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tv   FOX5 News This Morning  FOX  January 22, 2016 4:30am-5:00am PST

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now it's time to get a first look at your fox5 weather 24-7 forcast... meteorologist les krifaton joins us now he's in for cassandra jones. high clouds push through our area friday with high pressure holding on the rest of the afternoon. a storm system starts to slide toward us friday night and that will bring us a threat of some light drizzle in las vegas saturday afternoon into sunday morning. mount charleston is expecting some snow showers and breezy conditions from this system. by monday drier air returns. temperatures are trending from normal to average the next 7 days. here's your fox5
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here is a look at your drive here are the accidents to watch out and alternate routes you can use listed on our maps here are the construciton areas to look out for and alternate routes listed on our maps here are your photos for the day back to the news desk. metro is asking for the publics help to find a suspect they believe shot and killed a man. it happened around 9-30 last night at an apartment complex near nellis and cheyenne. officers got a call about
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when they got to the area they found a man had been hit. he was taken to umc truma where he later died. they say a man was seen jumping over the wall of the complex and getting into a white suv. police are reviewing surveillance video from the scene. if you have any information, please call crimestoppers at 702-385-55-55. a woman is behind bars for a man's shooting death. witnesses say they saw her standing over the victim right after a shot was fired, with a gun in her hand. police arrested 37-year-old michelle horn wednesday. she's facing one count of open murder, and one count of robbery with a deadly weapon. on november 21st, witnesses told police the victim, alexander nunez, got in an argument with several people this happened at an abandoned home they were all living in. nunez was shot, and police say horn and another man took off. they were later identified in a photo line-up. a former pastor could spend life in prison for sexually abusing young girls in his church. a jury found 59- year-old otis holland guilty on all charges
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lewdness, and conspiracy to destroy evidence. several women testified holland had taken advantage of them as teens. many of the families affected by this case attended the trial, and say they were relieved by the verdict. " our lives have been completely in disarray for the last little while. you put so much trust into something and somebody and it's not just a person but this is a person wrapped around faith this is a person wrapped around your belief and when you couple that with that it's one of the hardest things i've ever encountered in my life holland is the former pastor of the united faith church in henderson. he claimed the women made up stories about being abused, because they were jealous of his relationships. his sentencing is scheduled for march 16th. people on the east coast are bracing for a massive winter storm... some areas expecting as much
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snow. as reid binion explains the storm has already frozen air travel for airports across the region. (gov. pat mccrory/north carolina) "well, winter has finally arrived in north carolina." ...and south carolina... ...and georgia... virginia... ...maryland york... ...and virtually every other state along the eastern seaboard... 75 million people between the mississippi river to maine are facing potentially record-breaking winter weather conditions. the massive storm set to hit the east coast today has already frozen air travel, with more than 4,000 flights cancelled so far. united airlines is suspending all flights at washington dullas international and other regional airports starting friday afternoon. (philip lowery, traveler) "i think it could be disastrous for a lot of people trying to get out of town." with the massive winter storm's cross hairs on the mid-atlantic... ...the nation's capital is still recovering from this year's first winter weather test. (jim battagliese/traffic reporter, wtop radio) "if this was a test, we failed. as soon as the snow started to fall, and there was no treatment on the road, it immediately froze." washington's mayor apologized for the snarled traffic that played out in this week's first big freeze. (mayor muriel
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washington, dc) "we are very sorry for inadequate response." but the single inch of snow and ice that caused the gridlock was nothing compared to the the icy jaugnernaut headed for d-c today... ...bringing up to 30 inches of snow by sunday. (mayor muriel bowser, washington, dc) "we will treat this event as a homeland security and emergency management event." i'm reid binion, reporting airports are also getting ready for the storm... thousands of flights have already been canceled. if you are traveling this weekend, it's important to know what's going on with your flight, before heading out to the airport. be sure to check flights online or call the airline for the latest information. former president bill clinton stumped for his wife hillary, over at the advanced technologies academy. fox5's cyndi lundeberg was there and has more on that event. "if you want to want to say yes at the end of the next term you will elect hillary" former president bill clinton spoke to a packed auditorium
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his message for voters... hillary is the candidate for nevada. - hillary will give the american dream back lifelong democrats... nats go hillary! and new voters weighed in on the former president... and his message of support for his wife... bill clinton also touched on hillarys main rival bernie sanders... "make college adorable she does not think tuition should be free for everyone 818 her main opponent says vote for me " the former president ended by urging all nevadans to get involved in the february caucuses.. if you want to say yes we're safer our
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clinton" cyndi lundeberg fox vegas. presidential candidate donald trump spoke to supporters at the "no matter where we go we're all the same no matter where we go it this it's people they love this country. " trump spent the first part of his speech targeting opponents jeb bush and senator ted cruz. he spoke about building a wall along the southern border, but says he's not opposed to immigration. trump talked about bringing jobs that have been outsourced to other countries, back to america. "we have political hacks negotiating with china, vietnam, with japan with mexico with all those countries making a fortune off our stupidity. " at one point a heckler stood up and shouted, but she was drowned out by the crowd. trump praised law enforcement and invited metro
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stage. the candidate wasn't quick to leave the valley, an awards dinner he also attended shot show. the nevada around the corner so are making sure voters understand how they work. fox5s miguel martinez valle shows us how training groups are working to inform voters and keep them engaged. they might have turned it into a game, but nevada democrats aren't playing around about getting people ready for the nevada caucus... assemblywoman olivia diaz "were first in the west and we want to make sure that everybody is ready and that everybody gets energized and motivated to attend." local representatives picked hermandad mexicana in east las vegas to show people what they can expect come february 20th. jessica cordova, "im interested in learning about the process here and i'm very excited for this." among those in the crowd, first time voters... like hector diaz... " va ser la primera
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eleccion federal," he just became a citizen and he's eager to exercise his rights.. senator mo denis " well in spanish the word caucus doesn't even exist but even in english most people don't understand what a caucus is" the event used star wars characters to show the open voting process... they then explained what was happening along the way... "you get a certain number of people then you get a certain number of delegates, if you get enough people to get at least one delegate then those folks have to move over to somebody else" their goal is to train new and latino voters, they're hoping a force awakens come caucus day. " that speaks volumes to us and i think its very important that we mobilize and that we get involved and we get motivated to go out in numbers." miguel mv fox5 news. local las vegas nevada is the third state on the democratic side and the first state in the west to hold a caucus that will happen february 20th , and the republican caucus is on february
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nevada's supreme court has important decisions to make about the state's halted school choice program. and now, attorney general adam laxalt is filing a formal request to speed up the process. the education savings account was put on hold earlier this month... just weeks before money was scheduled to start flowing to families. parents can claim more than five thousand dollars in state funds each year per child, and use it for private school tuition. laxalt says parents moved their children to new schools, assuming they'd get their money back in february. now, they have to decide whether or not to withdraw them. he wants all court briefs to be submitted within 52 days instead of the standard 180. the p-u-c may consider grandfathering existing solar customers into their old rates. customers are frustrated with the p-u-c's decision to apply new and higher rates, especially those who bought their systems awhile ago. many current customers say they invested thousands of dollars into panals, based on rate calculations that no longer exist. the p-u-c will consider a proposal in the next week. donors needed. low blood
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humans. how your four legged friends can help a fellow pup in need. the runnin' rebels are heating up the court. why the unlv's new coach says he's confidant in a win against unr.
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24/7 with les krifaton high clouds push through our area friday with high pressure holding on the rest of the afternoon. a storm system starts to slide toward us friday night and that will bring us a threat of some light drizzle in las vegas saturday afternoon into sunday morning. mount charleston is expecting some snow showers and
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from this system. by monday drier air returns. temperatures are trending from normal to average the next 7 days. here's your fox5 traffic solutions here is a look at your drive
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accidents to watch out and alternate routes you can use listed on our maps construciton areas to look out for and alternate routes listed on our maps here are your photos for the day desk. henderson police
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down on drunk drivers. they're joining forces with officers from other jurisdictions to watch out for impaired drivers. enforcement starts today, and goes through super bowl weekend - february 8th, . they urge super bowl party hosts to make sure their guests have a safe ride home... and determine when to stop serving alcohol before the game starts. every day here in our valley, pets need blood... whether it's for a life-saving surgery or a transfusion to fight an illness. fox5's abby theodros tells us why it's a big need. nats roger the boxer is a bit of a local celebrity at the vet emergency and critical care unit in las vegas. nats every couple of
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trip to the clinic to help a fellow pup in need. samantha raymond: he has been donating for almost two years samantha raymond is roger's owner and says she first heard about animal blood transfusions when her last dog was in dire need of the service following a medical procedure. following the transfusion process - she knew she had to pay it forward. raymond: im so glad that we can help others i cant imagine how i would have felt if my last dog could not have gotten the help that he needed from another dog i think its a great program. and im so happy to do it. the program is the las vegas animal blood bank and it gives animals in the valley access to life saving blood products. however- for all the good work that the clinic does - they're is one minor problem... kelly tantalo, technician supervisor: since we are supplying for all of las vegas - on top of ours - the demand is pretty high. so right now we have several blood donors currently but we need a lot more so we're definitely looking for quite a few tantalo says that
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clinic conducts several blood or plasma transfusions - assisting cats and dogs with anything from trauma cases to general recovery. recently a couple of their donors have retired out of the program - making a new class of donors more important than ever. tantalo: we have to retire our donors once they turn 8 years old so we lose a lot of them because of that. and so thats kind of where they're at right now. is just trying to find those newer ones those younger ones so we can have them for their 8 years and have them help out. and the experience is worth it. nats breathing just ask 5-year donor mack... david and denise heck : started about 5 years ago its been probably one of the most rewarding weve ever done this has a direct impact on saving a dogs life. they normally call us when they have a need and they're out of blood and we come right away. we're on a 24 hour emergency call so that a dog that's here already that's being operated on needs this dogs blood. abby theodros fox5 news local las vegas. to donate, your dog also must be current on vaccinations and not currently on medications with the exception of heart worm prevention. if you're interested in getting your dog to donate blood visit our website
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the runnin' rebels are looking to keep their current winning streak going, when they take on u-n-r tomorrow . they've won three games in a row, under new head coach todd simon. the talent of these young guys (unlv) is through the roof. limitless potential, they have the chance do really special things with basketball. we're really excited to face unr tomorrow in reno. the game starts the runnin' rebels face unr tomorrow in reno. the game starts at seven p-m. of course we'll have highlights for you at 11 sunday night on the rebzone, right after fox5 news at 10. a sticky situation. the unbelievable talent this man has and oddly enough its paying
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one man makes a living.... doing a fairly odd job. "it doesn't have to be a can. (there's a cellphone) something flat even, i just go like this and it sticks, this is why i use hands free. " jamie keeton discovered a few years back--- things stick to his
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his unusual talent-- has earned him the nickname-- can head a doctor says it's because of his abnormally high body temperature. he is always at 100 degrees and that somehow turns his skin into a suction cup. keeton promotes people's companies-- by wearing cans-- bearing their logo. he even set a record for being the greatest can head of all time and he will soon be in the guinness book of world records check out this knife-weilding crab! people in brazil found a particularly people in brazil found a particularly ferocious crustacion. he shows no fear, as he scoots along holding his knife. judging by the yells in the background, it
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frightened of the crab than the crab is of them! plenty more straight ahead on fox5 news this morning... including a major innovation for parents! the world's first "smart" stroller is coming... the high-tech things it can do... how it works... and what it'll cost you. 108 floors and 14-hundred-55 steps. sounds like a tall order! a preview of the runners "fighting for air" as they scale the strat. killer on the run. police are
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man accused of gunning down another man. why police fear the victim may have been targeted at random. "yes, we're safer and stronger in a world that's working together instead of fighting and killing eachother, if you want to say that, elect hillary." two political heavyweights rallying for support in the silver state. former president bill clinton promising his candidate for president will restore the american dream. plus... be happy you live in las vegas my friends... the east coast is going to get hammered today.
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i'm dave hall. and i'm monica jackson. welcome to fox5 news this morning. first - les cassandra jones this morning with a quick look at your weekend forecast. high clouds push through our area friday with high
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