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tv   FOX5 News at 1000pm  FOX  November 26, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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starts now the world is reacting to the death of a cuban leader. and there's more celebrations than mourning. tonight we're hearing from locals on the death of fidel castro. a semi truck fire caused a power outage near the strip-- the domino effect of problems felt all the way at mccarran. plus-- a van crashes into a clothing store-- trapping an employee behind the register. what police say caused the driver to slam building. this is fox5 news at 10. local. las vegas. the news of former cuban leader-- fidel castro's death-- is causing an outpouring of emotion tonight. especially within the cuban community here in las vegas. i'm faith tanner. thanks for joining us. fox 5's abby thedros joins us live from the florida cafe--- in downtown las vegas-- where the celebrations started at 11 this
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its not everyday you hear people celebrating death but for many cubans fidel castro represented fear and oppression and now theyre hoping for a fresh start. latin music three o'clock at the florida cafe in downtown las vegas(cuba libre!) and the drinks are pouring aleyda hernandez: we're celebrating the death of the beast! long time cuban president fidel castro - dead at the age of ninety. (salud) a cause for celebration among cubans we talked to here in las vegas aleyda hernandez: i know its not good to celebrate somebodys death but this is not just - its symbolic - from all the years we suffered and we're still suffering. castro spent nearly 5 decades ruling cuba after launching a military take over in 1959. (cheers!) most of the patrons inside the cafe tell me
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former presidents regime or know someone who did. maria caminero, president of the cuban heritage foundation lv: i left cuba when i was one under politifcal asylum with my mom and baby brother. my father was left behind he was a politcal prisoner for 17 years a couple miles away at de castro verde law group - alex de castroverde tells me his only regret didnt live to see this day. alex de castroverde: he always used to say that he wishes that fidel castro dies befor he does. unfortunately my dad died two years ago so unfortunatly it was bitter sweet because of that. de castroverde's dad was imprisoned for two years under castro after fighting in the bay of pigs in 1961 de castroverde: when he got out - he still never lost hope. of one day having a free cuba. de castroverde tells me his hope is that cuba can now move forward and live up to its potential. de castroverde: we're one step closer to a free cuba. todya we're one step closer to a liberated cuba because fidel castro
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we'll be here talking to more patrons about their hopes going forward. one of president barack obama's signature legacy pieces-- was the start of normalizing relations with cuba. president elect donald trump--- promis those actions. by executive order-- obama restored diplomatic ties with cuba... opened up travel.. commerce... and telecommunicatio ns. trump won florida and the cuban-american vote -- promising he would cancel obama's orders--- until the castro regime granted religious and political freedom-- to cubans.... and freed all political prisoners. trump says: "but all of the concessions that barack obama has granted the castro regime were
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which means the next president can reverse them. and that i will do unless the castro regime meets our demands." fidel castro's death now puts cuba- u-s relations in the spotlight. in the first days of the president- elect's new administration. the question now is how far will mr. trump go--- in his promise to cuban americans... to bring about change. folks around the valley are starng out the sweaters-- but should we also pull out our rain coats this weekend? les is here with his first look at weather. we have a weather system over las vegas that will produce potential pulses of rain or drizzle over overnight saturday and into sunday. we also have a wind advisory that will last until noon. some areas can expect gusts up to 40mph. the system is also dragging in much cooler temperatures.
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about 10 degrees cooler than saturday. our daytime highs will stay in the 50's all week long. expect a few windy day between monday and next saturday. a woman is behind bars after police say she was seen dragging a body outside of a home. but police are not charging her with the man's murder. a woman is behind bars after police say she was seen dragging a body outside of a home.
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charging her with the man's murder. 24-year-old porshay banks is facing charges for accessory to murder. police were called to a home near fremont and sunrise friday afternoon. they say a man was shot inside an apartment and dragged outside. the person who shot that man has not been arrested. the clark county coroner has not yet released the victim's name. a woman who says she was wrongly convicted of killing a homeless man in las vegas... will get a new evidence hearing. the nevada supreme court handed down the ruling wednesday-- in the case of kirstin lobato. she says new evidence will bolster her alibi... and show someone else could have killed 44 year old duran bailey. right now she's in prison... after she was convicted of killing bailey... cutting his genitals... and leaving his body in a trash bin. she claims she was in her hometown of panaca at the time. supporters have petitioned for her case to be
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rescue crews responded to people trapped in elevators... after a diesel truck knocked out a powerline... and caught fire-- near the las vegas strip. thomas touchstone "clark county fire department" "anytime we have fire and electricity, you know, it's always a concern for firefighters about how we attack that. it's a very dangerous operation because of the electricity. you know, electricity and water don't mix but we have to put it out with something." fire crews say it happened on harmon avenue... near audrie street... just after noon. we're told the truck hit a powerline... outage at the nearby "signature towers". fire crews rescued six people who were stuck in elevators there. mccarran international airport also tweeted out that those outages affected operations at terminal three. no flights were effected. no one--- including the truck driver--- was hurt. the power has been restored. two people are displaced after a house fire in the southern part of the valley this morning. it happened near saint rose and
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fire crews say smoke was coming from the two story home... and the flames spread to two cars in the driveway. the two people who live there... were able to geet out safely. fire crews did not say how much damage was caused... or how the fire started. three people were hospitalized... after a woman drove her van into a business. an employee was trapped in between a wall and a cash register. police say it happened this afternoon... coat factory off tropicana and eastern. they say a 61- year-old woman was parking... and accelarated into a structure. that trapped employee and two other people were taken to sunrise-- they are expected to be okay. we asked police how often this type of thing happens in the valley. "couple times a year, whether it be at gas stations or convenience stores where the parking is right up front and sometimes some one may misplace what gear their in and hit the gas
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police say drugs and alcohol were not factors in the crash. so far the woman hasn't been charged. after the black friday rush... the spotlight turns to local businesses. why owners want you to shop small this saturday-- and during the holiday season. the powerball jackpot is one of the largest in history. find out if anyone's claimed the big prize yet.
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in three states--- that saw donald trump take votes in hillary clinton's so-called democratic party 'blue wall.' fox news correspondent garrett tenney looks at the move... and who's now onboard with it. ((tenney on cam cold open)) hillary clinton could still end up in the white house depending on the results of recounts in several key battleground states... the chances of that
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((fs - map)) green party candidate jill stein is launching an effort to recount votes including wisconsin, pennsylvania, and michigan -- all states, where donald trump narrowly beat hillary clinton ((vo/trak - wisconsin voting)) while stein admits there's no indication that hacking or vote tampering took place in any of those states, a handful of computer science experts are claiming a hacker could have potentially influenced the election.... of course, there's currently no evidence to support that claim. ((vo/trak)) still, stein says a full recount is reassurance. ((sot - jill stein in facebook video)) stein says: "we are standing up for a voting system that we deserve, that we can have confidence in, that has integrity, and security and that we know is not subject to tampering, malfeasance, hacking, and so on." ((vo /trak jill stein)) stein has already raised more than $5-million dollars in this effort... well on its way to the goal of $7-million dollars. following the election, the clinton campaign said it looked into
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hacking or voting irregularities as well - and found nothing. but late yesterday (11/25), when the wisconsin election commission received stein's request and agreed to move forward with the recount - the clinton team jumped on board. ((fs - clinton campaign statement)) in a post-on medium, clinton attorney marc erik elias wrote: statement says: "now that a recount is underway, we believe we have an obligation to the more than 64 million americans who cast ballots for hillary clinton to participate in ongoing proceedings to ensure that an accurate vote count will be reported." ((tenney on cam tag)) the official reun wisconsin is expected to get underway late next week, and the filing deadline for pennsylvania is monday (11/31)...and michigan is wednesday (12/2). in washington, i'm garrett tenney, fox news. hurricane otto has downgraded to a tropical storm... but the death toll from the storm is rising. it hit costa rica as a hurricane... killing 9 people there. several towns were flooded... caked with mud. thousands have been forced into shelters. it's the only recorded hurricane to ever hit costa rica.
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least four people. now fox5 weather 24/7 with les krifato n ((weather)) we have a weather system over las vegas that will produce potential pulses of rain or drizzle over overnight saturday and into sunday. we also have a wind advisory that will last until noon. some areas can expect gusts up to 40mph. the system is also dragging in much cooler temperatures. sunday's high is about 10 degrees cooler than saturday. our daytime highs will stay in the 50's all week long. expect a few windy day between monday and next saturday. closed captioning
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a lucky player in tennesse scored the powerball
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the jackpot is up to 403 million dollars! this makes it one of the largest in u-s history. another lucky winner in north carolina scored two million dollars in the match five power play. tonight's big winner has yet to be announced. if they chose to take the cash value... they'll walk away with 243-million bucks. wedged right in between "black friday"... and "cyber monday" is "small business saturday". today-- local stores had all sort of deals for the co if you head down to boca park... they have a number of small businesses waiting for you. of course they have the big chains too... but they also offer several smaller shops... restaurants... boutiques and even fitness centers in their complex. "shopping local and supporting the community is going to keep the dollars in las vas. supporting local businesses. staying sustainable and just helping those local mom and pop shops because there's a lot of small
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vegas and they run their business out here so it keeps the money flowing within our community." boca park opens early at 7 a-m. they close at 11 on weekdays and at 2 a-m friday through sunday. after fidel castro's death--- more americans may be interested in visiting cuba-- but getting there--- is still a complicated process. what you need to know-- before you set up a trip. and the battle of the fremont cannon....has a new home... the rebels season ends on a sour note... highlights and reaction next in sports.. you're watching fox5 news at 10. local. las vegas.
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are fun.... playing in a bowl game is exciting.... but nothing means more to the u-n-l-v faithful and it's players than the fremont cannon... the one true treasure in the battle of nevada... now here is what it looked like before the game and here is what it looked like shortly after today's game... the wolpack...adding insult to an injury riddled and frustrating season for the rebels... dragging the cannon onto and then off the field....spraying painting it blue in the process... a tough thing for fans to watch.... the only more excrucitating might have been the game itself.... let's go to sam boyd and see how it shook out.....
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u-n-r... starting like they were shot out of a cannon... ty gangi.. with the houdini act.. now ya see me.. now ya don't....keeps on the read option...19 yards out... 7-0 reno... after a u-n-l-v three and out... wolpack with the rock... and today might as well been thanksgiving for hames butler...because he carved up the rebels defense like holiday turkey... all day..... a 33 yard run to make it 17-0... u-n-r ran for 158 yards in the first half alone.... but the rebels would show some fight.... first possession of the second quarter... you can say what you will of the q-b play from kurt palandech this season... but after this you cannot question.. is "want-to" gets hit by just about every defender.. refuses to go down.. in for six.. 17-7 roadies.... then just before the first half horn... evan pantels calls bank on his career long 47 yard field goal... off the upright and in.. but they trailed 27-10 at the break.... second half was more of the same from u-n-r... run.. after run.. after run.... butler scored two more on the
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the wolpack racked up 318 rushing yards....on 49 carries.... and the cherry on top came at the end... tony sanchez wanting to score some points to end the game.. palandech instead gets picked in the endzone... the rebels get run out of their own stadium... and end their season 45-10...
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death--- is a cause for celebration for some. we'll take you to the streets of miami-- to hear why cuban-americans say this has a
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the local cuban community-- is a wave of emotions tonight-- after the death of long time cuban leader fidel castro. fox5's abby theodros joins us live from the florida cafe... were people are celebrating with cocktails all of the people we talked to here are happy about castros death and believe it will be the start of a new
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castro spent nearly 5 decades ruling cuba after launching a military take over in 1959. everyone i talked to today told me they fled the former presidents regime or know someone who did. take a listen to my interview with alex de castroverde on his hopes for the country alex de castroverde: i hope raul will be following in his footsteps very soon and as a result the cuban people have freedom, freedom of press and the opportunity and have the opportunity to have a better life that we have today and i hope today we're one step closer to that. a cause for celebration among cubans we talked to here in las vegas. i havent heard from anyone who is mourning castro's death. a lot of celebrations today and hopes that this means something new for cuba fidel castro's
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special meaning to one group of cubans--- those who feared for their lives under his regime... and fled to the u- s. joe roetz met some of them... during celebrations in miami today. natsot: celebrations beyond the waving flags. natsot the cheers. natsot the pots and the pans are deep- rooted emotions from a painful past, that will never be forgotten. salma bustamante, celebrating castro's death: "when i woke him up this morning h half asleep and he goes 'he died?' i said 'yes.' he said 'vamanos.' let's go." salma bustamante brought her 89- year-old father nemesio to versailles to be part of the hundreds who like him, escaped the castro regime. salma bustamante, celebrating castro's death: "this is myself. my mother who passed away in march." this is the day they arrived in miami in 1963.
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grabbed his family of four and got out of cuba. salma bustamante, celebrating castro's death: "he had to leave. because they were after him for his life. they were after him for reporting the truth. the fair truth." so many similar stories - like diana byerly who is celebrating the death of a dictator holding her memories high and proud. diana byerly, celebrating castro's death: "it's my mom and dad. they both passed away. but i had to make sure they me they came to the united states with nothing in the 60's. she just wishes they could be in little havana to witness history with these crowds. diana byerly, celebrating castro's death: "they would be joyful like we are, but they would also be so sad to think that not a lot has changed there and there are still people who are suffering." in order to escape a regime that punished so many. fears that domingo alfonso has carried with him for decades. domingo alfonso, celebrating castro's death: "this was indescribable. this was evil incarnate that passed away." but with the death of fidel castro - a celebration that
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together. diana byerly, celebrating castro's death: "fidel castro did one thing right in his life. he died on a saturday, on a day we could all be here and not at work or at school." fidel castro's death is expected to spark more interest among americans to travel to cuba. but the travel is still complicated-- even though the two nations re- established their diplomatic relations last year. if you want to go to cuba... you still need to fall into one of the 12 categories approved by the u-s government. those categories include visiting relatives.... educational research... or traveling to compete as an athlete. before your trip... you'll need to sign an affidavit... that you fall into one of those categories. you'll also need a visa and travel insurance. at least four u-s airlines already fly to cuba... with five more joining them in the coming weeks. police say a woman was struck with a bullet... in a random shooting at a park
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woman was walking when she heard gunshots and took off running. it happened at coleman park... near washington and torrey pines. police say the woman noticed her leg was bleeding... and walked to a friends house to call police. police say this is being considered a random shooting. anyone with information should call police. you can leave a tip with crimestoppers at 702-385-55-55. nye county police are looking for a man-- they say shot a man in the foot at bar in pahrump. police identified the man in this surviellence image as jack freeland allen. they say he's a suspect in a shooting... that happened at a tavern on gamebird road this morning. he was last seen driving a red pick up truck with two dogs in pahrump. police ask anyone who knows where he... is to come forward. two people are behind bars in nye county... waiting to be extradited back to idaho. nye county police say jeremy white was arrested
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he's accused of killing his fiance... whose body was found buried in a basement of their home. police say an idaho falls woman... who was in white's car when he was arrested... is also in custody. in more local news... exotic cars from all over the world are packed into the convention center... for the "motor trend international auto show" the show returned to las vegas this weekend. car enthusiasts than 350 of the newest vehicles... from more than 20 manufacturers. people even got to test drive some of the cars. the event will last through tomorrow. you can still buy tickets online. the ice rink returns at the cosmopilitan hotel. the rink just opened up at the boulevard pool. it's the fifth year the pool has been transformed into the winter wonderland above the strip. there are food and drink specials offered at the ice rink... and weekly movie
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if you're looking for a new furry friend to spend the holiday season with-- the animal foundation is waiving adoption fees... this weekend. the waiver lasts all the way through cyber monday. it's part of the zappos "home for the paw-lidayz" adoption special. zappos is reimbursing the shelter for those fees. there are more than 120 dogs... and 24 cats that need new homes. adoption fees normally range between 25 and 250 dollars. good news for wine lovers-- new research shows a glass a day-- could be good for your health. but there's also a warning about over indulging. people are going crazy over a new type of burger. but the type of meat inside-- may make you squirm. your fox5 weather 24/7 forecast is coming up next you're watching fox5 news at 10.
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a family in california is happy this thanksgiving after their loved one was found alive... after being abducted, but just as they celebrate, the investigation continues. tiffany wong has the story. closed captioning will resume shortly closed captioning will resume shortly the bus driver responsible for
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crash in tennessee that killed six... may have had a
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before the crash. students and administrators apparently raised concerns about john-thony walker's driving... weeks before the crash. records released by the school district-- reveal letters from students... saying walker drove so fast... they thought the bus would flip over. investigators are looking into whether fatigue was a factor in the crash... because walker had taken on a second job. family and friends are mourning one of the crash nine-year-old... "cor'dayja jones" funeral was held at a church in chattanooga the ceremony was filled with music. her family says she loved to sing... and would normally be up on stage with the choir. (moriah stanley, children's pastor) "she was the most genuine child you could ever meet. you know when people say, that oh man - they leave everyone smiling? and they just say it? for cor'dayja they really meant that." cor'dayja was one of the six children killed in
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now fox5 weather 24/7 with les krifaton we have a weather system over las vegas that will produce potential pulses of rain or drizzle over overnight saturday and into sunday. we also have a wind advisory that will last until noon. some areas can expect gusts up to 40mph. the system is also dragging in much cooler temperatures. sunday's high is forecast to be about 10 degrees cooler than saturday. our daytime highs will stay in the 50's all week long. expect a few windy day between monday and next saturday. closed captioning will resume shortly
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also dragging in much cooler temperatures. sunday's high is forecast to be about 10 degrees cooler than saturday. our daytime highs will stay in the 50's all week long. expect a few windy day between monday and next saturday. closed captioning
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black friday sales continue
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but amazon is already unveiling some deals for cyber monday. the online retailer will roll out more than 75- thousand sales starting monday. you'll find deals throughout the week-- on everything from toys to video games to books. electronics tend to be big sellers on cyber monday... but amazon says so far this holiday season...
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been the mermaid tail blanket. macy's says shoppers reported issues while looking for black friday deals on their website. visitors say they were sent to a macy's webpage that had "heavier traffic than normal" ... then they were given a countdown--- for when they could return to the main page. mobile users who tried to log in-- also had problems. the retailer says it is looking into the glitch. macy's was looking to black friday as a way to turn cus on to its online options-- after closing 100 of it's stores this year. with the busy holiday shopping season-- officers around the country are cracking down on shoplifters-- and looking out for career criminals. police in minnesota say shoplifters often walk in with old tattered bags that are lined with foil... to trick sensor machines. police are keeping a close look out for these people... by stationing more officers around malls this holiday season.
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shoplifters use the stolen goods... to fund bigger crimes like gang activity and human trafficking. machtemes says: "that's why it's so important to take such a stance on these habitual shoplifters because it's really funding terrible crimes across the metro and this is just one way to stop that." police say shoppers can do their part by notifying store employees if they see anything suspicious. holiday light displays are going up around th country this weekend... but in wisconsin-- the light show is not only entertaining the community--it's also helping the most needy. a rotary club has been hosting this winter wonderland at a zoo since 20-06. volunteers help string up nearly one million lights for the event... it not only entertains... but also helps raise money and collect food donations for families in need. the fundraising efforts help twenty-nine different food pantries in wisconsin.
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so important for our children to see us that we do this, that we come to something and enjoy it as a family to get the family time, but also do something for the community and give back." last year the event raised nearly 40- thousand dollars. this year, organizers hope to collect enough donations to keep shelves stocked at pantries around the state until at least july. we hope you will take a drive through a holiday spectacular here in town. glittering lights is back at the las vegas motor speedway...and the lights are twinkling the holiday tradition benefits the "childrens speedway charity. " glittering lights runs through january 7th... it opens daily at 5:30 p-m.... during the week it will cost 20 dollars per car... but on fridays and the weekends it's 30 dollars. those who donate to goodwill receive a discount. having a couple of glasses of wine could be good for your health... but any more than that--- could have the opposite effect. that's according to a review of studies published in b-m-c medicine. the review found
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had one or two alcoholic drinks a day--- reduced their risk of a stroke... by eight percent. but people who drank more than that-- had a higher risk of stroke. but if you don't usually drink--- the lead author of the review... said "non-drinkers shouldn't take up drinking... as a health measure." a restaurant in russia... is adding a 'rat' burger to their menu. folks in moscow are raving about a burger made of rodent meat. it's the latest must-have dish in the russian capital. a restaurant put the nutria river rat, on its menu. the chef says the burger is simple...tasty...and full of nutrients. it was not a good day for the rebels on the field... but it was on the court... coming up in sports.... vince sapienza brings you all the highlights from the runnin rebels
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there is a place, like no other. where a walk down main street, can fill you with wonder. and the smile of a mouse can spark joy. where magic is spread with every touch,
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just isn't enough.
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runnin' rebels recieved their first true test of the season... the result... they came up short against t-c-u.... but it's not how many times you fall off the horse... it's how many times you get up that counts... and that's what head coach marvin menzies looked for tonight... u-n-l-v in their first set of back to back games this season... playing host to western kentucky.... and how bout this for a response....the runnin' rebels jumping out to a 10-0 lead.... thankso first blood.. by calling three ball corner pocket.... then a little bit later.. it's green telling w-k-u the best things in life are three.... and then to show he's an all around player.. rebels on the run.. green with the finish in tight... but the hilltoppers would battle back with an 8-0 run of their own.. and would actually take a two point lead into the half... but the scarlett and gray would explode for 41 second half points.... and the runnin' rebels bounce
10:53 pm
nights loss in a big way... with a 71-61 win.... go to the cox pavilion.... lady rebels taking on tennessee state in the first round of the lady rebel round up tournament... but playing without starter dylan gonzalez who tore ligaments in her shoulder last weekend... so.. who's gonna shoulder the load... how bout everyone... nikki wheatley the drive.. shot no strawther the board and the putback.... little later.. tied at five... brooke johnson leading the break... the give to wheatley... and the lady rebels are rolling... coach says how bout some defense... strawther the steal...the handoff to dakota gonzalez... she finished with a season high 18.... and for the second straight year the lady rebels move to 4- 0... but maybe the most impressive part... they have won each game by double digits... tonight they tag the tigers... 69-48.... they play ole miss for the tourney title tomorrow at 2:30... and back to the bad at sam boyd.... there were a lot of reasons why the rebels were not competitive today... but one of the glaring
10:54 pm
reno was 8-of-13 of third downs...punting just twice in the game... u-n-l-v on the other hand.. one for 12... the rebels loss meant the visiting team won for the 5th consecutive season in the series.... and it marked the first time in history that the famed fremont cannon changed hands ni four straight meetings... "doesn't make a lot of sense and the biggest thing there is we have to fight for consistency, consistency in perofrmance throughout the course of the season, obviously today it's gut wrenching, it hurts." now if you are still wanting more answers from tony sanchez and what went wrong today... look no further than the rebzone tomorrow night... tony will talk with fox-5 sports director kevin bolinger about todays game.. and what's next in terms of recruiting.... we'll also have your runnin' rebels week in review... again tomorrow night right here on fox-5 after sports plus... minnesota in st. louis... no score in 1st... jason zucker... las vegas native...perfect pass behind the net... puts wild up 1-0... the blues would win in the
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a family in new mexico has taken "rooting for the team" to a whole new level. they decked out their entire house in the dallas cowboys theme. there are cowboys signs and flags all over their front yard. house is a sea of cowboys' blue. on a game day... the family won't allow anyone into the house... without the team's jersey. so what happens if someone who doesn't root for the cowboys comes to visit on a game day? the family rule is - that person is kicked out to the porch. thanks for joining
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news at ten. have a great
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