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tv   FOX5 News This Morning  FOX  November 25, 2016 4:00am-4:30am PST

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morning starts now folks in southern highlands are looking forward to a bright morning... after a power outage left them in the dark last night. we'll tell you how many were affected. black friday is here... and the shoppers are out trying to find the best deals. we'll show you how some local stores are handling the rush. and if you're stumped on what to buy for the holidays... don't worry, we'll have some suggestions later on that may help you brainstorm. good morning i'm dave hall.
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deitsch, in for maria silva. welcome to fox5 news this morning. first kathleen jacob joins us with a quick look at the fox 5 weather 24-7 forecast. folks in southern
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literal dark end to thanksgiving last night... when a massive power outage affected nine thousand customers. the power went out around seven last night... in the 89141 zip code. according to n-v energy's website -- they say it was due to an equipment failure. it looked like a small substation caught fire near decatur and cactus... and people in the area say they heard a pop... "it was the power going out for 4 to 5 seconds and then a large boom and i big had exploded so i knew right away it wasn't good and we saw large black plumes of smoke going up over our neighborhood. " fortunately, nv energy has confirmed power has been restored to all customers. the search will continue this morning for a hiker who fell up at black velvet canyon in red rock. metro says the hiker fell 80 feet. crews got the call around 5 last night. we're told they are searching about 3 miles up into the canyon.
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has not been releaed. we will continue to follow this story for you-- and bring you updates when they are available. and be the first to know about breaking news-- by downloading our mobile app. you can also watch livestreams of our newscast... any time we're on the air. sad news for brady bunch fans... florence henderson, the actress who portrayed brady bunch mom carol brady, has passed away. henderson started out as a broadway star... before becoming a television icon on "the brady bunch." according to henderson's manager... she died surrounded by family and henderson was 82. we are used to being up at 2am... and for only one day a year, we are not alone on the roadways coming into work! here's a live look at the crowds at the outlet mall on charleston and the 15.. stores are busy right now as shoppers get ahead on their holiday shopping! as fox5's abby
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friday is well underway. go! safely please. stores are open earlier than ever "got to go" some people in the valley completely by-passing a traditional thanksgiving for something a little more ("chrome cast!") holiday- minded woman: gray thursday abby: why is that? woman: black friday and the shade before that is gray. woman: black friday and the shade before that is gray. tvs. video games. drones. you name it and theres a deal for it - causing a lot of people to spend turkey day in a line abby: your family. im sure theyre having thanksgiving dinner right? jessica mikula: ya jessica: they understand i do this every year. come out here and stand in line in the freezing cold. so they understand. fox 5 spent the day talking to people like jessica at stores around henderson. shoppers endured an hour long line at toys r us. forty five minutes at target. and... "this is a forty three inch"
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than 24 hours at best buy. abby: how long have you been out here for? tori mccanch, las vegas: since 9:00 yesterday abby: are you tired tm: exhausted i haven't been to sleep yet but its worth it. ive had plenty of coffee so im good to go. but its mostly in the spirit of giving. tori mccanch bought tablets for her family. others like jason busse treated their kids to an early christmas gift jason busse, las vegas: we got a tv for our bedroom our ps4 and a couple games abby: are these christmas gifts that ct until dec 25? jason busse: i think we'll bend the rules on that one. the national retail federation says 30 million consumers like busse will shop on thanks giving day. 99 million will brave the long outdoor lines on black friday... shopper: i bought a camera for 450 and a 200 dollar tv 4k hd. but they all tell me the pay off makes it worthwhile. shopper: definitely
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and nothing will stop shoppers from great deals... not even bad weather. this is footage from portland... where hundreds of customers were outside in the rain... waiting for best buy to open. apparently, some were there since one a-m. in portland... best buy and toys r us were among the first stores to open. with the holiday shopping season underway... everyone is out trying to find the perfect gift for those on your nice list. fox's jonathan hunt has some ideas to get you started. here are a few suggestions for your holiday shopping list...."elvis presley: the complete album collection is a 60 disc anthology box set that includes restorations of all of the legends albums plus three new discs of rarities from the 50's, 60's, and 70's. "the frank sinatra collection" continues the centennial celebration of the legendary singer with three new
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eyes is back / the main event'", "at the royal festival hall / sinatra in japan", and 'happy holidays with frank & bing' / 'vintage sinatra". sony pictures compiled its favorite animated films for a limited edition lunchbox gift set. "the smurfs", "cloudy with a chance of meatballs" and "hotel transylvania" are among the 10 movies included. edition of the classic film "taxi driver" is now available as well as the 30th anniversary collection of "labyrinth" which includes rare photos and a look behind the scenes. from the small screen ... "crime story: the complete series" comes in a nine disc collection and the complete series of the emmy award winning series "naked city" is available in a 29 dvd box set collection. for vinyl fans comes the "rock n
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turntables available in three different models.... and old school gamers can pick up nintendo's new mini n-e-s classic edition pre-loaded with 30 games. in hollywood, jonathan hunt, fox news. volunteers around the valley were busy preparing and serving thanksgiving meals this week for the less fortunate. catholic charities of southern nevada... found more than 125 volunteers to serve 15-hundred meals. a staff of twenty began preparations around two yesterday morning.... making around two-thousand pounds of roast turkey.. 375 pounds of bread stuffing... and 15-hundred pints of juice. and they don't turn anyone away. " we help them throughout the year but this is very special for them, many of them don't have families and places to go. so this is where they come to get that feeling of being welcomed and accepted and getting a good meal. it's very special." catholic charities
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food, shelter and other services. it's one of the largest non- profit social service providers in the state. local veterans were treated to a touching thanksgiving dinner yesterday. we'll show you how an organization here in the valley... does their part to help those who serve. and now that thanksgiving is over... more spots around the valley will be getting into the christmas spirit. we'll tell you about a special celebration at opportunity village.
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hurricane otto continues its march through the caribbean... reaching costa rica last night. fox's jim lokay has the latest on the storm. hurricane otto making landfall in costa rica thursday.... as a category 2 storm.... that's according to the national hurricane center in miami. the storm-tracking agency says it set a record for being the southern most hurricane to strike central america. winds were clocked at 110-miles an hour... delivery heavy rain and a dangerous storm surge along the coast. costa ricans closely monitoring otto for days.... and thousands of them were ordered to evacuate their homes along the caribbean coast. <<evacuee spanish nats>> this woman says homes in her neighborhood are unsafe.... she joined many others at this shelter... looking for fresh water, food and a safe place to sleep. it's a similar scene just to the north in nicaragua storm trackers predicting otto will move across the southern part of the country... and into the pacifc. though it's expected to weaken,
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warning of the possibility of flooding and mudslides. jim lokay fox news. sunny skies and average temperatures today. our high is 62 degrees. a little wind is headed our way tomorrow... and this weekend a low pressure system will roll into our area bringing cooler temperatures. we'll drop into the mid to low 50s and stay there throughout next week
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forest at opportunity village here in las vegas is kicking off a big holiday milestone tonight. this year is the 25th anniversary of the magical forest... and tonight is the annual tree lighting ceremony. las vegas mayor will be there-- along with mr and mrs claus-- to turn on the millions of lights. it all starts at opportunity village on oakey at 5 p-m today. general admission is 12 for adults and 10 for kids. tivoli village is also kicking off the holiday season tonight... with a bunch of activities. there will be a celebration of local businesses... a winter wonderland holiday show... and the grand opening of operation north pole... an interactive holiday experience.
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begin today at five p-m. the cosmo is bringing back the ice rink tonight for the holiday season. boulevard pool will be transformed into a cool winter experience. the rink will officially be open today at three p- m... and will stay open until january 2nd. to celebrate the opening... there will even been one complimentary skate rental offered... to each person who donates a new and unopened toy. serving those who have served veterans village -- fed nearly two hundred veterans this thanksgiving... fox5's eric hilt stopped by while workers were preparing a big holiday feast for our local vets. "tonight veterans village put on a thanksgiving feast for veterans and people who have served our country, take a look at these preparations, this is about 20 turkeys, this isn't even all the turkey that the organization will be serving to the veterans here in the las vegas area tonight, theyre serving about 150 people who have served our country and the organizers say this is more than a thanksgiving
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served our country to get together with other military members and have a family dinner" "to be able to put on that kind of service with the help of our amazing staff, our staff has been here since 430 this morning working all day to feed people and its just great: "organizers say if you're interested in helping with veterans village you can find information, you can find that link on our website. soc" commercial real estate leader... has partnered with veterans village. as of now...the company will donate a dinner each month to those living there.... and will also put together emergency toiletry kits... to distribute to homeless veterans in the community. a local restaurant was also serving up warm thanksgiving meals yesterday. "piero's italian cuisine" hosted a "turkey gobble". they fed about 12-hundred at-risk families. chefs and
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four hundred pounds of turkey... two thousand rolls... and three hundred pies. many of these people.... might not otherwise have a warm thanksgiving meal-- which is the main reason the restaurant decided to give back. it's the season for giving... and this time of year... we hear countless stories about people helping others. but our fox5 shining star helps feed the less fortunate five days a week, every week. take a look. shining star betty raw we've got vegetables here, broccoli, cauliflower na over here we have salads "aunt betty" is getting ready for the big thanksgiving feast, but her friends, neighbors, community members are thankful for her all year round. breads and sweets, all kinda sweets, you name it. we have it. she drives to vons grocery store and -picks up the stuff they can no longer sell. then she sets it up in her own driveway. she even donates what she grows! (lemon tree) i went to ca to get that tree and i just give it away, they say i give everything i got away
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they're already coming and they'll unload it. and unload it they do. every monday through wednesday. bagels in basket- nat never sell anything. all donated. nats- putting in basket thursday and friday, aunt betty drops off food to churches and elderly people who aren't able to leave their homes. i take food there, i'm busy all the time. i'm busy i love the holidays, bc this is when the pure goodness of people comes out. betty got her fox5 shining star award, certificate and five hundred dollars at fairway chevrolet. betty and her husband started gathering donations 20 years ago. even though her husband passed away last year, she keeps on. 20 years, can you imagine doing this for 20 years every day? that's awesome i feel so good about it i just continue to do the work. i get my reward from god, really. christine maddela,
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vegas. every thanksgiving "aunt betty" cooks a big dinner, and instead of just being able to pick up donations, she opens her doors to anyone who needs a hot meal. anyone and everyone is welcome to join her for thanksgiving dinner. we are full from thanksgiving food... and also from some great football yesterday. we'll show you highlights from all three games yesterday... including a big showdown in dallas. plus... what's fueling unlv-- more than a little rivalry-- to bring home the cannon again this year. what unr engraved on it... coming up.
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offered plenty of food... but it also delivered with plenty of football. three games yesterday... let's start with the big one of the day... dallas verses washington. this was a close game all the way. every time dallas would take a comfortable lead... washington would come right back. in the end, though... dallas held on to win 31 to 26. they are now 10 and one on the year, best record in football. the first game of the day yesterday...vikings and lions...
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game. not a ton of scoring, but some solid defense... that led to detroit kicking a game winning field goal with just four seconds left. the lions pull out the 16 to 13 win. they take control of the n-f-c north. last night's game featured the colts hosting the steelers. this was probably the snoozer of the was very one sided... all steelers. it was really the ben roesthlisberger to antonio brown show... as they connected for h? three touchdowns. without andrew luck, the colts couldn't put together a better offense. steelers win 28 to seven. prepare for the battle for the fremont cannon... as the inner state rivalry between u-n-l-v and u-n-r comes to a head this weekend. right now it is painted red.... and u-n-l-v hopes to keep it that way. " tony sanchez: you better be ready to go because both teams are going to be ready to fight. brian polian: when you don't win that game it's a bit of a body blow. " in the last 11 years -- the cannon has gone home with u-n-r nine times... but coming off last year's victory-- unlv is
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confident. also fueling the fire... the rebels discovered something unr engraved on the inside of the cannon.... it says... "u-n-l-v university of notta lotta victories..." kickoff is at one tomorrow at sam boyd stadium. make sure to tune into the rebzone this sunday night at 11. sports director kevin bolinger and coach sanchez will break down the "cannon game" and discuss the future of unlv football. california must be
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robots in malls and airports. but we'll show you why these robots... are actually helping people. an uber driver saves the day for a man looking for his stolen car... and the guy who took it. the dumb criminal story... coming up.
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are looking for the suspect in a
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after one person was shot and killed in reno. today is officially black friday... but people have been waiting in line since yesterday. we'll take a look at how holiday shopping is going on around the valley. plus... as the temperatures drop... one organization is making it its mission to keep homeless pets warm. good morning i'm alyssa deitsch, in for maria silva. i'm dave hall. now it's time to get a first look at your fox5 weather 24-7 forcast...


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