mistake...but a positive one. "it showed that the emergency notification system worked a number of people received and the local law responders in the area responded expeditiously." students i spoke with say they had no hesitation coming to school monday. "can't let that stuff stop you from doing life, if someone wants to get crazy can't let them stop you from doing what you want to do." "it's kind of one of those things you think will never happen to me, one in a million, won't happen to me, there are so many people on campus how could that happen to me." but that's the message police are trying to avoid. "i never feel 100% protected or a 100% ready simply because of the unknown, you never know what you might have to
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and if you are unfortunate enough to have to go through an experience like the one at the ohio state university.. police have some tips. "lock yourself in place, you can, if you can escape from the building we ask you to do that, and as a last resort we ask you to fight for your life." now if you have a school email.. you are on the alert system.... the alert system is for faculty... staff.. and students here at u-n-l-v.... but it's not restircted to just them.. if you would like to be on that alert list... you can do so online.. their is a website... fox-5-vegas-dot- com.....and speaking with the police chief today... from u-n-l-v.. i'm vince sapienza... fox-5 news.. .local.. las vegas.. u-n-l-v police again urge not just students... but anyone near by campus... if you see
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desperate for any help identifying a man they say sexually assaulted an 8- year-old girl on thanksgiving. here's what he looks like...they say the tips are rolling in... but they need to get him off the streets before he does this to another child. fox5's kathleen jacob joins us live from the condos near buffalo and lake mead where this happened. kathleen how are neighbors in the area handling this? they're sick to their stomachs guys. i talked to one man who lives right above where this happened... he has two little girls... a 4 year old and a 2 year old... and today he wasn't letting go of their hands. especially knowing the man that attacked this 8-year-old is still out here somewhere. he can't imagine how
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dealing with this. " we're with them, i'm sorry it happened to them, i can't even imagine what they're going through and i just know that person's gonna get caught. he's gonna pay" police are hoping he's right. they need everyone's help finding him and say it's their number one case right now and they're pulling out all the stops. here's what they say happened: the 8-year-old girl and her 5-year-old brother were outside playing around 1pm on thanksgiving day. white man who is described as anywhere between 25 and 50 with a thin build and light...maybe salt and pepper colored hair approaches them and convinces the little boy to go back inside. he then takes the girl around the building and sexually assaults her before walking off. " "anyone that would victimize a child like this is absolutely one of the worst offenders we have and that is absolutely the type of person we have all hands on deck and we use every resource available to go after." " police say they think everything happened very quickly.. and it probably ended with a combination of her escaping and him getting scared of being
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this was in broad daylight. they're just urging anyone and everyone to say something if they know anyone that looks like this man. they don't necessarily know if he lives in the area... it was thanksgiving...frie nds and family come to town. so just be hyper aware of who's around... and just to reiterate... this man has not been caught and there is a fear that he could victimize another child. reporting live...kathleen jacob...fox5news... local. las vegas. police are asking anyone with information to come forward. you can leave an anonymous tip with crime 385-55-55. a dog tied up and shot to death at a shooting range... now the nye county sheriffs department is asking for your help to find the person responsible fox5's eric hilt is live in pahrump with details on the crime. the nye county sheriff told me the dog was shot multiple times and it appeared like it had been used for target practice.
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shooting range - that's about 15 minutes outside of pahrump. the shooting happened last month but now the sheriffs department is out of leads and is asking for the publics help. both the people who are investigating the incident and people who use the shooting range say the shooting is disturbing " "i think the maximum sentence should be pushed on him because who knows he might have done this before" "we take these things very seriously because they do have a tendency to escalate"" if you know anything about this crime you are urged i contact the nye county sheriffs department. you can find that number on our website. soc a man in pahrump
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investigators say he threatened to blow up a home business in nye county. deputies believe jeffrey vonalst was high on meth when he walked into 'aztec secret and beauty' last month... with a propane tank and a lighter. witnesses say he opened the tank valve and kept trying to light it on fire before deputies eventually got a hold of him. he now faces bomb threat... assault and drug charges. tonight at six .. we'll hear fromt the nye county sheriff about this incident .. and a rent strange crimes in the county. the fall chill has arrived with temperatures staying below average for most of the week ahead. the clouds moving through today are associated with a
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across our area tonight. showers will stay north and east of the las vegas valley, but it will turn breezy for your monday evening with 15 to 25 mph winds. overnight lows bottom out in the low 40s. skies clear out tuesday; we'll stay breezy with mostly sunny skies. high temperatures hold in the mid 50s. wednesday and thursday morning will start out with temperatures in the mid 30s around las vegas; our lowest temperatures so far this season. neighborhoods on the outskirts of the valley will be hovering around freezing for night-- after a man barricaded himself inside a
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" at that point our patrol officers did what they do best, they you know ensure the safety of the community, they set up containment around the house." police say it happened near boulder highway and twain. they say the man would not come out of his parents homes even after several attempts to make contact. swat was called and neighbors were given the chance to evacute. the whole situation lasted about six hours and neighbors returned to their homes around 2 a-m. the suspect who fatally shot a man last friday... near eastern and fremont... is still on the run. police say 22- year-old nelson padilla... was shot in the chest inside an apartment. they say the man's body was dragged outside.. where they found it in an alleyway. one woman is behind bars charged with accessory to murder. so far police have not arrested the shooter. they ask anyone with information about the case-- to come forward. it was celebrations in the streets after the death of former cuban dictator fidel castro. but now-- a very
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begin nine days of mourning their former leader-- why they are calling him an example for the rest of the world. flights in the u-s are taking off to cuba today for the first time in fifty years. the airlines on board to make the trip down to havana. engine failure causes an american airlines flight to make an emergency landing. passengers on the plane tell their story of putting their faith in the captain. you're watching fox5 news at 5. local. las vegas
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former cuban dictator fidel castro died this weekend after battling illness for years -- and cuba is in mourning. scott mclean is in havana with the latest. tyrant, dictator, revolutionary, fidel's castro was many things to many people. the 90-year old former cuban president died over the weekend, leaving his country, at least offic in mourning. at 9 a.m. a 21-gun salute honoring the former president, the first of many public displays across the island. castro hadn't held power since 2008, when sickness forced him to transfer power to his brother, raul but his passing undoubtedly marks the end of an important chapter in cuban history and leaves many cubans wondering what might change without the man who led the nation's revolution. many cuban exiles in miami cheered fidel castro's death - so many whose families were forever separated. they hope it leads to a brighter future on the island. gilda balladares, emigrated from cuba at age: we are celebrating the
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believe after this moment, many things are going to change in cuba. but in havana, no one is celebrating. yo soy fidel! on saturday students at the university of havana, where castro once studied, chanted "i am fidel" in honor of his death. student: he was not only an example to cuba, he was an example to america latina, he was an example to the entire world. castro was cremated on saturday. mourners began paying their respects monday morning, lining up in havana's revolutionary square. castro's ashes will stay at the ministry of defense in until wednesday before they are taken east, to santiago de cuba where his funeral and burial will take place. an historic day in as a jetblue flight an historic day in new york city--- as a jetblue flight takes off on a journey to cuba. it's the first commercial flight from new york to cuba in more than 50 years. over 200 people were onboard the inaugural flight
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from john f. kennedy airport-- en route to havana, this morning. the airline will be flying regular flights a few times a day from new york to cuba. american airlines also started scheduled flights to cuba from miami today. the world trade organization says some of the tax breaks boeing received... are illegal. the ruling handed down today says the eight billion dollar subsidy boeing got from washington state goes against international trade rules... and must be revoked within 90 days. but... the u-s can appeal. that tax incentive was key in boeing's move to build its new jet and components in washington state. this latest ruling is part of a more than decade-long battle between boeing and its european rival... airbus an american airlines flight on it's way to las vegas had to take an emergency landing-- after one of it's engines broke down in mid-air. "you think there's something going to happen, you only got one engine, captain said no problem so we put our faith in the captain and he did a great job." the flight
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dallas and was able to land safely in albuquerque at 9 p-m. officials say it's not clear what exactly caused the engine failure. they say no one was injured. now fox5 weather 24/7 the fall chill has arrived with temperatures staying below average for most of the week ahead. the clouds moving through today are associated with a disturbance moving across our area tonight. showers will stay north and east of the las vegas valley, but it will turn breezy for your monday evening with 15 to 25 mph winds. overnight lows bottom out in the low 40s. skies clear out tuesday; we'll stay breezy with
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hold in the mid 50s. wednesday and thursday morning will start out with temperatures in the mid 30s around las vegas; our lowest temperatures so far this season. neighborhoods on the outskirts of the valley will be hovering around freezing for morning lows. high temperatures will be in the 50s. another system drops in friday bringing more clouds with gusty winds across the area. we look to stay dry at this
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the low 50s on friday. look for more sun this weekend with temperatures pushing closer to 60 degrees. closed captioning will resume shortly
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take a drive through a holiday spectacular here in town. glittering lights is back at the las vegas motor speedway...and the lights are twinkling the holiday tradition benefits the "childrens speedway charity. " glittering lights runs through january 7th... it opens daily at 5:30 p-m.... during the week it will cost 20
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but on fridays and the weekends it's 30 dollars. those who donate to goodwill receive a discount. workers around the nation are getting together to fight for a higher minimum wage. the companies that are taking part-- and walking off the job tomorrow. plus... where it's happening right here in the valley. one of the biggest shopping weekends of the year is wrapping up! and new reports say shoppers are spending less... but getting more this year!
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hundreds of uber drivers are planning to join a national protest tomorrow for higher minimum wages. their demonstration is part of a combined effort with other hourly fast food and airport workers. the group 'fight for 15' says uber driv cities will idle their cars and march with other industry workers. the uber drivers are pushing for a 15-dollar minimum wage. uber has said in the past drivers in its top 20 u-s markets actually average more than 19-dollars an hour. but drivers complain of aggressive fare cuts and no accounting for expenses like gas, repairs and insurance. the 'fight for 15' movement has been going since 2012. since then, a 15- dollar minimum wage has been approved in new
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here at home--valley fast food workers are joining the national strike tomorrow. they are calling it a fight for 15 "day of distruption." the fight for 15 group says it will be their most "dsirputive protest yet" to show they won't back down in the face of newly elected politicians. two demonstrations are being planned for tomorrow at 6 a-m and 5 p-m at the mcdonalds across from the mirage. zappos got into the cyber monday spirit today. cyber monday is their biggest day of the year... and that's why they make sure all of their employees are having a good time while helping out customers. zappos also uses cyber monday to help some furry friends find a new home. they had an on- campus adoption event called "home for the paw-li-days" all fees for the animals were waived in an effort to help more than 9 thousand pets-- nationwide-- find new homes. holiday shoppers are a little more careful about spending their money this year. the national retail federation says more than 154-million people shopped in stores and online on black friday
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that's three- million more than last year. but consumers spent an average... of ten dollars less than the year before. last year's average was about 3-hundred dollars per person... compared to 290- dollars this year. the retail federation attributes the drop--- to more discounts being available to shoppers. the group says--- the bottom line is that the weekend was strong for retailers.. but even better for consumers. there's much more coming up in the second half of fox5 news at 5. an attack at the ohio state university raises concerns here at home. what-n campus police are doing now to keep students safe. plus-- construction continues at the airport conncector. what you need to know to avoid all the traffic headaches tonight. and two people are without a home after a chimney fire this weekend. fire officals explain how to keep your home safe from this
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an ohio state university student was shot by police after he plowed his car into pedestrians-- and then stabbed multiple people with a butcher knife. police now say eleven people were taken to the hospital. it was originally reported as an active shooter warning around 10 a-m. two hours later-- campus police secured the school and lifted an alert to shelter in place.
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or imagine something similar here but the ugly truth is that is very possible... and police say that is always a large part of their duties.. to ensure student safety... fox5's vince sapienza spoke with campus police with what steps they're taking to make sure the school is protected.... adam..cyndi.... u-n-l-v police are making sure they are phyiscal and visual presence today... i'm told detectives who normally don't wear the blue police uniforms... wore them all day.. just to help ease the students minds and nerves... now obviously this has been a big story today... but police say this is something they talk about.. review.. go over.. all year long... they have a dozen seminars a pair of active shooter simulations each year.. just to make sure they are up on everything they need to be up on... police tell me there have been


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