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tv   FOX5 News at 1100pm  FOX  November 9, 2016 11:00pm-11:31pm PST

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breaking news in los angeles... ...
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"not my president! not my president! not my president! not my president!" it seems to be the year of the protest... and tonight... thousands of people across the nation ... and right here on the las vegas strip are doing just that. voicing their opinions on donald trump winning the presidential election. good evening.. i'm christine maddela. i'm john huck. the strip was only one of several protests tonight.. this is in new york city's union square.. demonstrators brought signs and jammed the square.. they also protested in front of trump tower.. now home to the next president of the united states. now to philadelphia.. where dozens of protestors marched through the city ... ending up near city hall. in the city
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talk too much ... protestors marched through heavy chicago traffic. here in the windy city there were thousands of protestors on highways and downtown streets.. protests continued late into the night in the pacific northwest.. this is the scene in seattle where a facebook group led to this group of several hundred people. the group was blasting the democratic party for failing to defeat trump.. and says it's time to build a new party. protestors and this was the similar scene in oakland california.. hundreds of people marching throught the streets chanting... "he's not my president".
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around 50 protestors gathered first at trump international hotel.. and then marched down the strip and back. fox 5's miguel martinez valle joins us outside trump tower where it all began. that's right this was one of the smaller protest nationwide only about 50 people and really more than an actual protest this started as a few people gathering to share their fears and their frustrations . word spread on social media which ended in couple dozen marching all around the strip donald trumps presidency has led to shock nation wide sylvia robinson "my whole family cried we were crying all night and that's not something that should be happening" for some the shock led to tears the tears lead to anger... the protests quickly followed martin krafft " i'm here because i am heartbroken by the results of the
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in las vegas followed similar protest all across the country this one started and ended right in front of trump tower" " democracy has failed to stand up for human decency" around 50 people marched and chanted in las vegas, they say they know the protests won't change the election outcome. but they're terrified of what will happen if they stay silent alexander kostan "it's coming from a place of shock in a place of terror the terror that i can be sent to conversion therapy camp or my rights can be taken away because i'm gay" they hope by standing up to what they see is injustice now, they'll be able to prevent their worst fears from coming true krystina robinson "our opinion is going to change the future even if we don't control who has the presidency" martin krafft "this is a call to action to continue fighting for equality and fairness and things that could make america great but not in the way that he wants" this was a peaceful protest and i no one was hurt or arrested police were keeping a close eye on the
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the strip while this was happening mmv ffn ll one day after donald trump became president-elect .. many across the nation and here in the valley are learning to accept the results. but ... many others are celebrating his win.. especially to the west .. on the other side of the mountains in nye county. fox 5's faith tanner went to pahrump to ask people who voted for trump .. in their opinion .. what it will take to make america great again. here in nye county- nearly 68 percent of voters picked trump. i asked people what they hope will make america great when our new president takes over. sot : "we have to look out for each other and we have to do a lot of work,
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him" trump supporters feeling inspired- knowing the donald is officiallheading to the white house- hoping he can create a positive change in our country. sot : "i prayed that he would get in there and i'm going to pray he does a good job" sot : "he can at least get the ball rolling" but not everyone here is celebrating some were hoping for a different outcome last night. sot : "he's kinda anti-union so that was my reason for voting for hillary" sot : "i didn't like trump winnin happens, i voted for hillary" still voters on both sides say they're learning to accept the results of the presidential race. sot : "he's president now so we really have to uphold who our president is and have respect for that and stand behind behind him whether we voted for him or not" now that election day has come and gone- we asked people what will make america great again? sot : "it's going to
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lot of corrupt politicians in the white house right now sot : "hope that with all his expertise and his dealings with his companies and what not he's able to apply that to our country" sot : "our healthcare system- the premiums are just outrageous the service isn't that well, our military needs to be strengthened" sot : "put our people back to work" faith tag: both people who voted for trump, and those who didn't.. say they are hoping for the best out of the next they're ready to more forward and hope they can support our incoming president. ftffnll following last night's election... it was a hard day for a lot of americans today. but in las vegas... it was a different story for families who had loved ones returning home after serving overseas. fox5's cyndi lundeberg joins us in studio... with a special story about a dad who also came home today... 150 las vegas based national guardsmen and women came home today... including david bouse .... we were there when he
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little girls at school today. cheers after a nearly a year overseas... cheers 150 national guard soliders.... good seeing you man are home with their families. nats kissing the 17th sustainment brigade based here in las vegas... spent 10 months in iraq... kuwait and afghanistan. nats dad kissing son wednesday morning families waited anxiously to hold their loved ones close... your wife is in there she cant wait shes right around the corner were going to walk right here in the courtyard soldier david bouse is also home.... lets do it lets go for him the hardest part of his deployment... nats was being apart from estelle and layla his two daughters. david bouse- dad i havent been apart from my family since we becamne a family wednesday
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daughters were waiting to be picked up from school.... dadddddddddddddd dyyyyyy estelle bouse- i was really bummed like when he was going to come home and then i saw him it was amazing are you going to stay home the rest of the day now? bouse tells me as the plane touched down in las vegas... it was bittersweet... i missed you so much that i cried he was home... look how tall you are but he had missed so much... hes just kind and loving bouse tells me for now... this is what he plans to do. keep his daughtes close... i love you girls and make up for lost time. im home now im not going anywhere anymore ok? ok and we want to wish all those men and women a hapy early vererans day from everyone here at fox5. john-christine- we'll be right
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and now police released these pictures of the suspects responsible. we'll tell you a description of the car they got away in. and... voters have agreed to keep a fuel tax to fund roads. we'll have more on how question five wll benefit hundreds of construction projects... especially if we build a new n-f-l stadium. your fox5 weather 24/7 forecast is coming up next breaking news in
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.. . closed captioning will resume shortly a group of men are wanted for a
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phone stores. take a look at the suspects. police say the men enter the store... posing as customers. they'll browse the smartphone displays... then when the employee is not looking... they cut security cables on several phones. police say the men took off in a faded black chevrolet malibu with california license plates. anyone with information on these suspects should call police or crimestoppers. you can leave an anonymous tip. the number is 7-0- 2-3-8-5-55-55. a suspected shoplifter injured after being hit by a car... while running away from a target. it happened near cheyenne and tenaya. police say the man was trying to steal alcohol and groceries from inside the target. he also attempted to set some of it on fire inside the store. police say he was confronted by someone... which led him to run out of the store and onto the street... where he was hit. he was taken to umc... and is expected to survive.
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completed... now that question five passed on the ballot in nevada. voters agreed to keep paying a fuel tax for road construction and repairs. it extends the program for another 10 years... that funnels funds into transportation projects. advocates call the tax the most efficient way to collect money for street and road work. they say it will bring in around three hundred million dollars a year. "we're expected to add 700,000 new residents during the next 10 years and that's really going to be taxing our roads especially if the town, and we build a new football stadium, that all weighs on the local infrastructure." officials say the measure will have drivers paying about 25 cents a day in gas tax over the next 10 years... or about 88 dollars annually. now fox5 weather 24..7. with chief meteorologist ted pretty besides a few high
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this morning, skies have been mainly sunny with temperatures pushing record highs in las vegas wednesday afternoon. for the fourth day in a row, mccarran airport has made it into the 80s; well above the average high of 70 degrees for this time of year. skies will stay mainly clear tonight with low temperatures falling into the 50s. we'll keep it mostly sunny thursday and friday with highs in the mid to upper 70s. a few more
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moving in for saturday with temperatures holding in the mid 70s. we'll keep it in the 70s through early next week before a cold front moves in wednesday. this will knock high temperatures down into the upper 60s with gusty winds picking up across the valley.
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breaking news in los angeles...
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ney and burnt hair. no thank you, i have a very sensitive palate. just try it! guys, i think we should hurry up. if you taste something bad, you want someone else to try it. it's what you do. i can't get the taste out of my mouth! if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. shhh! dog, dog, dog. "save monaco. save monaco..." dozens of students... parents... and teachers protested outside monaco middle school. that's near lake mead and nellis. the group is against the school's consideration to be part of the achievement
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schools are still part of the clark county school district... but will be run by a private charter school company. "were threatend with being taken over by charter school district. done magic parents dont want us to go." "some our teachers might not be here next year and we love our teachers they help us learn." last week -- the legislative commission decided not to take a vote on new regulations being proposed.
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fox's animated hit show -- "the simpsons" -- may not have been surprised by the election. in a 2000 episode called "bart to the future"... it predicted a trump presidency. grown-up lisa simpson was elected to the
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trump tanked the economy. simpsons creator and writer dan greaney says quote... "it was a warning to america... it was consistent with the vision of america going insane." bakers are celebrating the chicago cub's world series win with a giant cake. check it out! it's made from 45 pounds of sugar... 25 pounds of chocolate... and ten pounds of rice krispies. the concoction was created by chicago french pastry school's masterug artist -- chef sunny lee and her intern eunli cho. right now -- it's on display at their school... but next week -- it will be presented to the chicago mayor and city council members at city hall. a 93-year-old is living life to the fullest! and she's crossing off another thing on her bucket list. we'll show you her ziplining adventure at the mall of america...
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