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tv   FOX5 News at 1100pm  FOX  December 14, 2015 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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live from las vegas it's time for fox5 news at 11. police are investigating the second officer involved shooting of the day. details on what happened in these incidents, and why officers had to fire their guns. republican candidates doing their part to reach out to locals... before the debate tomorrow. the message donald trump had on immigration. and we check in with political strategists on what you'll want to watch for during the debate... the candidates that may come under fire... and what they need to do to stand out. this is fox5 news at 11. local las vegas. we begin with breaking news we first brough you at 10 o'clock. metro involved in its second shooting of the day. this one happened around nine near walnut and alexander. walnut and alexander. that's where we find fox5's miguel martinez-valle live
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earlier today, a woman was shot and killed by metro police, after aiming a shotgun at officers... after an eight hour standoff. police were called out to a home near las vegas boulevard and craig just before six a-m. a nine-one-one caller told police she saw video of her friend trying to overdose on pills. police say the women refused to leave her home, and crisis negotiators tried to talk to her. at one point, the woman came out with a handgun,
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police say she ran back inside, and came out with a shotgun and tried to shoot herself first. "she raised the shotgun and pointed it at the officers nearby. at which time two of our swat snipers fired. the tactic medic was on scene and attempted to provide medical care. however the female was pronounced dead at the scene." " metro will release the names of the officers involved in two days... and the coroner will release the suspect's name. republican presidential candidates getting ready for the debate tomorrow night here in las vegas. and a few candidates rallying support before the big night including republican presidential candidate donald trump. fox five's rachel moore is live from the westgate casino resort where he held his event. i would say about three to four thousand people were packed into sections in the ballroom...and about a dozen of them were actually protesters. they interrupted his speech a couple of times. and when they started shouting...trump had a few words for the large group of
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covering the event. covering the event. he said if he's elected he'll send back anyone who came into the country as a refugee or a muslim immigrant. trump says even he has muslim friends who want this problem solved of islamic extremists terrorizing american citizens -- he talked about the mass shooting in san bernardino just three hours from las vegas -- and then about the attacks in paris. trump also got the crowd excited about tomorrow night's debate. he called his republican opponents puppets saying we should take money out of politics because it's controlling the rest of the candidates. and he bragged saying he's the reason why ratings go through the roof during these debates and this next one is going to be big. "trump: "and the other candidates should be thankful, because i'm giving them a chance to make total fools of themselves in front of millions of people." melanie keith, lives in las vegas: "i think it's going to be fireworks. i think it's going to be a 4th of july boom! because everybody is going to be attacking donald and he's going to be
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trump said if he and hilary are chosen to represent their parties it will be the biggest election with the greatest voter turnout of all time. but we'll just have to see until 2016. rlrmffnllv earlier today, presidential candidate marco rubio met with supporters at another rally. "we are all beneficiaries of the extraordinary american dream. who among us is not a generation or two removed from someone who made our futre the purpose of their lives?" senator rubio spoke at a renaissance las vegas ballroom. he talked about the years of his childhood spent in las vegas, and how his parents both worked in casinos. donald trump was one of the topics tonight at the washington post's debate pre-game. some of the panalists like nevada senator dean heller shared what we can expect at tomorrow's main event. fox5's miguel martinez valle explains.
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debate of 2015 and all eyes are on las vegas. the debate, hosted by cnn, is bringing both gop front - runners and underdogs together for a chance to talk about the issues, and set themselves apart from the people they're running against... fred brown, republican national committee " this is a time for them to draw on their records, on their view points, as well as contrast what other candidates have said and where they stand on those issues" but tomorrow might also be the time for presidential hopefuls who haven't been getting as much attention lately to take the floor and make their voices heard. and with donald trump constantly in the headlines for his many inflammatory comments, lois romano from the washington post believes hes making himself the perfect target... lois romano, editor washington post live " i think were gonna see everybody trying to take trump out, its just been trump trump trump all the time now, and i think his comments about barring muslims from coming in the country have gotten everybody exercised. they think they're on to something and i think hes gonna be under attack tomorrow.". however the attack won't be one sided... romano believes ted cruz's
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keep him on trumps radar... an exchange she says is one to look out for... " he's not leading in iowa anymore, and he was trashing the des moines register poll today, but cruz is taking him over, and he's gonna go after cruz and cruz has tried not to go after him so thats gonna be a very interesting dynamic to watch." its how trump and cruz respond to those attacks and how presidential hopefuls like marco rubio and jeb bush contrasts themselves from the presidential front- runners that could determine who wins the 5th gop debate.. mmv f5n llv fox5 is your debate headquarters.... we will have all day coverage... from inside the debate and the spin room.... and we will have a full recap tomorrow night on fox5 news at ten. north las vegas police are investigating the shooting deaths of two women in two separate cases. and one suspect is already behind bars. 19-year-old norman smith was booked into the las vegas city jail on one count of murder with a deadly weapon. police say just befor ten last
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shooting in a parking lot near craig and m-l-k. they found a 21- year-old woman suffering from a gunshot wound. she was rushed to u-m-c, where she later died. police believe she knew the suspect before the shooting. " it appears there may have been an argument before the shooting occured. there are a lot of people out here, a lot of people who saw what happened. detectives are interviewing those folks to find out exactly what went down so we try to piece it together. " the coroner will release the victim's name once her family has been notified. and about 40 minutes after this shooting... north las vegas police were called out to another woman's violent death. in this case, police say the woman was inside a car with the suspect at lamb and the i-15 on ramp. witnesses say both got out of the car... and the man shot her several times. the woman was hospital, where she died. police are not releasing details on the suspect or this time. anything about shootings, call
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former clark county commissioner tom collins has a court date set for next year... after being arrested for drinking and driving. police released this mugshot of collins, who was arrested friday night after a crash at flamingo and koval. he's expected in court january 11th. prosecutor brian rutledge said charges weren't immedietly filed because officials were waiting on blood alcohol test results and a police report. collins resigned back in august from the county commission. in september, he expressed interest in running for mayor of north las vegas. the man accused of kidnapping and sexually assaulting a 14- year-old arizona girl made another court appearance today. " your honor, obviously the details in this case are disturbing. this is one of the most sadistic predators i've ever seen in 20 years of being in this court. " 26-year-old jimmy kim is facing 60 counts... more than half for sexual assault. a judge raised his bail to one point
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investigtors say the girl was held captive in kim's north las vegas home for about a month. in kim's arrest report, it shows kim threatened the teen with a gun and choked her. the girl told police she was locked in a room for about a month, and assaulted too many times to count. she escaped back on december third. kim's next court date is january 21st. a 91-year-old man was hit and killed by a car, while crossing the street outside a crosswalk. this happened around one this afternoon, at whitney ranch rth of sunset road. henderson police say the man suffered critical injuries, and later died at sunrise trauma center. the driver wasn't hurt, and police don't believe alcohol or speed were involved. this is henderson's 12th traffic-related fatality this year. current and retired military members and government leaders met together today... to discuss our nation's security. the "nevada national security action summit" focused on global terrorist attacks and growing threats here at home. nevada congressman joe
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as a brigadier general in the army reserves... was one of the speakers. he says he believes our country is too politically correct, and we are vulnerable to potential attacks. we've also seen a failure by this administration to call the enemy he is, radical islamic jihadism there are people that wish to do us harm and the level of vigilance we need, needs to be maintained 24/7 some presidential candidates addressed the crowd through video messages, including carly fiorina, dr. ben carson, and ted cruz. one of the biggest checkboxes on everyone's holiday to-do list... mailing out packages. and you're running out of days to get it done! the deadlines you'll need to know about if you've been putting this off. and fighters coming in from around the country... to become the next ultimate fighter. the types of fighters the show is looking for this time around, and you can catch the next season.
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the countdown is on... for getting packages mailed out in time for christmas. around 612 million cards and packages were sent out today. we checked out the action at the post office on sunset and paradise. "we call this our season. of our season, this is a big day for us. we're excited to help customers." busy indeed. six million packages sent across the country. tuesday, december 15 is the deadline for standard postage. so many waited in line to ship off gifts to their loved ones... to
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time for christmas. "beep" marilyn wassel the u-s postal whether it be gifts there are things down wait times. first double check to see if you have the right codes. thing... come prepared. ready. tape properly. use packing material, if there's anything that could juggle around in it. make sure to use some peanuts or newspaper to cushion your things. "i got it, 309" "there's about 50 people in there that are really not happy." if you can't make it to the post office... go online. you can print your postage and request a carrier to pick up your package from your house. or print everything out... so you don't have to wait in long lines. "making a last minute delivery to my son. the beauty is i do my postage at home, so when i come in i don't have to wait in that big ol long line i can just dump it in." but whatever you do... when your getting your package ready... be
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your patience. "it wasn't as bad as i thought. since i didn't know it was the busiest day of the year for the postal service, but hey it wasn't that bad. i think i waited 10 minutes." here's the other deadlines you'll want to know about: the last day to ship first class mail.. is saturday, december 19. for priority mail monday the 21. and the final day for priority express service is wednesday, december 23rd. for any other information or to print out postage head to the links section of our website where we've linked the postal service website. the 17th annual 98-point-five k-l-u-c toy drive is over! morning zoo host chet buchanan is now back at home, after spending 12 days living on a scaffolding for the cause. " it was special in so many ways, and it's funny this just keeps happening every year, it's never less astounding" "
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a 25 hundred dollar donation. overall, this year's toy drive collected more than 57 hundred bikes, and around 430 thousand dollars. the community also helped fill 30 trucks full of toys for kids in need. and there's more ways you can help out struggling families this season. our take 5 to care holiday food drive is still going on. throughout this month, you can drop off non- perishable food at valley albertons and vons... or donate at the register. all of the proceeds benefit three square. now fox5 weather 24..7. with chief meteorologist ted pretty north breezes overnight to 25 mph decrease through tuesday to 15 mph. however, with just a high of 48 degrees on tuesday it will certainly be a chilly day. freezing overnights for us on wednesday and
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around 50 for both afternoons. friday and the weekend we'll see upper 50s with a slight chance of showers on sunday. north breezes overnight to 25 mph decrease through tuesday to 15 mph. however, with just a high of 48 degrees on tuesday it will certainly be a chilly day. freezing overnights for us on wednesday and thursday with lows around 30 degrees. we'll see highs around 50 for both afternoons. friday and the weekend
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chance of showers on sunday. closed captioning
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after an exciting u-f-c fight this weekend here in las vegas... plenty of athletes showed up to an audition today to make their ultimate fighting dreams become a reality. "this is a big opportunity. i mean, it's another step towards chasing your dreams. and i mean, if it takes to spend a little bit of money to get out here and take that a step further, i mean it's definitely worth it. " u-f-c held tryouts for it's long running series, the ultimate fighter. the show is looking for women at 115 and 135 pounds, and men at 205 pounds. the fighters had to have a winning record with at least three professional fights. this season's ultimate fighter will begin filming in january... and it premieres in april. two major league baseball players have made las vegas proud this season. and now, they're getting a special thank you from the city! national league m-v-p bryce harper, and national league rookie of the year kris byrant are coming back home thursday. las vegas mayor carolyn goodman will present the
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the ceremony is at six p-m, at fremont street experience. harper went to las vegas high school and is now an outfielder for the washington nationals. byrant went to bonanza high school, and is a third baseman for the chicago cubs. these two grew up playing together...and against each other. we've seen star wars everywhere these past few months... from car commercials to coffee creamers. see just how much money the movie is bringing to disney's empire.. not counting ticket sales. president obama speaking out on isis. the progress he says our country is making, in the war against
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three years, since the horrific shooting at sandy hook elementary school in newtown, connecticut. thisiss the first december 14th that falls on a weekday since the attacks, so children were in school today. three years ago, adam lanza killed twenty first graders and six of their educators, before killing himself. the tragedy sparked a major discussion on gun control. newtown's police chief michael kehoe says it's time to take a common sense approach when it comes to guns. " we cannot be satisfied with the
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we have with guns each year. " kehoe is calling on gun makers to make safer weapons through smart techonology. a new sandy hook school will open next fall, at the site of the school that was demolished after the shooting. president obama says the u-s led military coalition is hitting isis harder than ever. "(pres. obama) we recognize that progress needs to keep coming faster. no one knows that more than the countless syrians and iraqis living everyday under isil's terror, as well as the families in san bernardino and paris and elsewhere who are grieving theoss of their loved ones. " the president convened his entire national security staff at the pentagon today. he said isis losing territory in iraq and syria. the president also said losing senior leaders is progress. but he did not announce any new military steps... other than sending officials to the middle east to build up coalition military support. disney is looking forward to high
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sales for the latest star wars installment this weekend. but that money won't come anywhere near what it's getting in merchandice sales! there's of course the star wars shirts, action figures and posters. but there's a lot of extras, like star wars soup cans and produce. bloomberg business estimates "the force awakens" will make about 730 million dollars in u-s movie ticket sales. it's expecting about five billion dollars in merchandice sales. one reason that number is so high, is because star wars fans buy about two billion dollars worth of star wars merchandise each year, and that's without a new movie. another local grocery store is closing its doors. the latest store to leave our valley... that has a lot of las vegas
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