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tv   9 News at 530am  NBC  November 30, 2016 5:30am-5:55am MST

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coming off. it was nothing but red. >> images are just incredible, embers still burning as a firestorm sweeps through the smokey mountains. now families are praying for no more deaths. there is no love like the love between a little boy and his dog, and these two are taking social media by storm. now they're part of a mission to help other kids who need a safe place to call home. good morning, everyone, cory, gary and cheryl with you on this wednesday morning. also joining us. marty, it's cold enough for snow, but no precipitation today. >> no, not anywhere, really, in the state today. thank goodness we have the wind dying down here, at least in the metro area down to castle rock, up toward boulder and into the fort collins, loveland and greeley areas. it is still windy in the foothills. plenty chilly out here this morning. if you're out and about, teens and low 20s for the early part of the commute, grinding up close to freezing by the end of the commute this morning.
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the fact that we have more sun than we have seen in the past two days. clear conditions today will give way to a few clouds tomorrow. also with very little wind today and tomorrow, we're going to build up some dust and pollution in the air. do i think tomorrow will be a bit of a hazy day. 40 for your daytime high, and then we are anticipating some light snow friday, saturday things do clear out. as far as the snow goes on friday, here's our initial estimate on this, in northern colorado, slightly higher amounts here, but as you can see that t.r. is an abbreviation for trace which means very little possible in some locations. some of the heavier amounts are going to be farther to the south and west at the base of the foothills, and then the closer you get to the top of monument hill. we'll continue to update that as we get closer and closer to friday. bottom line is it's not going to be a big storm, but it could affect our commute friday morning. >> thank you, marty. 5:31.
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around save. if you are going to make your way around town this morning, dry roads, easy conditions for the most part. we're going to start off here to the west. here a your view of i-70 at 32nd avenue as you head out towards golden, westbound enjoying a nice smooth drive. c-470 is looking great. heading along 93 northbound near golden a clear start as you head past areas like highway 93 and u.s. 36. up north highway 7 is looking good near i-25 and the e-470 interchange. out across our maps, there's only one of and that's across your drive eastbound i-70 on the east side of town, and it's close to the stapleton neighborhood near havana. backups light travel times eight minutes and speeds in the 60s. so hopefully we can hold out with this one and get it cleared from the highway before that volume picks up. so far things are looking pretty good >> terrific. good start. amelia, thank you so much. 5:32 now. a mom and her two young sons are missing and deputies in highlands ranch are asking for help to find them and get them
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after she picked up her kids from bear canyon elementary school. the 36-year-old mom is 5'6", 250 pounds. she was last seen driving her 2011 chrysler town and country with colorado plates, 300rqq. her sons, adam and ethan labor are 3 and 5 years old. if anybody sees this family, please call 911. a student at ponderosa high school called deputies there to protect the students attacked her. this morning we're waiting to hear if the douglas county school district attorney is going to officially -- the douglas district attorney is going to officially charge the guard. 9 news reporter andrew sorenson is in parker and he has more on this story. good morning, andrew. >>reporter: good morning, gary. the douglas county sheriff's office says they initially got a report around 5:30 monday afternoon of a sexual assault
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school. deputies talked to a student here after that report and decided there was enough to arrest 49-year-old security officer gary pistell. he was initially arrested on suspicion of a sexual assault on a minor by a person in a position of trust. there are no official charges yet, we should say. the school district has placed him on administrative leave unpaid and banned him from campus while they do their own investigation. but a district spokesperson says they can't say much morelles about what happened while they do investigate. ey to parents, pistell had an initl court date set for friday morning, gary here in douglas county. for that update. appreciate it. the man who killed then c last year will never get out of prison.
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in court gebers apologized. >> all i can say is i'm sorry. i know it doesn't mean anything to you guys, and because i've already said it, but i am sorry. if i could take it back, i would. if i could go back to the time and pull over, there would be no questions asked. >> i will forever be his mom, but you know how see your child everyday, when you don't get to hear your child everyday? it's heartbreaking. >> this has been a difficult 18 months for the colorado state patrol. after thyfault's death last may, a drunk driver killed trooper jamie jerse76 same year, and, of course, last friday the driver of a semi hit and killed trooper cody donahue on i-25 near castle rock.
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game -- biker gang have been arrested for a woman's death and now one of them has pleaded guilty for his role in the murder. scott handshed admitted to conspiring to kill taralewindowsky in 2015. he now faces 45 to 55 years in prison. according to documents, former pierce town board member daniel meyer killed the 34-year-old after his biker gang leader approved a hit over an argument about drugs. it's 5:36 now. a lot of ?;people have been talking about the tweet to be punished like treason with the loss of american citizenship and some time in jail. flag burning, though, is constitutionally protected. it's a form of free speech. the supreme court has upheld that right and some of trump's fellow republicans support the high court's decision. >> in this country we have a long tradition of respecting unpleasant speech. i happen to support the supreme court's decision on that matter. >> mr. trump is getting a lot
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but interesting that in inton w protection for the flag as well. she cosponsored the flag protection act when she was it did not make it out of strength fueled the flames near glurg and -- gatlinburg and pigeon forge. the national firesation says the fires have burned 15,000 acres so d??than le have evacua acuees hthrough mountain roads with smoke. those movies you se of our place. d ok becsethat smoke and the flames, firefighters admit they haven't been able to get to some areas. it is the largest fire the
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years. while they don't know what started it yet, arson has not been ruled out. >> we're thankful to just be alive and be warned that we could just get out. >> a lot better news for fires out here in colorado. the green mountain fire in lakewood is now fully contained. it took crews until tuesday afternoon to extinguish all the hot spots. west metro fire says aerial mapping shows that it burned about 96 acres, less than first thought. people all overe saw the flames burning monday night, though. ??@d, no one was hurt. crews did have to navigate through some difficult conditions. darkness, strong wind and very steep terrain. >> while it may have looked really sporadic or different from what you might think, that's pretty common for, you know, terrain with multiple gullies and draws and different terrain.
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the cause is still under investigation. less wind today, snow on the way for later in the week. it continues to snow in the upper midwest on the back side of the storm that came through two days ago. winter storm warnings continue in red in north dakota and winter weather advisories stretch all the way from the western dakotas into northern nebraska. additional snow only one to three inches. but driven by up to 50-mile-per- northwestern sections of nebraska. we are having some snow there. it is blowing sideways for our friends up around the crawford and shadren areas. today not as windy and a little sunnier, but still on the cool side, cheryl, average high is 46. we're not going to make it. >>reporter: i'd say cool side. i see a little 10 at the bottom of the screen. 10 degrees to start off on this wednesday morning. colorado has been given a warning. it's time to get ready for what's being called colorado silver tsunami. a new study shows the number of
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half million by 2030. a panel has told state officials they need to create a statewide office to prepare for population. the strategic action planning group on aging is issuing its first recommendations to the governor on this issue. they are calling it a looming crisis. first the panel wants a permanent position in the governor's office to oversee aging issues. other recommendations include prioritizing state aging expenses, stng and fraud, helping caregivers and promoting retirement savings. apparently there are some sports that can save your life. australian researchers looked at how six different sports affect your life expectancy. racket sports topped the list, giving people a 47% lower risk of death from any cause. 47%. followed by swimming, w?]?ucet reduce the risk of death.
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running and being so active that it would be on the list. >> i think so. >> my dad used to play so much racketball. >> maybe i should at a up racketball. >> i used to pl??ay racket ball >> did you? >> maybe i should he?cad back that way. it was fun. hey, the soccer world has lost some family members. we've been talking about this. >> yeah, a terrible story. how teams around the world and here in colorado are honoring them. we'll talk about that coming
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on underdog story is cut short by a tragic accident. a brazilian soccer team was on their plane crashed and now hen vigils and ments of silence worldwide honor the teamthe clu team moments before they took off monday night. only six of the 77 people on board survived. in the team's locker room tuesday, three mates wh
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the team had been an underdog this year, but defied the odds it into the ?9 chship matches. [ speaking foreign language ] >> everybody has placed their confidence in god that things will go well for us. our team will have to go on. it is difficult, 0kit is so difficult to speak. >> the plane was a british aerospace 146. it's a regional jet with four engines, used mostly for short @ distans while flying from bolivia inol problem and circled before crashing just miles from the airport. a surviving flight attendant told rescuers the plane ran out of fuel. the colorado rapids were among the soccer clubs offering condolences. on twitter the rapids said soccer is a family. it is 5:44 right now. the c.u. buffs keep moving up in the rankings. now they are ranked number 8 in the latest college football playoff ranks. it would be difficult. s
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playoff. the top four teams. well, the next game for the buffs is friday. the pac-12 championship against washington. of co-nurse they gotta win that if they're going to ;move up ??u even more. and now their as he should. coach mike mcintyre has been leed as e 12 coach of the year. he's also in the running for national coach of the year. led the biggest turn around in the history of the pac-12, going fr 1-8 in 2014 to in the confidence title game in 2016. a lot of awards to go around now that the college football regular season is over. players on the l mounta west first team. wide receiver michael gall punter hayden hunt and lineman fred shherbulis. congratulations to them. thereeach other from day one. >> i love these pictures.
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sensations and now the subject for charity. their story next. >> can't to see that. absolutely adorable. dry conditions, calmer conditions, low 40s today. seen recently. of course with each passing day, we get du?dless and less daylight as we head toward the winter solstice. dasunset is at 4:34. we'll spend most the evening ri range tonight, but it wi be as windy as it has been the last two days. snow picks up in the mountains tomorrow during the around here friday morning. it really going to favor areas closer to the foothills monument hill which is why ??we have some of amounts ??and even going to be an inch or twcentra northern mountains,esly
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direction has cleared up an
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welcome back at 5:50. a boy and his dog are bringing smiles to so many people because you can so clearly see the connection that the two have when you look at their pictures. reagan is the dog, the little
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oregon. the dog belongs to the little boy's foster grandparents. so the pictures don't show a clear view of the boy's face. that's by design because they wanted to president-elect his
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importanpart of that. it is wonderful to see that. today windy conditns astern col
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pretty easy start across most freeways. we're saying good morning to folks down south in monument.
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the upper 50s, lower 60s and even some 70s there out closer towards boulder.
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a favorite holiday tradition, tonight in new york city as the rockefeller christmas tree is lit. the ??'event will include dazzs garth one of my favs, parton holiday n d dolly songs. the tree will be covered with 145,000 lights with ar filled with crystals. it's the 84th annual lighting ceremony. the first one was back in 1933. you can watch the ceremo right here on 9 news at 7:00 p.m. it's on my bucket list. >> i was going to say, you really want to go some day,
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good morning, everyone. it's 6:00 a.m., and here is your wednesday morning kick start. in news, a woman and her two sons missing this morning. deputies in highlands ranch need help finding them. jennifer laber was last seen tuesday afternoon picking up her kids from bear canyon be protecting children now stands accused of sexually assaulting a student at ponderosa high school in parker. gary postel is a security officer at the high school. he was arrested monday shortly after the report was made. throughout the town of gatlinburg, tennessee, there is hardly anything left, just the concrete or stone foundations where buildings once stood. fast-moving wildfires tore through the city this week, forcing thousands to evacuate. so far three people have died.


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