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tv   FOX5 News at 530pm  FOX  November 16, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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"after the final shot, reynolds frantically yelled, you just killed my boyfriend. philando castile muttered and moaned his final words, i wasn't reaching for it to which reynolds loudly said, he wasn't reaching for it. before reynolds completed her sentence, officer yanez again screamed, don't pull it out. reynolds responded by saying, he wasn't." a ramsey county attorney says the shooting death of a man by a minnesota police officer was not justified. you may remember this video when 32-year-old philando castile was shot by an officer... while his girlfriend taped it on facebook live. officer jeronimo yanez now faces a second degree manslaughter charge. castile was fatally shot during a traffic stop in july in the suburb of falcon
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shot castile seven times in his vehicle. ramsey county attorney john choi says yanez's fear cannot justify the use of deadly force in this situation. "based on the evidence, we do not believe castile ever removed or tried to remove his handgun from his front, right pocket, which was a foot deep. when officer and paramedics rolled castile to his right side to put a backboard under him, they saw and removed a 40 caliber semi-automatic handgun from inside the front right pocket of his shorts. the gun contained a loaded magazine but, did not have a round in the chamber." officer yanez will also be facing two felony counts of dangerous discharge of a firearm. he is due to make his first court
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members say they're pleased the officer has been charged. a southwest airlines employee is shot and killed by a former employee... outside of an oklahoma city airport. it happened yesterday afternoon at the will rogers world airport. police say the former worker shot and killed michael winchester as a form of retaliation... for something that prompted the attacker to quit his job last year. the attacker then killed himself inside a pickup truck. police say the suspect lloyd buie resigned last year... after quote... "he was exhibiting sig being under the influence of alcohol while at work." "the suspect armed himself and went to the airport with the intention of shooting someone. we do not know if mr. winchester was the intended victim. but it is possible the suspect acted in retaliation against the circumstances leading up to his resignation." the victim's son is a the kansas city chiefs player. the n-f-l tweeted
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james and the entire winchester family". today -- flights are operating normally at will rogers world airport. thousands of undocumented immigrants -- mostly from central america -- are crossing the border into the u-s. that's according to the "u-s customs and border proection". polo sandoval spoke to families -- who say it's because of president-elect donald trump. nats it's a second south texas border surge and there are hardly any empty seats on the unmarked busses that pull into mcallen's central station. thousands of undocumented central american families fleeing crime and poverty are again saturating america's immigration system. they turn themselves into authorities at the border, are processed, then released wearing an ankle monitor and the promise of returning for a court date. (polo sandoval/ reporting) "what is it that brings you to the united states?
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delincuencia en mi pas?" (polo sandoval/ reporting) "he says the level of crime in his country is what brings him and his son juan carlos here." before heading north, carlos cardona and his four-year-old son made a brief stop at a shelter that opened it's doors during the immigration surge of 2014. it's run by sister norma pimentel. (sister norma pimentel/ humanitarian respite center) "the violence instead of diminishing is escalating. and so we have families that fear for their lives, especially of their kids." (polo sandoval/ "volunteers have been walking these families from the bus station, to the shelter and back for already two years now. but what's new are the numbers that we are seeing lately. you hear from some of the officials here in south texas they will also tell you there's another reason why so many people are rushing to the u.s." (mayor jim darling/ mcallen, tx) "they all know about
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they all know about a wall. when you talk to them they know that." mayor jim darling suspects it's no longer just violence and poverty in central america fueling this new wave. (mayor jim darling/ mcallen, tx) "if you are talking about building a fence and we are not going to let a lot of people in, you better get over here now before january and the swearing-in ceremony." back in the shelter, these new arrivals weigh in. (polo sandoval/ reporting) "so who comes here fearing that donald trump plans to build a massive border wall? quicn vino donald trump tiene planes de construir un muro fronterizo?" nats among the crowds we found 17-year- old diriam fuentes and her father neri. (polo sandoval/ reporting) "now that you're here in the us, are you afraid of the idea of mass deportations?" (diriam fuentes/ undocumented immigrant) "si da temor. nosotros los menores queremos venir a superarnos.... fuentes tells me she fears being returned to her native honduras. nats on the banks of the rio grande...more migrants emerge out of the darkness and turn themselves into authorities. nats it's a seemingly endless flow of families arriving night and day. (sister norma pimentel/
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"there is a big fear in our community about what is going to happen. ultimately, we have to respond is to the fact that they're human beings." carlos cardona and his son are starting the u.s. stretch of his journey. like so many others who are now in their shoes, they face an uncertain future. americans are still signing up for obamacare... despite president-elect donald trump's promise to repeal it. so far today -- at least one million people have selected plans for 2017... during open enrollment. that's according to the department of health and human services. more than 300- thousand of those people signed up in the three days after the election. open enrollment runs through january 31. trump vowed to quickly dismantle the president's health insurance program. but -- he also appeared open to compromise on his initial stance... saying he may retain popular parts of it. and speaking of the election... did it stress you out? or is it still stressing you out? the u-n-l-v center for individual... couple... and family counseling will offer group therapy sessions -- to talk about issues related to the election. it's free for all students and u-n- l-v employees.
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henderson has some new bragging rights! it's been named one of the top ten tech savvy cities in the country. henderson will receive a special award this weekend. the city took ninth place in a nationwide survey from "the center for digital government". the open data and open budget app on its website gives everyone the latest statistics... and also shows where tax dollars are being spent. henderson made the list for its transparency with crime statistics and operating budgets. henderson mayor andy hafen will be in pittsburgh this weekend to attend the "national league of cities".
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as one of the most tech savvy cities in america. coming up... dozens of wildfires sweep through the southeast. it's scorched 80- thousand acres. now -- we're creating problems with the air quality. we'll hear from homeowners about the smoke. and... the fate of tesla motors and solarcity will be decided tomorrow. what could happen if the two companies merge. your fox5 weather
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that's why there's oravet dental hygiene chews. oravet's dual action approach cleans teeth and gets to the underlying cause of bad breath by blocking bacteria to help prevent plaque and tartar. for a cleaner mouth everyone can love. ask your vet about oravet chews. serious oral care made simple raging wildfires continue to burn across several states in the southeast... making it dangerous to breathe. here's a look at the smoke in burke county, north carolina. the flames have been raging for more than a week there. right now -- fifteen wildfires are covering 45- thousand acres in western north carolina. officials raised the air quality alert to "code red" this morning -- for areas around charlotte. that's one stage below the most dangerous level -- purple. one of the wildfires is
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of their homes. "my wife and i just put our heart and soul into this place for the last 40- years." "we know that they'd doing a good job, and they haven't lost any structures yet, we certainly hope they can say that when this fire's over." the smoke is a problem across the southeast. the u-s forest service estimates a total of 80- thousand acres are destroyed. reinforcements have been called in from across the country. state emergencys have been declared in tennessee... north carolina... and kentucky. and those wildfires blazing across the southeast can be seen from space. these are images captured from nasa. you can see the smoke and some of the flames from north carolina... south carolina... and georgia. fire crews say several of the fires were caused by humans. na-20we southeastern wildfires visible from space nasa image electric vehicle makers -- "tesla" -- and the country's biggest installer of rooftop solar energy system -- "solar city" -- may decide to merge. tesla shareholders are set to vote on the merger with solar city tomorrow. maggie lake has
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elon musk says its time for solar power's day in the sun! (elon musk, ceo tesla motors) i'm confident that solar will beat everything hands down, including natural gas. musk's mission to merge solar city with his electric car company tesla is another bold step from the ceo who helped inspire the film character iron man nats but no congratulations yet! this is a complex supporters say requires investor patience. (ben kallo, equity analyst, baird) solar city is the most complex business model and financial model you can get out there- and that get very complex for the stock- with tesla you're selling nice shiny expensive cars that people love- and now you have this complicated business model moving together. the idea is for tesla showrooms to become a one stop shop for all your energy needs: cars, home batteries, solar panels..... and one day: solar roof tiles, like the ones musk unveiled last month. (elon musk, ceo, tesla motors) we
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as electric cars have become. the investor group iss has given the deal it's stamp of approval saying, "the transaction is a necessary step toward tesla's goal of being an integrated sustainable energy company". but solar city's corporate health is precarious. the company carries heavy debt at a time when there is intense competition from cheap chinese competitors. that's one reason why glass lewis and company, a shareholder advisory group, is urging ao (robert mccormick, chief policy officer, glass lewis & co.) they have 3-point-4 billion dollars in debt- at the end of the second quarter they have roughly 150 million in cash. so the question is, is this just a strategic merger or is this a bailout of solar city which is just burning through cash. critics worry about musk's motives. he is the largest shareholder in solar city and is related to the ceo. (robert mccormick, chief policy officer, glass lewis & co.) the process was done by a board which has affiliates on it by mr. musk.
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truly independent evaluation. 17:06:30 it required very limited rational for why someone who is buying a car might want to re-roof their house with solar friendly panels. in the end this vote is more than just about a multi billion dollar merger (stephen colbert) are you sincerely trying to save the world? (elon musk, ceo, tesla motors) well, i am trying to do good things, yeah. its a mandate on musk's grand vision. now fox5 weather 24/7 a wind advisory remains in effect for the entire fox5 viewing area through 1 a.m. thursday. wind gusts will be in the 40 to 50 mph range, with some of the strongest wind occurring after sunset tonight. a cold front moves across the area this evening, bringing in much colder air for
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only be in the low 60s and upper 50s despite the sunshine across southern nevada. the coldest weather of this stretch will be friday morning. low temperatures bottom out in the low 40s and upper 30s; the coldest weather we have felt since february. temperatures will moderate this weekend with mainly sunny skies. there will only be a few clouds at times with temperatures in the mid to upper 60s. look for more
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chance of an isolated shower. most of the rain will stay over california and arizona. closed captioning
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coming up... one of the most valuable items of personal clothing ever owned -- is back on the auction block! it's the beige, rhinestone encrusted dress that marilyn monroe wore. the dress is so much more than just an item of clothing. it's historical, it's political, it's a work of art. it's hollywood, it's marilyn monroe. it's the kennedy's. you may remember marilyn monroe wore this dress to sing "happy birthday" to president john f kennedy.
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new' stories we are working for fox5 news at six. there's a big traffic headache ahead ... as n-dot
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... for a whole weekend!! we'll tell you why and when exactly you need to avoid the area. a dress owned by an iconic actress hits the auction block -- again. it's the dress marilyn monroe sang "happy birthday, mister president" to john f kennedy. now -- it's for sale at julien's auction house in los angeles. the garment is just one of monroe's personal items up for grabs -- during the three- day auction. the skintight... flesh-colored dress is expected to sell for more than three-million dollars! it's everything wrapped up into one piece of fabric gauze with twenty five hundred crystals hand- stitched here in los angeles with elizabeth courtney a western costume company designed by john louis and bob mackie did the sketch.'' julien's auction expects to bring in more than five- million dollars for the dress. monroe's poetry... paintings... writings... and
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auction block. thanks for joining us.. fox5 news at 6 o'clock is straight
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this is fox5 news at 6. local. las vegas using candy to lure children .. and then sexually assault them. it's what a local man is accused of tonight. i'm john huck. i'm christine maddela. police arrested 63-year-old jose azucena ... he is now facing charges of sexual misconduct. azucena -- was also known as "david" to people living in the complex. tonight, police are looking for more possible victims. police say he would lure the kids with candy... then commit sexual acts. this all happened within the last year at a complex near charleston and nellis. azucena is also facing charges of kidnapping and lewdness. anyone who believes their child is a victim should call metro police's sexual abuse juvenile section. and if you know more information about azucena.. and his accused crimes .. you can also leave an anonymous tip at


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