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tv   FOX5 News at 1100pm  FOX  September 29, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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live from las vegas it's time for fox5 news at 11. a suspected drunk driver accused of hitting and killing a woman... was released from jail without posting bail. we hear from the county sheriff. "federal investigators are now on scene - looking into why a commuter train sped off the tracks...crashing into one of the busies york city area. i'm joel waldman in hoboken, new jersey. i'll have the details straight ahead. " a local progressive group says they've been vandalized... and its members harassed on social media. why one woman believes it's all racially motivated. this is fox5 news at 11. local las vegas. a viewer reached out to fox5 and wanted answers. he wants to know why a woman... suspected of killing one person... and critically injuring
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drunk... was released from jail without bail. i'm john huck. i'm cyndi lundeberg in for christine. on saturday a couple was hit by ashley winn... we went to the nye county sheriff for answers. christine weir... and her fiance brian choiniere were in love for 19 years. this according to the pahrump valley times. the couple also just bought a home. (gofundme) saturday morning the couple was hit by a suspected drunk driver... ashley winn. brian survived with serious injuries... christine... was killed. sheriff sharon wehrly- does this happen often here? no nye county sheriff sharon wehrly says because it was a fatal crash... n-h-p took over. ashley winn was arrested... and was being booked into the nye county detention center. her bail was set at 200-thousand dollars. that's when judge kent jasperson made a decision to release her on her own recognizance. sheriff sharon wehrly- i dont know i know she was released we asked sheriff wehrly why a suspected drunk driver involved in a deadly crash
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jail. sheriff sharon wehrly- i really dont have any information on that the next morning, judge jasperson changed his mind and order winn to turn herself back in. monday morning winn was rebooked. sheriff sharon wehrly- 9am she came into the office winns bond was reduced from 200-thousand to 50. sheriff sharon wehrly- any idea why that was dropped? no the pahrump valle ytimes says the reason ashley winn was initially released by judge kent jasperson... is because of who she knows. according to them winn has a child with sheriff's deptuy joey marshall... that childs grandfather is former underhseriff rick marshall. we asked sheriff wherely about winn and deputy marshalls relationship... sheriff sharon wehrly- i really dont know too much the friends of family of christine weir and brian choineiere want answers. they ask why someone accused of killing christine and seriously injuring another... would be let ou of jail without bail. we asked sheriff wherely if this was normal.. sheriff sharon wehrly- its not really normal but it has happenned once or twice we called umc-- brian choiniere has been released. we also called
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man who allowed for ashley winns release... for comment but did not hear back. a man running from police is hit and killed by a semi-truck on the u-s 95. officers say they tried to pull him over... but he crashed his car into a wall near flamingo... then tried to run across the freeway. that's when he was hit by the semi. police say the man may have been connected to a shooting earlier this month -- that happened at miracle mile trailer park. u-s 95 was closed in both directions for several hours. a young mother is killed... and a hundred others injured after a commuter train crash in hoboken, new jersey. it happened at one of the busiest train stations. fox's joel waldman has more on the investigation into why the speeding train did not stop. authorities say it appears the commuter train was going too fast...when it plowed into the hoboken terminal... and now investigators on scene are trying to figure out why. dinh-zarr says: "we will be pulling the event recorder this evening. from the event recorder we
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speed and breaking." trying to learn what went wrong... around 8:45 a-m thursday... causing this commuter train to speed off the tracks... and crash into one of the new york city area's busiest train stations -- right at the height of morning rush hour. the crash killing a thirty-four-year- old new jersey mother standing inside the station... as the impact caused part of the station's roof to collapse. mariam says: "my leg got hurt on the seat in front of me, keep banging, banging, banging." in all more than a hundred people are confirmed injured in the crash...including the dinh-zarr says: "he's been released from the hospital and we will be interviewing him." as part of their probe investigators say they will look at something called positive train control... a safety technology the federal government has been pushing railroads to put in place for decades now. menendez says: "look, i'm concerned that new jersey transit as of the 2016 filing they had to file with the federal railroad administration has no positive train control in their locomotives."
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the white house at this point saying that there is no indication this was an act of terror... but, investigators of course will look to rule that out. in hoboken, new jersey, joel waldman, fox news. rail service has been suspended in and out of hoboken. the building will remain closed until engineers determine whether it is still structurally sound. a suspect is dead... and an officer injured during a shootout in kingman, arizona. it happened while police were trying to execute a search warrant for stolen property. police say the suspect 53-year- old jeffery cave shot at officers. police fired back... and cave died at the scene. neighbors say "i heard... really really in my sleep while i was dreaming, two loud bangs, that's what i thought it was at first. it sounded like someone was banging on a car and then come to find out when i woke up and was actually listening, i just heard one final last bang which i would expect was a gunshot." the officer was taken to the hospital in serious condition. he underwent
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now stable. a local organization has been vandalized and its members harassed over the last few weeks. leaders from plan action fund say the attacks range from bricks being thrown through their window, to hateful messages on social media... fox5's miguel martinez valle spoke to one woman who says these types of attacks are even hitting home... viridiana vidal is a local woman who recieved a pretty degrading note from one of her neighbors... of course... it was anonymous. but she says its just one small am of many racially charged attacks she's experienced in the last few weeks... " i talked to her and i told her that nobody can say anything bad about her because she's from mexican decendants or because she speaks spanish...." its a conversation no one should have to have with their kid: be proud of who you are, even if others are mean to you for it... a conversation viridiana vidal and her 8 year old daughter camila revisited recently
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after a series of attacks at work... < attack nat> and a less than pleasant letter, from a less than friendly neighbor... " they dont want the neighborhood to look like a barrio, it sounded very dispective, kind of racist" " its sad but at the same time it's kind of eye oppening hate she's seen first hand while working with local organizations focused on helping immigrants... " we were doing a sign and he threw soda, he started to yell very racist words to us..." " its never acceptable to just be hateful, i mean were here minding our own business, talking to voters" laura martin works at plan action with viridana ... someone recently threw a brick through one of
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martin believes its another example of people lashing out with hatred... " just being in the community, people not too happy with us supporting immigrant families" " this behavior is becoming more normal for some people because they see that a prominant figure is doing it, and they think its acceptable, it is not... its not ok that you dont respect others" i called metro to see if there's been an uptick in hate crimes... they say they haven't seen any increase... that's not to say people aren't being more rude and disrespectful...
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police report for the broken window... an artist known for interpreting music into art for the "imagine dragons" -- will have his own work on display here. we'll have a look at some of the pieces by tim cantor... and how it's supporting charity. and... some will have a chance to cast their ballot -- and make some extra cash time. how you can apply to work at voting sites on election day... your fox5 weather
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more travelers are flying into mccarran international airport. passenger traffic is up nearly five percent for the first eight months of 2016. the clark county department of aviation reports that more than four-million arriving and departing passengers came through mccarran in august. that's up from from the same month in 2015. so far this year -- the nation's ninth-busiest airport has tallied nearly 32 million passengers. the nevada supreme court has ruled the "education savings account" should remain permanently suspended. public education advocates say the state voucher's program is
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"we're celebrating with the parents of public education students who no longer have to worry about money being stiffened away from our schools for private education." the justices issued a four to two ruling on the matter. they say the problem with the program is it doesn't have it's own funding source... and unlawfully took money from public schools. groups filed lawsuits against e-s-a... saying that money should not go to religious organizations. the program was authorized last spring by nevada legislatures. we're more than a month away from casting our votes on election day... and several local voting sites need hundreds of poll workers. the county election department will recruit an additional 350 people to work the polls on election day. they want about a hundred people to be fluent in spanish and tagalog ( ). applicants must be registered to vote in clark county... be able to work long hours... and attend a training class... and pass an evaluation poll workers will be paid 120
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you can find the applicaton online under the "links section" at fox five vegas dot com. now fox5 weather 24/7 we've seen some clouds around the valley on thursday, but the bulk of the showers and storms have stayed off to our east. we'll keep it partly cloudy tonight with an overnight low temperature of 70 degrees in las vegas. f stay mostly sunny with high temperatures topping out in the low 90s during the afternoon; slightly above average for this time of year. bigger changes arrive for your weekend. it turns breezy on saturday with high temperatures holding in the low 90s. cooler air
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bringing temperatures back down into the mid 80s sunday and mid 70s on monday. this is the coolest air we've seen in more than 4 months. the trade-off will be strong winds sunday and monday with gusts in the 40 mph range. closed captioning will resume shortly it's one of the hottest shows on the strip. the chippendales closed captioning will resume shortly closed captioning will resume shortly
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clouds around the valley on thursday, but the bulk of the showers and storms have stayed off to our east. we'll keep it partly cloudy tonight with an overnight low temperature of 70 degrees in las vegas. friday will stay mostly sunny with high temperatures topping out in the low 90s during the afternoon; slightly above average for this time of year. bigger changes arrive for your weekend. it turns breezy on saturday with high temperatures holding in the low 90s. cooler air pushes in sunday and monday, bringing temperatures back down into the mid 80s sunday and mid 70s on monday. this is the coolest air we've seen in more than 4 months. the trade-off will be strong winds sunday and monday with gusts in the 40 mph range. closed captioning
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it's one of the hottest shows on the strip. the chippendales have a new addition. we hear from nyle dimarco about being the first deaf chippendale... and his special invite to las vegas headliner britney spears. plus... the las vegas bowl is huge milestone... its 25-th anniversary. and the game is almost sold out! we'll hear more from a las vegas alum and former n-f-l star about the upcoming historic game.
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horner: i was proud to stand for our country. i will not stand for congressman hardy and donald trump insulting seniors and veterans. hardy wants to raise the retirement age and said seniors who rely on programs like social security are a draw on government and the disabled are a drain on society. and then there's donald trump. they're just not for us. dccc is responsible for the content of this advertising. i'm catherine cortez masto and i approve this message. they're bringing drugs, they're bringing crime, they're rapists. narrator: and joe heck says "i have high hopes we'll see donald trump become president." i don't know what i said, aah... narrator: heck says he "completely supports" trump. i would bomb the [bleep] out of them. narrator: and heck? reporter: you trust him having his finger on the nuclear button? heck: i do. reporter: why do you say that? heck: why wouldn't i? narrator: donald trump and joe heck.
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"girl hallejuah girl hallejuah uptown funk gonna give it to ya uptown funk ya gonna give it to ya saturday night we in the spot. (dancing" that's nyle dimarco -- the newest celebrity chippendale in las vegas. he's a dancer... newest celebrity chippendale in las vegas. he's a dancer... vegas. he's a dancer... model... and now making history as the show's first deaf host. today -- he joined rachel smith in the more studio to talk about the new gig... and how he's breaking barriers. rachel: congratulations!
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your opening weekend. how are the first few shows going? nyle: i have to say so much fun. it's not what i expected. the audience is engaging, so involved so it makes me kind of forget about my nerves really, and i'm looking forward to another weekend. rachel: buy you're making history using american sign language in the show. right, exactly that, and i think it's interesting because i thought why don't we incorporate sign language and the funny thing is they didn't realize that like this is such a great idea, and the audience is loving it. so, it's going great. rachel: how's britney? have you heard from britney yet? nyle: not yet. i'm still waiting to come see the show. rachel: britney! come on girl. come on. i'm just saying. this would be a cute little connection i think. nyle: well it could. hopefully we'll connect before i leave las vegas. rachel: i'm just saying. britney, should do you say britney come to the show? should we sign that? nyle: britney come to the show! rachel: (laughs) how could she refuse right?
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confessed to "more" that britney spears is his big crush... so she's got until october 16-th to see the show. it's at the rio all- suite hotel and casino. "over and over again im sorry for everything everything ive done from second born had loaded gun. shot shot shot hole through evertyhing i loved..." that's "shots" by imagine dragons. all the images from the video were done by artist tim cantor. he also did the artwork for the band's gmm winning album "smoke and mirrors". tim is gaining even more celebrity fans... like pawn stars' rick harrison who's called him a modern day picasso. now -- tim's work will be displayed in las vegas for the first time. more's rachel smith spoke with him about his inspired connection to our city. tim says, imagine dragons, i love their music! what's so fascinating is of the thousand paintings that i've done, the two that they were drawn to most were the two i
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sent me. rachel: people really got to know you and your art through your work with imagine dragons, our local band, and your having your very first art exhibit in las vegas. tim: yeah, i'm really excited about it, and i never have received so much exposure so quickly as when i did the album cover for imagine dragons. that album cover turned into a full blown collaboration between cantor and the band - which extended to videos and artwork for each song.. but he also had another famous fan from vegas even before that! tim: even before that i met rick harrison. he filled his home with my art. he just really loved it. then he flew out to new york for the show. rick: he's an amazing artist. literally, he's created his own genre. years from now people will be talking about art, looking at art and saying that looks picasso-esque or renoir-esque, people will say that looks cantor-esque. when you look at one of tim cantor's paintings, you're pretty sure tim
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without seeing his signature in the corner. tim: he's so supportive and such a nice guy. over the past year or two, it's been crazy. it's been a crazy exciting time for cantor but his famous fans extend even beyond vegas... as oscar winners robert deniro and robert redford love his work and even empire's own terren h has quite the collection. now for the first time - vegas will be home to his art thanks to a special exhibit at the afa gallery this weekend. tim: and that's what's fulfilling. i just had an eye. i want to share my work with as many people as i can. tim has become involved with imagine dragons "tyler robinson foundation" charity... and he's donating art to their gala tomorrow night. he's also auctioning off a piece of work at his exhibit on saturday night. proceeds will
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charity. tickets are still available for the gala. we'll be right back.
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vegas will launch the r-t-c bike share program tomorrow... which will allow anyone to rent bikes and cruise the city. "the public has helped us with this, our partner in the city of las vegas has helped us with t and the public is really excited, we're excited and we just cannot wait to see tourist and visitors alike use these bikes to get to and from around downtown las vegas area." r-t-c says downtown las vegas has many bike lanes and lower speed levels -- which will allow users to enjoy a safe ride along the rode. the bike program will have 21 stations and 180 bike rentals. a kiosk will also be near the stations for easy transactions. the las vegas bowl celebrates its 25-th
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year... and even though the game isn't until december's nearing a sell out. this afternoon at the hard rock -- a luncheon was held to get local business leaders more involved in the game. almost 90-percent of the tickets have already been sold... even though the two teams playing in the game won't be decided until early december. former n-f-l star running back and las vegas native steven jackson -- who played in the bowl game while at oregon state -- told us why this game is always sought after. "with the surrounding area, the city comes out to support and the players come out and play big time for the game because it's the entertainment capital of the world, it's a big stage for them." "you know it doesn't matter who's playing in the game because it's so much more than the game. it's about the experience and experiencing the magic of bowl season." the bowl also announced three new members to their hall of fame... broadcaster brent musberger....runni ng back marshawn lynch and one of the founding fathers of the bowl -- rob dondero. up next... a golf pro misses a putt several times at the ryder cup practice round...


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