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tv   9 News at 6am  NBC  November 11, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MST

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>> not my president. not my president. >> a time of transition in cities across the country. >> they should just get used to it and start trying to figure out how we're all going to get along. >> and at the white house. >> mr. president, it was a great honor being with you, and i look forward to you many, many more times. >> and honoring our nation's heroes. >> usa. >> a salute to those who serve that spans generations. . >> this is 9 news. >> across the country and in colorado, protests against the president elect of the united
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against donald trump and his policies. >> for the second night in a row, denver joined a growing list of cities where people are speaking out against the president elect. there were also protests in places like portland and oakland and salt lake city. there were even some across the pond in london. >> the group here in colorado wants to remind people that hillary clinton won the popular vote both here and nationally. the numbers don't lie. the nation is truly divided. and for many people, you hear speaking out against trump, you'll find just as many people, of the 45th president of the united states. >> 9 news reporter joins us and protesters say they fear a trump presidency, trump supporters say there's nothing to fear. >> you can see right there the big division. protesters speak of being literally afraid while supporters say those protesters should instead be thinking about getting along with trump supporters. last night in downtown denver, a huge crowd of people marched the streets. they gathered in the area surrounding 16th street mall,
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shouting antitrump slogans. police had to shut down i-25 in both directions as part of the crowd approached the on ramp. protesters though remained peaceful. they say they don't want to cause trouble, they just want to express their concerns. that's the message from protesters across the country. but trump supporters have also been at those protests telling crowds that they need to be thinking about moving forward. the woman who organized the protest in denver says she's seen racism and hatred increase just in the days e >> people are now openly using the n word, openly saying they're going to grab women by the croches. and it's like the hate has gotten so intense. >> they should just get used to it and start trying to figure out how we're all going to get along. >> the organizer of last night's protest in denver says it opened organically as she was expressing her feelings on social media. she's not sure if there will be another protest tonight. donald trump took to
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blamed the media for it originally. he tweeted, quote, just had a very open and successful presidential election. now professional protesters incited by the media are protesting. very unfair. end quote. he tweeted again in morning saying he loves that the protesters have passion for the country and says, quote, we will all come together and be proud. the president elect is now officially won the state of arizona and its 11 electoral votes. a winner wasn't declared until thursday night, because there was still a lot of to be counted. that now leaves just michigan and new hampshire. they're still too close to call. we are almost to the weekend. and things are going to be cooling off just a bit today. good morning, everyone. thanks for joining us. we'll get to our veteran's daycelebrations and honorees in just a few minutes. first marty coniglio in the backyard. it's going to warm back up, huh?
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top of the four seasons looking at that predawn sky here. it is gorgeous but quite chilly. 20s and 30s in a lot of locations up and down the front range. a cool morning. not much winds thank goodness and continued dry. the only rain nationwide in the extreme northeast corner of the country, down in south texas and yet again in the pacific northwest. drought conditions continuing here in colorado, especially for the front range and eastern plains where we ha rest of the state. no help on that front today. clear conditions here for you early on. a few mid-level clouds move in later o. we'll be flirting with 60 degrees today. bear in mind the average high is 54. we're very much in a normal range today. sunset 4:45 this afternoon. we do lose about a minute of sunlight each day. and for folks out and about this evening, high school football playoffs going on, it is going to be cool.
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with these cool, calm conditions here on a friday night. we're taking a look from sky 9 now at 6:05 at a house fire. this is along morrison road and south kipling. it's along the 9800 block of south vasser street. we're taking a live look. so far what we see is no flames, but a lot of gray smoke coming out of the garage. these look to be single family homes in a residential neighborhood obviously and the gray smoke usually means they've got plenty thefire. it's out and they're working on the hot spots. i'm sure folks are waking up to quite a surprise but we'll get more details on how the fire started and if there were any injuries or if anyone was even home. those details in just a few. let's take a look at the drive this morning where things have been calm and quiet on the freeways. mere ridge gate, your monument hill commute are looking awesome. travel times in the green for the most part. 25 is less than a 15-minute stretch on the north end.
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look out for, 37th and federal, there's a car fire in the clearing stages here. and also a crash along federal and kentucky. >> all right, thank you much. gas prices could soon get cheaper in colorado, but if you drive a lot, that may not matter. cdot is testing out a new pilot program where drivers pay a fee for how many miles they travel per month. that fee would replace the state's 22 cents per gallon gas tax at the pump. cdot says it is facing over the next 25 years. so they're looking into whether this fee would help close that gap. starting next month, some 100 people will take part in the four-month study. check the smoke alarms in your house this morning. more than 3 1/2 million of them are being recalled. kitty is recalling its nighthawk combination smoke/carbon monoxide alarms. after 7 years it can fail to
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when it is not. find more information on our website, we would love to have you come out and join us at 9 cares colorado shares and support the people who could use a helping hand during the holidays. >> we're collecting nonperishable food, clothing, coats and toys and cash from five different metro locations. colleen is live where the collection trucks are getting ready to go. good morning, colleen. >> good morning, guys. look at this, standing in an tomorrow i know with all of your help we will fill this entire truck and dozens of them, too. we're so excited. i think it's the best day of the year. you know what really hits home is that one in eight people right here in our state face hunger every day and let's talk about our lovely veterans. 23,000 veterans in colorado. they receive support from food stamps. so that's why it's so important for you, if you can take one of these out of your pantry, even
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jessica cousins with kings super joins us now. thank you for having us in your huge warehouse. you guys have done so much to prepare and help us for tomorrow. >> we love 9 colorado shares. it's a great cause and hunger is something we're passionate about. >> today, you guys are going to be taking how many trucks out to the different locations? >> 13 trucks, a lot. >> and you'll be collecting them again after tomorrow? >> yes. here today with pallets and boxes and all the stuff we need for tomorrow. they'll stay at the sites and collect all those wonderful donations and tomorrow afternoon those 13 trucks will be taken. >> do not let these trucks go empty. we've got 13 of them going out, right? >> uh-huh. >> that's not that much stuff. if all of you come out and bring at least one can of food, one box of rice, one can of beans, i think we can fill this
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out. we're out there all morning and afternoon long. we can't wait to see all of you, and gosh, help our neighbors in need. it's wonderful to do that. >> always a wonderful day for us. remember, you can bring nonperishable food, clothing,coats, toys, from 7:00 in the morning to 4:00 p.m. at five different locations in metro denver and 30 other sites across the state. we have a map and information on our information at >> and the weather will be great, marty. it will be veteran's day today. pretty good-looking day around here. we'll start with sunshine over the area. average high 54. we'll be slightly higher than that at 59 degrees. tomorrow downtown denver, veteran's day parade starts 10:00 herself just west of civic center park. should be very nice by 10:00 a.m. when things are getting started to set off, we'll be in the mid- 50s already for the parade. great morning to be out and about. of course where 9 cares
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little bundled up early on. i'm sure if we dress in layers we'll be happy, because by midday folks will be going around in shirt sleeves. >> sounds good. >> marty, thank you. the holiday shopping craze is almost upon us and people will be heading to local stores and to their computers to shop. which is better? you'll have a chance to weigh in on today's this or that. >> the broncos head to new orleans this weekend to take on one of the top offenses in the
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welcome back. superstars takes us to goddard middle school in middleton where in one single case, students will use hammers, drills and saws to bring computer projects to life. the middle school is asking shop chop if a wood shop could write code? >> when you've done something on your own without much help, it feels like you just want to show everybody like, hey, i made this by myself without help. and it's very rewarding. >> kids here vote with their feet. and we built this program out, because this is where the interest is. we didn't build it out because we thought it was this great idea and so we've really come
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kids demonstrated to us that this is where they wanted to be. these are the skills that they wanted. >> coming up on 9 news 8:00 a.m., you'll learn why this program's skills with a traditional twist is making such an impact. let's get a check on the weather with marty. very excited to see that. for us today, it is a dry day. it will be calmer and slightly cooler than yesterday. 69 degrees yesterday. high pressure still sitting over utah blocking storms, keeping them to our north and west. that's going to be the case through the weekend. we aren't going to see any moisture around here. however, i do believe we'll see a few clouds around here late this afternoon, perhaps we can match that unbelievable sunset that we had last night. 50s in the foothills. upper 50s to right near 60 for those of us living below 6500 feet on the front range. statewide, sunny out west. in fact for the mountains and west, this front really didn't
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will drift in late this afternoon and then push farther to the south ask west and allow us to clear out overnight tonight. as far as wind goes, fairly calm during the day. it does pick up after sunset tonight, especially over the eastern plains at times, over 20 miles per hour. mountains west, 50s and 60s. upper 50s to they're 60 around here. let's go 59 downtown. a few late afternoon clouds that do skip through, push to into the mountains. that leaves us with clear conditions for early tomorrow morning. we'll be right around freezing. warmer tomorrow. windy on sunday with cloud in the morning before some afternoon sun moves in. and then near record heat on tuesday. amelia coming up in the next half hour, the planner is up and folks might be disappointed on the prospect for snow. sky 9 is over a house fire that we just learned started in the garage and burned a car.
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neighborhood right in the 9800 block of vasser. sky 9 is overhead. large presence here. looks like there's still gray smoke coming out of the garage. we learned there were no injuries thankfully involved in this fire. folks in this neighborhood waking up to a lot of activity. let's take a look at the morning drive here. been calm and quiet across the freeways. no exception on 70, right around 32nd. a clean start as you make your way toward golden. keep in mind we've got earlier problem causing light delays across 76, eastbound near 74, a minor crash. down to the south and the east kicking off tomorrow, we've got major roadwork taking place he- 470 from 25 over to parker this weekend and next, 10-15 minute delays. 16 minutes after 6:00 right now. when it comes to the holiday shopping do you prefer going to the store or going online? you have a chance to weigh in
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just go to and you can take part in a poll we have up. >> the biggest current internet
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welcome back. so this year american shoppers are expected to spend about $800 billion shopping for the holidays. millions already done, but for those of you that are waiting for the deals to come up, what
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online? you can head to to take our online poll. we'll start it right now while marty gives you a look at what's better in today's this or that. in the not too distant future we'll all be on the couch having everything delivered to us by drone. online shopping is convenient but is there still a case to be made for shopping in a store? >> i always favor online shopping compared to shopping in a phys local retailers. it's crucial to support local retailers for the tech items and many other essentials. online is the better deals. it's easier to price compare and fewer tricks the retailer can play. the whole concept of leaving a clearing section messed up so you can't find anything or leaving items on display in the window that aren't really on sale. by the time you get into the
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it's as simple as closing a window without actually having to go park your vehicle on shop somewhere else. >> when you're thinking what's better, this or that, the lines are blurry. in some ways the big advantages to online shopping are going away. >> it used to be that shopping online brought greater incentives to evading some of the taxes that we technically should be paying, but with recent crackdowns and most stores now competing on the same level, the tax you pay online is going comparable and identical to what you would pay in the store. >> it's not just the savings. some things are just better to buy in the store. ha chair looks good, but is it comfortable? those jeans fit. cool looking shoes. are they going to pinch my toes? then there's the revolution in internet auto sales. internet auto shopping has exploded in recent years by allowing car buyers to browse a nationwide marketplace. for people who know what they
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save hundreds or thousands, even after the costs of shipping a car or truck. on average, car buyers spend 12 to 15 hours doing online research before ever stepping on a dealer's lot. even after taking in all the pictures, reading all the reviews about 90% of local buyers drive a vehicle before deciding to buy. the other 10%? they've already driven the car or truck somewhere else and are just looking for maybe the drones won't be as busy as we imagined. >> plus, there's the energy and excitement of malls and stores and that can milk the experience fun. a lot of folks they make an event out of it. >> sometimes it's convenience against tradition sometimes. >> sometimes it is. retailers are being more and more aggressive about making more incentive for you to come to the store. >> right. >> deals that you can only get in the store. >> there you go. >> we've been asking you at
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or online shopping? >> how are we doing? >> it's kind of divided. it keeps going back and forth. >> once again a divided country, jiminy christmas. >> you guys haven't even started. you better get on it. >> no. we're going to get there. >> plenty of time. it hasn't even snowed yet. i don't feel like christmas around here. it's not going to be snowing at all today. i was talking about the amazing sunset we had last night. just phenomenal sky we had around the area near 60 during the day today. and then it warms up a bit for this weekend. we even get warmer on monday. sunday is going to be a windy day, especially in and near the foothills. >> a massive puddle formed here at 6th and logan. we've got a call in to find out exactly what's going on here. reports of a water main break. we've got a call into denver water. they'll give us that update. we've seen cars cruising in
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the new orleans saints score 30 points when they win. they also score 30 points when they lose. so the broncos know what it's going to take to beat them this
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>> unfortunately the broncos scored 30 only once this season, actually 34 against the colts a couple of weeks ago. broncos do have a great defense though, and the saints have one of the worst pass defenses in the league. so if the broncos are going to have a chance of winning in new orleans, trevor siemian and the wide receivers are going to need to have a big game and it wouldn't hurt to crank up the run game, too. >> it will be hard with two out. the cleveland cavaliers are the latest to mannequin challenge and they went presidential with it doing one while visiting the white house on thursday. they even got first lady michelle obama in on it. she's pretending to take a selfie with lebron james. >> that is awesome. >> that may be the best one. >> okay. donald trump has a lot on his hands planning his transition to the presidency. but that's not all. he also has a trial coming up
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>> not our president. >> chants filled the streets of denver and cities around the world for a second night in a row herself crowds stopping traffic and demanding change in the wake of the election results. >> i don't think it's warranted and i also don't think it's entirely sincere on their part. >> not everyone is angry over
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presidency. what his supporters are saying this morning about the worldwidebacklash. >> and some people in another state want to leave the union following donald trump's victory. and if they had it their way, the entire west coast would form a new country. >> we begin first with breaking traffic news here. a reported water main break is taking place at 6th and logan. if we can take a closer look here, you can see there is a large amount of water along 6th en of sphere. and once you see here, you can tell why 6th avenue is closed down. that's all water. the brown areas, there it is, just flowing out of the ground. 6th avenue in the eastbound direction is officially closed down at logan. repairs are going to be underway most likely through the entire day. that's what tends to happen especially when you see this much water coming out. let's take a look at the
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delays forming leading up to logan. your alternate to the north would use 7th. it is a two-way street. use atmosphere and use local side streets other than 6th. 6th should be open east of the issue right there. the rest of the drive calm and quiet. one exception is this earlier crash around 76 eastbound at 74th with delays of about two miles. >> some issues on this friday morning. all right, amelia, thank you. meteorologist marty cogl it's a chilly morning out there. >> it is. you may hear sky 9 in the background. it's over the building here. sun getting ready to come up here along the continental divide, snow guns going the second day of being open for the season at loveland ski area. it is cool, well below freezing over the front range. northeastern plains and spreading through the mountains. a lot of us dropped down into the 20s here early this
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a bit more typical this time of year. but with some sun we will slowly warm up. it's not going to be as quick of a warmup as we had the last few days. we end up in the upper 50s with a few high clouds drifting in for the afternoon. 9 cares colorado shares comes up tomorrow morning. look for temperatures in the low 30s around here during the morning. the afternoon in the 60s. a great day to get out and about and say hi to everybody. we have five locations for you around the metro area. come and visit us those. we would be happy to see you. remember, it's not just nonperishable foods. we also take coats, clothing, toys and as always, checks and cash are welcome. ? ? for the second night in a row and in some places a third, angry people marched through some of the biggest cities in the world protesting president elect donald trump.
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demonstration outside the federal courthouse. >> in portland, oregon, protests turned into riots. you can see this woman stuck in traffic get out of her car and trying to throw bleach at some of the protesters who knocked her to the ground. >> hundreds of people turned out in vancouver to show they don't really like the united states' 45th president. the group that marched through downtown denver thursday night remained peaceful. some on that, as well as what the trump supporters are saying about all this. >> reporter: involves this. there's still a lot of division. to see proof of that look no further than the streets of dew point denver where protests continued last night. before we get into the denver protests, let's show you what's happening across the country. smoke bombs, flash bangs. this is in port land as protesters got disruptive overnight. in oakland, california, protesters took their message to the interstate. they blocked traffic on the freeway there. protesters also marched to the
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there are also protests in los angeles and other major cities. sky 9 gave us a view of how large the crowd was in denver last night. groups of demonstrators marching downtown. at one point blocking traffic near i-25 as well as streets in downtown denver. they fear a donald trump presidency will bring about more racism, homophobia and bigotry but the trump supporters we spoke with disagree. >> i don't think it's warranted and i don't think it's entirely sincere on their pa the election results. >> i just honestly didn't feel right after the election on tuesday. and after all the hate that has been showing up on my news feeds and person. >> meantime, donald trump tweeted out this morning that he loves the fact that protesters have, quote, passion for our great country, end quote. it's a big change from what he tweeted last night when he blamed the media for the protests. gary? >> all right, thanks. first californians, now
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trump's election. two portland residents submitted a petition for the 2018 ballot initiative that would have oregon secede from the union and form its own country with any other states who want to join in. a similar effort is underway in california. it's not easy to secede from the union. the president elect has officially won the state of arizona with its 11 electoral votes. a winner was not declared until thursday night because there be counted. that leaves michigan and new hampshire as too close to call. in the middle of transitioning into his presidency, donald trump is facing a civil trial for fraud involving trump university. in about two weeks. but with so much on his plate, he's hoping to push it back. he's really trying to push this back. he's going to be so busy. >> correct. this is all happening at his attorney met with the judge
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with president obama. the trial is scheduled for november 28th. mr. trump's attorney says despite the fact his client wanted to be there in person, they really need to delay this federal fraud trial until after his oig august great lakes in january. now, his attorney says he will file a continuance for the trial by monday. daniel petrocelli says they want to get the trial delayed a few months so president trump can work on develop ago inauguration. he also questioned whether trump would be able to testify in court as a sitting president. he said never has there been a case in the history of the united states in which a president had to come into court to testify at a trial as a defendant. the judge told trump's lawyers he understood and said it would be wise for the two sides to settle the case. trump's attorneys also agreed to enter into settlement talks. to could lead to a quick end to the 6 1/2 year-old case.
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former trump university customers. plaintiffs of the civil trial allege that the now defunct trump university real estate courses did not deliver what it promised. they claim they were ripped off and lost tens of thousands of dollars after being misled. his lawyer says trump wants to be vindicated in this case and it would be to his disadvantage if he could not attend the trial in person. he also says he doesn't know if trump will be willing to sele deadly overnight crash that killed a person on northbound i- 225 at 6th avenue sometime around midnight. police closed down the road for several hours. no other details about the victim or who was driving the vehicle have been released. he spent nearly 20 years in prison facing life there for his role in an adams county
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resentenced to time served, 19 years and 19 days. the world this morning mourning the loss of a legend in music. leonard cohen died at the age of 82 just a month after releasing his 14th and final album. his death was announced thursday on his facebook page with a statement that called him one of music's most reverent and he moved to new york in 1966 at the age of 31. he wrote songs like suzanne, i'm your man and his most famous, hallelujah. he was inducted into the rock 'n' roll hall of fame in 2008. he released his 14th album last month, a memorial being planned in los angeles. no date has been set. clear conditions out there and very chilly this morning. 20s, low 30s around denver and the front range.
6:40 am
horizon. a beautiful looking veteran's day for us here as we rise into the upper 50s. light winds near average. temperatures and a few high clouds drifting in late in the day. of course, tomorrow we have the veteran's day parade. starts 10:00, just west of civic center park. it will be slightly warmer. we'll already be in the mid-50s by 10:00 tomorrow morning. no wind. nice day to head downtown. >> sounds good. all right. take advantage of that. it is a denver hb original trolley caroline. >> it's as popular as ever today. today in 9 neighborhood we take you to platt park. >> reporter: a unique veteran's
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welcome back. today is veteran's day, a tradition that dates back to 1919 when it was called armistice day. >> it was meant to mark the anniversary of the end of world war i. it's evolved into a day we pay tribute to all american veterans, those still with us and those who have passed. >> here locally a tradition that started after 9/11 has steadily grown over the years. 9 news reporter andrew sorenson
6:44 am
bridge over i-25 with more. >> reporter: i have to apologize. about an hour ago i said this was started by a veteran but it turns out he's not a veteran. here with chris tucker, the guy who started all this. chris, why are you doing this? >> i just love this country so much, and i'm so thankful for the veterans that have tried to keep this country together and gone to war and many having never come home. and i owe them something. i owe them to stand out here and thank god that they were there for us. >> you get from all these flags that you just put up just in the last hour. >> i love it, because we get all people honking and people driving up and telling stories about when they were in the service or, you know, how they love what we're doing. and they get a sense of patriotism. and if they can feel that sometime during the rest of the day, then everything that i'm doing right now is well worth
6:45 am
the rest of the morning here. you can see it's really cool, these flags blowing in the wind. a lot of people driving by down i-25 honking. we're going to hear stories from veterans who plan oncoming out here later from world war ii, vietnam and other wars. so we anticipate hearing some really great stories out of that. gary? >> chris tucker's tradition continues. thank you very much. this veteran's day a very special one for only older anniversary of the attack on pearl harbor. they will return to hawaii december 7th for events and i will be there, too. on december 7, 1941, the country and the world changed forever. the japanese launched a surprise attack on u.s. military base at pearl harbor, hawaii. 2,403 americans were killed, more than 1,100 wounded.
6:46 am
destroyed. president franklin roosevelt called the attack the day thankful live in infamy. this year we will present a one- hour looking back on that day and why it needs to be remembered. and to mark the anniversary, we're going to be partnering with honor flight to put on a telethon on wednesday, december 7th. the honor flight organization is wonderful. it sends service men and women to washington, d.c. to see firsthand the monuments and memorials dedicated to their service. so that telethon will money to fund additional flights out of colorado to washington. that will be on december 7th to mark the anniversary, also. >> i'm looking forward to your special. you talked to some of those veterans and they have incredible stories. >> incredible. they're all in their 90s and100s, so this is the time to get their stories to pass it on to others before we lose them. >> absolutely. on this veteran's day, 9 news wants to thank all of the service members who fought for our country and our freedom.
6:47 am
send us a picture and tweet us. here are some we received this morning. some are just pictures, some have a whole story behind their family member or friend or neighbor that they know who served this great country. >> all right. keep them coming, because they deserve it. let's check the weather and traffic. cool this morning. unfortunately, dry again. not only across the front miles to even get close to some rain, down in south texas and in the pacific northwest. that leaves us with these dry conditions not only today but the next few days as we continue to see the pacific northwest get pounded with moderate to heavy rain. abnormally dry conditions now spread from western nebraska through most of colorado, and we have to drought that is now exceeded into the moderate category for the front range
6:48 am
for at least another week, perhaps another week and a half. >> thanks, marty. street flooding has shut down eastbound 6th avenue at logan just north of the sphere neighborhood. sky 9 news overhead and 6th avenue being closed means a lot of drivers are being forced on to alternate routes. crews are on scene working on the repairs of the water main break. here's a look at your alternates, eastbound across 7th will get you around this delay. 6th is closed down tokes it sphere. amelia, thank you. volunteers for hunger colorado are here this morning. they're available to answer questions if you need food or assistance. if you have questions about food pantries, food stamps, mobile services or what children and senior resources are available, give them a call 303-698-0099. they're going to be here until
6:49 am
neighborhood this week. we're taking you to platt park that's bordered by south broadway to the west, mississippi to the north, west evans avenue to the south. the popular platt park corridor was built around the trolley caroline in 1893. the denver tramway company extended the line from alameda to jewel along south pearl street. the boom of businesses started in early 1900 shops, beauty shops, tailors, bakeries and movie houses along south pearl street. after the stock market crash of, some businesses were abandoned but the area was revitalized and electric trolley cars were replaced with rubber wheeled trolley coaches. 9 neighborhood is taking you on a walking tour of the area this afternoon on our instagram. >> it is one of my favorite places in denver. >> a lot of history.
6:50 am
down there but a beautiful weekend ahead. marty will talk about how it's shaping up.
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gathering in a remote section of north dakota to protest the construction of an oil pipeline. . for months now, crowds of people have been gathering in a remote section of north dakota to protest construction of an oil pipeline. some of those made their way to the standing rock reservation in southeast north dakota. >> that includes people from colorado who say the pipeline could potentially affect vital water source. 9 news reporter is there with a preview of her story for tonight. >> reporter: the camp that
6:53 am
pipeline is bigger than many communities here in north dakota. and among the people here at the camp are folks from colorado. the protests here began in april when native americans from the nearby standing rock reservation came out here to try and stop construction of the dakota access pipeline. it crosses several states and the intention is for it to carry more than 400,000 barrels of oil every day from north dakota to illinois. the concern for those who live he north dakota is that part of the pipeline that crosses through the missouri watershed under the lake which is a source of drinking water here and they fear the potential for contamination if something goes wrong with the pipeline. c.u. denver professor was at the camp and told us what is happening here is a situation with many layers. >> in my field, we talk a lot about wicked problems, which are problems in which we see no foreseeable end in sight.
6:54 am
has gotten to wicked problem status? i don't. i think that there will be an end in sight and i think that there are opportunities to coalesce around the issue and try and build a dialogue between or among all the parties that are involved. >> the story here is complex. the intersection of business interests, tribal treaties and the federal government will break all of that down in our stories later today on reservation in north dakota, 9 news. and a happy veteran's day to you today with clear, cold conditions to start the day. we are anticipating a few clouds coming out of the dakotas late this afternoon to move across the skyline around sunset tonight and move more to the south and west as we go through the evening. so it's a sunny start and then a few high clouds drift in during the evening again.
6:55 am
sunset tonight. 50s in the foothills. upper 50s to about 60 for those of us living down here on the plains. we'll be pretty consistent in our temperatures across the front range. mountain areas and western colorado, weren't really affected by this front all that much. it's going to be about the same as yesterday. there's that batch of mid-level clouds i talked about that will move to the south and west as we go through the evening. that will allow us to clear out later during the night tonight. fairly calm this afternoon and and then tonight, wind picks up again over the plains. gusting over 20 miles per hour at times. 50s to near 60 over the east and in the mountains. mid-60s for western colorado. 59 downtown. the early sun giving way to a few clouds later in the day. not as windy as it was yesterday. clouds move through and out as we go through the night to tomorrow morning. pretty close to freezing tomorrow. we'll make it back into the upper 60s for saturday. lower 60s sunday.
6:56 am
on track for near record heat for tuesday of next week. there's big mess across 6th avenue in the eastbound direction at logan. this is very close to that very popular trader joe's. this is a reported water main break where water has spread across the whole intersection, close to an apartment complex. you can see folks getting outside to check it out. maybe joggers headed through the area. with this in mind let's take a look at the maps here. 6th avenue is closed and that is a busy stretch morning drive. eastbound closure meaning your alternates are 7th to the north and sphere if you want to head into cherry creek. we don't have an estimate when it will be cleaned but it could be closed throughout the day. up to the north and a bit to the west, eastbound 76 locked up in the left lane at 74th. backups lead through a couple mile stretch leading up to it. gary, kind of a pretty shot here, light volume at 25 and colorado. that sun is creeping on in from the east. >> it is bright out there.
6:57 am
all people feel beautiful. they have now named their first muslim cover girl, nura afia. she is from right here in denver. >> she's beautiful. she is the first cover girl who wears the hijab. she graduated from smoky hill high school in aurora. she already has a huge social media following and has been doing makeup tutorials on her youtube page for years. >> there were some muslim bloggers i would watch and they were more focusing on fashion. but i was really intrigued makeup. i wasn't allowed to wear it growing up so i don't know if it's the rebellious side of, you know, playing with it, but when i realized there was a need for muslim hijab bloggers, i just started one day. >> isn't she beautiful? >> gorgeous. >> she tells us she hopes to be a role model for young women and let them know they're beautiful no matter what they believe. it is 6:57 right now.
6:58 am
you had to blow into that nintendo game. popping it back into the control console for it to work. remember that? we can return to retro gaming today. the classic is on sale today. people already in line, including our very own jeremy jojola, fourth in line at a target trying to get his hands on that nintendo. he says some woman has been waiting since 12:30 in the morning out there. >> what a way to spend friday morning. a warm weekend here for warmer tomorrow than sunday. near record heat on tuesday. we've been talking about the possibility of some snow on thursday of next week. i think with the current storm track, more into the black hills and western nebraska could see some snow which leaves us on the windy side of the system. so it's going to be kind of raw, windy days coming up thursday and friday of next week. that's what happens a lot of times in these systems. you either get snow or wind. >> you are so hopeful for thursday. >> we'll have to wait.
6:59 am
20. we hope you can join us. in the meantime, congratulations, you made it through the week.
7:00 am
. good morning, breaking news. anti-trump protests break out in cities coast to coast overnight. one demonstration in portland, oregon, turning violent. police calling it a riot using flash grenades on the crowd. donald trump back to tweeting what he's saying about the protesters this morning. making peace. >> if you succeed, then the country succeed. >> the president and the president-elect meet for the first time in the oval office. >> i very much look forward to dealing with the president. >> the first lady and first lady to be sitting down to tea. what was said behind closed doors.


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