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tv   FOX5 News at 1100pm  FOX  February 2, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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highlights and postgame reaction coming up. " " this is fox5 news at 11. local las vegas. when you call 9- 1-1 you expect an immediate response. but today... that wasn't the case. i'm john huck. i'm elizabeth watts in for christine. metro's emergency call system went down this afternoon... for nearly 7 hours... and the department diverted the calls to other dispatch centers. juan juarez/fire victim i called them at 601 601 again 601 602 603 604 when disaster strikes you call 9-1-1... and that's what juan juarez did when his house caught fire... near charleston and lamb. but unfortunately tuesday around 3:30 metro's communications center went down... and he didn't get an answer right away... juan juarez/fire victim me and several neighbors tried to call 911 howeer their system was down they were not picking up i could only hear beeping sounds. metro says all emergency calls
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automatically sent to henderson and north las vegas dispatch centers.. which causes callers to experience longer than normal delays in getting an answer. officer larry hadfield/ when we have critical infrastructure go down we have contingency plans in place where we'll send employees that work at our center to the other dispact centers in the valley to receive those calls. metro alone gets about three thousand calls a day on average...and we're told eight metro dispatchers were deployed... metro says no matter what someone will answer when you call and help will be on the way. other centers in town say this doesn't happen often... but they train for this just in case. brian rogers/community ambulance we practice all the time for something, a catastrophe that can happen in the community whatever that may be a plane crash to terrorist attack. dispatch centers do the same thing. they've drilled on this theyve done this. juarez can't believe this happened today of all days and feels very let down... his family also lost a dog in the fire... juan juarez/fire victim anxiety anger thinking about the
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about my sister how to tell her about our dog that died. metro says this is obviously not something they ever want to happen and can't apologize enough. officer larry hadfield/ i just want to make it clear that we're very sorry to the persons in our community that are affected by this problem that we'er having and it's the sheriff's number one priority to get this fixed. 3-1-1 was down and people got a busy signal until it was resolved. as always... citizens are asked only to call 9-1-1 for true emergencies... life threatening situations and crimes in progress. a 26- year- old father shot and killed in front of his 4-year- old- daughter. tonight the man's loved ones held a vigil fox 5's miguel martinez-valle joins us live near green valley and sunset with how his loved ones are remembering the father. haney was shot and killed in this general area after police say he was trying to hand his daughter over to her mother... it was the mothers boyfriend that shot him 6 times
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police report... one man was driving by and says he saw the whole thing... " " i saw the guy running and a lady running back to his vehicle, they stood there looking at the body and jumped in the car and sped off." " eventually caught by henderson police, theyre now behind bars... haney's friends and family laid candles and balloons where his body fell just yesterday... " we out here with is johnny, y'all will never understand the pain were feeling, to come here and
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bring him back he gone..." two days after johnny haney celebrated his 26th birthday.. his family and friends are forced to come together to mourn his death. " i have no feelings right now, like i said its not even believable to me, im thinking my brother gonna call me in the morning and ask me what im doing and what i cooked, its just no feelings nothing can describe it." haney was killed while he was handing his 4- year-old daughter over to her mother krystal guice, police say he was shot six times in the face and the back by guice's boyfriend, deonte coleman. both coleman and guice are now in jail. johnnys loved ones hope its for the long run... " i hope they rott, thats what they get, and shes stupid because now her kids aint gonna have no parents." the shooting happened right in front of haney's daughter... police say the 4-year-old told detectives " tae shot my dad and killed him" she's now with child protective services... " i hurt for her, i hurt for her, because she knew her daddy, she
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a four year old that knows her daddy that well... she's never gonna be right." for johnnys friends and family, gathering in the place their loved one lost his life was emotional, but it also served as an opportunity to remember their loved one... someone they call the life of the party. " goofy, happy, hyper,he was the hyperest man youll ever meet in your life, he cant be still he wont sit still he dont know how to sit still, he wants to make everybody laugh, hes like the class clown. he was special to me...." many here tonight say haney's death doesnt feel real for them... they also say they dont understand guice and colemans actions, since now a 4 year old girl is left without a father and with a mother in jail... live, miguel martinez-valle, fox 5 news. local. las vegas. this shooting marked the second homicide of the year for henderson police department... both guice and coleman were arrested for murder with a
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a follow up to a story we told you last night about a road rage situation caught on camera... where a driver is seen pointing a gun at a biker after he knocked on his window. the driver is sharing his side of the story with fox5... and says there's a lot more to this video. i felt surrounded and threatened, it was an issue. the driver of this red truck told us anonymously that nearly a dozen motorcyclists were riding around him on boulder highway. you see the second three minutes of it, there's about 3 or 4 minutes of what they didn't show motorcycles being erratic and causing issues in traffic. one of our guys went off the dirt the rider who filmed the incident and also wants to remain anonymous dust up involving another rider and a blue suv. nats of riders/blue suv hand signals, laughter and a back driver evident in didn't involve the red truck until- one of them leaned against my truck on the front of it, when he left he nudged the truck with his foot peg or
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truck a little bit, and then he popped wheely's taking off and about wrecked right in front of my vehicle, and that undoubtedly is where it began. it's at that point, the driver who has a concealed weapons license is infuriated. when i get up to the next light the guy's got me distracted on the left hand side on the passenger side and then this other individual comes up knocking on my, beating on my passenger door get the gun why you flipping me off i didn't do nothing crossing traffic etc undoubtedly it startled me and i pulled my gun out and i was prepared for him, and it's just that simple. sot i didn't really think it was gonna escalate to what it did he said that your hand was on the trigger- yes it was, and it was there for a reason. if i had issues i was gonna use it. i have a concealed handgun license, i've been trained to use it and i will. both men accuse each other of provoking the other one- but in hindsight,
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done differently that's literally the first time i've gone up to somebodys window in traffic like that and it will be the last if the same situation happened i'd pull it again. the driver of the red truck says he and his passengers filled out reports this morning with henderson police-as did the motorcycle rider. henderson police say they are investigating both sides, and so far, no charges have been filed. police are looking for a man who broke into a home, and the woman who acted as his get-a-way driver. take a look at these pictures... metro says back on january 14th, a man stole items from a house near north grand canyon drive and lone mountain road. he was seen in this car before and after the burglary, following around mail carriers in the area. police believe both suspects may be stealing from mailboxes. metro says the car is a mid 2000's lexus crossover s-u-v, and it was stolen from its owner. and check out these very clear pictures of a man police say robbed a bank on saturday. this was at village center circle near town
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suspect stole some money and took off. no one was hurt. if you know who either of these suspects are, call crime stoppers at 702-385-55-55. if you know who this is, call crimestoppers at ten years in the works, is opening this year. "henry's place" is a labor of love to remember a metro sergeant killed in the line of duty. it's truly a blessing that so many people remember what henry did, honor his sacrifice, and want to be involved in something that will change kids' lives from this community . " this week marks the 10th anniversary of sergeant henry prendes death. he was shot and killed while helping a domestic violence victim. his widow dawn tells us all of the underground work is done for the cedar city camp. there will be fundraisers this year for money to build a lodge... but in the meantime, kids will camp in existing buildings. more changes are coming to how people park at the m-g-m resorts international properties. the company
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out its valet to a company called "s-p-plus" out of chicago. the company says more than 400 full and part-time valet employees can transfer to s-p-plus. they'll get the same benefits and compensation they received from m- g-m resorts. the transition will happen within 60 days. last month, m-g-m resorts announced it would start charging guests for valet and self-parking. an exciting night in new mexico... the runnin' rebels take on the lobos... in a game where every second counted. fox5's kevin bolinger is with the team tonight in albuquerque and has your highlights. closed captioning will resume shortly
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closed captioning will resume shortly closed captioning will resume shortly kevin will sit down with coach simon to break down the game... sunday night on the reb zone... following fox5 news at ten. a debate sparks again in southern nevada... on whether pet stores should only sell rescue animals. " we should be able to have the choice,
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situation " the area of our valley considering following the city of las vegas... in putting tight restrictions on local pet shops. eagles and hawks are killed in nevada... and their body parts are harvested. what investigators say feathers are being used for... and how there's a more humane option for those who want them. your fox5 weather 24/7 forecast is coming up next your fox5 weather
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the sound of the wind. the warmth of the sun. the smell of the earth. even the rumble of a tractor. we'd love to put all this inside every can of progresso soup. but since we can't bring you the entire farm, the least we can do is bring you the best, tastiest vegetables. make it progresso. (singing) i just n't wait to meet you,
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on the way, i'm filled with expectation, and you're growing everyday... (instrumental) an arizona man is behind bars... for the deaths of a hawk and two eagles from elko. but he says he took wings and feathers from the birds, for ceremonial reasons. "dana morley mcivor" is being held on six counts of illegally
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from hawks, and for killing eagles. officials found cartridges, wings, and 124 feathers... which could be worth as much as 10 thousand dollars. eagle feathers are sometimes sold and traded illegally for native american ceremonies. wildlife officials say they provide feathers to native american groups, so there's no need to kill protected animals. two north las vegas k-9 officers are in a contest, to win bullet proof vests. we met the dogs today, and their handlers tell us why extra protection is needed. " he's deployed in all different areas of the department. he'll go out and search with swat, goes out and does searches with patrols, he's basically the first line out there. when patrol calls us, he's the first one making entry inside the houses. " "bobby" and "boris" serve the north las vegas community, searching for people and evidence. their handlers would like them to have the vests, which cost
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hundred dollars. we have information on the contest on the links page of our website, fox5 vegas dot com. the city of las vegas recently made the decision to only sell rescue dogs, cats, and pot-bellied pigs in pet stores. now, clark county is considering the same move. " does it really make sense to keep producing a product which there's already such a surplus, that thousands are being killed every single day." clark county commissioners discussed a possible ordinance today. some commisioners worry they can't legally ban a store from selling the animals they want to have in their shops. but everyone should be more efforts to ban puppy mills and tighten up rules for rescue groups. punxsutawney phil didn't see his shadow today... so it might be an early spring! here in southern nevada... we're waiting to see has to say about our valley's warmer weather. kind of gets yanked out of his burrow or hole in punxsutawyney. we allow max to come out when hes
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mojave max is a desert tortoise that lives at red rock. kids in grades k- through-12 enter a contest to guess when he comes out of his winter burrow. he wakes up anywhere from february to april... when it's warm enough for him to be outside. now fox5 weather 24/7 with les krifaton ((weather)) chilly temperatures linger for one more day then we will gradually warm to above seasonal temperatures by sunday. we have a fast moving low approaching us. clouds will begin to return to the valley wednesday into thursday. also breezy conditions will return wednesday afternoon. behind
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pushing our daytime and nighttime temperatures up several degrees for the rest of the week. chilly temperatures linger for one more day then we will gradually warm to above seasonal temperatures by sunday. we have a fast moving low approaching us. clouds will begin to return to the
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breezy conditions will return wednesday afternoon. behind the low a ridge will start building pushing our daytime and nighttime temperatures up several degrees for the rest of the week. closed captioning
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o-j simpson is speaking out on a mini-series about his murder trial. the complaint he has about the show... before he's actually seen it. the caucus in iowa gives major directions to candidates on how they should be campaigning. what hillary clinton says she learned from last night... and what you need to know before going to
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) "i am so thrilled to be coming to new hampshire after winning iowa!" " iowa's democratic party officially announced hillary clinton won the democratic caucus... but just barely. bernie sanders was behind her by only three-tenths of a percent. clinton acknowledged she didn't win voters under 30... who flocked to caucus for sanders. republican donald trump and marco rubio a few trump told decision to skip the last debate may have cost him the candidates are now focusing on new
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held next tuesday. hampshire, nevada will hold the first democrats will chose their candidate on saturday, february 20th. that one starts at 11 a-m. february 23rd, republicans will caucus stations between five and seven p-m. you will receive information in the your caucus station is. more nevadans vote right before according to nevada's secretary of state's office... both democrats and republicans added about seven thousand new voters. democrats have the largest number of voters, at 471 thousand in our state... followed by republicans and non-partisans. if you want to take part in the caucus, you have to register as either a republican or democrat. a 10-part series on f-x tells the story of o-j simpson's 1995 murder acquttal. the formal football star isn't worried about how he's portrayed by cuba gooding junior... but he's upset about how his
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an attorney for simpson says he cochran, and says he wasn't portrayed fairly. to see "the people awhile... as nevada prisons don't cary the f-x network. simpson is an inmate at the lovelock correctional center for his kidnapping and armed robbery conviction. he's eligible for parole in 2017. if you or someone you know needs a if you or someone you know needs a job... listen up. we'll tell you some of the companies holding a job fair tomorrow, and where you need to go. with 40 megs of internet speed from centurylink, a family of four can all be online at the same time, streaming, gaming, or downloading movies.
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but i think hair and makeup went a little too far. yeah, that's not working. i much prefer the two-day beard, horn-rimmed glasses, just-slept-in-his-car kinda thing. yeah, i miss the rumpled crazy uncle look. okay. be "paul giamatti." that's the essence of this role. feel like a hollywood insider
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