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tv   FOX5 News at 1100pm  FOX  November 25, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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live from las vegas it's time for fox5 news at 11. opportunity village celebrates 25 magical years. we'll show you how they kicked off the holiday season... while celebrating their special silver anniversary. closed captioning will resume shortly plus... if you're feeling lucky you're going to want to take a trip to the state line for powerball tickets. the drawing is tomorrow... and we'll tell you how much you can make just for picking some lucky numbers. this is fox5 news at 11. local las vegas.
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just a moment... but first we start fox five news at eleven with breaking news. former cuban president -- fidel castro -- has died. that's according to the associated press. his brother president raul castro made the announcement on cuban state television. no word yet on how castro died... or where. fidel castro was 90 years old. we will bring you more information as the story develops. "54321 music. confetti. cheers. beautiful. shake up the happiness its christmas time." thanksgiving and black friday have come and gone. now -- christmas is being welcomed around the valley. that's santa and mrs. claus counting down for the tree- lighting ceremony at opportunity village. good evening. i'm adam herbets. i'm faith tanner.
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celebrating 25 years in las vegas! fox five's abby theodros was at the magical forest... for all the excitement. 1111111111111111111 1111111111111 abby: its the start of the holiday season which means it's a winter wonder land at the opportunity village magical forest. package lights trees and holiday music melodie eleogram, pahrump: it's just beautiful! ov magical forest is turning 25 and it's bigger and better than before me: the lights i love thpr and how all the trees are decorated and all the music three million led lights, holiday attractions and an express train make the park a top pick for family night this december - but it's also for a good cause bob brown, ceo/president opp village: proceeds go to opportunity village of course we run the four campuses. opportunity village is a nonprofit based in las vegas serving adults and children with intellectual disabilities. last
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million spent towards uplifting the community brown: we do a lot of job training out in the community we have we have our service contracts we've got our workcenter we've got all kinds of opportunities for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities families enjoying a world of holiday cheer while helping those in need savannah scarlett: i am a fifth-grade teacher oh so anything that helps people who are in need is special so everything i spend here i'm happy to do abby: he park is open nightly - from 5:30 to 10. except christmas. at ffnll if you add it all up ... putting the magical forest together this year took thousands of volunteers.. a couple of months... and 30 thousand hours of hard work. it wasn't just a big day for opportunity village. shoppers filled stores and malls... and braved the crowds -- in search of bargains on black friday. experts say it could be a record sales weekend. fox5's eric hilt spoke to retailers and shoppers at
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nats -- cash register "this is the busiest day for the mall" and not just galleria mall -- but at shops across the valley as deal hunters took to stores shops and malls in search for some black friday bargains. "im looking for deals" "traditionally this is where everybody looks to make their money on black friday and moving into the retail season in december" but shops told me this year, the day got off to a slower than usual start... "we started a little slow this morning at 6 am..." good new some of the later-rising bargain hunters. "we kind of regretted sleeping in, but it didn't really make a difference" but not for stores looking to kick off the holiday shopping season with a bang. nats galleria mall general manager kevin budny says despite the slow start, things picked up throughout at the day as shoppers filled the mall... and stores are still expecting to match last black friday's crowds. "it seems to be pretty much the same" "traffic has been moving, the parking lot is packed, we're asking people to be patient in the parking lot " eric hilt fox five news local las
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and black friday is on track to break spending records! experts say shoppers have already shelled out billions of dollars. retailers expect to bring home more than three billion bucks. online shopping for black firday was also a hit this year. target announced it had its biggest online shopping day -- in total -- experts say holiday sales are set to top 655-billion dollars. that's up more than three- percent from last year! we continue to follow breaking news. former cuban president -- fidel castro -- has died. fox five's abby theordros is live at the havana grill near eastern and pebble with
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closed captioning will resume shortly some shoppers on the hunt for even closed captioning
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now here's something everyone will want to add to closed captioning
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now here's something everyone will want to add to their christmas wish list -- winning the powerball! the jackpot is soaring! it's reached 403- million dollars. this makes it one of the largest in u-s history. the prize has not been won since september 17-th. experts say the odds of winning are one in 291- million. the powerball drawing takes place tomorrow. those that take the cash value will walk away with 243-million bucks. the runnin' rebels were back on the court. this time -- against the horned frogs!
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at tonight's game... and hear from head coach marvin menzies. plus... it's also rivalry week for u-n-l-v... and the fremont cannon is on the line. what u-n-r engraved on the cannon... before handing it back to us last year. your fox5 weather 24/7 forecast is
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were back on the court tonight... and this was the first big test of the season! u-n-l-v faced t-c-u at the thomas and mack -- but came up short... 63 to 59. fox 5 sports director kevin bolinger joins us with highlights and post game reaction.
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in college football heats up this weekend at the sam boyd stadium. this is the second time in 39 years the battle for the fremont cannon has taken place at the end of the season. over the last eleven years -- u- n-r has won it 9 times... but right now it's red and the rebels plan to keep it that way. this game should be even more intense -- after the rebels found out the wolf pack engraved a message on the cannon -- before handing it over last year. "they had engraved into it-- and i don't know when they did this, could've bee years ago, but they engraved 'university of notta lotta victories' inside of it." "you know, i showed that to our boys on sunday and you know, i've been saving that picture for a year. so it's an interesting deal. it kind of shows you where the rivalry's at." this game is also senior night so 16 of them will be honored before the big game. kick-off start at one p-m tomorrow. u-n-l-v is an "eight and a half" favorite to win. and make sure to tune into the rebzone this sunday night at 11. kevin and coach
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and discuss the future of unlv football. a low pressure trough is working it's way down to southern california over the next 24 hours. once is arrives it will start to move inland. as it does it will bring more clouds and winds back to las vegas. by saturday night into sunday we could see gusts times so don't be surprised if a wind advisory is posted. as the trough passes us we will experience cloudy skies with some potential drizzle. by sunday daytime highs plunge into the mid 50's and will
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a low pressure trough is working it's way down to southern california over the next 24 hours. once is arrives it will start to move inland. as it does it will bring more clouds and winds back to las vegas. by saturday night into sunday we could see gusts up to 40 mph at times so don't be surprised if a wind advisory is posted. as the trough passes us we will
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potential drizzle. by sunday daytime highs plunge into the mid 50's and will stay there for the week ahead. closed captioning
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now that the weather has cooled down... many are taking a spin on the ice rink at the boulevard pool. the cosmopolitan hotel celebrated
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the resort transformed the area into a winter wonderland. while you skate -- there's light snow showers. you can also enjoy cocktails and fire pits. this year -- the ice rink partnered with "tao group cares" to host a toy drive. those that bring in a new toy will get one free skate rental. the ice rink stays open through january second. and don't forget to sign up for the las vegas great santa run. thousands of santas will be taking over the streets of downtown las vegas. its december third. and you can join fox 5 for the fun. festivities kick off at nine a-m and the five k starts at ten. we'll be right back. hollywood loses
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our future pres trump can thank swing-state voters for his surprising win but as the president-elect works to transition to the white house -- green party candidate jill stein has raised millions of dollars... to start the recount process in three crucial states. mary moloney has more on how she's already filed the paperwork in wisconsin. jill stein/2016 green party presidential nominee: "i think it's only natural and it's good for americans to be reassured that our votes are counted."
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candidate -- jill stein -- want to do. recount votes in michigan -- pennsylvania -- and wisconsin. it comes after a group of voting security experts reportedly told the hillary clinton camp about the possibility of hacks in those states. jill stein/2016 green party presidential nominee: "there were lots of hacks taking place around this election. hacks into voter databases, into party databases, into individual email accounts. and what we also know, unfortunately, is that the equipment that we use ... much of it is not just basically invites hacks and malfeasance, tampering, human error." the director of the wisconsin elections commission says -- there's been no evidence of a problem. mike haas / wi elections commission: "we've not received any complaints or concerns from election day that people thought the equipment was not working." george martin/ambassador of peace for jill stein's shadow cabinet: "there is no smoking gun. there's not something that we're pointing to say that this is wrong in wisconsin,
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pennsylvania. what we are saying is that there's enough peripheral evidence to warrant that our system should be investigated." and the party says it quickly raised the millions required to formally request a recount in those select states. george martin/ambassador of peace for jill stein's shadow cabinet: "we're not doing this to the benefit of one candidate over the other. we're doing this for the benefit of the american public. so that we can trust that our votes are counted." i'm mary moloney reporting. the deadline to file the recount rees pennsylvania is monday. michigan's is wednesday. a young boy spent his thanksgiving giving back to those in need. we'll show you the meals he put together... so others could celebrate the
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