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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  NBC  November 5, 2016 7:00pm-8:00pm MDT

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let's go to mike. >> mike: tom, thank you. a lot of buzz down here, obviously, after the win by arrogate and the hardware to show for it now. juan carlos capelli from longines has the presentation. >> thank you very much. congratulations. fantastic race. >> i'll ask you to hand that back because belinda, representing santa anita, has a beautiful trophy to pass along. >> congratulations. this feels beautiful. >> garrett, what does this mean to not only win the classic but to beat california chrome in this race? >> well, first of all, i'd like to just pass on an awful lot of our admiration for california chrome and what a fantastic race. i think we have a very exceptional horse that we're very proud of, but that's what it took to beat california chrome today. and we obviously didn't do it until about the last ten yards, and i don't think i've been on
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man right over there, bob baffert. what can you say about bob? >> he's very, very special. that's why we came here. it was to get trophies like this. and i'm also going to pass on the same accolade to mike smith, who i think now has ridden ten grade 1 winners from 15 or 16 grade 1 rides ever for juddmonte, and that's pretty special. >> nick: caps off a spectacular breeders' cup weekend as well. congratulations to you and all involved with of the 2016 breeders' cup classic. tom, back to you. >> tom: all right, mike. a perfect ending to what was really a tremendous rendition of the breeders' cup, 33rd one was one to remember. >> high expectations and i wasn't let down by yesterday or today's result. i can't wait for a rematch. >> chromies shouldn't hang their heads. based on the running time, california chrome ran the best race of his life and arrogate still ran him down. >> tom: all right, arrogate the
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classic. special thanks to equibase, the industry's official database for thoroughbred racing information. coming up next on nbc, it's "dateline." and later tonight, it's an all-new "saturday night live." january 28th, horse racing returns to nbc with the world's richest thoroughbred race, the inaugural running of the $12 million pegasus world cup invi invitational. so, for our entire nbc sports crew, this is tom hammond saying so long from the 2016 breeders' cup world >> what i prefer is privacy, and then -- >> "e.t." obtained the love letters james packer sent to mariah a month before the split. he called her his soul mate, and mcp, mariah carey packer. i'm in love with you and can't
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what went wrong? one possibility. they lived very separate lives. mariah wants a $50 million inconvenience fee from packer. keep in mind there was no marriage or signed prenup. >> i'm sure i'm going to be a diva in certain ways. why not just be yourself? >> that theme would include keeping the engagement ring, estimated at $10 million. also mariah wants her to buy an they're renting for $250,000 a month. the rest? mimi wants paid out in cash. ? mariah claims the billionaire owes her and here's her list of whys. one, quote, he made promises to her that weren't fulfilfulfille. two, he moved her across the country and relocated her and the kids. now she would like james to apologize for breaking up with
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a source tells us, quote, the whole $50 million thing and other noise is a distraction to try and rationalize what mariah is asking for. really i've been playing this whole thing wrong. an inconvenience fee. >> you didn't know? >> i could be a rich woman. meanwhile, kim kardashian posted her first social media shot since her paris robbery. now, the post was quickly deleted, and it makes me think maybe it was s and forgot to cancel it. >> because all other areas of her life seem to be getting back to normal. armed security guards by the way. for the first time we are hearing from the man held at gunpoint with kim inside that french hotel. >> there's a lot of people all over the world that are questioning this, basically asking was this a publicity
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i feel her shock till now. no. it wasn't fake. >> he's the key witness in kim kardashian's armed robbery. this is his first time recounting that terrifying night on camera. >> the media? >> yes. >> i think they don't know what happened really. >> his account revealed three things we hadn't heard before. first, we finally got clarity about his role that night. abdul has been as concierge but really was more of a night watchman. >> i'm a guard who do a job of receptionist. >> did you have a gun with you at work? >> no. we are in france. >> just after 2:00 a.m. three men came to the door dressed as police. >> so i opened the door. he put the gun on me.
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>> that leads to the second revelation. abdul says one of the robbers was astounded to learn that the hotel did not have working security cameras. >> i told him there is no camera. he was very angry on why. are you kidding me? no camera here? >> here's where the story takes an interesting turn. despite reports that kim was targeted specifically mainly because of the jewels she showed off on her social media account, abdul told actually came here that night with every intention to rob all of the 11 apartments here. >> that's revelation number three, kim and her jewels were not the primary target. >> when they came in, did they say where is kim kardashian? >> no, no, no. they don't know her name at all. >> he says the robbers forced him to let them into kim's room. he says kim was terrified and begged for her life. >> so you were handcuffed in front of you, and then they went
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did they tie her hands up as well? >> yes, also from here. >> so they tied her ankles together? >> yeah. >> so her hands were tied. her ankles were tied. >> and tape on her mouth. and the guy was asking for money. where is money, money, money? she believed that they were there for her ring. at that moment, she gave him her ring. >> she puts her ring in his pocket, and then what did he money, money, money. >> cash. >> yes. she was screaming and very terrified. don't kill me. don't hurt me. i have babies. i'm a mom. >> at the time, kim's bodyguard was protecting kourtney and kendall. meanwhile, back at the hotel, one of the robbers had taken kim's phone. >> when the phone rang, i saw pascal, the name of the bodyguard, and i told the guy you know who is calling now? it's her bodyguard.
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now, he would come with police. >> at that point the robbers quickly left, taking with them $5.6 million worth of kim's jewelry. sources have since confirmed to "e.t." kim's bodyguard, pascal, was let go. so far, no suspects. police are still examining this grainy surveillance video. you can see some of the alleged robbers on bicycles. after the incident, both kim and abdul were interviewed by police until early in the morning. >> did you see her leave? >> she hugged me. >> she hugged you? >> and i told her the most important thing is that you are safe and we are alive. >> of course a lot of people talking about how kim has been affected by this. clearly abdul has been as well. he told us he quit his job at the hotel and is moving back to his native algeria. >> keep getting layers of this story bit by bit. let's move on to all the drama on "dancing with the stars" this week.
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indy car driver james hinchcliffe twirled a different lady around the ballroom because his partner injured her knee. as i found out, nothing slows down james. >> what are you feeling at this point in the season? >> just getting to this point, it raises your confidence a bunch. you know, those first couple weeks are so tough. you're doing the first dance, and then you're trying to learn a new dance and only a week to do it. it's long hours, a lot of hard work. >> lots of hours mean not much time for his girlfriend, actress weekends. how easy is it for you to get the girl? i know you have a lady, but come on. >> girls like guys in uniform, right? >> you told me this car basically is a type of car that you're in. >> pretty much. this one we stretched it a little bit and put another seat in the back so that way i can take you for a spin. >> oh, boy. hold on there. >> i just hit my hand.
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pedal to the metal. [ revving engine ] ? here we go, here we go ? >> there it is. life in the fast lane. no lie. i think i just swallowed a bug. >> oh, my gosh. that's good protein. >> high protein, low carb. >> it's stuck somewhere in there. so gross. james keeps racing toward that mirror ball trophy. >> he's my canadian brother, but i'm saying he does not have shot, not with laurie hernandez.
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new olay eyes. ageless what did you guys do to him? >> i feel alive! >> lots of stars and even more madness in office christmas party, and i was first to hit the star studded set. >> if by some miracle, you can close the account -- >> you're going to look so stupid. >> we'll finally have something in common. >> it's about a christmas party gone awry. >> walter? do you party? >> i used to. >> i've never been, thank god, to a christmas party this insane. >> what are some of the crazy things that have happened here
7:14 pm
pretty fast. >> people get overserved. >> huh. >> people play with the microwave, put things in it they shouldn't. they play with the 3-d printer. >> inappropriate doesn't even begin to cover this office christmas party. jennifer aniston is a horrible boss again. >> i'm sort of in a way the grinch who wants to steal christmas away from all of these hard-working >> what did you just say? >> and jason bateman works for her. kate mckinnon, let's say she's a little loose at this shin dig. >> my character is the head of h.r. >> the last name one more time? >> weintraub. i get it's german. >> tonight the decisions you make will have consequences that will haunt you for the rest of your professional lives. >> rounding out the naughty list
7:15 pm
olivia munn. >> this is the souped up version. we've got tequila, gin, vodka. >> everything that you would hope to happen at a christmas party happens at this christmas party, and everything you hope wouldn't happen also happens at this christmas party. >> have you ever been to a wild -- not this wild, but wild office christmas party? >> no. have you? >> i have. listen, >> i love america! >> wait a minute. >> i talk a big game. i was in bedly 11 by 11:00. >> one too many ginnger ails. >> dolly parton celebrates 50 years in show business. is she ready to retire? >> i've been here a long time. >> then david cassidy tells us why he ripped into a fan.
7:16 pm
now. >> i got to a point where i was really angry. >> drugs, alcohol, depression. what he's now saying about rumors he went into rehab after
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? >> that is carrie underwood, who by the way has got herself 20 million albums since winning american idol back in done? perform out there on the high seas. >> that is until we set sail with carrie in new york. >> to spend some time aboard a carnival cruise line ship and get to have that fun together is really important. >> carrie is talking about entertaining 700 military families as she christened the new cruise ship, making its maiden voyage in the u.s. this week. as for her family, there's some holiday stress already setting in. >> we need to start buying
7:19 pm
what on earth are we going to do about christmas? >> underwood will be spending the holidays with husband mike, and son isaiah. >> he started singing dirty laundry, so it's really cute to hear him say, you know ? i'm just mom to him, and i think that's really cool. he'll see stuff on tv or see a commercial or get to come to sound checks. yeah, but he doesn't -- he prly >> hard-working mom deserves to indulge in some guilty pleasures. >> i love a good glass of red wine for sure. there's certain tv programs i feel like i like to catch up on. >> her favorite show? "the walking dead." >> my guilty pleasures are simple. >> now to the singer who actually paved the way for carrie and so many others. we're talking about the queen of country herself, my girl dolly parton. we joined the legend in
7:20 pm
milestone, 50 years in show business. >> it makes you feel proud. it makes you feel old, but it makes you feel like you might have done something good in your life. just being a part of country music after all these years, i've been here a long time. ? >> "e.t." has been with dolly for a lot of those 50 years in the spotlight. >> i will never retire. i like the work. ? >> she says she's never slowing down, and you know somebody's magic when fans like reese witherspoon and katy perry idolize her. >> hi, everyone. we're at the hollywood bowl with dolly parton. she's about to go on. >> i've seen her a few times and i'm very touched by these gals that say i've touched them or inspired them. it makes me feel like i might have done something right, and hopefully i can give them, you know, a few little tricks of the trade if they ask me.
7:21 pm
advice, but if i want some information, i can deliver that. ? >> dolly is also celebrating five decades with husband carl dean, who is rarely photographed. dolly set up a photo shoot for their 50th anniversary. >> we were going to sell them if we made enough money for charity. we were going to donate the money to children's charities. but we didn't get any big, big offers, not enough for me to expose carl after all these if anybody wants to buy them, we'll sell them at the right price. it would have to be over a million. >> her movie airs november 30th on nbc, and we love that she can laugh at herself. she read this mean tweet on jimmy kimmel. >> it's not a hooker convention. it's a dolly parton concert. i don't care what they say about me. i usually make more fun of
7:22 pm
saying never a mean word about dolly parton will ever pass these lips. she is that pure to me. by the way, her pure and simple tour rolls into the home of dollywood on november 15th. dolly fanatic reese witherspoon got to see her idol recently. >> i'm so excited. >> she really is a huge fan. dolly actually interviewed her for the new issue of in style. i love seeing our girl crushes girl crush o >> it's pretty cool. now let's talk about another singer on the road. david cassidy. things did not go well recently for the 66-year-old when he had a total meltdown on stage. that happened to go viral by the way. now he's only telling us what happened. ? >> staying alive for my fans has been the thing that has been motivating me. >> a week ago friday, one of
7:23 pm
upstate new york shined a light at david as he sang. >> turn it off and turn it out, now! >> i could have fallen off the front of the stage because i couldn't see. >> turn it off or else i'm not going on anymore. >> i got to a point where i was really angry. >> i can't take it. >> david, who spoke to us near his fort lauderdale h >> it's been highly publicized how many times i've had eye surgeries. >> five to be exact, starting in 1962. >> i am highly sensitive. this nice light is extremely bright for me. i could hardly see your face. i mean that. >> but david has faced other challenges in his 48-year career. ?
7:24 pm
substance abuse problem to us in 1994. >> i was a closet alcoholic, you know. i would go home and sit alone and drink. >> in 2010 came his first dui arrest captured on dash cam video. another dui arrest came three years later. the former heart throb had told us that one problem was losing the limelight. >> suddenly the world that i knew was gone, and i sat in my don't know what to do. i'm just going to sit here until something comes to me. >> then last year came a reckless driving conviction, but david says he's now sober and hard at work. >> i still have a job to do that is here and here. that makes me want to continue to inspire people. >> his tour all across the states will continue through next year. >> i feel grateful, grateful that i live with a disease, and
7:25 pm
>> david has also been working on an album that's incredibly personal to him. it's called songs my father taught me, and it's dedicated to his dad, who was also a singer and an actor, jack cassidy. straight ahead, more music. ? adele's candid confession. what she says about being a massive drinker and battling post- post-partum depression. >> then michael jackson's ex-wife battling us how their daughter is a shining light on their darkest days. >> what does it mean to you that paris is here with you?
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see how much you could save on car insurance. or am i in tennaginia? hmmm... i laugh, i sneeze... there goes my sensitive bladder. sound familiar? then you'll love this. incredible protection in a pad this thin. i didn't think it would work, but it does. it's called always discreet watch this. this super absorbent core turns liquid to gel, for incredible protection that's surprisingly thin. always discreet for bladder leaks if you're just joining us, here are this week's top five stories. number five, dramatic new details from taylor swift's sexual assault lawsuit. ? taylor's deposition was
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swift was accusing colorado d.j. david mueller of groping her during a photo opp backstage at a denver concert in 2013. mueller has denied anything happened and is also suing her because he was fired after the incident. >> number four, lindsay lohan's bizarre new accent. >> life should be about celebrating each other. >> while opening up a club in greece, lohan spoke with what sounded like a combo of greek, british, and russian accents. number three, prince harry's new american love interest, meghan markle. >> he is very into meghan. it's a bit of a whirlwind romance. >> the 35-year-old actress has been married before and stars in the usa series suits. meghan did tell aol she's a lot like her character. >> we're both incredibly
7:30 pm
harry has not spoken about any of nany remanss. number two, michael buble's 3-year-old son battles cancer. >> you're scared all the time because you love them so much that you can't ever, ever think of a world without them. >> michael and his wife luisana released the heartbreaking statement friday, telling the world, quote, we are devastated about the recent cancer diagnosis of our oldest son noah, who is currently undergoing treatment in thes. willing. >> i love him more than i'll ever love anything or anyone in my whole universe. and the number one story this week, mariah's breakup inconvenience fee. >> i'm still always going to be a diva in certain ways. >> they weren't married. there was no prenup and no sex before marriage, but she's reportedly demanding a cool $50 million. included is the engagement ring estimated at $10 million and an
7:31 pm
buy her similar to the one they're renting now. as for james' side of the story, a source tells us this whole $50 million thing and other noise is a distraction to try and rationalize what mariah is asking for. go to for the latest. ? well, singer adele's opening up about her life after motherhood in a candid new interview. they say everything changes when you have a baby, and for adele, it meant curbing her drinking and dli downs. she tells all in the new "vanity fair." ? >> the most important thing in her life is her child, and she wants to be around for a very long time to see her child grow up. >> the ten-time grammy winner tells the magazine that after the birth of her son angelo, quote, i felt very inadequate. i felt like i made the worst decision of my life. but she's quick to say she's
7:32 pm
>> wonderful but tiring. >> she doesn't share photos, but adele credits him with helping her cut back on her drinking, admitting she used to be a, quote, massive drinker and having a hangover with a child is torture. just imagine an annoying 3-year-old who knows something's wrong. it's hell. ? she says she now indulges in maybe two glasses of wine a week and that her second album, 21, was heavily influenced by her drinking. ? we could have had it all ? >> she said she hasn't made her best record yet. i think she thinks she still has a lot of great songs in her. >> and adele is a huge fan of beyonce, of course. in that "vanity fair" article, adele says she loves queen bee so much, she's like her, quote, michael jackson.
7:33 pm
children is making news. she lived a quiet life since their marriage ended back in 1999, but she's been thrust back into the spotlight after being diagnosed with breast cancer. debbie is sharing her courageous battle for the first time on camera with kevin frazier. >> how hard has it been dealing with the side effects? >> brutal. brutal. chemo does its best to make you lose your femininity. you lose your hair, your eyelashes, your eyebrows. what a lot of people don't realize is that when i take this off, i'm still me. i'm still feminine. i'm still a woman. and above all, i'm still a human. >> debbie received her diagnosis in july, and had a lumpectomy to remove the tumor. the 57-year-old started losing her hair after the first treatment. >> what happened was in the
7:34 pm
and i thought, this is really early because i was told it wasn't until the third, fourth week that i would start to lose my hair. so i saw my hair in my hand, and i reached over here, and there was more. and then i thought, here we go. i said, get the shears. i'm not going to wait for it to fall out. >> debbie makes jokes. it's her way of staying positive, and she also had this she named it ursula. debbie intentionally made the bangs long to cover her eyebrows and eyelashes, which have all fallen out. >> that's what makes you look sick. the eyelashes and the eyebrows when they go away. you have to work very hard to get up every morning and do this. >> how hard is that? >> hard. and it's not that i haven't
7:35 pm
but what am i going to do? i don't have a choice. >> of course with the bad also comes the good. and for debbie, the cancer battle has helped her reconnect with daughter paris, her 18-year-old child with michael. for a time paris and debbie had drifted apart. >> what does it mean to you that paris is here with you? >> she's my rock. she's amazing. she's been with me the whole time. first phone call. it took her 30 seconds when she found out, okay? and i said, yeah. i got this. she said, i know you do, mom. for her to kiss my bald head. >> that's love without limits, isn't it? >> yeah. >> how is your relationship today? >> awesome. awesome. >> if michael was here today, what do you think he would do? what would he say? >> nice head. >> would he? >> i think he'd be really, really supportive, yeah.
7:36 pm
chemo treatments and continued radiation. but debbie's optimistic mantra is, i got this. >> you do have to stay strong through it because if you let those moments get you down, i don't know if i could recover. >> i also want to show you a picture debbie shared with us. there's her motto, i got this. it was made by her friend michelle. >> let's just look at her for a second. how beautiful does she look? >> gorgeous and strong. >> you g the mood with oprah's favorite things. what does lady o want most under her tree this year? then behind the scenes with jerry springer, celebrating 25
7:37 pm
7:39 pm
remember those days. you get a car. you get a refrigerator. oprah gave away so much to her audiences every year. wile those favorite things episodes are long gone, that list is not. >> we got a peek at the best goodies for 2016 with o magazines editor at large and lady o's bff gayle king. >> isn't that like a field of -- >> less salt in it. >> less salt. >> oprah proved, it's her favorite things just in time for the holidays.
7:40 pm
i think the most special gift is something that is something that's going to absolutely come from a space that people know your heart was in it. >> this is a yes. >> okay. >> yes. >> say yes. >> 101 tasteful gift ideas hand picked by oprah with help from her friend gayle king. the rest includes everything from stocking stuffers to luxury items. >> so the range is from $16 up to $1,500, which gives you a the art tv. >> then there's everything in between. >> english muffins. make sure i get this bread and that bread. >> if it's christmas, you get these english muffins from oprah on the list. that means she really thinks you're a really good friend. >> the first time she tasted them, by the time she left the shoot, he had had ordered nine ordered. >> i wasn't kidding when i said oprah liked bread.
7:41 pm
lipstick that will set you back about 65 bucks and high tops. >> she was rocking out in the red shoes. it helps when you're listening to beyonce while you're doing the photo shoot. i love the adult coloring books. oprah was one of those kids that was great at coloring. wouldn't you expect she colored within the line? she still does. >> for the person on your list who really wants to live like the media mogul, there's always the oprah cookbook. >> i was at her house in caliia something out of the book? and we did. we picked the corn and tomato salad along with some great tasting fish. >> all her favorite things are in december's o magazine, but what's the strangest gift oprah's ever been given? >> i received a painting as a gift where i was both cross eyed and my nose was on the wrong side of my face. i thought that was the strangest one. >> a lot of good stuff. that is one thing you can actually get for free.
7:42 pm
you can download it as an app. it's kind of like candy crush. but when you win, you actually get some inspirational quotes that are hand picked by the lady herself. >> that's right. now, to another talk show host, jerry springer this fall marked a milestone. it's been 25 years since springer cemented his place in pop culture by showcasing some of the craziest parts of humanity. honestly, people still can't get enough of it. >> anybody can be a talk show show host. you have to be able to say, he did what? come on out. we'll be right back. if you can do those three lines, you've got a career. >> the secret to his success? make it look easy. we spent a lot of time with springer during his 25 years on air. the host hasn't changed much, but his show sure has. listen to jerry describe it in his first "e.t." interview in
7:43 pm
political subjects because of my background. >> forget politics. springer was more about baby daddy fights when we went behind the scenes with him in 1998. he evolved into the kind of ringleader that made him a pop culture icon. >> the day i figured out, wow, we're on to something, there were two cultural moments that impacted me. and i think simpsons. >> we're back. >> how did it feel to learn your baby was fathered by a drooling space octopus? >> it made me angry, jerry. >> the other was being on the cover of rolling stone. that was the first time i noticed, oh, my gosh, people are really noticing it. >> none of that goes to his head. that's his second secret. admit the stupidity. >> our show is a circus, period. it has no redeeming social
7:44 pm
but don't mention retirement. jerry's third secret, work to stay young. >> i just do it because it's fun to do, and i'm not that good at golf. i mean i think i'd go crazy. i'm always afraid not to be working. it's psychological, i'm sure. if i ever had nightmares about something, it's about not having a job, which is crazy, i know. >> 25 years. >> yeah. i'll see you at the 50th. >> 25 years from now, i think i won't be talkative. but jerry, what do you think? say something. i know what i'm going to put on my tombstone. i won't be right back. >> now, at his high point in 1998, the springer show actually had more viewers than the oprah winfrey show. that was also the year of his infamous banned episode, i married a horse. still to come, remembering robin williams, ai rare new
7:45 pm
co-star. >> anybody that knew robin -- >> plus we'll take you inside the emotional all-star tribute reuniting "laverne & shirley" 34 years later. >> i just burst out crying. >> that's aahead. but first in the "entertainment tonight" birthdays, which oscar winning act aes was voted class clown in high school. ? is it sally field, my hygienist said the most random thing. she said i should think of my teeth like an apple. it could be great on the outside not so great on the inside. use a toothpaste and mouthwash that strengthens both. go pro with crest pro-health advanced. it's uniquely formulated with activestrength technology to strengthen teeth inside and is better at strengthening the outside than colgate total. crest toothpaste and mouthwash makes my whole mouth feel amazing. advance to healthier gums and stronger teeth from day one. my check-up was great. man: i accept i'm not the deep sea fisherman i was.
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six, seven, eight, shlemiel, schlemazel, hasenpfeffer incorporated. >> nailed it. "laverne & shirley," one of the great tv shows and hollywood projects for legendary director/producer garry marshall. >> it shows you how much joy he brought to all of our lives. it has been nearly four months since his passing. we remember gary. they shot a special tribute for him. >> hold on to you got them because one minute you're here. the next, you're taffy. my brother gave me a life. he gave me a life, and i appreciate it. i try not to let him down. >> penny honors gar ri through comedy and a special odd couple special that brings back many stars who owe their fame to him. garry brought the original odd couple to tv. he gave penny her big break
7:49 pm
secretary. >> hello, son. >> i can only imagine how honored you all are to be doing this tribute episode. >> he was always around pitching jokes at every table read. he helped design the sets. we just listened to everything he said. >> sorry for your loss. >> thank you. >> he's in there? >> in the episode after oscar's dad passes away, he and felix go on a road trip to scatter his icons. >> oscar, oscar. oh, your dad was the sweetest guy. gave me my first job. babysitting you. >> cindy told me she was shocked when she learned in july that garry was gone. >> penny called me, and she said, garry's sick. i think he's dying. and i didn't believe her. i thought it was a joke. then he passed the next -- that night he passed. someone brought me this picture
7:50 pm
henry, and i just burst out crying because it was like he's not here. >> hello, mr. snazy. >> his loss also devastated the show's felix unger, thomas lennon. >> if you go back to tell the childhood version of myself that the creator of happy days and "laverne & shirley" would be my friend -- it's okay. it's fine. >> i >> in my dad's will, he wanted you and i to get together to scatter his ashes. >> really? >> garry's wife and son appear in this bar scene. scott interviewed his aunt penny. >> what do you think garry would think of all this? >> he's come in and rewrite it. >> forever garry, right? i also talked to happy days
7:51 pm
and also anson williams, who played potsie. they also guest star on this special episode of the odd couple. now, another tv show garry marshall produced was mork & mindy starring robin williams. now robin has of course passed on as well. his co-star pam dawber. >> i remember both of these special guys with her. she during our interview was moved to tears. >> i think knew robin -- >> it's emotional for pam to talk about robin. they both shot to stardom together on the sitcom about the alien from planet ork who moves in with an earth ling. >> mork, what are you doing? >> shortly before robin's suicide, they had a reunion on
7:52 pm
>> what do you miss most about robin? >> well, i hadn't seen robin for 20 years, and i did that episode because i wanted to be with robin. i wanted to see robin. that was a gift. that was such a gift. >> can i get you boys a couple of ice cold beers? >> absolutely not. >> garry's passing is the reason she returns to the sitcom stage in the odd couple episode. >> when they called me, i was like a i'm in. how could you not be in? >> yeah. >> garry affected all of our lives. >> he had made her a prime-time star. later she would go on to head her own show, my sister sam. but then in the late 80s after her marriage to mark harmon, she walk add way from fame for family. >> i've been married going on 30 years. i don't think two people can work all the time in show business and stay married.
7:53 pm
this business, and then i had children. i wanted to drive my kids to school. i wanted to be there for their birthdays and bring cupcakes and doughnuts and do the school festivals and all that, and i did. and my husband was working all the time. >> and he still is. >> he still is. i think he was a brunette when he started. >> you guys were our -- >> you were. you were our it couple, and you stayed together >> when you're married, that's real life, and to go and plastering your kids on magazines, i'm not for that. my kids don't care about what i did. they care about what they're doing. their father is already iconic enough for two boys. i'm just a mom. >> can i just tell you how much fun i had talking to pam? she's so sweet, nice and normal. >> slow down. in hollywood? >> i know.
7:54 pm
i also want to tell you how much she lit up when she did mork & mindy. she said garry came and showed her some videotape of robin. where is this man? i need to meet him. i'm all in.
7:55 pm
travel considerations
7:56 pm
look at all those stars with birthdays this weekend. kevin jonas is 29. emma stone celebrating turning 28. ethan hawke is 46. take a final look at your choices. which oscar-winning actress was voted class clown in high school? that is sally field, who is celebrating turning 70 this monday on "e.t." >> that's the way to go on. >> our night out with tom, leo, and justin. we're partying with hollywood's biggest stars. and our scott hamilton exclusive. his new cancer battle. >> my brain tumor came back. >> that's monday. we are almost out of time this weekend, but for all the late breaking hollywood news, just go to our website >> check out alicia keys. >> it's off the new album, here, which came out friday.
7:57 pm
showcases alicia's beauty without a stitch of makeup. it's all about celebrating our individuality. >> enjoy that and the rest of your makeup-free weekend.
7:59 pm
8:00 pm
i dont know what it is about my mom. there's just something to her what was so beautiful about her, it made her a target, too. >> we can't find beverly. she went to show a house. >> an arkansas real estate agent remains missing this eveing. >> i'm texting her, i'm calling her. something's wrong. >> it's beverly. i haven't been hurt. please dont call the police. if you call the police, it could be bad. >> you can hear how scared she was.


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