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tv   FOX5 News at 1100pm  FOX  December 22, 2015 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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tonight... as a mysterious light sped through the sky. i'm john huck. i'm christine maddela. we first started getting reports on this fireball around six tonight. and now, we're hearing reports it may be russian space debris. we'll check in with nate tannenbaum in a minute on the mystery. first, fox5's elizabeth watts joins us live ... with more on what we found on the flying object a lot of people out tonight looking up and saw a strange object shooting across the sky. here's a look at what folks were seeing all over tonight just after six o'clock... experts believe it may have been a very bright meteor or possibly some space junk that reentered the atmosphere. the c-s-n planetarium director told us.. there is a tremendous amount of space junk and it does come in every so
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light that's not manmade is a meteor... if it makes it to the ground and someone finds it- that's a meteorite.. he tells us nasa doesn't really care about meteors becuase there are thousands everyday but when bright ones are spotted over urban areas people get really excited... as we saw on social media.. it's pretty common but it's not that common to see one this bright basically over an area where there's a lot of people and apparently this was seen over a large area... a very bright meteorite fireball.. but it could have been a piece of space junk entering the atmosphere too. he says there are cases where meteorites have hit houses or people but only a few in the whole world.. it's not very likely. n-h-p says they were called to the mountain springs area to investigate reports of impact but didn't find anything. the astronomer says this is a good reason to go look out in the sky. you never know what might just happen when you're looking toward the stars. and there are
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observatory and take part in shows starting again in january. reporting live ew ffn llv. in early november- another object was spotted in the sky.. all over the southwest. that ended up southwest. that ended up being a test missile launch out of california. people were able to see this object so clearly, due to a clear sky. but enjoy it while it lasts! nate tannenbaum, who's filling in for
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able to tell that forecasting the exact arrival and departure times of the waves of clouds we've been seeing isn't always easy. we were callin would have kept the afternoon high in the mid 50s. but mother nature had other ideas, and the clouds cleared out, giving us more sunshine and moving the high past the 60 degree mark. the current forecast still calls for clouds to keep coming and going while temps will stay above normal for a couple more days. but the next big system upstream is supposed to get here during the day on christmas eve. that should mean more wind and much cooler temps heading into the holiday and on into charges, against the woman accused of driving into several people on the strip. the district attorney cal fox 5's miguel martinez-valle has more information on what theyre taking into account when filing charges. well prosecutors are really taking
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account when pressing these charges against holloway... from her intentionally driving her car off the street onto the sidewalk and hitting almost 40 people, to her, as they have described it, stoic and undistressed response to her actions... was not a lady that ran a red light, this was not a lady that made a wrong turn. this was a lady that turned onto a sidewalk, ran over many people, continued to drive on a sidewalk, went back on to the street, and then back onto an intersection where there was a crowd of people." the district attorneys office filed three charges against the las vegas strip crash suspect... and these three charges alone carry heavy penalties... officials e saying the death penalty is a consideration for her murder charge, her 3-year-old daughter, who was in the car at the time of the crash, is currently with child protective services and a new nevada law makes leaving the scene of an accident punishable by up to 20 years in prison... " i think its a fair thing to say its a starting point
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anticipate multiple charges." holloway didnt give a reason as to why she ended up on the sidewalk but did tell police she was having a stressfull day and had been living in her car while in vegas for about a week... holloway's family has spoken out in her defense, saying they dont believe she rammed into people on purpose... " you know shes exhausted, she's not this villain that theyre creating her to be." in a press conference the president of the oregon based non-profit holloway was a part of spoke of his positive experience her... " lakeisha was a rolemodel, she was a rolemodel for many of the youth that we serve in our community." he said holloway gave no signs of trouble when she graduated the portland opportunities industrialization center, but he mentioned they lost contact with her once she graduated and moved away... " we had two staff members in particular who spent a lot of time with lakeisha and they were shocked to hear what had happened."
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saying that videos and witness testinomy show that the crash was not an accident... " and the fact that she kept driving while people were trying to get her to stop, she admited that a body bounced off her windshield. so ofcourse thats all taken into consideration when we determine what crimes she should be charged with." holloway could also be charged with counts of attempted murder for hitting people with the car... shes being held without bail at the clark county detention center and is supposed to appear in court tomorrow... reporting live, miguel martinez- valle fox5news local las vegas. the crash left at least 35 people injured and killed one, three of the victims from the deadly crash remain hospitalized in critical condition at u-m-c. and three patients are in good condition at sunrise hospital
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spend up to 15 years in prison, for running over a man pushing his granddaughter in a stroller. "i know you lost a friend, you lost a husband, you lost a father, a grandfather, that he was everything to you, he was part of your family and i am really really sorry" "galina kilova was sentenced today in the fatal hit and run crash. she claimed the ground was so bumpy the day she hit michael grubbs... that she didn't even know she had run him over. the granddaughter was not seriously hurt. some of grubbs' family members say they feel bad for kilova, and hope she learns from this tragedy. the man accused of shooting and wounding a metro police officer made his first court appearance today. prosecutors argued bail should be set high, for how violent the crime was. "he put so many people at risk. and he severly injured this officer. (44) and he took a large portion of metro from their ordinary duties while they were searching for
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fox" shot their officer thursday, while the officer was investigating an unrelated disturbance. it took a six hour manhunt to find fox. the officer is expected to recover. a public defender for fox argued his client did not have a criminal history. the judge set bail at one million dollars, and the next court date is january 6th. there were three officer involved shootings last week, including the one where a metro officer suffered a gunshot wound. today, metro discussed each of the incidents. they showed a video of the moments right before police shot a woman in self defense, in the first incident. "we never know what is the underlying reason for why this person wants to hurt themselves or commit suicide. and so we want to peacefully resolve those" " last monday, police were involved in an eight hour standoff with a woman at a home near nellis and craig. a swat team broke in "brenda
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when they thought she had fallen asleep, and she came out with a rifle. you can see kimberling aimed the gun at police before she was fatally shot. later monday night, police were involved in another shooting incident. police say they were investigating three men for robbery, when the father of one of them pointed a gun at officers. "the difficult thing we don't understand in this case is why the father of one of the suspects came out of the house as our two officers were attempting to take those two suspects into custody and raised a gun toward our officers." " this was near nellis and stewart. police fired back at the suspect, who they say is roberto sanchez. sanchez died in the shooting. metro also spoke about how relieved officers were, to find the suspect in thursday's shooting... after one of their own was injured. they say they worried teag fox had left the perimeter and they wouldn't find him... but detectives followed up on
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up to him quickly. a woman looing for a new start in las vegas... is horrified to find a u-haul with everything she owned in it stolen. fox5's elizabeth watts spoke to this mother, who's hoping for a christmas miracle. nats: my couch woulda been here (or something) angelina anderson has a beautiful new apartment for her and her teenage son to live in... but nothing to put in it... nats ive been sleepin on this that's because thieves stole her uhaul in the night... the single mother moved here from orange county late sunday night... she locked the truck up tight outside her door- near the desert area... and woke up the next morning to see it vanished.. i came here to start over and be comfortable and i'm really starting over. everything inside was taken... all her clothing.. jewelry.. couches.. tvs... computers.. furniture... the little things- kitchen towels... silverware.. toiletries.. her christmas tree and some of the
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bought. all she has are the clothes on her back... but the worst part- the memories that can't be replaced. cut out the middle part angelina anderson/uhaul stolen i'm one of those moms that keeps everything. drawings. school pictures from every year. thats what hurts me the most you cant replace those. she was too shocked to tell anyone right away but ended up venting on facebook about it.. that's when her local friend found out and called us... she just can't believe people can be so cruel... and take things that aren't theirs.. karina strelkova what are you gonna do with all that stuff? sell a few items. what you need it for your own home? come on now. is it in a different state now? i dont understand. angelina has been on unemployment- and was hoping to find a fresh start here with a new job and life... she is feeling completely lost.. and hopes the community will look out for that stolen truck.. angelina hopes someone will find the truck, especially since she's being charged everyday until it is found.
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plates.. a-e- 34-157... police encourage everyone to never leave valuables or belongings in a moving truck overnight.. or any vehicle for that matter. always get a heavy duty lock if you do have to leave it out. most truck companies offer insurance as well to safeguard your valuables. in a follow up to a story we brought you as breaking news last night at 11... clark county fire says it took several units and to get an apartment fire under control. neighbors in this complex said the size of the fire was alarming. " i said, hold on, let me see outside. i see a fire, everyone's yelling "fire, fire!" i run past two cell phones, "call 911, call 911"!" this happened at the hesperian falls apartment complex near flamingo and maryland parkway around ten p-m. fire crews had to attack the fire from the outside and inside... while more crews had to attack the blaze burning on the roof. two people had minor injuries, and the red cross is
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who are out of a home. the runnin' rebels at home tonight. fox5's kevin some of the challenges they dealt with tonight. will resume
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the runnin' rebels wrapped up the non-conference part of their schedule tonight and we're trying to get back on track after two straight losses. unlv taking on south dakota....and they had to play without star center stephen zimmerman who was out with a thigh contusion. fox 5's kevin bolinger is live at the thomas and mack with the highlights and postgame reaction.
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will resume closed captioning will resume head coach dave rice will join kevin in the rebzone this sunday night at 11. they'll recap the south dakota game and look ahead to the start of the conference season. now fox5 weather 24/7 (( weather )) you might have been able to tell that forecasting the exact arrival and departure times of the waves of clouds
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isn't always easy. we were calling for a lot of cloud cover throughout this first full day of winter which would have kept the afternoon high in the mid 50s. but mother nature had other ideas, and the clouds cleared out, giving us more sunshine and moving the high past the 60 degree mark. the current forecast still calls for clouds to keep coming and going while temps will stay above normal for a couple more days. but the next big system upstream
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here during the day on christmas eve. that should mean more wind and much cooler temps heading into the holiday and on into the weekend. we'll go ahead and mention a slight chance for a quick passing shower as santa makes his big sleigh ride over southern nevada. if that happens, higher elevations around the las vegas area could see a snowflake or two (don't hold your breath waiting for that to happen). mainly it's going to
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temps dropping into the 40s and lows down to the 20s over the rest of the christmas weekend. closed captioning will resume shortly a decision comes energy in nevada... affect customers' the changes will soon see... are justifying the decision. and if you still a great gift for a lady in your life... chances are a certain bag might do the trick. we'll look at some of the most searched-for
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just press clean and let roomba from irobot help with your everyday messes. roomba navigates your entire home cleaning up pet hair and debris for up to 2 hours. which means your floors are always clean. you and roomba from irobot better together . solar power customers may start seeing more expensive bills... after a public utilities commission vote today. the p-u-c is giving n-v energy the power to pay solar customers less, for the energy they produce. solar customers will now get back less than a fifth of what they receive now... regardless of how long they've had solar panels. n-v energy also proposed
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flat service fee for solar customers... something else that the p-u-c approved. many solar customers have been fighting the proposed changes for weeks, and are disappointed in today's decision. "this cost a little over 27 thousand dollars." ""had i known this was coming i would not have put solar on the roof." " the p-u-c said it agrees with n-v energy's argument that non-solar customers pay more, to make up for what solar customers no longer pay. at least one solar company is now filing a lawsuit against governor brian sandoval. senator bernie sanders is the first 2016 presidential candidate to launch t-v campaign ads here in nevada. you may have seen it... since it just started today. "bernie sanders...husband, father, grandfather. an honest leader, building up a movement with you, to give us a future to believe in. i'm bernie sanders and i approve this message. " sanders is investing a lot in nevada before the
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his campaign says he's received more than two million individual contributions... meaning he has plenty of cash for a strong advertising presence. sanders plans to visit reno next sunday, and las vegas on monday. he'll speak at canyon springs high school at six-30 p-m. nevadans have some expensive tastes in their gift lists this year. vox-dot-com used google data, to see what the most-searched shopping items are for each state over the last week. here in nevada, prada bags came in at number one! some states wanted more weather-related gear... like north face rain jackets in washington and snow boots in colorado. other states are getting into the holiday spirit, with south dakota wanting christmas leggings, and maine wanting christmas pajamas. some of the more unique gifts are a car remote starter for massachusetts and a gun conceal-carry purse for alabama.
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people who aspire to be the next clark griswold in our valley when it comes to decorating their homes. others... might have the "christmas vacation" dad beat! we'll look at some of the brightest
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some of the
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