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tv   FOX5 News at 400pm  FOX  November 9, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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also reportedly broke out at college campuses in oregon, pennsylvania, and washington. social media chatter and local activist groups say it is likely several anti-trump rallies will also be held tonight across the country. be held tonight across the country. this election clearly has a lot of people emotional... especially some of our young voters. a big reason for that is because minority rights have been front and center. from muslims, to women, to the hispanic population... all over the u-s people were holding thr breath...anxious for the outcome of this election and what it could mean for minorities. fox5's kathleen jacob joins us live after spending the day at unlv... one of the most diverse college campuses in the country... kathleen what was the mood like? well cyndi, john, it was very weird on campus today. i talked to students from all different backgrounds and on both sides of the political spectrum. they all say campus was kind of quiet... almost somber.. but at the same time there was a hopeful feeling that everyone is going
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and be better for it. it's really silent on campus. i feel like everyone has mixed emotions. i'm feeling relieved. i think that this is the change we needed. it shouldn't be a day we should give up. it should be more we have to fight more for our rights. i think the main thing to focus on our families, show the people we care about love and respect and kindness. it was a day of reflection for many students at unlv. people are worried, some people are super excited and happy, i think it really just depends on how you view the situation and you know what at the end of the day all we can do is move forward and hope for the best. students from all different backgrounds had different perspectives on how to view this election. from hope... we still have our rights, we can still fight for what we believe in. to fear.. shock, disappointment, fear, i'm definitely
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decent. i don't know what's gonna happen. the one thing everyone could agree on.. is that now is the time to come together. i feel like the whole thing was really difficult for a lot of us. i feel that even though maybe some of us don't agree with what happened now or maybe some of us do, just like i was saying we have to move on. see what happens, give him a chance. there's nothing else we really can do anymore. i think as america grows, i don't think we're through, and i'm happy that we're not through it because that means that we'll constantly be evolving and that's kinf of the mindset that you have to have. all of the students seemed to agree that with how diverse unlv is... they'll handle whatever change is thrown their way. we also reached out to diversity professors to get their perspective on what's to come and they tell us.... reporting live...kathleen jacob...fox5 news... local. las vegas. thanks kathleen.. always good to see people coming together and looking forward to the future.
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voters approved legalizing recreational marijuana... but there are still some questions surrounding question two. fox5's eric hilt is in studio with what's next when it comes to pot in nevada. the next step is that possession of up to an ounce of marijuana will be legal starting january 1. but you won't be able to legally buy it in nevada until a whole set of regulations and rules are set up for the brand new industry... some of those rules are already set... driving under the influence will still be illegal, and if you apartment or work has rules against drugs or smoking those still apply. lawyers tell me over the next few weeks and months lawmakers will start hammering out additional rules about how dispensaries will sell marijuana... and the final say on those gots to the nevada department of taxation "every specific is going to be addresses, all the t's crossed, the i's dotted, they have to run it through the whole process from seed to sale essentially. i've helped companies with medical cannibis regulations and those were highly
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detailed, you have to lay out exactly every step of the way." those regulations have to be in place before january of 2018 -- and after they are in, dispensaries can apply for licenses to sell recreational pot -- a process that could take another 6 to 12 months according to lawyers. to put that in context -- colorado legalized pot in 2012 and the first coming up at 5 hear how dispensaries are reacting to the new law... and what the next reacting to the new law... and what the next steps are for them. after last night's results-- recreational marijuana is now legal in california...massac husettes...and nevada. medical marijuana is now legal in north dakota... arkansas....and florida. nevada voters said "yes" to question one on the ballot yesterday. it deals with closing "loopholes" in the background
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purchasing firearms. fox5's adam herbets joins us live at "the gun store" to tell us more. well john cindy question one passed by less than half a percent yesterday and one of the reasons at least the people here will tell you is because number one it's so complex and it sounds like a good idea on the outside until you look at the details they expected this place to be packed today because everyone thought that hillary clinton would be the next president and i would promote more gun sales obviously that didn't happen but now they're dealing with a different type of question how people are going to get by when question one takes effect (nats calk shotgun) (nats firing) (nats bullet dropping) a lot of people who run gun stores -- like the gun store -- will
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country... but bad for business. (nats) either way, they'll take it. 55:58 wow. great. we kept the senate. we kept the house. but republicans like bob irwin also know -- nevada elected more democrats... and passed question one, which will increase background checks. 2:40 i think they're a great idea. nobody in this industry wants to sell guns to a criminal or someone who beats his wife. but he says... the law isn't that simple. 20:56 we can either decide to violate federal law or violate state law. pick one! i get to decide which agency puts me in jail. haha. the reality is that background checks save lives. 48% officers (nats) al salinas... a retired deputy chief... says some his coworkers might still be alive if this was passed sooner. bob -- thinks its a scare tactic.
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need guns for self defense, we're keeping thousands of them from getting one. that is not a good trade off for public safety. it's a political bull stunt. 2:10 - 2:19 what the bill is going to cause is more people to not get background checks. the background checks should be free. thats why he thinks crime will go up because of all of this... and it will be way tougher and more expensive to buy a gun from a private person... the exchange will have to be done at a gun store. they'll have to pay the sales tax and for the background check, and they'll days. 3:30 we're going to create thousands of criminals who weren't criminals before and it's only because they're poor. so this thing does not take affect today it doesn't even take affect on january 1 according to the people we talk to bob or when were you just heard from is the guy who owns this place as this will have to go to the legislators in
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an actual bill with everything that was agreed upon at the actual ballot box then the governor will have to sign it and then it will take a fact but he also says he thinks the governor will try and veto it mohave county police say human remains have been found in the desewrt off interstate 40. take a look at this map here. police say the remains were found monday morning about a convenience store. deputies responded to the area after an anonymous tip was made. police say there was no identification near the bones. but they did find some clothing and a bike nearby. police were not able to identify the sex of the remains because they were so decomposed. a father is behind bars today after his 8-year-old daughter was shot. 31-year-old zachary cory is facing child abuse and neglect charges. police say a gun went off in the family's home-- and a bullet hit the girl.
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boulevard last night. police tell us she was taken to the hospital and is expected to be okay. they say another adult was home when it happened. police are still looking for the semi-truck driver who hit and killed a woman on the i-15 near jean sunday. nevada highway patrol says this white honda accord was stopped on the shoulder of the freeway. they say 25-year- old 'danajani silva' got out of that car and started walking into the travel lanes. that's when she was hit by a tractor trailor that continued driving toward california. police say they still want to talk to the driver of that semi-truck and tell us the investigation is still ongoing. students from all over the state are getting together to put on a one of a kind play. " can see everything from up here....yes, it sparkles in the light. " the production that's going into this rendition of the hunchback-- that's not your average high school play.
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is a common punishment. but it could be used to stop them from cyberbullying. hear from experts who say an uncomfortable situation could be worth it in the end. more than 250 kids in clark county are being monitored for sex offenders. tonight-- fox5 digs deeper in to the other side of the story that's not so easy to talk about. you're watching fox5 news at 4.
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new york city union square now in front of one of trump's buildings it's not an easy topic to discuss... children committing sex crimes. in clark county there are 278 kids being monitored for sex offenses. they're walking the halls with your children... under strict supervision. but... there's another side to this story... many of these kids have had traumatic things happen in their past... and now they have a label that could stick with them forever. "jp: we don't really want to consider them a sex offender. that's not a sex offender. that's a child that's been exposed to knowledge or
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they don't know how to process or deal with and then they're acting on it. " tonight on fox5 news at 10... kathleen jacob introduces us to a man that was arrested as a juvenile for sex crimes he committed starting at just 11-years-old. hear his story... plus learn what's being done to keep these kids from re-offending. you may have worried about your child getting bullied at school.. but more and more are now getting bullied either on line or through their phones. a parent may feel helpless.. but experts say there are steps you can take to help your child feel safe. your child is a victim of cyberbullying.. the first step parents should take is to get evidence. which means having access your child's social media as well as taking screen shots of their phones. "carothers says: parents have to be open with their kids. we need access to your phone so that we have evidence to support the fact that you are being bullied. carothers says: so, yes we want our kids to be able to use their social media and use their phones as they want, but what's more important is that we keep them safe. " telling your child you need to take action and see
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might be difficult... psychologists say while it may be uncomfortable for you both.. you just need to ride it out. now fox5 weather 24/7 with meterologist sam argier besides a few high clouds drifting across the valley this morning, skies have been mainly sunny with temperatures pushing record highs in las vegas wednesday afternoon. for the fourth day in a ro m airport has made it into the 80s; well above the average high of 70 degrees for this time of year. skies will stay mainly clear tonight with low temperatures falling into the 50s. we'll keep it mostly sunny thursday and friday with highs in the mid to upper 70s. a few more clouds will be moving in for
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holding in the mid 70s. we'll keep it in the 70s through early next week before a cold front moves in wednesday. this will knock high temperatures down into the upper 60s with gusty winds picking up across the valley. closed captioning will resume shortly
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tonight-- to help students get a head start on their college careers. speakers will explain the advantages of enrolling in c-s-n high schools. students will also be there to answer questions from parents or prospective students. those who enroll will get free tuition and 12 college credits each fall and spring semester-- preparing them for higher education. the information night starts at six p-m. students from around the state are getting together to put play later this month. "the gargoils? they talk to you? yes! everything talks to me, windows, statues, my friends." more than 100 students from high schools across the state auditioned to be a part of the hunchback of notre dame. nearly 70 students from 22 ccsd high schools were cast in the production-- with vocalists and pit musicians chosen from ccsd's honor choir and orchestra programs. students say it's
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bigger than the average high school play. "we have a choir and orchestra on stage you know you dont really have that in smaller highs chool productions, so i think that's a really amazing thing to have and just to have the big space that we will is so much, it's on a much bigger scale." it's a partnership between ccsd, nevada thespians and the nevada chapter of the educational theatre association. you can catch the play at the the cashman center theater. it runs from the 25-th to the 27-th. that's thanksgiving weekend so bring the whole family! tickets start at fifteen dollars. a trump celebratory dessert takes the cake.... and an iconic candy bar gets an overhaul and the internet isn't having it! coming up in today's take a look at this! plus.... national guard members are getting a warm welcome back home to the valley today. we'll take you to the emotional reunions between soldiers and their
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thanks for the ride around norfolk! and i just wanted to say, geico is proud to have served the military for over 75 years! roger that. captain's waiting to give you a tour
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could've parked a little bit closer... it's gonna be dark by the time i get there. geico. proudly serving the
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trump earned a little celebrating! and what better way to celebrate than with a cake... a big...grotesque....s cowling cake. jeremy roth has today's take a look at this! it's a new day, america... and you have a new president on the way! donald trump's stunning election win was brought to life in the new york city skyline... as the iconic empire state building went from red-white-and blue... to only red-- signifying the republican nomin and native new yorker's, victory. to the victor go the spoils..... in this case-- a big creepy cake. trump's victory confection-- which was a life sized bust of the president- elect was delivered hours ahead of his victory party and in no time flat... became twitter fodder...with many suggesting the cake looks... to use trump's own words...sad! the cake's creator says that was not her aim-- instead she tried to capture his naturally serious face. gives new meaning to the phrase you are what you eat. speaking of what you eat-- on to more important things...
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that is what the internet is screaming after the famous chocolatier mondelez international slimmed down their famous triangular treat, essentially widening the gaps between it's palatable peaks. the company blames the change on rising ingredient costs... the internet is blaming everything else... including, you guessed it- trump. i for one implore our new leader to end this long national nightmare... restore the wall, president elect trump... the wall of chocolate! for talat, i'm jeremy roth. national guard members are getting a warm welcome back home to the valley today. ""so excited, i got a little emotional but just super excited to have him home." " we'll take you to the emotional
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plus-- border advocates are celebrating after the election. but there's still a lot of uncertainty as far as immigration-- when it comes to thinking about the next four years. plus-- get-out-tthe-vote volunteers in northern nevada make a shocking discovery going door to door. how they ended up helping an elderly woman-- pay her rent on
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winner john huck. cyndi lundeberg. and weather 24/7 with meteoroligist sam argier. this is fox5 news at 4. local las vegas. immigration has
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campaign issue. on sunday, we aired a fox5 news special "the border". we talked to locals on both sides of the issue, "(border part one) 436 priority one- secure the border. i love my country. i want the country to be our country. it's a country of laws and laws should be obeyed. that's why i'm here (butt with) (border part 2) left everything. they came here they had no family, they left my sister and i, they left their children behind to come here and to have a better future and to give us a better future. " now that donald trump won the presidency, border wall advocates are celebrating. we spoke with immigration rights groups and the culinary union whose members are happy with nevada's voter turnout, but fearful of donald trump's policies. fox5's christine maddela joins us live in the newsroom with their reaction. from pacific islanders to
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immigrant population. today many feel torn. they're celebrating the first latina elected to the united states senate- catherine cortez masto, but saddened by hillary clinton's loss. they told us uncertainty is common sentiment. " 1430 i know it is a somber time for us, but our communities are resilient, are strong. people of color, latinos, women, have been struggling in this country for many years for dignity, respect, equity, and we will continue to do that. there are dreams bigger than our imaginations (grecia lima) (butt with) 344 moving forward, we take on the next fight. the next fight to protect our families from the anti-immigrant rhetoric.(francisco morales francisco also told us he believes donald trump will find out several of his policy proposals aren't feasible once he takes office. we also talked to the founder of
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minutemen, one of the locals in our immigration special. trump's calls for a wall on the southern border secured his support. you'll hear from him coming up on fox5 news at five. you can watch our fox5 special on immigration at the border on our website. fox5 vegas dot com. voters also agreed to keep paying a fuel tax for road construction and repairs. that was question five on the ballot. it extends a fuel another 10 years that funnels funds into transportation projects. advocates call the tax the most efficient way to collect money for street and roadway work. they say it will bring in around three hundred million dollars a year-- and that about two hundred road projects could be completed. " we're expected to add 700,000 new residents during the next 10 years and that's really going to be taxing our roads especially if the raiders move to town, and we build a new football stadium, that all
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officials sat the measure will have drivers paying about 25 cents a day in gas tax over the next 10 years-- or about 88 dollars annually. two nevada get- out-the-vote volunteers say they found a woman trapped in her apartment for weeks after a fall. they say the sparks woman had to drink from the toilet to survive-- and that her pet bird died because she couldn't feed it. the volunteers say they were knocking on doors at an apartment complex when they heard screaming. the woman crawled to the door to open it. after calling 9-1-1 the woman had the volunteers drop off a rent check because she was worried it would be late. parents...teacher s...and students are getting together today to protest outside of monaco middle school. this is a live look at the school right now. the protestors are aga8inst the schools consideration to be a part of the achievement school district. if the school is chosen to be a part of that district-- monaco middle
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be a part of c-c-s- d. but-- they will be run by a private charter school company. last week-- the legislative commission decided not to take a vote on the new regulations being proposed. the rally was set to start just moments ago. police say a homicide last night may be domestic related. police were called to a home near centennial parkway and lamb. they say a 47- year-old woman was found dead inside the home. two people who ar woman were in the home at the time. police are not looking for a suspect but say that they are still investigating who shot her. they do believe the shooting is a domestic incident. las vegas welcomes home around 150 of our national guard soldiers. these servicemen and women were overseas for almost a year in kuwait, iraq and afghanistan. busses shuttled between 11-a-m. and noon from mccarran to the las vegas readiness center-- where people gathered to greet the soldiers. this comes two
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veterans day--uniting families with their loved ones. the soldiers spent a total 10 months abroad -- most of them just happy to be home. "it feels amazing! i cant wait to spend more time with them and eat more the good food." "so excited, i got a little emotional but just super excited to have him home." these soldiers were deployed in january as a part of the nevada army national guards 17th sustainment bridage . this week we get to celebrate all of our men and women who served... because friday is veteran's day! businesses across the valley are showing their appreciation.. by offering free stuff to our nation's heroes. station casinos' buffets are inviting vets to have a free meal on friday.. it can be breakfast, lunch or dinner.. just swipe your military boarding pass. mimi's is giving away a free meal on friday.. and -- j-c penney's is offering a 5- percent discount to vets starting tomorrow-- through the 13-th.
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cities are taking a stand against obesity. why it could cost you a little more to get satisfy a sugary craving. if you missed a story or want to re watch one... just download the fox5 app... we've got all our videos and you can even watch the newscast live.... the fox5 app is free in the app store. you're watching
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for people in a few cities...soda and sugary drinks are about to get a bit more pricey. folks in san francisco... oakland... albany and boulder voted to raise taxes on sodas to fight obesity. tax on drinks.... and teas will incrase by about two cents in those cities. in all, the new taxes are expected to spike consumers' costs by about 20- percent. the beverage industry says the taxes unfairly target the drinks but add they respect the voter's decision. we have bad news
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recalling some of its new karma drones. the 800-dollar gadgets are raising safety concerns-after reports of it losing power in mid air. about 25-hundred models that were sold since october 23-rd are being recalled. the company is offering full refunds. go-pro's stock has recently dropped by about 20-percent. getting to the gym is hard enough without any support. from friends or online. but now a new study says-- there might be a better motivator than friendly support. how to get you and your fri on a workout routine that works. plus-- obama was quite the social butterfly on social media. but what happens to his iconinc twitter account? that answer is coming up. your fox5 weather
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people love chicken sandwiches... and nashville-style hot sauce... wait! what if i put them together?! my new nashville hot chicken filet, topped with hot sauce and pickles, on toasted sourdough bread. someone got that, right? nashville hot chicken. hot sauce and pickles. you'll call it the nashville hot chicken sandwich. boom. good work everyone. another winner. introducing the nashville hot chicken sandwich.
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more ahead on fox5 news coming up at 5 o'clock. christine maddela joins us from the newsroom with what to look out for. it's not just nevada... several states approved recreational marijuana in the 2016 election. we break down what that means in our state... and across the western united states. "(mos) when i woke my tv and i realised it was real. and i was like really? " the entire world is reacting to donald trump's presidential win. we'll hear from people in other countries at five... plus an amazing technological feit to see for yourself. a paralyzed monkey... walking again... with the help of an implant. a british man won big money betting on last night's election. the businessman says he's never placed a bet
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the man won a hundred and twenty four thousand u-s dollars-- after placing around thirty bets over the last 18 months. the man says he was convinced trump would win the election as soon as he announced his candidacy last year. he claims to have used a special data analysis system, refined over two decades, to calculate the outcome of the election. besides a few high clouds drifting across the valley
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have been mainly sunny with this morning, skies have been mainly sunny with temperatures pushing record highs in las vegas wednesday afternoon. for the fourth day in a row, mccarran airport has made it into the 80s; well above the average high of 70 degrees for this time of year. skies will stay mainly clear tonight with low temperatures falling into the 50s. we'll keep it mostly sunny thursday and friday with highs in the mid to upper 70s. a few more clouds will be moving in for saturday with temperatures holding in the mid 70s. we'll keep it in the 70s through early next week before a cold front moves in wednesday. this will knock high temperatures down
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with gusty winds picking up across the valley. closed captioning will resume shortly
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breaking news to tell you about-- this is near cheyenne and tenaya. police say a shoplifter got away items tried to set items on fire took off when officers got there hit by a car taken to hospital with injuries. roads in the area are blocked off. crews on the way. if your goal is to get to the gym
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on line competition appears to be a better motivator than friendly support on social networking sites. researchers tracked 800 students who signed up for an 11 week exercise program.. participants were divided into four groups -- individual competition, team support, team competition through social media and a control group. students in the team support group had a lower than average attendance rate. the findings show the positive impact of social competition can help enforce and they also show adding social support to an online health program can backfire and make people less likely to choose healthy behaviors. presidential candidates have used twitter to insult and inspire. but now that voters have chosen a new president -- what happens to president obama's social media accounts? president obama is considered to be the first social media president--with his iconic twitter handle "at potus" when the potus moves out of the white house -- his
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president to use. here's how it will work. the twitter -- instagram -- facebook and similar social media accounts will keep the current followers -- usernames -- and url. but -- the timeline will have no posts. meaning the new president will be able to start from scratch. --tease-- trump thinking about christmas! and if you thought it was celebrated the same around the country-- a group of australians want to let americans know-- they're not wearing ugly
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december 25th right after we toss out those rotting jack-o- laterns and way before we carve the thanksgiving turkey. now australians is
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americans how much warmer --and more relaxed--christma s could be if we all celebrated down under. (music) (42-55) this commercial features an this commercial features an american family called "the tinkletons," who, are on a mission to prove that christmas in the u-s is superior to
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live from las vegas, its time for fox5 news at 5. a new political reality today as donald trump is named our country's president elect. a painful loss for hillary clinton -- who says the best is yet to come. the direction both are moving in to unify the nation. after many failed
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marijuana is about to become legal in nevada. when the rules will change and where users will and will not be able to smoke. plus, an increase in background checks in our state. which sales it will affect and how many days some people will have to wait before getting a hold of a gun. breaking news right now in the northwest valley near cheyenne and tenaya. las vegas metro police have part of cheyenne shut down after a man was hit running across the road. but metro says he is also suspected of trying to steal alcohol and groceries from the nearby target store.. and trying to set some of it on fire .. inside the store!!. police say someone confonted him .. which led to him running out of the store and onto cheyenne.. where he was hit. emergency responders have taken the man to
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survive. i'm christine maddela. i'm john huck. tonight ... we live in a country -- moving forward. president elect donald trump... and hillary clinton... are looking ahead after a tense night in america that marked a major shift in our system. a political outsider elected to run the country.... with 279 electoral votes to clinton's 228. the scenes of last night and this morning... leaving all the pollsters and experts wrong t clinton would be the first woman to lead the nation. while she acknowledged the pain of this particular defeat, she called on supporters to accept trump and give him a chance. (hillary clinton/former secretary of state) "this is painful and it will be for a long time, but i want you to remember this. our campaign was never about one person or even one election, it was about the country we love and about building an america that's hopeful,


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