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tv   FOX5 News This Morning  FOX  August 31, 2016 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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live from las vegas, fox5 news this morning starts now a local man dies in a scaffold accident... now an osha investigation is underway... why some say they knew the site was unsafe... a little boy put on the wrong bus on the first day of school. fox5 talked to the six year old's mother. how she says it happened and how the school district responded when we asked what went wrong. the push continues for an n-f-l stadium in the valley... but at what cost. fox5 sat down with a sands corporation leader to break down who will be footing the bill. good morning i'm dave hall. and i'm maria silva. welcome to fox5 news this morning.
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krifaton joins us with a quick look at the fox 5 weather 24-7 forecast. another hot day ahead for las vegas with some breezes being added into the mix. high pressure moves east as a pacific low comes on shore. it's accompanying cold front is driving into nevada and will help develop breezy to windy conditions the next few days. the high pushing east and the low's counter clockwise flow off the coast will actually help pull some moist weather from into arizona the next few days that is expected to reach mohave county. the means some of our local mountains could get some showers
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heading into the labor day weekend. the uv index is 9 of very high. it's a nightmare most parents can't imagine... your child being put on the wrong school bus and getting lost... but that nightmamre turned into a reality for one valley mom...
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tells us what happened. samone topp says yesterday was the worst day of her life "i can't even think about it ugh t now " because for two hours she said she had no idea where her six year old son was after he was put on the wrong bus after the first day of school "i thought everything was lost, and i was like what am i going to say to his sister when i et home and his brother is not there " six year old dazani started first grade yesterday at steele elementary when classes ended he was supposed to be picked up by daycare, but instead ended up on a bus he didn't belong on "they just picked a bus and put him on there from my understanding " she says she was at work when she got a call from the daycare - not ccsd - saying dazani was not at pickup and a missing person report had been filed with police "my heart dropped like i just broke down in tears and couldn't think of anything to do but pray" samone rushed to the school...and
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was told dazana had been found asleep in the back of one of the buses "it's an experience i never want to go through again" today one of her biggest fears is if dazani had gotten off the bus before the driver found him "how was i going to find him? how would other parents contact me?" ccsd says the driver followed protocol by searching the bus row by row after the last stop but samone wants that protocol to change "kids have ids they maybe they need to put their bus route on that card" and the school to be held accountable "it's just in my mind negligence" eh f5n llv a deadly construction accident at tivoli village is now being investigated by osha. last week a scaffolding collapsed... killing 30-year-old ricardo bautista. the company-- performance builders incorporated-- has several osha violations... frank hawk -- who works for the
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accident ever happened... he had been getting calls from people who say they knew the site was unsafe... "" it was like a prophecy. this is the contractor that's cutting corners. this is the contractor that's paying far below the state recognized wage. and then you start going through the self guilt and think gosh if only we had given this just a little bit more time." " performance builders incorporated has been under review at least nine times... the last three serious violations were just months ago... and it appears to be related to a problem with the scaffolding. congressman cressent hardy is out of the hospital. and back to work--- after suffering a heart attack. according to his campaign manager--- after being released. he went to a public event. monday.... the representative underwent a routine medical procedure. hardy is running for re-election in nevada's 4th congressional district. former first lady bonnie fairchild bryan has lost her battle to leukemia.
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to democratic governor richard bryan for 54 years. she was 77. in top stories... the most prominent public face of isis ... and a senior leader in the terror group...has been killed. that's according to the terror group who is now vowing revenge... abu muhammad al-adnani... has been on the u.s. radar for more than a decade now... on tuesday the pentagon said it could not yet confirmhis death... but does confirm a coalition airstrike on tuesday did target him. pentagon officials say al- adnani's removal from the battlefield would mark another signifacant blow to the terror group. in national headlines 11 kayakers were rescued from the hudson river on tuesday. after being hit by a ferry. officials say five kayakers were injured in the incident. and one boater had serious injuries. the group was hit by a water taxi heading to jersey city from manhattan. an investigation is underway to
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football star tom brady is finding hismelf making headlines this morning... not for deflate gate... not for anything even football realated.. but for this.. check out his new hairdo.. needless to say these images sent twitter into a firestorm on tuesday... with people comparing him to anything from matt damon's character in good will hunting.. to a boy with his first day of school hairdo. there are some big things that need to happen in order to get the oakland raiders to las vegas the las vegas sands corporation wants to get the football team here... and sands c-e-o sheldon adelson is putting his money behind it with the help of his company to get a new stadium built. fox5's miguel martinez valle sat down with the senior vice president of las vegas sands corp to ask him to break down the
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" if they get the raiders or whatever they will get everybody to come down here." " ive seen the pictures of the stadium, it looks amazing" the designs are out, the excitements there, but it's time to talk money... the sands corporation .. along with sheldon adelson and the raiders want clark county to shell over a big chunk of public money for the stadium to be built... but who's pockets are really being affected? " this is a publicly owned stadium, we need to have a public commitment, the public is gonna own it, and we an excellent opportunity to do that.." in his words, a stadium built by tourists through $750 million dollars in hotel room tax money... " with zero risk to nevada tax payers, because the adelson family will be kicking in almost 700 million dollars for this project, they will be assuming all risks." abboud said adelson would be taking care of any additional costs... but the sands corp is convinced the stadium would be a big win. " almost 900 million dollars of economic development, 50
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dollars of new taxes. it will not only increase visitations but its gonna generate new revenue for education, for transportation, for police" still not everyone's so sure... there are those who doubt the benefit in a public- private partnership... and some who think the price tag is too big. the plan still has some issues to tackle: the southern nevada tourism infrastructure committee has to make a reccomendation to the governor. and then gov. sandoval would have to call a special session ... and even then .. lawmakers could vote to send it back to clark county commissioners to make the final decision to fund the stadium. so there's a few hurdles, but for sands corps and many l v " nothing builds pride in a city like having their own sports teams" for all of the latest developments on the stadium ... be sure to check out our fox5 mobile app... a quick moving blaze in southern california is keeping crews--- already stretched thin-- busy. where the latest fire is burning. and the latest on the containment efforts. plus..
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filled with school supplies. goes up in flames... but the community steps in to make sure students have exactly what they need for the
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you're watching fox5 news this morning with dave hall, maria silva, monica jackson, jason feinberg , . weather 24/7 with cassandra jones and traffic solutions with ken smith.
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this morning. hurricane season is ramping up ... tropical systems are churning in the pacific and atlantic oceans, as well as the gulf of mexico. and as fox's jackie ibanez shows us-- people living along the coasts are getting ready for possible damage. florida is battening down the hatches as tropical depression nine inches closer to shore. the low pressure system is now in the middle of the gulf of mexico... but is expected to turn towards florida at some point wednesday ... as it develops into a tropical storm. scott says: "we're going to have rain and we're going to have storm surge. we have the potential of tornados we are going to have rip currents. we have to be careful." volunteers are filling sandbags in anticipation of the flooding to come. thomas says: "i think there's a lot of good people out there anyway. storms just bring them together." authorities are urging everyone
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the storm ahead. forward says: "once 40 plus miles an hour winds sustained emergency response vehicles don't go out in that type of weather." after the storm hits the gulf coast of florida... it is expected to cross over to the east coast of the state... where emergency management there is also getting prepared. stoughton says: "the potential of five to seven inches of rain. we could see flooding in some of our low lying areas in the city of saint augustine." the storm then could move north towards north carolina. the state already seeing strong currents with another storm --- tropical depression eight... just off the coastline. mos says: "with the storm that's approaching we are keeping a close watch on people out here on the beach because there's going to be higher threat of rip currents." (on-cam tag) the national weather service is also monitoring hurricane madeline in the pacific ocean as it moves towards hawaii's big island. in new york, jackie ibanez, fox news. another fire is burning in southern california. hundreds of firefighters are already battling the bogart fire. the brush fire
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afternoon in cherry hills. and spread rapidly. it has already scorched more than 400 acres. firefighters used at least five helicopters and nine air tankers to drop water and fire retardant on the blaze. they also used bulldozers to try to contain the fire. at least one home has been destroyed. charities around the valley are stepping up to replace school supplies destroyed in a warehouse fire. the people's autism foundation collected the backpacks. the clark county fire department and other organizations delivered 200 backpacks and dollars... a people's autism foundation spokesperson tells us they're overwhelmed by the support coming from all over the community. now fox weather 24/7 with cassandra jones another hot day ahead for las vegas with some breezes being added into the mix. high pressure moves east as a pacific low comes on shore. it's accompanying cold front is driving into nevada and will help develop breezy to windy conditions the next
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the low's counter clockwise flow off the coast will actually help pull some moist weather from into arizona the next few days that is expected to reach mohave county. the means some of our local mountains could get some showers or thunderstorms heading into the labor day weekend. the uv index is 9 of very high.
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common and least diagnosed mental disorders in the united states. but according to a new study, a majority of adults who screen positive for depression do not get the treatment they need. kim hutcherson reports. --reporter pkg-as follows-- a new study published by the journal of the american medical association indicates that most americans with depression receive no treatment. researchers at columbia university medical center and the university of pennsylvania found that less than a third of adults who screen positive for major depression receive any sort of treatment for the disorder. for those who are treated for severe psychological distress -- less than half are seen by a mental health specialist. the new survey examined data from
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depressive symptoms, treatment options and other variables that incorporate age, gender, race and education level. the study also found that some people who were being treated for depression might not be depressed at all. data indicated that - among those receiving treatment for depression-- two-thirds did not report symptoms of serious psychological distress. the senior author of the study says the results indicate that care-providers should focus more on alignin depression treatment with patient needs for today's health minute, i'm kim hutcherson. an early morning call to police-- turns into an hours long standoff with singer chris brown. what sparked the raid at his home. and who else was involved... music legend gladys knight is suing her own son... why she says he's tarnishing her
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250-thousand dollar bail... after being taken into custody tuesday... earlier in the day-- the singer was engaged in a bizarre standoff with los angeles authorities who had a search warrant for the performers home. fox's steve rappoport has
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to the arrest. r-and-b crooner chris brown exits his home -- ending an hours-long standoff with the los angeles police department... officers were responding to an unidentified woman's claim that brown threatened her with a gun. brown initially refused to come out when the officers arrived to investigate the 9-1-1 call brown says: "y'all ain't doing none but give me a better publicity....barricad e myself in my house? have you seen my house? i'm going to barricade myself in a palace. i'm not coming out for what? i ain't did bleep, ain't going to do bleep and it's always going to be bleep the police. black live matter." the trouble- plagued singer grew angry -- posting profanity-filled videos of himself on his instagram account... brown says: "you guys got me bleep up though. so good luck when you get the warrant or whatever you need to do, you're going to walk right up here and you're going to see nothing. you idiots." after obtaining a warrant -- police entered brown's
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san fernando valley... brown exited peacefully, sitting on the front walkway with police... lt. ramirez says: "i can't comment on anything that has been found or anything that has been recovered at this point ....he's being transported to robbery- homocide division so he can be arrested." brown has been in and out of legal and police trouble for years.. including being charged with felony assault in connection with a brutal attack on his then-girlfriend rihanna in 2009. steve rappoport, fox news. selena gomez is taking a break from her revival world tour the singer revealed last year that she has lupus. in a statement to cnn, gomez says the disease is prompting panic attacks, anxiety and depression. and that she hopes taking some time off. will help her cope with her condition. no word on when she will return to the stage or the studio. singer gladys knight is suing her son over her name and image. the music icon says she licensed
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shanga hankerson back in 19-99.... for a number of chicken and waffles restaurants. because isn't happy with the way business was being handled. hankerson was arrested in june.. and accused of stealing 700- thousand dollars..and witholidng taxes... knight clearly wants nothing to do with the restaurants now. she says being associated with them is hurting her reputation. it's not easy being cheesy... why this man behind bars... his bizarre story, after the break... plus.. why a new study suggests your dog is smarter than you
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i just want my mom's ashes back. they're of no use to anyone but my family and myself. " thieves targeted her home and stole her mexico to pay for it... today donald trump meets face to face with the mexican president... we'll have the details. a good sight on the north end of the strip. see what property that was abandoned back in the recession is showing signs of life this week. good morning i'm maria silva.
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now it's time to get a first look at your fox5 weather 24-7 forcast... meteorologist cassandra jones joins us now. another hot day ahead for las vegas with some breezes being added into the mix. high pressure moves east
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comes on shore. it's accompanying cold front is driving into nevada and will help develop breezy to windy conditions the next few days. the high pushing east and the low's counter clockwise flow off the coast will actually help pull some moist weather from into arizona the next few days that is expected to reach mohave county. the means some of oulo mountains could get some showers or thunderstorms heading into the labor day weekend. the uv index is 9 of very high. good morning.


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