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tv   FOX5 News at 530pm  FOX  November 25, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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closed captioning will resume shortly closed captioning will resume shortly shoppers took to stores across the valley in search of some money saving-- black friday deals today. for many stores, black friday is the busiest day of the year... and it sets the tone for the rest of the holiday
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but some stores said the bargain hunting holiday... got off to a slow start this morning. "we started a little slow this morning at 6 am..." "we kind of regretted sleeping in, but it didn't really make a difference" despite the quiet morning... shops say traffic picked up throughout the day. galleria mall is expecting this year's black friday crowds to be bigger than last years. working off that thanksgiving stuffing isn't something everyone's jumping to do. athletic" is offering many classes to help you get back in shape after over- indulging during the holidays. they say the best time to workout is after a big meal... because those extra carbs... give you more energy to get down to business. "lifetime athletic" was closed on thanksgiving.. but opened at 5 a-m today for everyone who needed the workout. "i would feel really guilty if i didn't show up this morning. it would've been
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really great that i did come here." "the best advice is to get out there. be active. even if it just a quick walk around the block." "lifetime athletic" is open 24 hours a day-- 7 days a week. today-- they have special black friday deals available for everyone the ice rink returns at the cosmopilitan hotel today. in fact -- the rink just opened up at the boulevard pool about two hours ago. it's the fifth year the pool has been transformed into the winter wonderland above the strip. to kick off the opening-- the rink is partnering with the "tao group cares charity." anyone who brings in a toy to donate will get one free skate rental. there are food and drink specials offered at the rink and weekly movie nights. it is rivalry weekend in college football. and in this state - that means the battle for the fremont cannon. for only the second time in the last 39 years... the game between unlv and u-n-r will be at the end of the regular season. fox 5 sports director kevin bolinger joins us with a preview.
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no bigger game than this - the battle for the fremont cannon. this is a rivalry that is times nasty...and over the last 11 years has been lopsided with unr winning 9 times. but right now the cannon is red - and the rebels say they'll do everything in their power to keep it that way. music/nats unlv-unr. put the two together and it's like oil and water...intensity levels go up....just listen to the coaches and you know this week is different. tony sanchez: you better be ready to go because both teams are going to be ready to fight. brian polian: when you don't win that game it's a bit of a body blow. it was brian polian and the wolfpack who took the body blow last year - as the rebels went to reno and took the cannon away - setting off a raucus celebration that included a tony sanchez hurdle and a locker room party like we've never
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but when unlv cleaned the cannon for painting last year - they discovered something unr engraved on the insdie of the of notta lotta victories...that has only added more fuel to the fire. tony sanchez: i showed that to our boys on sunday. i've been saving that picture for a year. it's an interesting deal so it shows you where the rivalry is at. this game is going to be won on the the rebels focus is to run the football and unr has the worst rushing defense in the country and statistically one of the worst in the nation. on the flip side - the wolfpack have a strong back in james butler who will get the ball a lot. but this is a game where stats and records get thrown out - rivalries bring out the best in every team...this is going to be a dogfight. kevin on cam: it is also senior day as 16 unlv seniors will be honored before
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is set for 1 o'clock and there are plenty of seats available. unlv is an 8 and a half point favorite. at sam boyd stadium, kevin bolinger, fox 5 news, local las vegas. make sure to tune into the rebzone this sunday night at 11. kevin and coach sanchez will break down the cannon game... and discuss the future of unlv football. earlier we told you about the big auto show here in town this weekend.. ahead .. find out what company is now claiming to beat tesla at the electric car game. but first .. president-elect donald trump makes more decisions about his top positions ... the latest from florida... where he spent thanksgiving. this is fox5 news at 5:30, your only choice for live local news right
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while president- elect donald trump is spending his thanksgiving holiday in florida... he's been active on social media... saying he's still working in between meals. fox news correspondent lauren blanchard has more from washington president-elect
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spending the thanksgiving weekend at his mar-a-lago resort... but still keeping a minimum public profile through tweets and even a video... as he continues to build his administration. trump says: "it is time to restore the bonds of trust between citizens. because when america is unified, there is nothing beyond our reach, and i mean absolutely nothing." but one of his potential picks for secretary of state - mitt romney - is drawing the ire of some supporters and trusted advisors for criticism the 2012 presidential candidate leveled at mr. trump during the 2016 campaign. senior advisor kellyanne conway tweeting: "receiving deluge of social media & private comms re: romney some trump loyalists warn against romney as sec of state" while mr. trump is pushing for unity, green party candidate jill stein says she has raised more than four point seven million dollars to fund recounts in battleground states.... michigan,
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stein saying on her facebook page it's not about overturning the results, but making sure votes were counted fairly. stein says: "right now we have this golden opportunity to stand up on behalf of voting systems we can actually rely on this is not about helping one candidate and hurting another. blanchard on cam: "hillary clinton has largely remained out of the public eye since the election and has not commented on the recount efforts, but yesterday supporters left a dozen signs near her house in new york with thank you messages. in washington, lauren blanchard, fox news" popeye's is known for it's southern style cooking... not it's fighting style. but you wouldn't know it from this surveillance video. everyone gets more than they bargained for .. and it's all caught on camera. by now you've probably heard about tesla's driverless cars.. but there's a new kid in town .. we'll show you what company is now taking the high tech lead. your fox5 weather 24/7 forecast is coming up next
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police in minnesota are hoping surveillance video will help them find a suspect in an armed robbery. a man entered the back door of the popeye's restaurant... shortly after two employees.. left to take trash to a dumpster. the man grabbed an employee from behind... held a gun to their head... and demanded that the safe be opened. but the employee fought off the man... only to be pistol whipped by the robber. the suspect then took off using the back door. police say they found clothing from the man. the clothes are crime lab for d-n-a testing. now fox5 weather 24/7 a low pressure trough is working it's way down to southern california over the next 24 hours. once is arrives it will start to move inland. as it does it will bring more clouds and winds back to las vegas. by saturday night into sunday we could see gusts
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times so don't be surprised if a wind advisory is posted. as the trough passes us we will experience cloudy skies with some potential drizzle. by sunday daytime highs plunge into the mid 50's and will stay there for the week ahead. closed captioning will resume shortly the roll-out of driverless cars has hit a few speedbumps. a low pressure trough is working it's way down to
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hours. once is arrives it will start to move inland. as it does it will bring more clouds and winds back to las vegas. by saturday night into sunday we could see gusts up to 40 mph at times so don't be surprised if a wind advisory is posted. as the trough passes us we will experience cloudy skies with some potential drizzle. by sunday daytime highs plunge into the mid 50's and will stay there for the
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the roll-out of driverless cars has hit a few speedbumps. but now there's a new player on the scene. take a look, as oren libermann puts mobile-eye to the test. traffic would be so much easier to deal with if you didn't actually have to do the driving part. but fully self- driving cars have long existed only in science fiction. total recall introduced us to johnny cab the robot that drove you around on mars. tom cruise's self- driving car allowed him to make a daring get-away in minority report and wesley snipes' car could fix itself in demolition man. the fantasy of tomorrow is turning into the science of today and car manufacturers are taking notice. i'm in a self-driving car from mobileye an israeli car technology company (shalom mines, mobileye test engineer) "when i'm in traffic, i can switch the system on - that's all "that it" that's it "the car is driving itself" the car is driving itself. both the
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throttle setting the speed "it looks effortless." it is effortless." this is their third- generation self- driving car allowing hands-free driving (shalom mines, mobileye test engineer) "i'm not flexible enough to remove my legs." even capable of switching lanes on its own. (shalom mines, mobileye test engineer) "i am asking the vehicle to check if it can do lane transition - it checked that it is clear and does the lane transition." it uses a system of cameras and sensors around the car. the system sees more of the road the cars the lanes and the obstacles. this is where mobileeye says it has pulled ahead of the competition. the ability to interpet the most complex driving environments. we as drivers do this intuitively, computers need to be taught to do this. mobileyee says their system processes driving
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mobileye test engineer) "the idea is that the system is collecting all the information that we as human driver needs." uber has deployed self-driving cars in pittsburgh with a safety driver just in case... and google has self-driving cars being tested in a few cities. mobileye has partnered with bmw and intel to produce a fully autonomous car by 2021 a sign that the car industry is taking self-driving cars seriously. technology officer about the challenges ahead for self-driving cars. (amnon shashua, mobileye co- founder) "i would compare this to sending a man to the moon. it's big." (oren liebermann) "that's been done though." (amnon shashua, mobileye co- founder) "that has been done but driverless cars have not been done." the technology for self-driving cars is available he says but it's still years away from being ready for the road. (amnon shashua, mobileye co-
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simplistic - the moment something complicated happens, the human driver needs to take control, so they aren't there yet in terms of the kinds of negotiations, the kinds of strategy forming that needs to happen in order to have a driverless car." self-driving cars remain a work in progress. but perhaps the biggest challenge is acceptance. would you fly in a plane without a pilot? probably not. so why would you ride in a car without a driver? mobileye says. for that to happen sf- be exponentially safer than you behind the wheel. oren liebermann cnn jerusalem. next - christmas trees around the world are going up -- we'll give you a look at two of the most famous locations. plus - what happens at a target before the black friday rush
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am i actually pushing these guys who ran out of gas six miles on a lonely highway?
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with spicy pepper jack cheese, spicy ranch, and spicy all-white-meat chicken. but judging from the third-degree sunburn, and the fact that i can't feel my legs, i'd say i'm actually pushing this car. there's gotta be a better way to get new customers. the pepper jack ranch spicy chicken sandwich. taste it before it's gone. yep, i'm lost. the holidays.. a giant spruce tree is now sprucing up the vatican in time for the christmas season. the 82-foot tall tree went up in saint peter's square yesterday.. workers are decorating the tree with 18- thousand l-e-d lights. along with the tree... there will
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life-sized nativity scene decorations around it. it's beginning to look a lot like christmas at the white house. "oh christmas tree" song playing first lady michelle obama kicked off her final decking of the halls today -- this has been an annual tradition since 19-66 -- the first lady watched as this year's official white house christmas tree for the blue room was delivered. she was joined by her nephews austin and aaron robinson... first pets bo and sunny... and the national tree contest winners... who are a couple from wisconsin. for all the store workers out there who have been at it most of the day .. if not all night... here's one way to lighten the mood at this black friday.
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a group of workers at a target in jersey city.. celebrated the end of one of the busiest shifts of the year-- by doing their very guessed it... manequin challenge! (flavian singh.. the employee who shot the video.. says she did it everyone in a happy mood. thanks for joining us.. fox5 news at 6
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live from las vegas fox5 news at 6 starts now. closed captioning will resume shortly receive an early life-changing christmas gift -- a whopping 403- million dollars! we'll tell you when the next powerball drawing is. this is fox5 news at 6. local. las vegas it's 6:00 but people are still braving the crowds to hunt for deals on black friday. i'm adam herbets. i'm faith tanner. some have already finished up shopping... but others are still


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