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tv   FOX5 News at 1100pm  FOX  January 25, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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home. what else police found in the home... and what homeowners need to do if they suspect they have unwanted guests. relief may be on the way... for solar customers frustrated by the p-u-c's decision to increase their rates. what n-v energy announced today that could mean lower fees. this is fox5 news at 11. local las vegas. we're starting off with breaking news at 11. metro police are investigating a crash that left one person dead and two others injured. i'm christine maddela. i'm john huck. this happened around 7-30, at lamb and craig. police say two cars collided... after one car turned left on a green light into another one. "there's some confusion about this light being a permissive green light. other lights in the neighborhood have flashing yellow lights, that's been the trend. " one of the cars hit a light pole and landed on its roof. a passenger was killed, the others were taken to the hospital. police say so far,
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involved. a grisly murder in north las vegas. police say a man killed his girlfriend with other people inside the home.. here's a look at marland jackson.. arrested this morning. fox five's elizabeth watts spoke with long time neighbors today.. she's live at the city jail with more on what happened. the suspect locked up here tonight... police say marland jackson stabbed his girlfriend multiple times with a sharpening tool... and then later called police to explain what happened.. valorie daguro/neighbor they keep to selves theyre hi and bye valorie daguro's home has been in her family more than 25 years... and her next door neighbors have been the same for about the same amount of time.. valorie daguro/neighbor jack and his son devonte.. and the mother.. i dont know her name. and on monday she found out someone was murdered in that home.. north las vegas police got the call before ten monday morning.. when they arrived hey found a woman's body inside.. they were able to quickly arrest the suspect in the area.. but they say
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home when it officer aaron patty multiple people living in home. there were people inside at the time detectives doing them as well. property home has belonged to haley wilma jean... since 1974.. we approached some folks coming in and out of the arrived- but they didn't want to speak about the victim or situation at this time. vickie garcia/neighbor they're really nice people they do have parties they do get loud but it's a party there's a lot of people in and out there just like any other homes have parties get loud and a lot of people in and out like any other home the neighbors say they never witnessed any violence... but daguro did wake up to some noise overnight monday.. valorie daguro/neighbor at 430 in the morning i heard people throwing a lot of stuff in the trash can and comotion, but didn't notice anything. that's all i heard. daguro just can't believe what happened in the house next door.... valorie daguro/neighbor i'm really sad i'm shocked. jackson has been booked for opepe murder. the victims identity and cause of death will be released by the
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ffn llv. this is the second homicide of the year in north las vegas. it's taken police a few days to figure out the name of the suspect they say pointed a gun at people on the strip friday. today, metro announced his name is khaleal black. police say on friday night, black walked in and out of traffic while waving a gun. they say he refused to obey officer george smith's commands, and the officer shot at him. black wasn't hit, but two bystanders, including a child, were grazed by bullets. black is now facing several felony charges. he's known on the strip as someone who regularly sells shirts to tourists. smith has been with metro since 2005 and is assigned to the tourist safety division area command. a teacher at valley high school is accused of a sex act with a student. according to the clark county justice court website, jillian lafave was taken into custody last week for having sex with a student. lafave's attorney,
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says lafave has been suspended without pay. a former pastor convicted of sexually abusing teenage girls in his congregation, is now on trial in henderson. otis holland was found guilty just last week at the regional justice center. he was arrested in december 2010 on charges related to sexually assaulting girls and women. now he is going through proceedings again... this time for another accuser under 16 years old from henderson. he has a preliminary hearing set for february 9th. its a problem metro says theve been dealing with a lot more in the last few years, empty homes being taken over by squatters and used as crime hubs, metro took action against one house... thats been the cause of complaints from a valley community for months fox 5's miguel martinez-valle was there and has the details for metro to be able to act against a squatter house, they have to first find the home owner and have them come forward as a victim, they say that is why it took
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against these unwanted intruders " part of the reason why i got so involved is because i want to be able to walk him in the neighborhood, and take walks and do things with my grandchildren and my pets and not worry about walking past one of the squatter houses." able to act against a squatter house, they have because i want to be able to walk him in the neighborhood, and take walks and do things with my grandchildren and my pets and not worry about walking past one of the squatter houses." its a problem this northwest valley neighborhood has been dealing with for months.. " thats one of the reasons we own fire arms, for not feeling safe, to protect ourselves and especially from situations like this" squatters, taking over empty homes, and turning them into a hub for crime... " continuous traffic, in and out, its obvious they're peddling drugs." police say their hands were tied until the homeowner stepped forward as a victim. once they did, they were finally able to take action... "we found some illegal weapons in there, we found evidence of illegal drug use, and were investigating now what we believe was a fraud lab." two of the four suspects have been taken to into custody, they are charged with unlawful
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possession of meth,. police say this wasn't their first run in with the law. " they had a significant criminal history where we had to have a tactical team serve the warrant to make it safe for us to get inside." neighbors say while they're happy this house was evicted, their squatter problem isn't over yet... "we believe there's a couple of other squatter houses in this neighborhood and we'd like them gone." theyre hoping a squatting law passed last year will help them speed up the process of evicting and charging squatters... live, miguel martinez- valle, fox5 news local. las vegas metro's asking anyone who thinks they may have people illegally living next door to report any suspicious activity. volunteers and county officials will have a good understanding of how many homeless people are in our valley... after counting as many as they can this week. the 2016 southern nevada homeless census starts tomorrow night at 11-30. it goes until seven the following
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for homeless teenagers will start. this count helps nevada get millions of dollars in grants for local programs for the homeless. last year's census found 75 hundred people staying in shelters or on the streets at least two nights in january. there might be some positive news for solar customers who are angry after the p-u-c changed net metering rates. fox 5's cyndi lundeberg shows us the latest twist to the solar debacle. 'you lied and its wrong" dozens of people packed into the public utilities comission meeting today. 'this is about whats right and whats wrong' solar customers asking the p-u-c to reconsider their decision to hike solar fees... and slash net metering rates approved earlier this month. you will not look in the mirror and say i am responsible and i am taking apart of the a huge defrauding of the american people during that meeting at town square, solar city called a meeting to talk about the very same thing. but those discussions were
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energy would not be challenging the grandfather clause. promises made should be honored and i hope you take those into consideration at the hearing, customers pleaded with the p-u-c to stand up to nv energy.... some said they paid upwards of 60 thousand dollars for solar panels.. and now cant pay back their loans. and youre saying to us screw you we dont want you anymore we can do what we want and we can the puc's decision has forced the three largest solar companies in nevada to leave... today they said they would put forth a proposal to grandfather in customers to their previous rates... we were lied to nv energy's proposal to allow customers to remain on old rules would last for 20 years. the p-u-c would have to approve their proposal... which they will discuss february 8th. faraday future is starting the process of turning a huge desert area, into
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check out these pictures the company posted to twitter. faraday says it started clearing the area in apex over the weekend. faraday is investing one billion dollars into this plant... and will employ about 45 hundred workers there. it plans to launch an electric car in 2017. las vegas has played host to the bourne movie cast and crew the last few weeks. the boost the film has been for local movie companies... and where the movie is shooting tonight. and there's less than two weeks to the super bowl! the excitement going on at the sports books... and how you can get in a great workout before consuming all those wings and chips. your fox5 weather
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you're taking a live look now at las vegas boulevard and harmon. the latest movie in the bourne franchise is filming here, and roads are shutting down for it. the aria was used last week for some movie scenes. we're hearing a major scene will also be shot at the riviera. the bourne movie shoot has been exciting for both locals and tourists, who are following the action, trying to get a glimpse at the stars. hundreds are taking it another step... and becoming extras for the movie. the movie is also great for local movie companies... who provide anything from tech support to extra staff members. there's less tax incentives now that most of the money in nevada's program was used for other projects like tesla. local companies say they'd still like to see major movies choose nevada as a backdrop, even if they don't get the same incentives they used to. " it does more than just business. it helps our crew base and helps people get jobs. keep jobs and people tend to leave when no work we all know that look at construction
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the latest bourne installment still doesn't have a name yet. matt damon stars in it, and he is one of the screenplay writers. it opens july 29th of this year. broncos taking on the panthers is the super bowl looking forward oddsmakers say people have been last year's super getting ready to welcome large crowds. football game and $20 on the game, and all of a sudden, you're the general manager, coach and quarterback. there's a lot of fun (19). " over at the south point, odds makers are working out the details on hundreds of prop bets. they say the three staple ones are always: will there be overtime? will there be a successful two point conversion? and who's going to win the coin toss? there's also an app this year so locals and visitors don't have to stand in line to place those bets. the city of santa clara has less than two weeks to get ready for super bowl 50...
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already. the n-f-l is setting up a "super bowl city" for fans, featuring two concert stages and a football field. there's a lot of construction going on, meaning plenty of road closures and detours. super bowl city opens this saturday... and more than one million people are expected to visit it. before you sit down for the big game... come join us for a pre-super bowl workout! fox5 and our take 5 to care partners are teaming up with goodie two shoes for the big game 10k run festival. you can choose your distance... and run or walk with us sunday- february 7th in downtown las vegas. john and i will be running. registration includes entrance to health expos, a tailgate and a big to health expos, a tailgate and a big game viewing party. to register, visit fox5 and click on take 5 to care. m-g-m resorts is hosting a very
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won't have to leave home to attend. the company is holding its first "virtual" fair for more than 700 seasonal poolside jobs, at all 13 of its strip resorts. you apply online, and then qualified candidates will be invited to participate in live online job interviews through a webcam or mobile device. jobs include bartenders, lifeguards, and cocktail servers. training for some of the jobs starts in february, and the pool season goes through mid-october. we have more information on how to apply on the links page of our website, fox5 vegas dot com. now fox5 weather 24..7. with chief meteorologist ted pretty a couple of cooler days for us with highs in the upper 50s tuesday, then around 60 for us on wednesday. average highs this time of the year are around 59. we'll be warmer on thursday through saturday with highs in the mid to upper 60s with a mix of sun
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we'll be up to 68 degrees on saturday, we'll also see an increase of clouds with southwest gusts to 20 mph. chances of showers get here through the day on sunday into monday with highs dropping to around 60 degrees. a couple of cooler days for us with highs in the upper 50s tuesday, then around 60 for us on wednesday. average highs this time of the year are around 59. we'll be warmer on thursday through saturday
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with a mix of sun and clouds. while we'll be up to 68 degrees on saturday, we'll also see an increase of clouds with southwest gusts to 20 mph. chances of showers get here through the day on sunday into monday with highs dropping
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closed captioning will resume shortly voters in iowa get a chance to ask their burning
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three democrats running for president. the messages they have for voters about healthcare, leadership, and raising taxes... right before the iowa caucuses. ""i think people are ready to hear something good and andrew deserves to be applauded." " a grateful mother shares her family's story... after they receive unexpected customer service in a crisis. you are watching
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(singing) i just can't wait to meet you, sweet child you're on the way, i'm filled with expectation, and you're growing everyday...
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while some areas of the east coast are bouncing back from a deadly washington d-c will be dealing with snow all "mayor muriel bowser/district of columbia): "while we have made some still a lot more to do." " the storm caused crashes and roof collapses around the east coast all weekend. at least 34 deaths have been blamed on the bad weather. washington d-c has been hit particularly hard, with schools and federal buildings shut down. 12 thousand flights have been canceled. democratic presidential candidates spoke to voters at drake university in des moines, iowa tonight voters had a chance to ask questions before the iowa caucus, the first contest of the 2016 election season.
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at cnn's democratic town hall in des moines, voters took center stage - presenting their questions to the candidates seeking the democratic presidential nomination. hillary clinton -- lead in iowa, according to the voters last. clinton took a approach attacks leveled (hillary presidential candidate) "look, i've been around a long time . people have thrown all kinds of things with me. she also reminded voters she has been working on healthcare for a voters she has been working on healthcare for a very long time. (hillary clinton/democratic presidential candidate) "when i worked on healthcare back in 93 and 94 - and i don't know if you were born then - but if you'd been around and had been able to pay attention, i was
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universal healthcare coverage working with my husband." (martin o'malley/democratic presidential candidate) martin o'malley was sandwiched in between clinton and sanders -- he had a message for his supporters "hold strong at your caucus because america is looking for a new leader. america is scanning the horizon. we can not be this fed up with our gridlocked, dysfunctional congress and think old ideologies are going to move us forward." bernie sanders kicked off the debate, and took many questions about his healthcare plans and viability as a candidate. (bernie sanders/democratic presidential candidate) "the ideas i am talking about are not radical ideas. on february first, iowa caucus goers will choose a candidate that best represents their interests. i'm kim hutcherson reporting. jeb bush is taking another trip to nevada. he's holding a
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elko... at the north-eastern nevada museum. bush has made several trips to nevada during his campaign, and this is his first for 2016. several schools across the u-s are reporting a similar threat through social media. the message tells students not to go to school because of a planned shootout. police say the message was copied and sent to other schools across the country. investigators are trying to find an i-p address to figure out who started the message. it's similair to a threat sent out earlier this school year to some areas... including clark county. c-c-s-d officials say they haven't heard of anyone receiving this recent threat. a tennessee apple employee is getting a lot of praise... for going above and beyond for a little boy with special needs. (lynnmarie rink/mother) "when you're a parent of a specials needs child you get lots of stares and you get ... some people are kind but you don't ever know what you are going to get." nine-year-old "james rink" and his mother were inside an apple store purchasing a new ipad... when he took off
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james' mother had difficulty consoling him... until an employee named andrew stepped in. andrew sat down with james and taught him how to use his ipad. james' mother posted the story to let people know how kind andrew is, and it got the attention of apple executives. students are pledging at unlv... but not to a sorority or fraternity. the movement introduced today... to encourage students to "see something, say something." with 40 megs of internet speed from centurylink, a faly of four can all be online at the same time, streaming, gaming, or downloading movies.
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but i think hair and makeup went a little too far. yeah, that's not working. i much prefer the two-day beard, horn-rimmed glasses, just-slept-in-his-car kinda thing. yeah, i miss the rumpled crazy uncle look. okay. be "paul giamatti." that's the essence of this role. feel like a hollywood insider
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to a story we've been following since friday. the wife of a retired metro officer is making some progress, since suffering complications from a rare brain condition. john sheahan posted on a support page about his wife kristi, saying she opened her eyes to watch a video of their baby. he says nurses also took her off a ventilator. kristi sheahan suffered a stroke just a day before her 42nd birthday, and doctors found a brain a-v- m. fox5 viewers may remember sgt. sheahan from our "behind the badge" segments. many community members have rallied to show support to the sheahan family. more than 300 red cross blood drives have been canceled around the country because of bad winter weather.
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anyone who can donate, to do it
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