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tv   FOX5 News at 1000pm  FOX  November 24, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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live from las vegas, fox5 news at 10 starts now they've had their turkey and their pie... now they are ready to score some black friday deals... i'm abby theodros... we catch up with some of the shoppers braving the crowds.... the holiday-- cut short for thousands across the valley.. a massive power outage leaving them in the dark... when power is expected to be fully restored. this is fox5 news at 10. local. las vegas. as some people are going black friday shopping... thousands of people around the valley were sitting in the dark... i'm faith tanner. i'm adam herbets... power was knocked out to nearly nine thousand customers living in southern highlands... the power went out around seven tonight... in the 89141 zip code...
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highlands. according to n-v energy's website -- they say it's because of an equipment failure. it looked like a small substation caught fire near decatur and cactus... and people in the area say they heard a pop... "it was the power going out for 4 to 5 seconds and then a large boom and i realized something big had exploded so i knew right away it wasn't good and we saw large black plumes of smoke going up over our neighborhood. " according to n-v energy's website -- power is expected to be fully restored to some customers by 11:00... and for other customers... after 11:00. while the thanksgiving festivities are wrapping up for most of you-- a lot of people are just getting started--- on another tradition: black friday shopping! it seems like the sales are starting earlier and earlier every year... and of course that means the stores are already packed. fox5's abby theodros joins us live from the target on sunset and stephanie after spending the
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who were waiting in line for more than a day. a lot of shoppers chose skipped out on thanksgiving dinner this year - others say they worked shopping into their thanks giving traditin. take a look go! safely please. stores are open earlier than ever "got to go" some people in the valley completely by-passing a traditional thanksgiving for something a little more ("chrome cast!") holiday- minded woman: gray thursday abby: why is that? woman: black friday and the shade before that is gray. tvs. video games. drones. you name it and theres a deal for it - causing a lot of people to spend turkey day in a line abby: your family. im sure theyre having thanksgiving dinner right? jessica mikula: ya jessica: they
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come out here and stand in line in the freezing cold. so they understand. fox 5 spent the day talking to people like jessica at stores around henderson. shoppers endured an hour long line at toys r us. forty five minutes at target. and... "this is a forty three inch" some shoppers were in line for more than 24 hours at best buy. abby: how long have you been out here for? tori mccanch, las vegas: since 9:00 yesterday abby: are you tired tm: exhausted i havent been to sleep yet but its plenty of coffee so im good to go. but its mostly in the spirit of giving. tori mccanch bought tablets for her family. others like jason busse treated their kids to an early christmas gift jason busse, las vegas: we got a tv for our bedroom our ps4 and a couple games abby: are these christmas gifts that cant be open until dec 25? jason busse: i think we'll bend the rules on that one. the national retail federation says 30 million consumers like busse will shop on thanks
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the long outdoor lines on black friday... shopper: i bought a camera for 450 and a 200 dollar tv 4k hd. but they all tell me the pay off makes it worthwile. shopper: definitely feels like it was worth it closed captioning will resume thanks abby.... if you plan to head out to do some shopping... be sure to download our fox5 mobile app... to find a list of open stores-- and
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volunteers prepared thanksgiving meals for the less fortunate. catholic charities of southern nevada... found more than 125 volunteers to serve 15-hundred meals. a staff of twenty began preparations around two a-m.-- making around two thousand pounds of roast turkey.. 375 pounds of bread stuffing... and 15-hundred pints of juice. a tradition that dates back to 1965-turning no- one away at the door. " we help them throughout the year but this is very special for them, many of them don't have families and places to go. so this is where they come to get that feeling of being welcomed and accepted and getting a good meal. it's very special." catholic charities of southern nevada provides food, shelter and other services it's one of the largest nonprofit social service providers in the state. serving those who have served our country...
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two hundred veterans this thanksgiving... fox5's eric hilt stopped by while workers were preparing a big holiday feast for our local vets. "tonight veterans village put on a thanksgiving feast for veterans and people who have served our country, take a look at these preperations, this is about 20 turkeys, this isn't even all the turkey that the organization will be serving to the veterans here in the las vegas area tonight, theyre serving about 150 people who have served our country and the organizaers say this is more than a thanksgiving meal, its an opportunity for people who have served our country to get together with other military members and have a family dinner" "to be able to put on that kind of service with the help of our amazing staff, our staff has been here since 430 this morning working all day to feed people and its just great: "organizers say if you're interested in helping with veterans village you can find information, you can find that link on our website.
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berkadia-- a commercial real estate leader... has partnered with veterans village. starting today-- the company will donate a dinner each month to those living there.... and will also put together emergency toiletry kits to distribute to homeless veterans in the community. many people around the valley--- won't have enough to eat this holiday season. and we hope you'll help us... put food on their table! the fox5 holiday food drive is back. when you go to vons or albertsons-- you'll see a display featuring john, christine and ted with hunger bags.... the bags are filled with items that will help fill bellies... like peanut butter and beans. the fox5 holiday food drive.... runs now through december 31st. all of those ambitious black friday shoppers... well at least they had some nice weather while they waited in line. meteorologist les krifaton joins us now with a look at the forecast. seasonal temperatures
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friday and the first half of the weekend. a strong low then starts to slide into the valley by sunday ushering in below seasonal temperatures which are forecast to last through to at least next thursday. the system that pushes the cooler air into southern nevada will also provide us with a descent shot of some drizzle or rain for sunday and early monday
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we have some breaking news to tell you about... actress florence henderson has died... the actress best known for her role as carol brady in the brady bunch. hender years old, metro search and rescue is looking for a hiker-- who fell nearly 80 feet at the red rock national conservation area. metro says they received a call...around five o'clock. saying a hiker fell at black velvet canyon... the hiker was said to be about three miles up the canyon... the search and rescue team says the operation to find that hiker could last for hours... walmart was
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after a suspicious package was found inside the store. police were called to the store... near lake mead and rancho around four. customers and staff were evacuated... as a precaution. police and the swat team were called in... about an hour later--- the package was deemed to not be a threat.... and people were allowed back inside. the inner state rivalry between u-n-l-v and u-n-r is this weekend... the battle for the fremont cannon. right now it is painted red.... keep it that way. " tony sanchez: you better be ready to go because both teams are going to be ready to fight. brian polian: when you don't win that game it's a bit of a body blow. " in the last 11 years -- the cannon has gone home with u-n-r nine times... but coming off last year's victory-- unlv is feeling pretty confident. also fueling the fire... the rebels discovered something unr engraved on the insdie of the cannon.... u-n-l-v university of notta lotta victories...
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tony sanchez: i showed that to our boys on sunday. i've been saving that picture for a year. it's an interesting deal so it shows you where the rivalry is at. " saturday is also senior day... 16 unlv seniors will be honored before the game. kick-off is set for 1 o'clock and there are plenty of seats available. unlv is an 8 and a half point favorite. make sure to tune into the rebzone this sunday night at 11. sports director kevin bolinger and coach sanchez will break down the "cannon game" and discuss the future of unlv football. it may be thanksgiving--- but president- elect donald trump says he was busy... doing more than just enjoying dinner. how he says he spent the holiday... plus -- she had made it her mission to help those in need-- around the community... for two decades... coming up we'll introduce you to our fox5 shining star... who is making las vegas a better place to
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more than three million people packed the streets of new york this morning for the 90th macy's thanksgiving day parade. the annual parade featured sixteen character balloons, 27 novelty balloons, 26 floats, 11- hundred cheerleaders and dancers, more than 1,000 clowns, and 16 marching bands. plus -- felix the cat... the first balloon that ever flew in the parade.... made his return today. president obama is celebrating his last thanksgiving
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to thank troops serving our country. the president made nine phone calls this morning to service members who are currently deployed. he also released a video message--- calling for americans to unite following a "sometimes divisive campaign season." saying "thanksgiving reminds us that no matter our differences.. we're still one people." donald trump also addressed the american people.... calling on the country to come together on thanksgiving. " on this thanksgiving we can begin to heal our divisions and move forward as one country, strengthed by shared purpose and very, very common resolve. in declaring this national holiday, president lincoln called upon americans to speak with one voice and one heart. and that's just what we have to do. the future president also went on twitter today... to let americans know-- he is keeping busy. he tweeted-- i am working hard- even on thanksgiving.
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carrier a-c company to stay in the u-s. making progress-- will know soon. carrier a-c is an air conditioning company trying to relocate from indianapolis to mexico. hillary clinton also tweeted to supporters today... she said quote "hoping everyone has a safe and happy thanksgiving today and quality time with family and friends." and then she gave a shoutout to some people who made her some signs. quote "i was greeted by this heartwarming display on the on the corner of my street today. thank you to all of you who did this. ha thanksgiving." now fox5 weather 24/7 with seasonal temperatures remain for black friday and the first half of the weekend. a strong low then starts to slide into the valley by sunday ushering in below seasonal temperatures which are forecast to last through to at least next thursday. the
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southern nevada will also provide us with a descent shot of some drizzle or rain for sunday and early monday morning. seasonal temperatures remain for black friday and the first half of the weekend. a strong low then starts to slide into the valley by sunday ushering in below seasonal temperatures which are forecast to last through to at least next thursday. the system that pushes the cooler air into southern nevada will also provide us with a descent shot of some drizzle or rain for sunday and early monday morning. seasonal temperatures remain for black friday and the first half of the weekend. a strong
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slide into the valley by sunday ushering in below seasonal temperatures which are forecast to last through to at least next thursday. the system that pushes the cooler air into southern nevada will also provide us with a descent shot of some drizzle or rain for sunday and early monday morning.
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one woman is giving everything she's got... " homeless, they know people who need the help, that's what we do. that's what we do. " up next we'll introduce you to our shining star... and explain how she is making people around the valley--- thankful every single day of the year. ranters tonight are wishing everyone a good thanksgivng with their families but some of our people are worried good deals are getting in the way of holiday spirit it's in the rant and from you!
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tis the season for giving. this time of year... we hear countless stories about people helping others. but our fox5 shining star helps feed the less fortunate five days a week, every week. shining star betty raw we've got vegetables here, broccoli, cauliflower nats- salad bag
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"aunt betty" is getting ready for the big thanksgiving feast, but her friends, neighbors, community members are thankful for her all year round. breads and sweets, all kinda sweets, you name it. we have it. she drives to vons grocery store and -picks up the stuff they can no longer sell. then she sets it up in her own driveway. she even donates what she grows! (lemon tree) i went to ca to get that tree and i just give it away, they say i give everything i got away 604 this is my pantry. the people will be coming, they're already coming and they'll unload it. and unload it they do. every monday through wednesday. bagels in basket- nat never sell anything. all donated. nats- putting in basket thursday and friday, aunt betty drops off food to churches and elderly people who aren't able to leave their homes. i take food there, i'm busy all the time. i'm busy i love the holidays, bc this is when the pure goodness of people comes out. betty got her fox5 shining star award,
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hundred dollars at fairway chevrolet. betty and her husband started gathering donations 20 years ago. even though her husband passed away last year, she keeps on. 20 years, can you imagine doing this for 20 years every day? that's awesome i feel so good about it i just continue to do the work. i get my reward from god, really. christine maddela, fox5 news local las vegas. every thanksgiving "aunt betty" cooks a big dinner, and instead of just being able to pick up donations, she opens her doors to anyone who needs a hot meal. anyone and everyone is welcome to join her for thanksgiving dinner. we hope you'll take a drive through a holiday spectaular. glittering lights is back at the las vegas motor speedway... and the lights are twinkling the holiday tradition benefits the childrens speedway charity. glittering lights runs through january 7-th...
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5:30 p-m.... during the week it costs 20 dollars per car.... and it's 30 dollars on fridays... and the weekends. those that donate to goodwill receive a discount. grab your tennis shoes... and santa suit. thousands of santas are getting ready to hit the streets of downtown... for the the las vegas great santa run it's saturday december third. and you can join in on the fun... festivities kick off at nine a-m and the five-k starts at ten. the santa run benefits opportunity village. for some people... thanksgiving night is their super bowl... they have been waiting for black friday deals... since last year and you can see-- the stores are busy... we caught up with some of the shoppers looking
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10. local. las vegas. millions of people are making their way to the checkout aisle for black friday deals tonight and things are no different here in the valley.
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wrapped around stores as early as yesterday. and today's the big pay off fox5's abby theodros joins us live from the best buy on sunset and marks after spending the day talking to happy customers people are still trickling in here at best buy looking for some great deals. the line no longer wraps around the store like we saw earlier today "go! safely please. got to go" that was bestbuy around 5 today when the doors first open. now we're still seeing people make their way for to the stores after their thanksgiving dinner. and a lot of the people we talked to today stayed in line to get a gift for a loved one or family member...take a listen to this couple we talked to at galleria mall eric hanna: "in life they teach you happy life happy wife. so i gotta take her and make sure she's happy. " "i wanted the free bag" we also stopped by target and toys r us in henderson.
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a lot of parents looking to get deals of their kids christmas gifts. regardless of the lines we only saw smiling faces today. most people saying its a tradition in their family to come out here after thanksgiving dinner. a lot of people still coming in and out of the store. if you plan to head out to do some shopping... be sure to download our fox5 mobile app... to find a list of open stores-- and hours... on the go. some people spent time helping the less fortunate... have a happy holiday. fox 5's eric hilt.. spoke with people who got a free thanksgiving lunch from the "catholic charities of southern nevada.." and he shows us what the holiday meal meant to
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nats - is here okay for you? seats at these tables at the catholic charities of southern nevada were hard to come by.. nats -- welcome! these tables .. filled with people enjoying a thanksgiving lunch .... many say if it wasn't for this organization .. they wouldn't have been able to have such a nice meal. "aw man i'm full man, it was real good i enjoyed it" but for guests like edward humes -- the annual feast is more than a meal. "people from all walks of life are right here, and its not just about the food, its not about the food its about being thankful on but every day because a lot of people dont have this opportunity" nats -- happy thanksgiving "today the thanks and the smiles and the meals that the clients get from the volunteers is just as powerful as the food because it really is a way for them to have that human touch and for them to realize that despite their struggles people in our community really care about them" nats -- here you go sir "catholic charities of southern nevada expect to feed up to
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volunteers, who say it's the smiling faces that keep them coming back and helping every year. "i've been volunteering for more than 30 years, in hawaii and here for about 13 years, its just very rewardring its just the right thing to do, we have so much so we might as well share our time with others." edward says he's hoping he can come back next year .. nats -- eating but next thanksgiving ... he wants to be on the other side of the table. "next year i hope to do a little something here myself, volunteer, help out and give back myself. that's what its about" eric hilt, fox5 news local las vegas. catholic charities of southern nevada -- is always welcoming volunteers... not just on holidays... if you're interested -- you can find information on how to get involved on our website, fox5 vegas dot com. a local restaurant was also serving up warm thanksgiving meals today.... "piero's italian cuisine" hosted a "turkey gobble". they fed about 12-hundred at-risk
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employees made four hundred pounds of turkey... two thousand rolls... and three hundred pies. many of these people.... might not otherwise have a warm thanksgiving meal-- which is the main reason the restaurant decided to give back. ""so this is our 25th year of the turkey gobble. we started feeding unprivileged children and it turned into this. today were going to serve about thirteen or fourteen hundred kids a full thanksgiving meal and it's just our way of giving back to the community."" loyal customers made donations to help offset the costs of the dinner. a man in pahrump has been arrested for a bomb threat inside of a beauty store... this is jeffrey vonalst.... police say last month--- he walked into the "aztec secret and beauty" shop with a propane tank... threatening to blow up the building. witnesses say he was opening the valve and trying to light it on fire... when police arrived... they found him fighting with another man.... and again trying to
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after a struggle -- they were able to get him into custody--- he is now facing a number of charges... including making a bomb threat, resisting arrest and assault with a deadly weapon. the nye county sheriff's department is looking for someone who shot and killed a dog. according to the department... the dog was found dead tied to a pole at the "bell vista shooting range," northwest of pahrump. this is along the road to death valley. the department says it happened last month, on october 29th... but now they need help from the public. they describe the dog as a female... black and white mixed terrier... that had recently given birth. we called both the sheriff's department and the range today for more information but... it's thanksgiving day... and we haven't heard back. if you know anything about this crime... please call the nye county sheriff's department at 775-751-7000. just to our north... police have arrested a 43- year-old man accused of soaking two self- serve food bars
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causing several cases of food poisoning! it happened at a shopping mall in south lake tahoe. police arrested harry dally... for poisioning the food bar at a "baha fresh mexican grill." one of the victims, a 12-year-old... went to the hospital over the weekend after eating tainted salsa. that child is now recovering at home. no word yet on what police believe the man used to poison the food... but similar incidents have happened in the past two weeks... at the same restaurant... and chinese food bar in the same shopping center. it was supposed to be a fun thanksgiving football tournament... but instead it took a deadly turn. somebody fired shots in the middle of the crowd... killing two people... and injuring six others. mary moloney picks up the story from there. nats - a hail of bullets force a crowd of people to take cover. -nats- when the gunfire stops the screaming begins. -nats- this louisville park hosted the juice bowl -- an
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kids -- parents -- friends -- and neighbors -- gathered to feast and watch football. but violence interrupted the festivities. dwight mitchell/louisville metro police department: "most people were here having a good time as they do most of the time, but unfortunately this tragic situation has happened." a cell phone recorded more than a dozen gunshots. dwight mitchell/louisville metro police department: "we're thankful that more people didn't get hurt in this situation." but some of the shots were deadly. donna grimes/witness: "just to see that man shot in the head like that and they telling him to hold on." donna grimes/witness: "it's horrible. it's really horrible." as police investigate the motive many in the crowd mourn the lives lost. -nats- "get off of me." dwight mitchell/louisville metro police department "this is very tragic, of what's happened here. i mean, i'm saddened." donna grimes/witness: "it's a sad time for thanksgiving and it's a sad day for the juice bowl." i'm mary moloney reporting. a tennessee woman-- says a school bus crash that killed
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ranging from kindergarten to fifth grade.... was the loudest sound she's ever heard.... it was really something to see. something i hope i never see. they were screaming and holelring. i've never heard such a scream in my life. precious little kids, you know. they didn't know what was going on but they knew something bad had happened. " police say bus driver johnthony walker was going well over the posted 30 miles per hour limit... when he lost control of the bus and smashed into a tree. charged with 5 counts of vehicular homicide. a sixth count will likely be added... following the death of another student yesterday. he's due in court next week. a missing mother has been found safe... nearly three weeks after disappearing in california. sherri papini vanished while out for a jog on november second... according to the shasta county sheriff's department, at first she was kidnapped... but then she was able to escape and get help from a driver on the side of the
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bosenko: "we learn that she was released by her captor on a rural road near i-5 and yolo county. she was bound with restraints but was able to summon help from a passing help from a passing motorist on i-5 near county road 17 again about northern yolo county" " the sheriff said they're looking for two hispanic women in a dark colored s-u-v who may be armed. the victim was given medical clearance and is now reunited with her husband and children. president-elect donald trump spent this thanksgiving at his seaside retreat in florida. a lot of focus has gone into the president elect... wanting to keep his new york high rise... but now some are wondering about his place in palm beach... and how much it's costing taxpayers.... fox's jeff lennox reports... donald trump's stunning victory.... bringing vehicular and foot traffic chaos around the president-elect's fifth avenue high- rise. this thanksgiving, though, a new
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next president in palm beach. a cavalcade of cops and secret service agents--- bringing mixed reaction from locals. mos resident: "i hope it doesn't ruin the experience, the place is secluded and quiet." : mos resident: "we are very hopeful that business is going to get better." the f-a-a issuing warnings to pilots... similar warnings to boaters from the coast guard which is patrolling the 20- acre waterfront estate. it's a neccessity to keep the next commander in chief safe. especially on the heels of such an unpredictable campaign. conway says: "it is unprecedented but everything about donald trump and his rise to the presidency is unprecedented unlike trump tower.... the beachfront bastion---accordin g to a former secret service agent---may be preferred by his detail. telling the washington post quote ""mar-a-lago is a secret service agent's dream to secure". the compound sits on a barrier island... accessible by just three bridges. and it's rumored to have as many as three bomb
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residents keeping fingers crossed.... for a quiet holiday. mos says: "i'm kind of hoping everyone is kind of over the hype, but we'll see what happens this weekend." in palm beach florida, jeff lennox, fox news no official word about the exact pricetag... but according to some reports... taxpayers may be on the hook for nearly 7 million dollars in security costs. green party nominee -- jill stein isn't happy with the results of the election... so she is doing something about it. "there were lots of hacks taking place around this election. hacks into voter databases, into party databases, into individual email accounts. and what we also know, unfortunately, is that the equipment that we use ... much of it is not just open to hacks. it basically invites hacks " so now stein is challenging the results. she has raised nearly four million dollars in her push for a vote recount in michigan... pennsylvania and wisconsin. stein says the voters deserve an audit of the november eighth
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reports that voting security experts originally alerted the clinton campaign about possible hacks in key counties. some people protesting the dakota access pipeline... are using the holiday to spread some love. at standing rock... two campers are spreading positivity around the main camp. carrying signs... that focus on positive messages... with quotes about love and harmony. angela adam... is traveling from minnesota to spread her message. "am response has been incredible. everyone 'i love you too' and then hugs all around. it's incredible that the sentiment that something as simple as the words, 'i love you,' can evoke in a human." " on december fourth... hundreds of veterans are expected to travel to standing rock.. to join the protests. protesters have been trying to stop the construction of the pipeline ... saying the project will hurt the environment... and destroy some historic native- american sites.
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thanksgiving in the hospital... the rapper was been there since earlier this week... after he cut a concert short in california... and went on a rant about jay-z, beyonce and hillary clinton. people-dot-com is reporting that kanye will remain at the u-c-l-a medical center for several more days. he is being treated for exhaustion and sleep deprivation. just hours before he went to the hospital... his team announced that the remainder of his "saint pablo tour" will be canceled. three days of heavy rain... is causing flooding in parts o northwest italy. . the tanaro river is overflowing its banks in the city of garessio-- it's pouring water into the streets. forcing evacuations. rising water on the river is crashing down barriers... and rushing under bridges. many streets are flooded. and store owners are using sandbags to protect their businesses. hurricane otto packs a punch as it makes landfall in costa rica... the category 2 hurricane struck
10:44 pm
populated stretch of nicaragua's caribbean coast. the national hurricane center says the unusually strong... late-season hurricane hit land just north of the costa rican border. it packed winds of up to 110 miles an hour. otto is considered dangerous... in part because of its heavy rains and storm surge. for the first time in more than fifty years... japan is celebrating snow in november! november 1962 was the last recorded november snow for tokyo... meteorologists forecasted an inch of snow in tokyo and even more in the mountains northwest of the capital. the rare snowfall -- caused minor train delays and power outages. when she was surprised at the grocery store... her reaction was unforgettable... "we want to pay for your groceries"..."but... (crying)" see what happens when the surprise squad shows up this time - for an early thanksgiving!
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24/7 forecast is coming up next people are still ranting about the name of our new hockey team but tonight we hear from people excited about the team name and them playing. it's in the rant and
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(my hero zero by lemonheads) zero really can be a hero. get zero down, zero deposit, zero due at signing, and zero first month's payment on select volkswagen models. this black friday
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the fox5 surprise squad is powered by united nissan, america first credit union, albertsons and vons the fox5 surprise squad fulfills a promise to one of its past recipients. monica jackson squad first met margaret payne in boulder city. her story was one that touched our viewers hearts - and left a lasting impression on the squad. so this holiday--- the squad paid her a second surprise visit this time right to her doorstep--- to show the true meaning of family. closed captioning will continue
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closed captioning will continue shortly closed captioning will continue
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closed captioning will continue shortly and the giving continued even after the surprise was over. margaret was left with so many leftovers - she decided to share the bounty with her neighbors. now fox5 weather 24/7 seasonal temperatures remain for black friday and the first half of the weekend. a strong low then starts to slide into the valley by sunday ushering in below seasonal temperatures which are forecast to last
10:53 pm
system that pushes the cooler air into southern nevada will also provide us with a descent shot of some drizzle or rain for sunday and early monday morning. seasonal temperatures remain for black friday and the first half of the weekend. a strong low then starts to slide into the valley by sunday ushering in below seasonal temperatures which are forecast to last
10:54 pm
next thursday. the system that pushes the cooler air into southern nevada will also provide us with a descent shot of some drizzle or rain for sunday and early monday morning. seasonal temperatures remain for black friday and the first half of the weekend. a strong low then starts to slide into the valley by sunday ushering in below seasonal temperatures which
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through to at least next thursday. the system that pushes the cooler air into southern nevada will also provide us with a descent shot of some drizzle or rain for sunday and early monday morning. closed captioning will resume shortly tonight we have a thanksgiving day version of the rant... we've had some people call in to spread some holiday cheer... but one of our callers isn't so happy and believes
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getting in the way. take a listen! it's more important to go get a good deal than it is to sit home with family and have thanksgiving dinner. the stores are [opened] at six and people are in lines, it shouldnt even be open today. black friday should be black friday and thanksgiving is thanksgiving.19 having been in business myself, i realize the economy stinks. but why in the heck dont all these companies and merchants get together and start black friday at 8 o'clock friday morning and leave i just think it's a disgrace, it is a disgrace.22secs happy thanksgiving las vegas clark county. happy thanksgiving to the surprise squad for helping people everybody at fox 5 news and fox 5 vegas. happy thanksgiving. 17 happy thanksgiving to the crew at fox 5 and what does a turkey say when it's hungry? gobble gobble! have a
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i [want to] wish everybody a happy thanksgiving. i hope you enjoy it with your family, cherish your family expect nothing from your family in return. just share the moment, be thankful you have your family, because there's a lot of people out there that [does not] have a family. 19 sam says... always be thankful for what you have, and share the thanks with others. have a great holiday season. the vegas golden knights name seems to be warming up to some of our ranters. some people are excited to see them play.. while others are calling in to defend the team name. i think the name golden knights is really cool. 3 secs i'm originally from orange county and believe me [we were] the mighty ducks of anaheim. if i can get use to that name, i can get used to the golden knights. 8secs man i am so excited! i wouldnt be surprised if the golden knights won the gold cup the first year! 6 secs i would be very surprised... especially
10:58 pm
the "stanley cup" -- not the gold cup. happy thanksgiving everyone! send us your rants to the rant at or call at 702-436-8285 the traditional nativity scene... is getting a modern twist. the scene is made up of hispters... complete with wise men on segways... bearing gifts from amazon prime.. mary is holding a latte... joseph has a ma they're taking a selfie with baby jesus. the creator says-- he came up with the idea during a happy hour with friends. demand is high... since launching they've been selling 5-hundred sets a day. they run about 130 dollars. donald trump wants to make the holidays great again. he's released a christmas ornament... it's a little red cap imprinted with his election phrase-- make america great again... the brass ornament is finished in 24
10:59 pm
it comes with a pretty hefty pricetag... 149 dollars. they're on sale now-- at donald- j-trump-dot-com. a lot of us are thankful for our friends this thanksgiving. up next... a special moment between friends is caught on camera.... you're watching fox5 news at 10. local. las vegas sometimes the
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l ? come join us this season, at the all new festival of holidays event... ...including the new world of color season of light show...


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