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tv   FOX5 News at 1000pm  FOX  August 11, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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live from las vegas, fox5 news at 10 starts now disturbing details... a housekeeper assaulted while working in a las vegas hotel... fox5 obtained new information on the crime, and the suspect a dangerous 24 hours on valley roads... three accidents involving pedestrians--- two of them deadly. we start tonight breaking news tonight at ten. metro police have a section of eastern closed on the east side of the valley. closed is the northbound lanes of eastern between sahara and st louis avenue. we're workign to get information confirmed that this is another pedestrian that's been hit and injured. we have a crew headed to teh scene and will update you as soon as we can. so far this year 64 pedestrians have died on valley roads... just last night .. two people were hit and killed.
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crosswalk on boulder highway .. but didnt make it to the other side in time. i'm christine maddela. i'm john huck. fox 5s cyndi lundeberg went to the site of the crash today... and recreated the walk... cyndi what did you find out... in december the nevada department of transportatin told me they were going to be making major changes to boulder highway for this reason... those changes are behind schedule. its the deadliest stretch of roadway in the valley... nats last year on boulder highway... 12 pedestrians... 2 bicylists and 4 people in cars died. wednesday night... a similiar story. a man walking across the road just after 11... was hit and killed. ... i spoke to the nevada highway patrol in december about
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for a number of years that's tony illia with n-dot .. and he went on to tell me n-dot wwould be making changes... including .. installing lights to crosswalks so drivers know where people are at night. n-dot said the project would take six to eight months to complete ... and eight months later it's not completed. nats metro police say the man killed wednesday was walking in a crosswalk .. but against a don't walk sign. erin breen is the director of the vulnerable road users project at unlv... and thinks the 60 year old might of ran out of time getting across. so we wanted to try it... its funny because we are so used to cars doing that we finished the walk... with no time to spare. so here we are in our 30 seconds boom right to the other side could we have walked faster yes but we are very able bodied pedestrians here get 30 sec cross... then are forced to stop in the middle if they run out of time... breen says when most people get to the middle they dont stop. okay so these guys they started their cross.... and theyre going to keep coming even tho that hand says do not cross breen told us ndot is working hard... but says ultimately thigns wont get done unless people in the valley demand
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mean streets in las vgas and this is the meanest of all ndot has lowered the speed limit on boulder highway from 55 to 45. coming up at 11... changes could be coming if you get a ticket for jaywalking or not yielding to pedestrians... we'll explaing why you might find yoruself in the classroom. ffnll ndot also says... they are currently working on a 3 million dollar upgrade to boulder highway... which they say will tentatively start in summer 2017. four people were hurt in a serious crash on the 95. it happened near the durango exit this afternoon. nevada highway patrol tells us the black explorer drifted into the shoulder and ran into the concrete barrier. the driver-- was seriously injured... but a back seat
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back seat and went through the windshield.. crews rushed the passenger to the hospital in critical condition. "buckle your seatbelt. please buckle your seatbelt. we've had way too many fatal crashes and serious crashes over the past few weeks involving people not wearing their seatbelts. " the other two passengers had minor injures. tonight, fox5 uncovered new information about what happened inside a boulder station hotel room, where officers say a man beat and sexually assaulted a housekeeper. we also found out the suspect's family turned him in. (0811 major arrest report raw) 1:52 nats with boulder station sign it was a quiet day at boulder station casino when fox5 stopped by... but last saturday, investigators tell us a man preyed on a housekeeper inside the hotel. (18: sexual assault suspect) this is surveillance video from the casino floor. the man highlighted? ivan major. 39 here's major getting on an elevator. 1:14 police say he got off on the 11th floor, then 12 minutes later got back on the 10th floor elevator.
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police say major committed his crimes. fox5 got ahold of major's arrest report. in it... we found out a housekeeper reported a man walked into the room she was cleaning and punched her in the face. she fell, yelled for help, but the man hit her harder on the face, head, and body... then pulled her pants down. she says he forced her to perform oral sex. when he heard someone in the hallway, he took off. we showed this surveillance video on fox5 while police were looking for the suspect. ivon major's sister and mother recognized him, called police, and told officer where to find ivon. tuesday officers arrested him. investigators say major initially said he accidentally hit the housekeeper with the bathroom door, before he finally confessed, said he was sorry, and needs help with his drug problems. police charged major with six offenses including battery, sexual assault, and kidnapping. fox5 tried to reach out to major's mother,
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we also left messages for station casinos tonight but haven't heard back yet. our cameras will be there in court tomorrow when major is expected to appear before a judge. a tree trimmer hurt on the job... the trimmer, on the right, was clipping fronds off of a palm tree at washington and rancho this morning... when he got stuck... buried in about a thousand pounds of dried fronds. las vegas firefighters tried to free the man... and brought him down with the help of workers from another trimming company who were working nearby. one of the workers said he will never forget the look on the man's face. deputy chief eddie vigil: "we're talking a lot of this gentlemans case somewhere between 500-1000 pounds of frond weight on this mans chest so thats not a situation you can move those're essentially trapped" the fire chief says the department sees at least 12 tree rescues each year...many of them involve landscapers. toss to weather
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on friday with 104 a few clouds and light breezes. for the weekend, we'll see 108 on saturday, 110 on sunday. we'll continue the heat with 109 for monday afternoon. the record highs for sunday and monday are at 111 set in 2002. we will pick up slight shower chances by wednesday and thursday next week. the average high next week is 102. officers arrested three suspects in the gruesome
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people in an east las vegas neighborhood. last november -- police say the suspects tied up a group of people inside a home... then set it on fire. fox five's eric hilt talked to neighbors about the arrests. amazing. and i'm so glad, i really am. relief in this east las vegas neighborhood -- now that police say three people connected to two gruesome murders are now behind bars. "i'm totally relieved knowing that those bad people are put away and i hope they stay there" on tuesday, malik watson was arrested and charged with 13 different crimes including murder, attempted murder, arson and kidnapping. darrin wilder and hakim blanche- jones have also been arrested...and are facing the same list of charges. they're accused of tying several people up inside an east las vegas home, and then setting it on fire. "in the months since, the house has been torn down, all that remains is this
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neighbors say even though the house is gone, the memories of what happened here will stay with them forever" "when i look out the window i always feel like im going to see the house on fire again, its something that stays with you" on november 16 of last year this house near lamb and charleston went up in flames... outside the burned out home, first responders found two women and a man with stab wounds and tied up with zip ties. inside, 45-year-old mario jiminez was found dead. three months later his 27-year- old daughter angelica would die from her burns. "to know what those people went through and them being tortured, its horrible, it shouldn't happen to anybody" that horrible incident has kept neighbors on edge for months... but now these arrests are bringing some comfort. "do you feel safer now? i do...i feel a lot better"
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fox5 reached out to the district attorney to get the arrest reports for the three suspects... but the d-a's office isn't aren't releasing the reports yet. metro police tell us they're not releasing the suspects' mug shots yet either. police are looking for the man who robbed a department store on las vegas boulevard. police say we entered the store last week-- and threatened to shoot an employee if he wasn't given money. it's unclear how much he got away with-- but police say he left in a taxi. he is described in his 40s about five foot nine and 180 pounds. if you have any information-- you are asked to call crimestoppers at 702-385-55-55. the road to the white house is making yet another stop in the las vegas strip. tomorrow both bill clinton and gary johnson will be in town. the men will be speaking at the asian american and pacific islander voters forum.... the forum will mark the first time major presidential campaigns speak directly to the a-
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the same event. it's at caesars palace.... to stay up to date on the road to the white house- be sure to download our fox five mobile app so you can get your updates on the go. a new school year is about to get underway... but support staff at clark county school district says one thing will be the same... why the workers say they are fed up... and what they say they deserve. at the age of three one valley girl is already quite the entrepreneur... now she is back at with her lemonade stand... theresa plans to help by serving up the sweet treat. you're watching fox5 news at 10. local. las vegas.
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it's true!ants better chicken. and that's what you get at subway with the new chicken caesar melt. rotisserie-style chicken that's raised without antibiotics. a savory caesar sauce, melted provolone and parmesan cheese. the new chicken caesar melt from subway. but in washington, congressman joe heck supports privatizing it... turning our savings over to wall street... and risking it on the stock market. heck's plan means billions more
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d over half a million dollars to his campaigns. those numbers speak for themselves. joe heck is a threat to a secure retirement, because he's part of the problem in washington. afscme people is responsible for the content of this ad. you're watching fox5 news at 10, with emmy award winner john huck. christine maddela. and weather 24/7 with chief meteorologist ted pretty. this is fox5 news at 10. local. las ahead of the new school year.... clark county school district employees are rallying together to demand higher wages and better treatment. "support staff matters! support staff matters! support staff matters!" the protesters say they are fed up with the district.
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received a raise in more than eight years. c-c-s-d employs more than 11 thousand staff members. including bus drivers... kitchen workers... school police... teacher aides... janitors and office staff. "we're the ones in the classroom that's changing the diapers. we're the ones that's transporting these kids. we're the ones thats feeding them." "we want our three rs. we want our raise, we want our respect and we want a resolution to this whole situation." in a statement, c- c-s-d told fox5 they are aware of the concerns and will have a meeting to talk about the problem. parents have less than three weeks to make sure their pre-k... kidnergartners and 7-th graders are current on their shots. "if they go in with their current shot records that they have on file, they'll update their shots. tell them what they need. at the time of enrollment in the school the registrars or the clerks that are entering the data can tell a parent right live time if
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not." immunizations are available monday through friday at all of the health district locations. the health district will be hosting a special back-to school clinic on august 22nd at its main facility on valley view. from 9 a-m to one p-m. the price of the immunizations vary. we need your help to make sure students have what they need to be successful in the classroom. so we are sending out an s-o-s- help supply our students-- we are partnering with subaru of las vegas, nen and henderson hospital...for our annual supply drive. it runs august 15th through the 17th. every little bit helps-- from backpacks to folders to notebooks and pens. our goal this year is to fill three thousand backpacks for students in need. you can donate now--- by texting s-o-s 2016 to 7-1-7-7-7... standard text messaging rates do apply.
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24/7, with chief meterologist ted pretty the warmup begins on friday with 104 a few clouds and light breezes. for the weekend, we'll see 108 on saturday, 110 on sunday. we'll continue the heat with 109 for monday afternoon. the record highs for sunday and monday are at 111 set in 2002. we will pick up slight shower chances by wednesday and
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the average high next week is 102. the warmup begins on friday with 104 a few clouds and light breezes. for the weekend, we'll see 108 on saturday, 110 on sunday. we'll continue the heat with 109 for monday afternoon.
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monday are at 111 set in 2002. we will pick up slight shower chances by wednesday and thursday next week. the average high next week is 102. closed captioning will resume shortly
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a long way.... how the department of veteran services-- is showing its appreciation to those who served. many of you are telling us what you would name the hockey team. one of the suggestions has apparently been licensed by the team oer one of the topics in the rant tonight.. we want
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? ? ? isaac hou has mastered gravity defying moves to amaze his audience. great show. here you go. now he's added a new routine. making depositing a check seem so effortless. easy to use chase technology, ever you're trying to master. isaac, are you ready? yeah.
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department of veteran services is going the extra mile-- making sure every veteran is recognized. "i can't tell you how much your state appreciates your service. i mean, we may not say it all the time but what you did was special" they're on a
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personally thank every single veteran living in a health care facility. today in a ceremony-- fifteen vets were pinned and given a certificate... recognizing them as nevada heroes. later... n-d-v-s stopped by assisted living at mira loma to pin 37 more vets. "you know they are humble but you know it still means something to them and you know, we have veterans from vietnam who were never thanked." "it does make you feel proudth you for your services and welcome to the club." there are currently 900 veterans living in care facilities throughout nevada. the adorable little girl who squeezed a few lemons to give something sweet to our police... now has plans to pay it forward again..... three-year-old "theresa babcock's " lemonade stand is back in business. this time she is working to help police k-9s. she hopes to raise enough money to get them more protective vests. theresa will open up shop on august 23-rd at "kangamoo
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it's on sunset road-- across from the airport. last month-- she raised more than 13 hundred dollars for our local officers. as fans wait for the big reveal-- for the name of the new nhl franchise-- more people are tossing out ideas for the potential name. today-- complete hockey news tweeted out that the search had been narrowed down to three names... they were desert hawks, red hawks or the nighthawks. team owner bill foley has remained tight- lipped... but says an announcement is expected some time next month. las vegas is working to bring the oakland raiders to the valley... and according to the reno gazette journal-- executives with the team are trying to speed up the process. they met with legislators in reno to explain their proposal, which calls for 750 million dollars in public funding. lawmakers would have to approve any plan to raise hotel room taxes to finance the venue. the execs were scouting for sites for a training camp... the mountain ridge all stars are just a few games away from a trip to the little
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the team will take on southern california the semi finals in the western region tournament... tomorrow night in san bernardino.... at six. if they win that game-- they'll play for the regional championship on saturday. the little league world series is august 18th through the 2th in williamsport pennsylvania. a man is dead after an early morning hit and run crash... the driver returns to the scene an hour later... the message police have for the public tonight.... a day of fun.... takes a tragic turn... another injury at a water park-- in less than a week.... this time... a boy thrown from a rollercoaster. we have the
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but in washington, congressman joe heck supports privatizing it... turning our savings over to wall street... and risking it on the stock market. heck's plan means billions more in fees for wall street. and they've donated over half a million dollars to his campaigns. those numbers speak for themselves. joe heck is a threat to a secure retirement, because he's part of the problem in washington. afscme people is responsible
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this is fox5 news at 10. local. las vegas. disturbing details tonight... about an attack at a local casino. the suspect's own family turned him in. a housekeeper-- at boulder station was cleaning a room... when ivon mayor walked in, beat, and sexually assaulted her last saturday. major was caught on camera.... inside
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getting on and off the elevator before and after the attack. once the images were released... mayor's mother and sister recognized him... called police... and told them where to find him. police arrested major tuesday and is scheduled to be in court tomorrow. the driver involved in an early morning-- deadly hit and run accident-- returned to the scene a short time later. police say it happened around 5:30 sahara near eastern... police say a red truck-- driven by 36-year-old victor rivera-gonzalez hit a the a 50- year-old man and took off.... that man was found by a construction worker... rivera-gonzalez then returned to the scene-- about an hour later. "i understand people are scared. when something like that happens it's probably pretty shocking even to the driver of the car, but the right thing to do is to immediately pull over, attempt to render aid and notify law enforcement and call 911. " police say the victim was in or
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crash... and driver was not impaired. a man was hit and killed last night while walking along boulder highway near nellis . metro says the man was in a crosswalk... but against a dont walk sign. fox 5s cyndi lundeberg joins us now live from the newsroom with more on what happenned.. investigators say the 60 year old man was killed just after 11 last night... we went back to the scene today with erin breen... she is the vulnerable road users project director for unlv... and has extensive knoweldge on pedestrian deaths. she says she belives the man was walking from one side to the other and may have run out of time. pedestrians get 30 seconds to cross this stretch of road.. if they dont make it theyre forced to stand in the middle. breen says most people dont stop and just keep going... she says boulder highway needs major changes. " we culd redevelop boulder high and make it a street thats friendly to all road users so
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goal " the driver in this... stayed on scene. today when we were there you could see where the car began to brake... and how far it took it to stop and it was hundreds of feet. in december i interviewed ndot about the changes coming to boulder highway. they told me they were going ot be adding flashing lights and beacons to cross walks to warn drivers when people are in the road. they said it would take six months... as of right no projects are still not done. live in the newsroom cyndi lundeberg fnnll. ndot says they have lowered the speed limit on boulder highway from 55 miles an hour to 45. they say they are currently in the process of a three million dollar project which they will begin in summer 2017. the virginia teen who scaled the trump tower with suction cups has been charged.
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stephen rogata faces reckless endangerment and criminal trespassing charges. n-y-p-d officers pulled him into the building after he reached the 21st floor. rogata was taken to a hospital for a psychological evaluation. the day before-- he had posted a video to youtube-- saying he was an independent researcher-- and had something important to discuss with mr. trump. police say he had a history of problems at home. according to a police report-- he ran away from home in 2014 after an argument with his parents over a political blog. for the second time in less than a week-- there has been an accident at a water park. a little boy fell from a roller coaster at the idlewild and soakzone amusement park near ligonier, pennsylvania it happened this afternoon-- the little boy was riding the roller coaster with his brother and the ride was about halfway through when it happened. and according to a dispatcher, the boy was conscious when he was airlifted to the hospital.. people at the park say it was chaotic.... and confusing. 46-55 we did hear
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didn't know what was going on. we were talking to other guests in the park and they were saying someone fell off the rollercoaster. " 28-35 i can't confirm everything , i don't have the exact location on the ride but it was in the middle part of the rollercoaster ride." the rollercoaster the boy was on-- was a wooden coaster built in 1938. it was inpected as early as this morning. the accident comes days after a 10-year old boy was decapitated on a waterslide in kansas. two of the three girls who fell about thirty feet wheel at a tennessee county fair have been released from the hospital. the ten year old and the 16-year old suffered minor injuries... a six year old remains hospitalized in critical condition. private inspectors believe a mechanical failure likely caused the gondola to flip over. a judge has ruled the man accused of killing three people at a planned parenthood clinic in colorado is incompetent to stand trial. robert lewis dear faces 179 felony counts, including
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charges. earlier this year-- dear admitted guilt and refused to acknowledge his public defender. dear has been held at a mental health institution since then. he cannot enter a plea in the case -- so it's not clear if or when he'll stand trial... he is due back in court in november. the federal government says marijuana is a dangerous substance. and today, the drug enforcement administration decided to not reclassify the drug. the d-e-a said it will not approve the use of mari medical purposes. the agency consulted with the health and human services agency... and says its therapeutic value has not been scientifically proven. the director of marijuana business daily--says the u.s. is "way behind" the rest of the world on the issue. "walsh says: "more than half the country has legalized medical marijuana. there are a million plus patients in these states that are using it on a consistent basis to help with hiv/aids, and glaucoma, and
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general pain. there are tens of thousands of doctors recommending medical marijuana in these states yet the federal government refuses to say there are any medical benefits. " the federal classification is independent of state regulation. with alaska, colorado, washington, oregon, and the district of columbia legalizing possession and half the states adopting medical marijuana laws including here in nevada. the national guard has been called in to help battle the so burning in california. "we're out there patrolling dozer lines, to make sure nothings crossing over, actually going into the black areas and putting out little hot spots." " the governor of california issued a state of emergency after the fire started in july. after receiving orders by governor brown about 150 army national guard members are now working to gain control of the fire. they're stationed on the north- eastern portion of the fire...while the more experienced fire crews are actively fighting the flames to the
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these national guardsmen and women have 29-day orders. they will be actively fighting the fires for two weeks...then governor jerry brown can decide if their help is needed again later. after an outage caused cancellations and days of delays.... delta airlines is back up and flying on its regular schedule. the atlanta-based carrier canceled nearly 2-thousand flights following a computer outage on monday. many vacations and business trips were affected by issue. delta is trying to affected by waiving rebooking fees and offering 200-dollar vouchers to people whose flights were delayed more than 3-hours. southwest airlines had a similar computer issue last month... the airline was forced to cancel two thousand flights. the outage cost southwest 54 million dollars. southwest blamed a router failure for the outage and subsequent days of delays. the popular main street electrical parade at disney... is going dark. the company-- pulling the plug
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parade-- on october ninth. the parade features a half a million l-e-d lights. it will then have a limited run at disneyland in california early next year. disney has not said what - if anything - will replace the parade. disney is also discontinuing another night-time parade -- paint the night -- on september 5th. the fox5 surprise squad is back again - this time helping with "back to school"! "she wants me to go to school and have a better life" see as they help local alberston shoppers fill their carts and get much needed school supplies - next! your fox5 weather 24/7 forecast is coming up next the las vegas night owls.. the las vegas nighthawks.. some of the names for our new hockey team.. and we have more
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i got shot down over vietnam and spent eleven months in a pow camp. what donald trump said about our members of the military being captured is a disgrace. a i like people that weren't captured. when you fly over enemy territory, the odds might be against you being able to come home. donald the's unfit to beerstand the weight president. americans into harm's way.
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the fox5 surprise squad is powered by united nissan and america first credit union. parents know the pain-- back to school shopping is expensive. but some local albertsons' shoppers got a huge discount-- as dave hall and fox5's surprise squad not only filled up their carts but backpacks.
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closed captioning will resume shortly closed captioning will resume shortly at fox5-s-squad-- plus on our fox5 facebook page. now fox5 weather 24/7, with chief meterologist ted pretty the warmup begins on friday with 104 a few clouds and
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the weekend, we'll see 108 on saturday, 110 on sunday. we'll continue the heat with 109 for monday afternoon. the record highs for sunday and monday are at 111 set in 2002. we will pick up slight shower chances by wednesday and thursday next week. the average high
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the warmup begins on friday with 104 a few clouds and light breezes. for the weekend, we'll see 108 on saturday, 110 on sunday. we'll continue the heat with 109 for monday afternoon.
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for sunday and monday are at 111 set in 2002. we will pick up slight shower chances by wednesday and thursday next week. the average high next week is 102. closed captioning will resume shortly we did a piece on neighbors worried about coyotes.. and their fear over losing a family pet to the predator.. minnie tells us that the coyote problem is mostly our doing
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owner bill foley said to have made his decision on a name for the team.. he said it'll involve a bird.. and maybe the word nights.. we h ave more callers on what they think the name should be in just a moment.. but first we have clinton and trump supporters defending their candidates after a contentious week.. just today trump said president obama and clinton founded isis by
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bill foley, the
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owner of our new
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licensed a number of names.. one of which could be the team's new name.. here are some of your thoughts. send us your rants to the rant at or call at 702-436- 8285 here's a look at what's coming up...
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follow breaking news on eastern near sahara... where a crash involving a vehicle and a pedestrian has led to police shutting down part of the road. it's a tough -- but rewarding job... and metro police need you! they're hiring 9-1-1 dispatchers. how you can join the team... tickets are now on sale for the music festival taking over downtown next month. the life is beautiful music festival will run from september 23rd through the 25th headlining the three night event will be mumford an major lazer, g- eazy and more! the "oceans" franchise is making a comeback... but this time it will be an all- female cast. sandra bullock will star in the remake of oceans eleven. the all-star cast also includes cate blanchette, helena bonham carter and mindy kaling. producers are still negotiating roles for anne hathaway and rihanna. oceans eight will be about a group of crooks who pull off a major heist. a california
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job for several months. so when she finally landed the one she wanted... she needed a fun way to share the news. and she went all out-- we'll show you next. getting a job is a albertsons has everything you need, every day! the freshest food and low albertsons prices. and right now you can save even more during our huge anniversary sale. happy anniversary to me. get pepsi, 12-pack 12-ounce cans,
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pretty big deal... especially when the offer comes after month of searching. one california woman was so excited she did an engagement- like shoot to share the news with family and friends--- benita abraham took photos traditionally seen after someone accepts a marriage proposal... but instead of the story of an engagement.... the pictures told the story of her accepting a new job. she posted the pictures to her facebook page with the hashtag.. not-just-for- babies-marriages- and-birt
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live from las vegas it's time for fox5 news at 11. it's been a deadly day on valley roads. two pedestrians have been killed... and police are on the scene of another crash involving a pedestrian. a housekeeper at boulder station -- beat and sexually assaulted while on the job. fox five has new information about what happened... the suspect. " i need ambulance in front of paris immediately..." 9-1-1 dispachers answer nearly seven-thousand calls a day... to help people in serious situations. now they need to hire more 9-1-1 operators. how you can apply. we start tonight breaking news. metro police have a section of eastern closed


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