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tv   FOX5 News This Morning  FOX  January 12, 2016 4:30am-5:00am PST

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president obama is gearing up for his final state of the union address. the challenges he's facing as he enters his last year in office. sex education still a major debate at c-c-s-d. a look at the proposed curriculum officials have for the 2016 school year. good morning i'm maria silva. i'm dave hall. now it's time to get a first look at your fox5 weather 24-7 forcast... meteorologist cassandra jones joins us now. good morning i'm cassandra jones with fox5. we'll see
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temps dropping close to freezing. we'll stay in the mid-50s with afternoon highs in the upper 50's through the workweek. wednesday afternoon we'll see southwest breezes to 15 mph with northwest breezes to 20 mph on thursday. highs get close to 60 degrees this weekend with lows around 40 degrees. we pick up a slight chance of showers friday & sunday. here's your fox5 traffic solutions here is a look at your drive here are the accidents to watch out and alternate routes you can use listed on our maps here are the construciton areas to look out for and alternate routes listed on our maps here are your photos for the day back to the news desk. the interim police chief in boulder city is out of a job this morning. police chief bill conger has this after backlash from the community for not abuse charges against the former animal control fox5's miguel more. bill conger, chief of police administration has
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wont officialy say its because of the animal control investigaton... those who have been following the case closely say him leaving his post can only help... " the public wants transparency in the case and we want a full fair thorough investigation so if that was being hindered in any way by the police chief him stepping down helps that case." conger, who was acting as a sort of interim police chief, came under fire recently after it was made public that he dropped a criminal case against mary jo frazier, the former animal control supervisor accused of needlessly killing " it was not bill conger's place to make the sole decision on wether to pursue the case or not, this is something that shouldve been turned over to the district attorney and have them resign." the investigation is now in the hands of the district attorney, but for many, conger dropping the case was a clear violation of the peoples trust... retired chief of police thomas finn even called it one of the most disturbing things he had ever seen...
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had... "... never ordered who might get muddied, and unlike william conger, he has never practiced policing by appeasment." letter of conger, and theyre not giving the investigation...but many who call boulder city home to know whats saying theres a theyre still not " if we continue to delve into the details of this case, i have a gut feeling, not sustantiated, that other things will turn up as well." miguel martinez- valle fox5 news, local las vegas. the city is trying to charge frazier with 37 felony animal cruelty counts. frazier's location is currently unknown a man is behind bars this morning, after his father is found dead inside a henderson home. police say there was a domestic disturbance around 11-30 a-m at a home near patrick and stephanie.
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man's body with a gunshot wound. police say the victim's 22-year-old son daron clanton was arrested. he faces an open murder charge. say they had not been called to the domestic violence issues in the past. police believe a is a result of a metro says school officials reported the body around 5-30 a-m outside of las vegas academy on the say the body was found of the campus, and student. classes went on as scheduled, but parents were called and told what was going on. the person's name has not been released. a deadly bomb blast at a popular tourist attraction in turkey this morning. reports say an explosion claimed the lives of at least 10 people, and injuring 15 others at the sultan-ahmet square in istanbul. turkish security forces are working to clear the popular tourist area. officials say a syria-linked suicide bomber
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today marks the sixth anniversary of the deadly, magnitude-seven earthquake that hit haiti in 20-10. the earthquake was centered 15 miles southwest of the haitian capital, port-au- prince. an estimated up to 316-thousand people died, and another 300- thousand people were injuired. the eathquake left a million- and-a-half people without homes, by last spring there were still more than 60- thousand were reported people homeless. the mother of texas 'affluenza teen' ethan couch is expected to be released today. tonya couch posted bail yesterday, after a judge reduced her bond. she will be released after she is fitted with an electronic ankle monitor. couch is accused of helping her son flee the country in order to avoid a probation violation hearing that could have led to jail time. she will have to undergo a mental exam. her lawyers say she is not competent to stand trial -- because of mental illness.
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will give his final state of the union address tonight. the president will address congress about what he plans to achieve during his final year in office. but it will be a tough sell to a republican house and senate, as both leaders have voiced their opposition on the president's gun control proposals, his plan to take on isis, and his economic agenda. president obama says he'll keep an empty seat next to first lady michelle obama to represent the victims of gun violence, we will bring you his speech live here on fox5. it starts at six, followed by a fox5 at seven-30. skating champion michelle kwan announces her support for hillary clinton for president. to be a part of hillary clinton's broken many glass ceilings and she has inspired a whole little girls going be president one day."
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voting among the asian-american and community. saturday - february 20-th is the nevada caucus... followed by the caucus on tuesday february 23-rd. more convenient and environmentally friendly option to get your voter sample ballot. "help us save your tax payer money and choose email for your sample ballots instead of regular mail for your sample ballots so we can achieve the savings." " nevada officials passed a bill that allows ballots to be emailed rather than mailed. this will save tax a million dollars for the cost of mailing the ballots. we have how to get that ballot on the links page of our vegas dot com. nevadans are weighing in, on the biggest environmental concerns they have for the silver state. this is an infograph for the 2016 conservation in the west poll. 70 percent of nevadans believe the colorado
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becoming too low. 52 percent say they're opposed to the state taking over public lands, like national forests and wildlife refugees. and the majority of people in all political parties say they want political candidates to fos on conservation. a new sex education curriculum is being discussed for c-c-s-d students for the next school year. a special committee held a meeting last night, on future lesson plans on domestic violence and how to get contraception. fox five's elizabeth watts explains reporter intro: the special sex ed committee held a meeting last night to discuss different lesson plans... but there's a lot more back and forth before anything is finalized. reporter pkg: it's not the typical c-c-s-d sex ed meetings you've seen in the past... monday night featured a nearly empty school board room. the sex education advisory committee meeting to review several lesson plans drafted by the district... after a special meeting last september. danielle miller/ ccsd those being statuatory rape, negotiation skills and how to obtain
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the committee is different each lending a view to what's been the community. david strickland/committ you have parents on here you have doctors you have teachers you have religious person, cleric. they all come together and have their own input they went through the different lesson plans... and mentioned things that could be added to make them more impactful for the students.. michelene newman/committee member we could add statistics there so they have a better idea of the risk involved danielle miller/ ccsd i think people really appreciated seeing things more written out and see what it would look like in a classroom there was room for public comment.. but less than a handful of people had their voices heard in the just over an hour. mos: i would like to think those could be produced in a video series and the series could be produced with the clark county health district they also approved materials... to update the old c-d-c fact sheets in schools.. so kids can learn about different s-t-d's...
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prevented.. reporter tag: so now the lesson drafts goes back to the school board.. who will send it back to the committee and then to the school board again for possible action. and in the next few months the committee will also be discussing other lesson plans on topics like gender identity. elizabeth watts fox five news local las vegas. when finalized- these materials would be implemented in the following school year 2016-2017 ... not the current calendar year. the powerball jackpot is out of control. many states are cashing in on the public's desperation. but not here in nevada, so many ask are we missing out? a new start for the runnin' rebels. this after head coach dave rice was forced out. how the players are reacting to
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nevadans rush to stateline to get
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for a record powerball jackpot. it's now at one- point-four billion dollars! cash value is more than 800- million. many locals made the drive to lotto stores in california and arizona. our state does not have a lottery since it's prohibited in the nevada constitution. gaming experts say casinos and the gaming industry don't want the competition. for some states -- lottery profits go to education... public transportation... or homeless services. some wonder if we losing out by not having a lottery? "not as long as big gaming continues to run the show" "its really hard to say we do have a lot of gaming revenue coming in would it be nice to have more yeah but what would the cost be to set up a new administrative structure its really hard to say. the next powerball drawing is
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now fox weather 24/7 with cassandra jones good morning i'm cassandra jones with fox5. we'll see some clouds today with a cold start & temps dropping close to freezing. we'll stay in the mid-50s with afternoon highs in the upper 50's through the workweek. wednesday afternoon we'll see southwest breezes to 15 mph with northwest breezes to 20 mph on thursday. highs get close to 60 degrees
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degrees. we pick up a slight chance of showers friday &
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here's your fox5 traffic solutions here is a look at your drive here are the accidents to watch out and alternate routes you can use here are the to look out for and alternate routes listed on our maps here are your photos for the day back to the news desk. the runnin' rebels take on new mexico tonight for their first game since head coach dave rice was forced out. fox5's kevin bolinger spoke with the guys... about their old coach... and their new one. kevin on camera: looking for a chance to save the season, the dave unlv. interim head coach and this afternoon he began to put his stamp on the team
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try to process what happened and how they move forward. nats of practice it was business as usual for the runnin' rebels as they worked out in preparation for tuesday night's home game against new mexico. but there was a new boss running the show. after dave rices'forced resignation, assistant todd simon was put in charge. it's a move the players said was surprising but they vow it won't change their will to win. ben carter: we're gonna play the rest of the season for each other and for coach rice because he is the reason that we are all here together as a part of this program. it's up to us to turn our season around. ike nwamu: we're all trying to stay unified and we're gonna take what our coaches are giving us and then apply it moving forward because we can still have ays at this point in the season he'll make only minor changes -
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court pressure and pending practices focsued on whathe calls winning time - a spot where unlv has struggled this year. todd simon: we're working on a milion type of situations. put that time on the clock and simulate it until they have the confidence to say i've already rehearsed this over and over and over. the coaching change was made to kick start a team that has the potential in the world andhas 15 games plus the conference tournament to make a push for march madness. todd simon: the fans that think this is a lost season have obviously not been in our meetings or at our practices and don't know the character of these kids. these kids deserve every piece of faith that this community can give them and i truly believe they're going to reward the community for that faith. kevin on cam: and how's this for irony? every year before the s sson starts season ticket holders get their package with all of the tickets for the season. a different person within the runnin rebels program is featured on each games ticket. the person featured for
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mexico? you guessed it - dave rice. outside the thomas bolinger, fox 5 vegas. we will have complete highlights and post game reaction after tonight's game live from the thomas and mack on fox 5 news at 10 and 11. we shared with you the heartwarming story of a local basketball player with autism, who got the crowd on their feet when he scored two baskets. ron chan stoppeed by 98- about the game shared on social media. "chet: did you blank out were you thinking anything what was going ron: you have to fear the power. ron is the desert basketball team manager. he scored his first two points game against bonanza high the team is trying bryant's attention since he's ron's favorite baskteball player.
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reason to celebrate this morning. crimson took a win over clemson last night for the college football playoff national championship in glendale, arizona. the tide defeated the tigers 45-40. this is coach nick saban's fifth national championship. getting ready for the big game. but we're not talking the super bowl. the preparations underway for this years puppy bowl.
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are counting pets are adorable.... and many of us are guilty of taking way too many photos of our furry friends. but one pup has got it down.... "say cheese " this clearly isn't this dog's first photoshoot.
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flashes his smile for the camera. are counting down the days until the super others are to the other major television event on february 7th... the puppy dog lovers are checking out the 24-hour live-feed. a puppy-cam in the this year's puppy bowl will feature 49 adoptable ruff" and "team fluff". lovers, there's the kitty bowl halftime show! plenty more straight ahead on fox5 news this it's day at unlv. the new projects aimed at improving parking and security for students. las vegas legend. from the strip to vegas... how fans
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"since i took office
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the midst of crisis, i don't think i've ever been as optimistic about a year ahead as i am right now. " president obama is set to deliver his final state of the union address... see what he hopes to get done during his final year in office. a judge puts a hold on nevada's controversial "school choice program" now parents are left wondering if they'll ever get the funds they were promised for their kids private tuition. "powerball... powerball." "yes! we are going to win... plainview's going to win!" probably not... but we love the enthusiasm... america's powerball obsession is growing by the day... and so is the jackpot. good morning
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