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tv   FOX5 News at 500pm  FOX  November 22, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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sold for the las vegas n-h-l franchise. fans are buzzing with excitement to find out the name and logo. fox5's vince sapienza is with fans right now let's check in with him.
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las vegas franchise officials are set to take the stage within the next hour or so. we'll be following along and bring you updates throughout the night. as if the hockey excitement wasn't enough a major twist in the city's possibility of getting an n-h-l team. oakland city
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they're making progress with plans to build a new stadium of their own - that could keep the raiders there. this coming weeks after local and state lawmakers here in nevada have already approved the funding plan for a new, 1.9 billion dollar nfl stadium in las vegas... fox5's eric hilt is live at russell and the 15, which is one of the possible sites for that stadium... oakland city officials haven't offered up any specifics about the framework of this plan nats -- radiers game while the raiders were playing south of the border in mexico city last night... nats -- raiders game back in oakland, city officials were putting the final touches on a framework for a plan to build a new stadium -- and to try and keep the team in the bay area "there is an actual framework in place" today oakland mayor libby schaaf talked about that framework with bay area fox affiliate ktvu...
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the ability and the willingness...more than that..the passion to actually put the private money into this deal that i believe it will take to actually build a stadium under the conditions that mark davis has always said he needs" that "lott group" is a team of private investors led by former raider great ronnie lott... who talked about the groups push to keep the raiders in oakland last month. "its a number of people who said they want to contribute not just who they are but actual dollars and cents to this effort" an effort that local leaders say isn't a threat to a raider relocation to las vegas "sot" county commissioner
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i spoke with sands corporation spokesperson andy abboud today as well... sands is helping in las vegas. abboud told me sands isnt concerned about these developments out of oakland and that the raiders have told them that nothing has changed regarding the teams plans to move to las vegas. abboud added that when it comes to deals like these, "talk is cheap and money matters" soc the raiders say they plan to
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las vegas at the nfl owners meeting in january. 24 of the 32 owners would need to vote to approve that plan for the raiders to move. a man facing murder charges for stabbing his roommate was in court this morning. 20-year-old jacob driscoll stayed mostly quiet when the judge was reading off his charges. " judge: mr. driscol do you have any questions about whats going on? lawyer: he was nonresonsive to me thats one of the potential issues so that's why... judge: he is responsive to me so he's just choosing not to be responsive at this point. " driscoll faces murder charges after stabbing 20- year-old kevin zaldana who was fast asleep. the victim's family says they opened their home to driscoll when he had no where to stay. driscoll is being held without bail. his next court date is scheduled for december 21- st. kevin zaldana's family has a go
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if you'd like to donate we have a link on our website....fox5 vegas dot com. pedestrian safety is for the birds! literally! the message this turkey is spreading to drivers-- hoping to save lives.... by the simple rule drivers often forget. your fox5 weather 24/7 forecast is coming up next you're watching fox5 news at 5. ca
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breaking news to tell you about going on downtown. a hotel has been evacuated and some downtown streets ar closed... after a shooting today. fox5's adam herbets joins us now from the scene at fremont and 21st street
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now fox5 weather 24/7 skies will stay mostly clear for your tuesday evening with temperatures falling into the 40s overnight. a disturbance will be moving across the area on wednesday, bringing just a few clouds with breezy winds. winds will be in the 10 to 20 mph range around the las vegas valley with high
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mid to upper 60s. thanksgiving day will be mostly sunny with temperatures in the mid to low 60s. winds will be calmer around las vegas, but for our friends in laughlin and bullhead city, gusts in excess of 30 mph will still be north. friday stays mostly clear with 60s before bigger changes arrive this weekend. a system moves in late saturday afternoon with stronger winds and the chance of a few showers later
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the shower chance will continue into sunday with temperatures falling into the upper 50s on sunday. monday and tuesday are trending cooler with high temperatures
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closed captioning will resume shortly las vegas is a popular travel destination on most holidays and thanksgiving is no exception. triple a recently ranked las vegas the number one travel destination for thanksgiving week.... fox5s miguel
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joins us now at the strip where thousands of people will be enjoying the next few days triple a expects 318,000 people will be coming to our city during the next few days... wether it be people returning home or visiting on vacation lots of folks from all over the country will be calling las vegas home this holiday. theres no place like home for the holidays... except maybe las vegas... vegas has been ranked the top travel destination for thanksgiving season, a ranking that makes perfect sense for some... grace chow, bellagio "it's absolutely that, it's the busiest time of the year for us, it's funny when i came to las vegas i didn't think it would be a big holiday but our team prepares for months" the buffet at the bellagio has been busy preparing for their thanksgiving meal "last year was a record breaking year for us, we had about 4300 guest. this year were hoping to beat that number " jeff walter,
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this for over six months we've done multiple tastings it's kind of been a work of art that we crafted" theyre trying to make the strip feel just like home for guests ... so thanksgiving decor and turkey day essentials are a must this time of year. "it's a very festive place to be you know birthdays are very high energy good family everybody comes around the table trying a bunch of things it's a very visceral experience" but while some travel to the strip for the ultimate thanksgivkmg experience, others take the long weekend as a chance to go home. christine crews, mccaren airport " what's different about thanksgiving travel" mccarren airport gets pretty full this time of year, "what's also different about thanksgiving is we have a lot of friends and family coming to town and more locals that are going to go pick them up" its not just guests flyimg in, its people heading out and families meeting up. officials at mccarran airport do you tell people to plan ahead if they're parking at the airport since some of the lots to fill up there also encouraging people to use the cell phone lot this year as they
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family other popular destinations this weekend are san francisco.... san diego.....orlando.... and new york it's the busiest time of the year in the retail world-- wal mart held a black friday open house to give us a sneak peak of the deals. all wal-mart stores in las vegas are open 24 hours-- but their black friday deals won't start until 6 p-m on thanksgiving. they say the hot toys this year are "hatchamals"... "teenage mutant ninja turtles" and a "ride-a-long princess carriage." customers can browse their online selection first so things are easier to find on the big shopping day. turkeys were out on the streets this morning-- reminding drivers to pay attention to the road! metro held 'turkey in a crosswalk' to raise awareness to increasing pedestrian fatalities. so far there has been 50 pedestrian fatalities this
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senator mark manendo..wore a turkey costume on charleston boulevard-- to watch out for drivers who don't yield to pedestrians in the crosswalk. metro officers were also there watching for jaywalkers downtown. "it's usually a teaching moment when you can stop someone and say hey look, you are not paying attention. it's something that you have forgotten about and maybe you have learned this in grade school, you know you look left you look right you look left. but so many people have forgotten that basic skill. " the program is not about issuing failure-to-yield tickets but more about curbing the high numbers of pedestrian fatalities in las vegas. a bus driver is behind bars after a crash last night in tenessee-- that killed at least five children. the 9-1-1 calls from the scene of the crash-- and a child on the bus speaks out. never miss out on the latest local breaking news! download our fox5 mobile app and be first to know what's going on right here in the valley.
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driver of a chattanooga school bus described a crash that killed at least five children. six others are hospitalized in an intensive care unit. scott mclean is in chattanooga and has the latest from the scene.
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roadway. it's occupied with children. they believe there are ejections." a school bus packed with children slammed into a telephone pole and a tree -- and flipped on its side. 911: "up in the back, i can see an arm moving, but i don't know if anyone can get to it." according to the children's elementary school -- four girls and a boy were killed in the crash. three were in fourth grade. one in first grade . and one in kindergarten. ariane adams/victim family friend: "it could've been my kids and these are babies that was trying to get home." police arrested the driver -- 24 year old johnthany walker. he's charged with five counts of vehicular homicide -- reckless endangerment -- and reckless driving. child in crash: "he wasn't paying attention. he was going real fast. and he had hit a garbage bag and he hit a mailbox and then we flipped over and hit a tree real hard." as the investigation continues into what caused the deadly crash -- the
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andy berke/-d- mayor, chattanooga: "most unnatural thing in the world, for a parent to mourn the loss of a child. there are no words that can bring comfort to mother or father, city is praying for these families. there's much more coming up in the second half of fox5 news at 5. we're now minutes from learning the name and logo of our new hockey team. we'll take you live to the big announcement the running rebels mens basketball team is tipp tonight. the streak they're trying to keep up this game-- and where you can catch all the highlights. folks are filling their plates and their pockets for a good cause today. we'll tell you how much money was at stake in a
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the anticipation has been growing all day as fans wait to find out the name of their new hometown hockey team. the ceremony will be getting started within the next hour outside the t-mobile arena-- where the name and logo will be revealed. this is a live look the arena as we
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to take the stage. it's been five months since the n-h-l awared the las vegas expansion team back in june. the name is expected to include the words "knight in it." and is also expected to contain either desert.... golden.... or silver. bill foley--the team's owner... graduated from the united states military acadamy. he's talked about hopes to call the team the black knights but recieved a lot of push back. foley settled on a name at the end of august. and team have been working with adidas on a logo since mid july. that logo was't ready until the middle of last month though. the runnin rebels'


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