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tv   FOX5 News This Morning  FOX  October 10, 2016 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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debate. and it was ugly! we have the highs-and-lows from sunday night's debate. courting the raiders. today's the day, we could find out if las vegas will be home to a professional n-f-l team. rowing for a great cause! teams got in sync this weekend for the rose regatta dragon boat races all to raise money to help women battling breast cancer. good morning i'm dave hall. and i'm maria silva. welcome to fox5 news this morning. first - les krifaton joins us with a quick look
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a mix of sun and cloud is what we can expect monday in the las vegas area. a series of weak upper levels low will push across our area the next few days. the first trough will trigger some breezy conditions monday afternoon. the troughs while producing clouds will not bring us any drizzle. it will bring us breezy to windy conditions on and off the next 7 days but will also allow for daytime temperatures to run several degrees above normal. "i can promise you i
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hillary clinton both vowed to work for the people in last night's town-hall style debate. reid binion takes a look at the second debate, as the nominees head into the final month of their campaigns.
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nominee) "why aren't you bringing up the e-mails? i'd like to know. why aren't you bring --" (anderson cooper/moderator) "you brought up the e-mails." (donald trump / (r) presidential nominee) "no it hasn't. it hasn't." (hillary clinton / (d) presidential nominee) "that was a mistake and i take responsibility for using a personal e- mail account." on foreign policy -- there was a moment that could complicate the relationship between trump and his running mate, mike pence... ... who refused to publicly defend trump after the tape of trump's derogatory comments on women surfaced. trump -- flatly contradicting pence's stance on syria. (donald trump / (r) presidential nominee) "he and i haven't spoken and i disagree. i disagree." (martha raddatz / abc news) "you disagree with your running mate?" (donald trump / (r) presidential nominee) "i think you have to knock out isis. right now syria is fighting isis." pence tweeted after the debate that he was quote "proud" to stand with trump... ...and trump's campaign manager clinton won last night's second presidential
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donald trump by a landslide. hillary there with 57-percent to trump's 34- percent. voters across the valley are reacting to the second presidential debate. "for nevada's future" and "the nevada state education association" held a watch party sunday night. voters we spoke with say the presidential nominees kept everyone's eyes glued to the t-v. "given the kind of uniqueness of this election year, it was, you know, maybe not the most polite or the most traditional kind of introduction a debate but you never know. this year is pretty crazy and i think that demands a lot of crazy tactics and antics too." "you know what i want to say is the american people won tonight because i think that you see it in the people who were actually at the debate, i think actually saw the difference between the two sides." the organizers also offered a taco truck and activities to keep people entertained. tomorrow is your last chance to register to vote by mail.
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originally set for saturday. but, nevada's democratic party sent a letter to the state secretary... arguing the october 8th deadline fell more than the required 30 days away from election day. the deadline to register in person or online is still october 18th. donald trump and hillary clinton will return to las vegas one week from tomorrow for the third and final presidential debate. clinton and trump will take the stage at the thomas and mack center at u-n-l-v. fox's chris wallace will moderate the event. it starts at 6 p-m on october 19th. for all things election 20-16 be sure to check out our fox5 mobile app... to get your updates on the go. metro is teaming up with c-c-s-d police to track down the students involved in a huge brawl following a high school football game. the fight involved students from arbor view and centennial hills. the two schools are known rivals. police say dozens of students got into a fight friday night at the raising canes on centennial center. dozens of students can be seen on video
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and kicking eachother. the fight spilled into the neighboring in-n- out where employees were dragged into the situation. we talked with one man who was working that nigh. he says he was kicked in the head during the chaos. "something knocked me off my feet and i fell on the ground and i slid on the ground a little bit and thats when they all started swarming and started kicking and punching me" we spoke with several students who say they were also hurt. one girl suffered a black eye. another student had to get stitches above his eye. metro wants to identify anyone involved in the fight. and will be working with school district to do so. call police right away if you have any information. new this morning, samsung is temporarily halting production on its galaxy note 7 smartphones. this comes after more reports of fires. on sunday, a-t-and-t and t- mobile announced they would stop offering replacement note 7's to customers.
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concerned the new versions aren't any safer from fire risk than the originals. a-t-and-t and t- mobile are allowing customers to exchange their note 7s for another device. state lawmakers are in carson city right now ahead of today's special session to discuss funding the proposed n-f-l stadium. governor brian sandoval will call the special session at eight a-m. lawmakers will either approve or deny public funding for the proposed one- point-nine billion dollar they will also have to consider approving funding to expand the las vegas convention center. fox 5 will be live at the special session in carson city. we will bring you a preview at 6 a-m. stay with us for all of the developments out of the capitol. a healthy school lunch will help your child power through the day. today, is the first day of "national school lunch week." all week long, parents, students, teachers and the community are invited to check out the school district's food service facility. the kitchen and
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offer free tours starting today. people who take the tour, will get a behind-the- scenes look at how the food is made and stored. they can even taste some of the menu items. the facility serves more than a million meals to local students each week. hundreds put their rowing skills to the test to help breast cancer patients get the care they desperately need. the eighth annual rose regatta was held at lake las vegas on saturday. the event raises money for dignity health's "red rose" program. the program helps women without insurance or under-insured women. get mamograms, ultrasounds and doctors exams. 65 teams competed for gold. i had the honor of competing this year five of the teams were made up of breast cancer survivors and brave women who are currently battling the disease. jet mitchell: i am surrounded by so much strength. and we are so much stronger that we think we are... and no matter what we are facing diagnosis and aggressive we are
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... and aggressive we are all here are amazing aww! one of the most beautiful and emotional moments was when the women took part in the "flowers on the water ceremony" honoring the amazing women currently living with breast cancer and those who have lost their lives to cancer.
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major milestone. the legendary singer now has a thousand shows under her belt at the colosseum at caesars palace. 26 years after it opened, the "eighth wonder of the world" is closing up shop.
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matthew is no longer a hurricane as it heads out to sea. the storm cut a deadly path from the caribbean to the carolinas for nearly a week. forecasters say the threat from the storm is far from over. matthew is still packing winds of up to 75-miles an hour. that's strong enough to produce life- treatening flooding in parts of eastern north carolina, which as already received record rainfall. the death toll in the u-s stands at 18. in haiti, the hardest hit area, more than 800 people lost their lives. the dangerous flooding could continue into next week. a mix of sun and cloud is what we can expect monday in the las vegas area. a series of weak upper levels low will push across our area the next few days. the first trough will trigger some breezy conditions monday afternoon. the troughs while producing clouds will not bring us any drizzle. it will
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on and off the next 7 days but will also allow for daytime temperatures to run several degrees
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in national news... an emotional vigil was held sunday for two palm springs police officers killed in the line of duty. a parade of
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a memorial, with written messages, flowers and candles outside the palm springs police department. officers jose gilbert vega and lesley zerebny were shot saturday while responding to a domestic disturbance call. a third officer was wounded. the suspect was arrested after a lengthy standoff with police. he is facing murder charges which could hold the death penalty. after reporting millions of dollars worth of losses, the trump taj mahal casino is closing for good. the move comes after the casino failed to reach a deal with its union workers to restore health care and pension benefits that were taken away from them in bankruptcy court. this makes it the fifth atlantic city boardwalk casino to close amid the crisis. the casino opened 26 years ago. it closed for good at 2:59 a-m local time. zappos is using the power of rock n' roll to fight multiple sclerosis. the first ever "rock out m-s" festival was held at zappos' campus downtown. zappos let local bands like "forgotten
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american weather" and "close to modern" take the stage during the outdoor concert. the goal of the event was to raise awareness for people living with m-s. "any opportunity to raise awareness to the local las vegas are. there are about 25 hundred folks living with multiple sclerosis in the greater las vegas area. so i think that that this is an incredible opportunity to educate and provide information." the festival also featured unique artisans... ha and vendor boothes. an oregon eighth grader is wowing scientists with her latest invention. "so, basically what my invention does is it reports moisture in the wound dressing and so what this does is it allows physicians to be able to tell when we are going to change the dressing and how we are going to help the wound heal faster." the beaverton
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just helped her win the google international science contest! she was awarded a 15-thousand dollar scholarship for her invention we all know, women carry the weight of the world on their backs. well, this weekend their husbands got a taste of what its like to live a day in their shoes. dozens of men loaded their ladies up on their shoulders and put their relationships to the test in maine. forty-three women clung to their husband's backs for american wife carrying championship. "towards the end, you get tired holding on because of the way i hold on i guess." giana and her husband won 11 cases of octoberfest beer and 665-dollars. the couple will now head to the wife-carrying world championship in finland next year. celine dion celebrates a huge
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one-thousand shows and counting! the legendary singer isn't the only one celebrating some big numbers. david daniel explains in today's hollywood minute.
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"guys!" "what is it?" (nat) and here's your first look at the new "power rangers" movie! five high school kids find themselves infused with super-powers, which they'll need to -- you guessed it -- save the world. the first teaser trailer just dropped... "power rangers" hits theaters next march. in hollywood, i'm david daniel.>> the age of chivalry on full display in the las vegas valley. their ladies came together to watch jousting matches and other historical reenactments. a look at the fun, three-day event. its time to run for your life. zombies are taking over the strip. where you can head for a horrifying, yet exhilarating brush with death.
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and jester's joined the royals at the "age of chivalry" renaissance festival this weekend. people were dressed in their best garb during the three days of medieval fun. festivalgoers watched historical re- enactments, listened to the music and took in the festive arts and crafts. people were also treated to fire- breathing performers... and gladiator battles. "i think that's the fun of ren fairs is everyone who enjoys ren fairs and medieval times getting together and hanging out in costume" this is the 23-rd year las vegas has celebrated the renaissance fair. a new spooky experience scaring up some fun over at the linq promenade. the "zombie escape experience" debuted over the weekend. it's designed by a hollywood studio and is similar to a haunted house. the nightmarish
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visitors to battle an infestation of the undead.... with zombies ready to attack around every corner. the experience will be open nightly wednesday through sunday through halloween. tickets start at 15-bucks for locals. the pumpkin patches are open for the season! "halloween town" has two locations this year. one at boca park in summerlin. the other is in the parking lot at galleria mall in henderson. "gilcrease orchard" is urging people to come early and beat the heat. its located on tenaya near grand teton. "stu miller s pumpkin patch" is on centennial center in henderson. stu miller's also sells christmas trees. the t-mobile arena was built for hockey, and the ice finally saw its first game. and fans went wild! more on the excitement building for las vegas' n-h-l expansion team. plus... owning a piece of rousey. we are getting a new look at ufc fighter ronda
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morning. i'm maria silva. and i'm dave hall. the gloves were off for donald trump and hillary clinton at the second presidential debate. the presidential contenders hit the debate stage sunday night, both candidates
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cnn's emily schmidt joins us live from washington university in saint louis with more... good morning emily... ((ad-lib))
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women took center stage early donald trump/(r) presidential nominee: certainly i'm not proud of it. but that was something that happened. if you look at bill clinton -- far worse.' hillary clinton/(d) presidential nominee: "when i hear something like that, i am reminded of what my friend, michelle obama, advised us all: when they go low; you go high." the candidates exchanged verbal blows on topics ranging from foreign policy to personal temperament. hillary clinton/(d) presidential awfully good that someone with the temperament of donald trump is not in charge of the law in our country." donald trump/(r) presidential nominee: "because you'd be in jail." there were a few surprises - including the moment trump knocked his own running-mate on the issue of syria. donald trump/(r) presidential nominee: he and i haven't spoken and i disagree. i disagree." martha raddatz/abc news (offcam): "you disagree with your own running mate?" donald trump/(r) presidential nominee" "i think you have to knock out isis." the town hall format allowed some voters to pose questions for the candidates. karl becker -- brought one of the debate's few moments on positivity. karl becker/town hall participant: "would either of you name one positive thing that


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