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tv   FOX5 News This Morning  FOX  February 11, 2016 4:30am-5:00am PST

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see you next time. fox5 news this morning starts right now local parents suing the clark county school district. this after a teacher is arrested for molesting his students. why they say the district is repeatedly putting kids in danger. nevada rancher cliven bundy behind bars this morning. as the final four protesters are expected to surrender. why he's facing federal charges this morning. "whoever broke in to the nest..please turn yourself in." volunteers at a local food bank in shock. after they say someone broke in and took food not once but multiple times. good morning i'm maria silva. i'm dave hall. now it's time to get a first look at your fox5 weather 24-7 forcast... meteorologist cassandra jones
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good morning i'm cassandra jones with fox5. we'll see highs in the mid-70s through saturday with a brief temperature drop for valentine's day sunday and presidents day monday. full sun with very light breezes expected in the afternoons also through the end of the week and the weekend. our next increase in clouds looks to be next tuesday and wednesday with mountain showers in the slight category. average high is 62 degrees. here's your fox5 traffic solutions here is a look at your drive here are the accidents to watch out and alternate routes you can use listed on our maps here are the construciton areas to look out for and
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here are your photos for the day back to the news desk. new this morning. the dramatic standoff between a militia group -- and the f-b-i in oregon-- may soon be over. nevada rancher cliven bundy is in jail this morning... he's facing federal charges in relation to a standoff with authorities at his ranch in 20-14 over unpaid grazing fees. the final four protesters are expected to surrender in just a few hours. federal agents--moving in on the wildlife holdup-- where an armed militia has been since january 2nd-- protesting federal land policies. ammon and ryan bundy-- remain behind bars for helping orchestrate the standoff. fox5's nick lagrange is following this story for us-- and will continue to update you as the
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through out the morning. children molested by the very person meant to educate them, now their parents are suing clark county school district, because they say the sexual abuse could have been avoided... fox5's miguel martinez-valle talked to the parent's lawyer. in 2008 school teacher jerimiah mazo was charged with sexually abusing his students at simmons elementary school, the case was dismissed... and clark county transferred mazo to hayden elementary... now their being sued by the victim's parents. " we want to make sure this never, ever happens to someone elses child in our community." jerimiah mazo is facing up to 60 years in prison for sexually abusing some of his students, but parents of the victims don't think he's the only one to blame. " they made a huge huge mistake here, by just trying to sweep this under
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they think clark county school district could have prevented the whole thing, seeing as mazo was accused of the same crime just years earlier.. " this defense that clark county school district keeps putting out there that well, the criminal court dismissed these charges in 2008 there's nothing we can do, that position in robert eglet is leading the case against the district, he say's there's no way of knowing exactly how many children were victims of mazo or the phsycological effects the abuse will have on the kids who have come forward. " they've said they dont want to have children, because they dont want this to happen to one of their children." he says the school district should have done more to prevent this from happening...includin g conducting a private investigation into mazo's earlier case, and notifying the parents about his accused history... " at a very minimum, at a very minimum, they could have transfered him to a position where he didnt have access to be able to do this to other young children."
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but eglet and the parents he represents hope the lawsuit will lead the school district to change their current policies, and prevent more kids from falling victim to abuse. " year after year after year, there is an incident in our school district like this." we did reach out to clark county school distirst for their side of the story, they said they do not comment on pending litigation. miguel martinez- valle, fox5 news local. las vegas. mazo was originally facing 32 counts of child molestation, last year he plead guilty to three lesser counts of attempted lewdness with a child so he could avoid trial . police are trying to figure out what happened before they say a woman pulled the trigger killing her boyfriend. it happened outside a home near lone mountain and cliff shadows. they say it started out as a fight between the couple and ended with the woman shooting the man. when officers arrived they found the man's body in the drive way, they say he was shot in the
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police say the woman told an officer she was the victim of domestic violence. no arrests have been announced at this point. "we have a few police officers who live around the neighborhood... we all walk our dogs across the street and we've never had this kind of problem ever. we've lived here seven years." some witnesses told police they saw the couple fighting, before they heard that fatal shot fired. a man and a teenage girl are critically injured, after getting shot by suspects who broke in their home. the home invasion happened yesterday morning around four-40 inside a gated comunity near town center and 215. police say the suspects took off before they got there. detectives found a gun across the street at a park, and they believe it was involved in the crime. police say the victims and suspects likely know each other. "neighbors in the area should feel comforted in that fact that we don't have somebody randomly going out and targeting residents in the middle of the night
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police aren't releasing information on who they are looking for right now. if you saw anything in either of these shootings, call crime stoppers at 702-385-55-55. a grow house was busted in a neighborhood where people say not a lot of crime happens. "everyone watches out for everybody. for something like this to happen, what a shock. it's crazy " metro says they got a call to go to the home near pecos and hacienda around ten a-m yesterday. after someone who went to the house to do work noticed the plants. police found several marijuana plants inside the house. they didn't say who lived in the house, or if anyone has been arrested. the democratic presidential candidates prepare to face off in yet another debate. bernie sanders and hillary clinton will go head to head in milwaukee before making their way here to nevada. on the republican side... two more gop candidates drop out of the race. new jersey governor chris
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called it quits. christie came in 6th place in new hampshire's primary with just seven percent of the vote, and fiorina finished in seventh. nevada is "first in comes to the caucus. could lose that status, if not enough people come out to month. reno gazette, part of the problem is not enough part in the 2008 less than 45 thousand people times, compared to 120 thousand democrats. there are also concerns that having a caucus tuesday night might make it difficult for some republicans to participate. here's those dates you need to know: the democratic caucus is on saturday february 20th. and the republican caucus follows on tuesday february 23rd. on registered republicans and democrats can caucus. republicans must register by this saturday if they want to take part. democrats have until the day of their caucus to register... and they can do that on site.
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practicing how to caucus ... so they know what to do on the big day. "you need to know what is going to happen at the caucus, make sure everything is done properly, no mistakes, things go smoothly. the more prepared you are, the smoother it will go and the less time it will take. " bernie sanders' henderson officice held a caucus training event last night. there are a few more mock caucus events planned before the real thing. we have some of those upcoming training sessions on the links page of our website, fox5vegas dot com. a community organization designed to help people in need.... has been the source of multiple break ins. as fox5's abby theodros shows us... the director of bailey's community nest is making a plea to the public. charmaine coleman, bailey's nest beneficiary its just sickening. why steal it when you can come in and stand in line and get it for free you know? charmaine coleman says she still can't believe someone could break-in and steal from a community agency that does so much good in the
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coleman: i have children and i have a grandchild and im disabled so food stamps run slim and when youre hurting for food and you come here you get vegetables, you get milk, you get things that you really need and i benefit from it very gratefully and a lot. baileys community nest serves many people like coleman who live in and around the eastern ridge. however - in the last two weeks they've experienced a string of thefts that have depleted their food supply. in a face book post director sherry koch said most recently - someone stole 10 cases of turkey breast lunch meat and 20 cases of sports drinks. fox 5 wasn't allowed on the bailey middle school campus where the pantry is located but parents familiar with the service say there are security cameras on site - that they hope recorded the theft. richard hodnett has a daughter who volunteers with the pantry - he says campus security has been investigating and believe more than one person is behind the break in
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ms student they said there was a strange car out back with three guys in it and they took off when the security was out there so idk what's going on. as the community waits for answers- volunteers like dawn hodnett say this... dawn hodnett, 4th grade volunteer: it really feels bad for me because its like someone taking away something that really belongs to you. whoever broke in to the nest..please turn yourself in. abby theodros fox5 news local las vegas. protestors had a clear message for n-v energy... about solar power. " what we're doing here is saying we the people of nevada are opposed to this decision, we want solar, we want jobs, and we want clean energy." a group called "bring back solar" projected messages on top of nv energy's building last night. some of the protesters were former solar employees, others were customers angry their rates are going up. the group plans to drive around with their projector nightly to share their message, it wasn't a thing
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the rebels rally to get a much needed win... hilites next. "i realized he saved me i thanked him a bunch. " a brave fifth grader jumped in to action to save his friends life. what happened that has his school calling him
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now fox weather 24/7 with cassandra jones good morning i'm cassandra jones with fox5. we'll see highs in the mid-70s through saturday with a brief temperature drop for valentine's day sunday and presidents day monday. full sun with very light breezes expected in the afternoons also the week and the increase in clouds looks to be next tuesday and wednesday with
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in the slight category. average
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traffic solutions here is a look at your drive here are the accidents to watch out and alternate routes you can use listed on our maps here are the construciton areas to look out for and alternate routes listed on our maps here are your photos for the day back to the news desk. it's getting so bad for the rebels... they may need maria to play power forward... they cobbled together enough guys last night to eek out a win... fox5's kevin bolinger has highlights. closed captioning will resume closed captioning will resume closed captioning
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you can catch
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this sunday on the rebzone at 11, right after fox5 news at 10. a local fifth grader is honored for saving his friend's life. "when you make a very special decision in life it
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that's what we are here today to do." yesterday schorr elementary honored gabriel wallace in front of the entire school. when gabriel saw his friend kyle choking during lunch one day, he quickly jumped into action and performed the hemlich maneuver "well i saw that he was choking, but i really thought it was a joke. and then i did that and i realized he spit the food out and then i realized he was actually choking." "it felt scary. i couldn't breath. my throat started to get sore a lot. i couldn't really move." i realized he saved me i thanked him a bunch. thank you a lot for saving my life both gabriel and kyle also got a special v-i-p pass to shark reef. and... his mom says this is a great gift
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because his favorite animal is a great white shark. working overtime. a new fitness tracker proved to be serve more than one purpose. how it helped one couple discover they needed to
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this weekend! ethel m's is inviting you to take a romantic stroll through the cactus garden. the valentine's display is free and open to the public. more than 200 thousand sparkling lights are draped across three acres of cacti. the garden is open until eight tonight . tomorrow, saturday, and sunday, the garden is open until ten.
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couple decided 2016 was their year to get in shape. the pair got fitbits in hopes of being more active. both of them checked the data several times daily... excited to to track their progess... after a several weeks.... the wife started having an issue... her resting heart rate was extremely high. so her husband got on an online forum-- to see if any other users were experiencing a similar problem. but that's when someone suggested she might be pregnant.... the couple had been trying for some time with no luck.... so the news.... was the best possible senario. they are due in october. plenty more straight ahead on fox5 news this morning... including this... nevada rancher cliven bundy is in jail this morning...
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major developments in the ongoing oregon occupation... we'll get you the latest update in minutes. iron-boy to the rescue. see how this young superhero is saving sydney. plus the big thank you he received from one of the "avengers"
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an incident in our school district like this." parents are furious... and fed up... after a series of sexual abuse charges against local teachers... see why they say the school district is to blame. the standoff at an oregon wildlifre refuge might finally be over. when the occupiers are expected to surrender. plus, why nevada rancher cliven bundy was arrested at an oregon airport. they needed duct tape... scotch tape... and some super glue... but they got er' done... the runnin' rebels get a desperately needed win.
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